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2010 Declaration Guestbook Entries: October-December

I am grateful for the conviction of these colonists, we need more people like this to oversee our government and establish our future.
Amy [12-31-2010]

I believe this document needs to be studied more. Something our children and grandchildren need to LEARN.
Linda Cox [12-30-2010] »»»

I am a New Son of Liberty, And I'm glad to find more people awake! The price of liberty is ever vigilance!
Robb Dietzler, 40 Mid West [12-29-2010] »»»

Ron Dominick [12-28-2010]

I am very glad that the U.S. was founded on biblical principles
Stephen Smith [12-28-2010] »»»

More people need to learn the history of our great country and how our government was established.
Chris Boozer, Lexingon, SC, 37 [12-28-2010] »»»

My children bought a family heirloom for my husband which is where we found out that one of our ancestors had signed the Declaration of Independence. I thought this was quite interesting. My husband is a history buff and I am sure he will look into it farther.
Elizabeth "Schulte" Newton, Warsaw, Kentucky [12-28-2010] »»»

Dabbling in our family history and SHOCKED at how rich it is! Will us this site to help document our relationship to Benjamin Harrison. Absolutely love immersing myself in American history.
Diane and Jim [12-27-2010] »»»

ernest d. workman, 68 years [12-25-2010]

it was a great website helped me out (and yes my name really is mike hawk)
mike hawk [12-25-2010] »»»

Hey, i like the US history and am fanatical about Thomas Jefferson and the declaration of independence. How that he creatively choose and blended the words together. I admire him so much. Am a Zambian national and very interested in Thoma's work. Thank you
Maxwell Mumba [12-25-2010] »»»

I'm proud to be an American and the Declaration of Independence is by far the best document in American History! !
martin58 [12-23-2010]

I like history!
Larry Parker, nh [12-23-2010]

This profoundly moving document remains true and valid to this day and was inspirational for me, as it should be for all who love freedom and hold reasonable liberties dear. The Declaration of Independence is particularly pertinent in these times wherein erosion of values and degradation of rule of law are endemic due to the insidious attentions and machinations of unrepresentative minorities within government at all levels who seek to undermine our values and traditions for perverse reasons.
Michael Geoffrey Wakelin, South Australia. Australia. 56 years. [12-23-2010]

mercedes peters, hehe. hhheeeyy [12-22-2010] »»»

haha i juss wanted to put my name
miss meow meow, central falls [12-22-2010] »»»

William Eric Oates, Pompano Beach, Florida [12-21-2010] »»»

kelsey teixeira [12-20-2010]

Good Stuff
werner lorenzen [12-20-2010] »»»

Love this site, needed to find all the names in congress during the American revolution for MY website for a school project. Go to to cech it out. I know that it barely has anyhing there but I would like some feed back from other people as well.
Josh, Cincinnati, Ohio, Age 14 [12-18-2010] »»»

In social studies, I have to learn about the declaration of independance. Thank you very much for helping me!
Ty [12-17-2010]

this site helped me with a us.history UPA ( unit performance assessment)its great and I got a good grade :)
Taylor Casey, hometown-Duette [12-16-2010] »»»

Lisa Graven, Aurora,CO age 54 [12-16-2010]

Iam studying for my ged exam.I am really glad that I could learn more about our history.We are the land of the free for now,but what are we going to do when we don't have that rite any more?
Gina Meredith, Baltimore [12-16-2010]

best thing in the whole world
jaz, south dakota 11 [12-16-2010]

As a class assignment I was to read the Declaration. I have to say this was an amamzing turn of events in the history of our country.
Amos [12-16-2010] »»»

I think that writing this and signing it is a great thing. freedom is a very important thing.
abby cousins [12-16-2010] »»»

one day i am going to be remembered just like tomas jeferson (wrote the declarateion of indipendance) email me if you have anything to say.
lindsey, i am a fabulous artist. dont question my abilities! [12-16-2010]

This site up me learn about The Declaration of Independence.
Stephanie, layton ut [12-13-2010] »»»

woodrow wilson, boston, massachusetts. 48yrs old [12-13-2010] »»»

Alexis Ann, Torrance, CA [12-13-2010] »»»

Sean Grim [12-13-2010]

Im using it for a project on john hancock
Leah [12-11-2010] »»»

Just chillin in Mr. Hardwick's class.
Jay Cisco, Kenova, WV [12-11-2010]

Claire [12-11-2010]

Dianna, Placerville,CA [12-11-2010] »»»

godsgirl4ever [12-10-2010] »»»

I wish Americans knew how to follow the declaration!
Codi [12-09-2010]

keyerah [12-08-2010]

i ma gnisu siht etis rof srewsna ot krowemoh dna si ton gnipleh (if you speak backwards you can read this)
Griffith, Dallas, Texas [12-08-2010]

Teresa Rhea Beck, Member of Daughters of the American Revolution [12-08-2010]

i am studying thomas jefferson and i think thwt he did a really good job of writing the Declaration Of Independence! Just wish i was there to see it happen
hannah [12-08-2010] »»»

i love this website
sapphirethurber [12-07-2010] »»»

Rachel, n>a [12-07-2010]

I think that The Declaration of Independence is a great thing and i think people should read it again and they also need to read The Constitution because we are losing our rights again slowly but surely again.If you notice how the world is going you have got the police is constantly watching people just giving out tickets for basic stuff.We actually have too many laws and we will eventually lose our freedom to do anything.
Teresa Blakley, Gates 39 [12-07-2010] »»»

Deborah Ardila, Hialeah, Fl [12-07-2010]

what is 6 abuses of declaration of independence
jenny [12-07-2010] »»»

this website is cool
MIcheal McGrath, i go to chapel hill middle school in tyler [12-06-2010]

I am very proud to live in the Free Land the good Lord gave us to use how He wants us to use it. It is a privilege to be here. God Bless America!
Sheral Taylor, Fredrick, SD age 48 [12-06-2010]

I take off my hat to you and the men who stood up and signed the Decoration of States later called D.O.I. Walton
anonymous, Texas [12-06-2010] »»»

loved it
deanna [12-06-2010] »»»

Jonah Willson, Dayton, Ohio, 13 [12-05-2010]

I want my country back and our constitution. I served in the Navy for twenty years and can beleive the crap our elected people have down to us.
Thomas Tidwell, Spanaway Wa 98387 [12-05-2010] »»»

michelle, west jefferson [12-05-2010] »»»

chelsea scholl, acheville nc 28806/ born november 22 1992 [12-05-2010] »»»

bob [12-03-2010]

usa! usa!
Griffin Namin [12-03-2010] »»»

Kristina [12-02-2010] »»»

Please keep the declaration intent alive.
K Kinn, ohio [12-02-2010]

Nice website. Keep up the good work. Visit:
Esspweb, Chicago, USA [12-02-2010]

This really helped me on my History project for school. Thanks a lot!
Suzanne, My favourite colour is blue! [12-02-2010] »»»

I think this website is awesome. Thanks for putting it up. It's great for school.
Daniel [12-02-2010] »»»

Awesome website dude-man! it totally rocks, man! Great info, i learned a lot man! Dude, thanks for helping me out.
Frank the Hippy-hippo, none [11-30-2010] »»»

Ballsackmcgee, Dallas, TX [11-30-2010] »»»

All reason given are facts merely. And as with the conclusion that arose, it was right.
Joseph Kibirige [11-30-2010] »»»

joel [11-30-2010] »»»

He has refused his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome and necessary for the public good. Means, he has refused agreements - which is exactly what the Settlers did by breaking contracts with Native Americans.
Mario A. C., Santa Monica [11-29-2010]

John Dillon Columbia [11-29-2010] »»»

Needed a refresher course on our founding fathers after watching favorite scenes from movie version of "1776"..... always a favorite of mine!
Susan Ross [11-29-2010] »»»

I feel great pride when I read this document, the courage it took to write, deliver, and defend it is inspiring.
John C. Hancock, Northern California [11-29-2010] »»»

iv vo, Sofia [11-29-2010]

Alicia Robinson [11-29-2010] »»»

i'm supposed to do write up my declaration of independence on something thats happening in my life. my mom said i should do it on peer pressure, but i personally think that would be really boring. any ideas?
Jackieneedsanessay [11-29-2010]

A. Lane, St. Louis,MO. [11-29-2010] »»»

I have gone back to college to get e degree in graphic design. Its kinda funny because I'm a redneck hillbilly veteran who grew up in the sixties. A time different than what is now. I love this great country because anyone can be or do anything if they have the will and guts. Hey if you know of any Grants for Education please E-mail me. GO JAGUARS GO ARMY yours truly thomas
thomas jefferson dean, saint augustine, florida [11-26-2010]

Samantha Costa, 15 years old. From Okinawa, Japan. [11-26-2010]

Daniel Labarta [11-26-2010] »»»

Sarah Zhang [11-24-2010]

The Declaration of Independence is the greatest document ever written followed by the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
James G. Borden, american patriots' movement of america [11-24-2010]

Mercedes Lopez, Philadelphia,PA, 14 years old, Love baseball and history class, love my school Louis H. Farrell! [11-23-2010] »»»

the pepol how sined the declaration were sining knowing they would die.
jesy [11-23-2010]

Bailey [11-23-2010]

THis site is awesome
momo [11-23-2010] »»»

Lexi Clark (Tara Clark) [11-23-2010]

It'd be nice if there was more citation-related information available - I'd like to use one of your articles as a source, but the lack of information available about said article's author and the date the article was published, for example, means I won't be able to.
Steve [11-23-2010] »»»

Antonio Bachicha [11-19-2010] »»»

The Declaration of Independence was the best thing to happen to these thirteen colonies.
Sharon Williams [11-19-2010] »»»

trenton [11-19-2010] »»»

Grant Godbersen [11-19-2010]

Kayla Markland [11-19-2010]

i like how you can interact by 'signing' the Declaration of Independence.
anonymous [11-19-2010] »»»

good facts. good adds but no good publicity. and what would make it easier if you had some kid freindly facts more people would look at it
READ ME [11-17-2010]

My thoughts on the Declaration of Independemce is this it says all men are created equal but in today's society I feel we are not. I believe it's intent was to create order in the world. I believe the meaning of it was to make all of mankind be more understanding about the laws and their surroundings. Be more considerate to the people. I also believe that it meant freedom for the people. The importance of the Declaration of Independence to me means that this document changed many lives as we all know it. If it wasn't for this document we would probly have no freedom.
Mandie, Dowagiac, Michigan [11-17-2010] »»»

this website helps a lot with school projects!
Shadow McFadden, Eau Claire, WI. [11-17-2010]

olivia [11-17-2010] »»»

Rachel Makara [11-17-2010]

keep this website online because i can only get online stuff, and this site was VERY helpful for my report.
anne voltz [11-17-2010]

What a great thing that was done for us when this was written and signed!
Brandi Hall [11-17-2010] »»»

nice page, good job with the accurate data.
Alanda Figueroa, Puerto Rico [11-15-2010] »»»

Mitch [11-15-2010] »»»

this website really helped me!
charlotte [11-15-2010] »»»

erika [11-14-2010] »»»

gary davis, bay city texas [11-13-2010]

rachel [11-13-2010] »»»

Wow, I hope this takes off. We need this now more than ever.
Patti McCormick [11-13-2010] »»»

lois [11-11-2010] »»»

holllaaaa! :)
hector [11-11-2010] »»»

It was awesome,and I liked it.
Tiffany Lauterbach, Fayetteville NC 10 years old [11-11-2010] »»»

nicole smith [11-11-2010] »»»

bob, the world [11-10-2010]

thumbs up
jMAES [11-10-2010]

madison [11-10-2010]

William G.Heinen, Sheboygan WI [11-09-2010]

Whenever I encounter the text of the Declaration I cannot resist reading it with reverent respect, at least up to the catalogue of "Facts" evidencing Geo III's tyranny, then usually skipping to the three paragraphs of the conclusion to continue in the same mood. It nevers fails to astonish me how beautifully and skillfully that document expressed the rationale for the separation it proclaimed and the principles on which a great nation should be founded . . . and how fresh and timeless its words sound even today. And when one considers how all those signers, as well as many others so instrumental to the cause, survived those critical 5 years -- John Adams, Jefferson, Franklin and others evading the British Navy while crossing the Atlantic to carry on the diplomatic fight in Europe; John Paul Jones raiding the English coastline and defeating HMS Serapis in sight of the British Coast; and Washington with his ragtag, poorly (and often un-) paid Continental Army eventually cornering Cornwallis at Yorktown on the fortuitous arrival of the French fleet -- one cannot help but think that God truly did bless America.
John Stotsenburg [11-09-2010] »»»

I never get tired of reading this document. I see somethihg new each time I read it.
Andria Prince [11-08-2010] »»»

I need to find out stuff about George Walton for a project. Help!
Nala [11-08-2010]

hey umm this is kenya and i loike the contienal cingress the 2nd one.
Kenya [11-08-2010] »»»

Amanda Jocelyn, Eureka, California 20yrs [11-06-2010] »»»

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. George Santayana
James Scott, San Diego, CA Male, 45 [11-06-2010] »»»

Frances Swanburg, Pensacola, FL 32526 [11-06-2010] »»»

you should really find out more about the revilutionary war and poeple ivolved in the war for me and my class mates
anonymous [11-05-2010] »»»

Barbara Middleton Leatherwood, Oklahoma City,Oklahoma [11-05-2010] »»»

My 13 year old son is studying the revolutionary war for history class. We were pleased to find out that there is a "Dunlap Broadsides" printed copy of the Declaration of Independence on display at the Central Library, Downtown Dallas TX. (1 of 200 printed, 25 are known to still exist)
Mandi Chamberlain, Dallas TX [11-04-2010] »»»

It is great to be an American
Jeffery S Partin [11-03-2010] »»»

This is one of our most important pieces of history which we use everyday,It is just amazing to read.
Deborah Duarte, Falfurrias,Tx. [11-02-2010] »»»

I really enjoyed reading the Declaration of Independence it made me thinks more of the old days and I would have loved the meet the man who wrote it and now I have to say the whole thing in front of my whole class because I was reading it during class.
Justice Phillips, Greenville Ms [11-02-2010] »»»

katelynn, wat age was samuel adams when he died [11-02-2010] »»»

I think if it wasn't for this then Americans would be speaking British! so funny! nyob zoo!
anonymous [11-02-2010] »»»

Michelle Urfer, Tremont, IL [11-01-2010]

Cynthia J. Companion [10-31-2010] »»»

that is c00l ....
kidd <3 [10-29-2010] »»»

sara apple [10-29-2010]

Tweet tweet tweet
Haly, 1 [10-29-2010]

kimbob, 81 [10-29-2010]

The Declaration of Independence was designed to create order. It meant that all people were born equal, things became more fair. It was important because it paved the way to a new set of rules. By creating the Declaration order was thrust upon the United States, chaos was silenced. Now they were able to govern themselves apart from England, a separation much needed. All people could now be at peace without worrying about being put down from birth. The Declarations effects are very long reaching and it's cited constantly even today, in things such as court cases and legal rulings. It means independence was achieved, order was gained, and chaos was hushed. With this document people could live at peace, the rules were set in place and everything could move on strong and stable.
Danielle, 16 [10-29-2010] »»»

I' ve read the Declaration of Independence it is a piece of literature for all people to consider reading if they have not done so.
Carl Gomez [10-29-2010] »»»

wayne deane [10-29-2010] »»»

Catherine [10-28-2010]

brooke [10-28-2010] »»»

hannah smith [10-28-2010] »»»

landon [10-28-2010]

anamaria cordero [10-28-2010] »»»

i thought it was great to read about the declaration of independence
FATIMA, 10 years old [10-28-2010] »»»

i thought that the declaration of independence was a good term to write R.I.P for all the signers.
Nya, 10 years old [10-28-2010]

this website is helpful
shalya, hi [10-27-2010] »»»

Cool website.
High school diploma [10-27-2010]

i think its cool
stanley [10-27-2010]

Though proud of my own country, Sweden, and it's long history I must say that the Declaration of Independence is awesome, much like the ten commandments and the universal declaration of human rights. Was just watching HBO's John Adams series and just had to take a look at the real thing. Thanks from Peter @ Blipity
Peter, Sweden [10-27-2010]

presidents are our future
Andrew, Tacoma 17 [10-27-2010]

i think its great that you guys signed
duresa, bloomington [10-27-2010] »»»

Kruse Ranly, Fort Refcovery, oh [10-27-2010]

This website helps me understand the Declaration better.
Bubba [10-27-2010]

I found this website to be useful in my pursuit of knowledge on the declaration of independence.
nathaniel black [10-26-2010] »»»

John F. Mahutga, Hemet, Cal. [10-26-2010]

In God We Trust!
Mona [10-25-2010] »»»

John G. Williams [10-25-2010]

Lawrence H Davidson [10-25-2010]

i love it
kk [10-25-2010] »»»

Rachel Gillispie [10-25-2010]

This document changed our country for the better. All i would like to say is THANK YOU AMERICA!
14 and PATRIOTIC, 14 wy [10-25-2010]

Thanks for preserving this guide for current efforts to protect American Exceptionalism. I'm copying it to my children and grandchildren who are engaged with me in encouraging we, the people, to capitalize on our own personal worth. I'm also going to see if newspapers in my area will print it in full with my suggestion that everyone vote Nov. 2, 2010, however each of us chooses - use it or lose it!
Charlene Nielsen, Visalia, CA, age 72, [10-25-2010]

its cool
Zachary Hebert, Whitman,14 [10-25-2010]

Who is/are the author(s)of this site? I need to cite sources and I have no idea who made "The Boston Massacre" history article
Robert A., 12 [10-25-2010] »»»

Deborah Bender, Connellsville, PA [10-22-2010]

anonymous, texas [10-22-2010] »»»

This country really needs to get back to the basics.
Michael Thorn, Glendale, AZ 55 years old [10-22-2010]

Jitesh Mullapudi [10-22-2010]

Brandon Plaufcan, New Castle, PA. 27 Years Old. [10-22-2010] »»»

Autumn [10-21-2010]

god bless america with all of his might!
Steve [10-21-2010]

Robert, College student Texas [10-21-2010] »»»

we should all be thankful for the decleration
emma, anza 13 [10-21-2010] »»»

I LOVE reading new stories. I even declared my own independence by buying my copy now.
Brea Farr, Weatherford,Texas [10-20-2010]

I think that this site is pretty cool.
Savannah [10-20-2010]

I love history. And I'm doing a speech on the 4th of july, which includes the declaration of independence in of course. So (Karen Helton "signer") I'll somehow make your great-grandfather known.
Felicia Genova, Atlantic, VA I am a Psychology major and 20 yrs old [10-20-2010]

This websight is so helpful! It helped me so much with my homework. Thank you! A thsnk you to those who are mentioned within: thank you for our freedoms that obama and the dang dummycrat donkeys are trying to take away. God Bless America!
Loretta Miller [10-20-2010] »»»

Awesome site, learned lots, God bless The United States of America!
Garland L Brown, Austin, TX, 58, African-American, disabled [10-20-2010]

luv it
jadegirl [10-20-2010] »»»

I like the name Joe
joe, Joe City [10-20-2010] »»»

Great site.
Bill, Great Grandson of John Handcock [10-20-2010] »»»

Colonial America is my favorite part of history to learn about. It is one of the most important and most pivotable times in our history. Everything that we have become comes out of this era. You have to know about this time to understand what is going on today.
stephanie jill stewart, hagerstown, IN I am a history major and 42 years old [10-18-2010]

This is a very informative and interesting website. I have been researching information on a descendant of mine ( Richard Stockton "signer" ). Thank you very much. Roger Barnett
Roger Barnett, Middleport, New York [10-18-2010] »»»

When the Declaration of Independence was signed 90% of the Amercian people knew what was on the document now 90% of Amercians don't have any idea what is on there. that might be part of the problem in this country today
John Rice, Cartersville, GA [10-15-2010]

Madison Riley!(: [10-15-2010] »»»

I love this website this site has helped me tremendiously on a few reports of the revolutuinary war time period
heltitro, from wisconsin [10-15-2010] »»»

Thi is a neat website.
Audrey Leigh [10-15-2010] »»»

i wanna make these people known for signing this Document how can i do this... My great great great grandfather signed this document>
Karen helton [10-15-2010] »»»

good website .. i just need more idea's for alienable rights ..
Jessi <3 [10-15-2010] »»»

I thought the most interesting War that came before the Revolutionary War was the War of Yorktown
anonymous [10-15-2010] »»»

I think that the Revolutionary War was an impotant period in time. I <3 USA!
Lucy Sanchez [10-15-2010] »»»

Im dead now but thanks for putting me on your site.
Edward Rutledge [10-15-2010] »»»

Well I thought that the scan was very troubling to comprehend
Johnny Knoxville [10-15-2010] »»»

lindasy [10-15-2010] »»»

it was amazinnnng! - logan. <3
logan [10-15-2010]

it is really good?
amber, kingsport tn 37660 [10-15-2010]

This was very helpful for my essay on the Declaration of Independence and I also learned some new things.
Frances, Texas [10-14-2010]

this is a good page it helps me more
royshelle crout, memphis tennessee age 29 [10-14-2010]

Tina, Zanesville Ohio 36yrs [10-14-2010] »»»

Lacie Laurens, Belfry Ky, 25 [10-14-2010] »»»

Kayla [10-14-2010] »»»

southern miss! go gold! to the friggin top!
Eirrac Nnyl Drofnats, Gator Town (Chomp Chomp!) [10-14-2010] »»»

i m always thankful to God that i m inpendent
Essayweb, [10-14-2010]

audrey [10-14-2010] »»»

I am doing an Essay comparing it to a symbol from another country.
anonymous [10-12-2010]

The Declaration could almost be used today to revile the condition of our country as set by the activist justices of our history, whom we have allowed to confuse the original intent, corrupt the original purpose, and, indeed, to corrupt their own institution of "government of the people, by the people, for the people" that President Lincoln hoped would never end. It is not the government's fault; it is our own fault, because we are our government...
Dave Spencer, Chariton, IA [10-12-2010]

At This time of infighting between political parties and special interest groups,with a very important election coming up, its important to revisit the roots of Democracy.
Alena Staniech, 50yrs old from Pittsburgh Pa / GO STEELERS! [10-12-2010]

I like the declaration of independence
softball [10-12-2010]

im glad the declaration of independence was passed when it was.
Kervin Waters, Detroit Mi, 18 [10-12-2010] »»»

the declaration of indepenence i believe isn"t at work in our united states of amerrica today we are being let down be our constitution and our rights are being taken away day by day god help our soul!
john, new orleans la [10-12-2010] »»»

I'm doing this for a project that is late and this has helped me to get it in earlier than I probably would have. :D
Catherine, 13 almost 14 years [10-12-2010]

I love america
Rashaw, 17 years old [10-12-2010] »»»

this was a good site but put more in this website amke it more clear for people like me to read.
tarnile, hey [10-12-2010] »»»

Thomas Dixon, Spokane, WA [10-12-2010]

i'm doing a report on the Declaration
Hunter, age:15 [10-11-2010]

unknown yet!
Frances M Otero, Pennn State [10-11-2010]

Melissa [10-11-2010]

I VALUE the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America
Grant Cunningham Jr., City/State Sicklerville, NJ Age 71 Retired Military [10-11-2010] »»»

Great web sight! My daughter shares my appreciation for family history and geneology! She added this sight to her facebook wall. Wow tech today is over my head but I'm learning more each day!
Julie Nelson Tyndal, Thomas Nelson Jr is my great great great great grand father! [10-07-2010] »»»

Wondering where my "Chase" ancestry will lead and also my "Lee" ancestry!
Sherryl, Burns, OR DAR [10-07-2010] »»»

I love this site. I found it while doing research for a college history class. There are very few if any sites that have this much information in one place. Thank you.
Greg [10-07-2010] »»»

This website really helped me grasp the Am. Rev. A lot goes on during that time period and was a great resource! :)
Melissa, Manchester, NH [10-07-2010] »»»

josh, gren brrok [10-07-2010] »»»

Thomas R. Shaw [10-07-2010]

thats hott
tae tae, youngstown [10-07-2010] »»»

very good web
Jon [10-07-2010]

great site
joe, im fat [10-07-2010] »»»

Karla C [10-07-2010]

anonymous [10-07-2010] »»»

it was a nicce website
anonymous [10-07-2010] »»»

hi [10-07-2010] »»»

good info
anonymous [10-07-2010] »»»

hi [10-07-2010] »»»

im doing an essay on george washington and how he showed respect to his country could you help me
Amber lee canter [10-07-2010] »»»

lyman hall is my teacher's wife ancestor
anonymous [10-06-2010] »»»

jj, 13 [10-06-2010] »»»

anonymous [10-06-2010]

wonderful stories of some very brave and brillant men whom we all owe so much now and forever. please send a few of them to us now.
BOB CARR, born in philadelphia, pa. in 1935 thank god [10-06-2010] »»»

this is a fun website ahhhh
Thomas Seifert, I like to take long walks [10-05-2010] »»»

I like John Hancock he is a righteous dude!
Jacob Croonquist, My favorite color is yellow i like long walks on the beach and i love pink roses [10-05-2010] »»»

mia [10-05-2010] »»»

Mickey Corley, Thomaston GA [10-04-2010]

Carson Lance [10-04-2010] »»»

carolyn wilkerson [10-04-2010] »»»

wow get some more info on george walton cuz i am doing a signers project on him and this is not enough info on other website is the same so get some more stuff! GO BUCKS!
anonymous [10-04-2010] »»»

great info-thanks!
Tiffany Jarrin [10-04-2010]

Writing an essay on the effects Enlightenment Thinkers had on the Declaration of Independence. Thank you for the source
anonymous, Ohio 16 years old [10-04-2010] »»»

We like the pictures and Kaitlyn wonders why some of them died so young. Thank you.
Laura and Kaitlyn Hamilton, Charleston SC 5year old and 6 years old [10-03-2010] »»»

this was a pinnacle point in our history. it is something that in 2000 years from now, i believe it will still stand for the population to bear witness to.
chad childers, york PA [10-03-2010] »»»

willena r williams [10-03-2010] »»»

To let you know, on the document page, where there is a "W", there is a mistake with the text. Can you fix that?
Jonathan fix, I was born and raised in the State of Oregon, and still live here. I am a student at a High School doing work on a paper. [10-03-2010]

Alisha, fall river [10-02-2010] »»»

Why did Loebs close down by my nonnos house. i miss the free pizza slices they made at lunch time.
Madio Bruschetta [10-02-2010]

I really appreciate what these men did for all of us. Thanks a lot! Jackie Evans
Jackie Evans, Red Oak, IA 51566 81 years old [10-02-2010]

caitlynn [10-02-2010] »»»

The Declaration of Independecne was mad for a reason. Im goin to give you some reason that it was wrighting and why is it important.I'm goin to tell you when it all started. The Declaration of Independence was made in july 4th, 1977. The people were teird of bein tax high and didn't have a chose. The American wanted the Independence from the British so they had a long war but finally got it. The Declaration of Independence states that all men are crearted equal. Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness i belive this mean that we get dont have to fight for freedom anymore that we have happiness. That no have to die fighting for our freedom from the british. Now we got our freedom from the british they cant tax us without us agreeing to it.i think that we should be thankful for the people back then who fight for our freedom from the british. If didnt I think it would be a messed up state.
dixie bowers [10-02-2010] »»»

I love you george washingtoin
brian, springfield nj [10-01-2010] »»»

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