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2009 Declaration Guestbook Entries: November-December

Very informative,
Mickey Bickett [12-31-2009]

Before reading that Thomas Jefferson wanted to be remembered for only two things one being as author of the Decalaration Of Independence, I counted over 44 synonyms for life alone, 26 for liberty and 14 for the pursuit of happiness...Americans are lucky to have this inheritance
Rosemarie Quintal, Thanks for this information that brought tears to me eyes [12-31-2009] »»»

My mother, Hazel Thornton, had told me that Matthew Thornton is a distant relative. I am trying to find out exactly how.
Alice Hogan, Colorado Springs, CO [12-30-2009] »»»

This should be annual required reading for our elected officials.
Paul Wilson, Union, KY [12-30-2009] »»»

Everyone should read this document again, the last time I read it was when I worked at the Boy Scouts of America, it was on the wall of the cafetera in the early 80's. And the time before that was 8th grade.
Jim Griffin, Garland, Texas 58 [12-30-2009]

Glenda Gates, Mexico, NY 31 yrs old [12-30-2009] »»»

i love to learn history ...but i also love science what should i do ?
anonymous [12-30-2009] »»»

cool site, i use it for school =)
Lani, female, 14 [12-30-2009] »»»

As a canadian I have such a deep respect for the 56 men. They pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor just for one thing"FREEDOM" Think about that!Now to see what is going on with Obama, it is truly scary!
liz scholten, canada [12-30-2009] »»»

Do you have a list of any sort indicating the religious affiliation (if any) of each of the signers? Superb website! Thanks! RSVP
John Oberg, Victoria, BC / US Citizen & Veteran (a proud and grateful one!) / 66 yoa [12-28-2009]

Leslie Davis, Minneapolis, Minnesota [12-28-2009]

jimmy bullard, houston [12-28-2009] »»»

A brief perspective from an Englishman!.I understand the whle point of the site is to convey the history of the events and bravery of people who stood up to British at the time. What is fascinating to read all the origins of the signatores of the declaration and to see some even came from my home county of lancashire - I celebrate the ties & links friendship between our 2 fine countries - great history - thanks
phil turner, Phil, English from Lancashire [12-28-2009] »»»

I am related by marriage to Oliver Wolcott. I am noticing that there is a Wolcott CN, and a Wolcott, IN. It is so cool to me and I am so happy for my boys to pass this on.
anonymous [12-28-2009]

My mistake! You do have a date for the British withdrawal from NYC-- Nov 25, 1783... Thank you again for a great site on which I should have used the FIND option immediately! I am using your chronology as historical background to write about the 1863 Draft Riots in NYC. Will check back w/you to let you know what happens to what I have written... and will cite this excellent page in my author's note. I had an idea while searching back to see if I missed that date-- when I found it I had a sudden great idea that someone with the resources to spearhead the effort might want to run with... wouldn't it be wonderful to have a public reading of the Declaration & entire Constitution each July 4th... you know, have an NBC or CNN special and a website where Americans have recorded their reading, from which clips are edited so that a reading of the two documents is complied from hundreds of voices and faces of individual citizens reading a line or a phrase... names and photos could be scrolled in a slide show that would also have the written words scrolled along in a "crawl" under the faces, with people of all ages, whole classrooms of children, etc could be this one huge READER of our most cherished documents... It is an idea that night have "legs"... Again I appreciate this great site that is helping me make my work more accurate. --Patricia, an Ozark American
Patricia DeGraw Winter, This is a follow up to my first entry in which I erred... [12-25-2009] »»»

Thank you for this well designed and informative site. I am using your chronology as historical background to write about the 1863 Draft Riots of NYC. I was unable to establish the exact date of only one incident relevant to my book, i.r., when did the British permanently evacuate New York City? I can pretty much determine the approximate time by surrounding events, but would like a date. Will check back w/you to let you know what happens to what I have written... and will cite this excellent page in my author's note.
Patricia DeGraw Winter, The Ozarks of Arkansas [12-25-2009] »»»

I am just an interested citizen, now almost 61 years old and wanting to learn more about this amazing country of ours. I have just entered college for the first time, and am very interested in U.S. History. Can't wait to get started
Elaine Schauf [12-25-2009]

I thought that it was great and I really enjoyed reading it.
Bobbiejo Schlageter, Houston, Texas 31 years old Female [12-25-2009] »»»

ROY THOMAS, we think we may have a copy but would like to know where to take it to find if it's original [12-25-2009]

anonymous [12-25-2009]

We the people...... oh wait thats the constitution........ We hold these truths to be....... now thats the dec. of independence!........ i like llama360's hi
anonymous frank, sherbert isle, wisconsin [12-25-2009]

I didn't know it had writing on the back.
anonymous [12-25-2009] »»»

i wisht hat we would be able to no what is on the back
carley smith [12-25-2009]

im cool ha lol
loren barney, new jersey 21 [12-23-2009] »»»

Kimberly Medlock, greer, sc [12-22-2009] »»»

Linda, sylvania,ga. [12-21-2009]

Olivia Privott [12-21-2009] »»»

Every American citizen should own a hard copy version of the Declaration, Constitution, and Bill of Rights.
Jordan Weisinger, Author of "Octopus Economics; Taxless States and Commercial Government Theory" [12-21-2009] »»»

Arlin, Gardena, CA 25 [12-17-2009]

Jay Shaw [12-17-2009]

mitchell [12-17-2009] »»»

Jake [12-16-2009] »»»

If the declaration of independence had never been signed by all these men and never had been written, then so much of the World's history would be different. This document set the path for other declarations like it; like in france. Americas declaration of independence spurred on one to be written in France.
jered wolski [12-16-2009]

I think that the signers of the Declaration of Independence all share a strong will of the mind and strive together to achieve independence
Yifan [12-16-2009] »»»

I think the people who had signed the Declaration of Independence had a huge amount of courage. Nevertheless, they felt they were doing it for their country and for liberty.
Evan, al [12-16-2009]

This is really what made our nation have the spirit to defeat the British in our war for independence
Andrew Head [12-16-2009]

I am using the basis of the Declaration for my talk show today....what "we the people" have the power to do in order to execute change.
Dyanna Chandler, 61 years old, Rockford, Illinois [12-16-2009]

this is really helpful i love you
Adam Guernsey [12-16-2009] »»»

Very helpful for school projects.
Jenna [12-15-2009] »»»

GERALDINE.ONEY, none [12-15-2009] »»»

wow this is hot
Cecilia, wow so kool [12-14-2009]

I love history and reading. And after every thing i have studied and read about history i never knew that bengimin franklin livrd in pennsalvannia to
chloe [12-14-2009] »»»

Kari [12-14-2009]

awesome websight!
Lesly [12-14-2009]

The sacrifice made by the signers of the Declaration of Independance is one to be respected by every citizen of the United States. They risked their lives to insure that the future of America were given their natural rights. The ideals in the Declaration are immensely influential in the freedoms that we have today as citizens of this great country.
sara [12-14-2009] »»»

I loved the pictures! :)
anonymous, New York [12-14-2009] »»»

I couldn't find abetter site for my History project. I'd picked the Declaration of Independence because I figured noone else would because they'd think it was 'lame' but man, I'm finding out stuff I never heard about. Great job! *thumbs up* :D
Leilani Sydnor, 13 FWB NWFlorida [12-14-2009]

see what i did! i made us an independent nation!
thomas jefferson [12-14-2009] »»»

This site was the most helpful out of all the ones I used for my project! Thanks :)
Kyaunna [12-14-2009]

I encourage everyone to read, study, and understand the entire document, and not just the very famous opening lines
Walt Long [12-12-2009]

Duc Ngo [12-12-2009]

Selmedina Cikaric [12-12-2009]

felicia duncan, Liberty 14 female [12-12-2009] »»»

i am a nerd!Pr
colton klienschmidt, nashua, iowa [12-12-2009] »»»

I have learned a lot off this site thanks.
Jimmy Dean [12-12-2009] »»»

This is the best website
Adam Guernsey [12-12-2009] »»»

dude this website helped me sooooooooo much
anonymous [12-12-2009] »»»

I love you
anonymous [12-12-2009] »»»

cmon man this website is awful
anonymous [12-12-2009] »»»

Edward D Baeza Jr [12-12-2009]

Indepence for the united states of america is the best document they could of wrote to give the people their freedom from war, abuse, and from the earth, if there was no treaty i am afraid that war would have killed every one and we could not live in peace.
Patricia L Glampe [12-12-2009] »»»

The courage and audacity of these men was incredible and they deserve the utmost place in history.
Brian S., AL, Best History Class Ever [12-10-2009] »»»

Jennifer Clinch, Lincolnton, NC [12-10-2009] »»»

Hey! Guess what?? King George the third didnt have a chance to kill me afteer all! -glad i signed it :)
John Hancock [12-10-2009] »»»

chloeeeeeeee [12-10-2009]

helped great wih project thanks!((;
Tyler B., 13 [12-10-2009] »»»

D. Hadley, Atanta, 16 [12-09-2009] »»»

anonymous [12-09-2009]

i need to know did the declaration of indepednece erase the imaginary line that decided which states would be free or not?or did it dissagree that the eastern part of the state would allow slavery? Please Please Please! Give me an aswer as soon as possible!
destinee [12-09-2009]

this is so boring
zhane washington [12-09-2009] »»»

How do I get involved with the Denver areo SOL? Thanks, Jerry
Jerry Wiese, Colorado [12-09-2009] »»»

This is a great resource for my middle school students! Thanks!
Mary Z., Venice, Florida [12-09-2009]

it's pretty darn coolio
alissa rodgers, 13 years old and im proud to be an american. i'm a girl [12-09-2009]

this website is one of the top 5 greatest experiences in my life
Kevin [12-09-2009]

They didn't let me sign it. But its fine.
George Washington [12-09-2009] »»»

I told you guys in 1801 how to preserve the declaration...did you listen? Of course not!
Thomas Jefferson [12-09-2009]

I love the Dec of Ind!:)
Terrance Bradford, annsiton alabama [12-09-2009] »»»

Ian Vickers [12-08-2009] »»»

Debbi Shrum [12-08-2009]

A nice website, but I still don't know what "Powers of the Earth" means! :)
Emma, Cleveland, Ohio; age 13 [12-08-2009]

This is a great site.
Patrick, Austin Tx 78701 [12-08-2009]

Jordan Weckherlen [12-08-2009]

well hello there
Karly [12-08-2009]

I just wish our leaders in Washington DC would read this and the contitution again, if they have at all!
Dale M. Hughey, Florence, MT age 63 [12-07-2009]

I think the D of I is very important because without the courage and knowledge of the signers and the writer, we would still be suffering from injustice from Great Britain. The signers knew they would probably be killed or tortured because they signed something they knew the British wouldn't like.
Katherine Hicks, Vestavia Hills [12-07-2009] »»»

Great Site, I just Completed An eight page essay with your help.
Jonathan [12-07-2009] »»»

Beautiful.....absolutely beautiful!
Thomas C. [12-07-2009]

why do declaration of independence affect georgia
lakiesha [12-07-2009]

In my days of Grade and High School, I had no interest in this. It was not until I started Computer Training and this whole battle with Islam started that I became a real patriot to my country. It will take awhile to read all of the Information, but I expect to encourage others to deal with it. Our Country has slide so far from these hardy brothers. We need to get back to where God wants us to be before the Country looses it all.
Edward, LOTS of information [12-07-2009] »»»

The signers on the Declaration of Independence were really brave to risk their lives and freedom without fear of British punishment. The Declaration of Independence was important because it officially let the British know that the colonies were done being controlled by them.
Caroline Cook [12-07-2009] »»»

I Hope This is a accurate
Landra., West Hartford. [12-07-2009] »»»

I am extremely thankful for the courage of these men to stand up for what they thought was right. If they hadn't done so, America would not be the great place it is today.
Will G. [12-07-2009] »»»

kakli [12-07-2009] »»»

I think the signers of the D of I had tremendous courage, especially since they stood up to Great Britian. The D of I was very important because it marked the freedom and independence of America from the rule of Britian. That's why we celebrate July 4th, to commemorate our country's freedom. The D of I basically states the equality and ethics of life. Without it, our nation has no significance of freedom! So..A BIG THANKS TO THE WRITERS AND SIGNERS :]
Connie, Ms. Kelley! [12-07-2009] »»»

Jennifer Kiggins, etc. [12-03-2009] »»»

this site is the best i have come to!
morgan johnson [12-03-2009] »»»

Nikki [12-03-2009] »»»

am currently living fairly freely in these quaters (USA) made avaible by those early men & women of courage and othes who have continued the desire for this to remain a free nation.
Jimmy R. Schwartz [12-03-2009]

It is remarkable that Jefferson wrote the declaration in under three weeks and I believe the signers were very courageous in signing the declaration knowing that it would mean death if they did not win the Revolution.
Amy [12-03-2009] »»»

i am learning about this and this is a grate way to study :)
anonymous [12-03-2009] »»»

The signers of the Declaration of Independence were very brave and courageous because the signing of any such document was treason against the crown of England. The Declaration is extremely important because it marks the birth of our country, and it gives all citizens rights and freedom.
Madeline Cawley [12-03-2009] »»»

I found this site to be very informative! As a young adult who's re-educating myself on history, your site is now in my "favorites".
Pam Wood, Tallahassee, FL [12-03-2009] »»»

autumn sheperd [12-03-2009] »»»

The most thoughtful, concise web site dealing with colonial and revolutionary America. Others would do well to emulate your work.
Ken Ferguson, Townsend, TN [12-03-2009] »»»

The signers were very corageous!
Rachel Caskey [12-02-2009] »»»

never been here b4 but it looks like a gr8 site!
? [12-02-2009]

The courage of the signers was of much importance because they could have been on trial for treason and had many consequences. If they had not signed, then we might have still be part of Great Britain and not received our independence.
Katherine [12-02-2009] »»»

laurissa, 18 tx [12-02-2009]

Really shows what we are from and why we need to keep it from being destroyed.
Holly Y [12-02-2009] »»»

I thought this site was good, but some of the information was hard to find. I doubt my teacher will read this, especially since the entries are screened and won't be up here for a while.
Joseph S [12-02-2009]

This websites... ummm... coool!
Jenni, nyc [12-02-2009] »»»

omg this is so cool
samantha, hahahaha [12-02-2009]

Brooke Boudwin, Houma Louisiana [12-02-2009] »»»

this site is very informative. i love the facts i got from it
Alexis T. [12-02-2009] »»»

Freedom is hope, and hope is freedom.
Brandi, Age 15 [12-02-2009] »»»

i really think the declaration of independence is off the chain and i think it has a awsome history behind it
tasha mac, 2 fye 4 u [12-02-2009]

We are learning about this in school and i think it is very intresting. I would want to learn more of it at home but no time for computer...
Nikki Bartlett [12-01-2009]

this is a cool site (for something educational)
Beyonce [12-01-2009] »»»

i love this site!
anonymous [12-01-2009]

Veronica [12-01-2009]

Venacia Allen, North Carolina [11-30-2009] »»»

anonymous [11-30-2009] »»»

God Bless America!
Pam Simon, Dover, TN [11-30-2009] »»»

"When in the course of human events..." We should all still reflect upon those wise words written so many years ago, yet still ring true even in these modern times.
Elaine KC [11-30-2009]

this is nice for me to sign the guest book
britney collins, im a nice person [11-30-2009]

Elaine G. Clarklainey79er [11-30-2009]

obama! obama!
Alex Rodriguez, California (Yes I am a Democrat) [11-30-2009]

Thanks for at least showing us the documents that made us free, while our government runs them through the shredder
wes ray [11-30-2009] »»»

Refer to history, act as free men, view all aspects of life as they should. Keep it simple keep it real. But above all keep it just.
GUILLERMO RODRIGUEZ, Bogota [11-30-2009] »»»

thanks to this we have a good government..yes with ups and downs.negatives n positives but we should be happy..
JOHANNA, perris,ca...16yrs old.. [11-30-2009]

i think persanally that what the u.s. was once founded on is no longer what people live up to....we are no longer the americans that our four fathers founded....are you "an american" or are you "american"....we don't know anymore!
irishottie [11-30-2009]

RONALD SIKES [11-30-2009]

Ansestor of William Whipple of New Hampshire, And Charles Carroll of Maryland
Andy Finck, 32, Ohio [11-27-2009]

i really love declaration
GERALDINE.ONEY, none [11-27-2009] »»»

the declaration of independence,the constitution and the bill of rights were all god(the father of our lord jesus christ) do what you will to them but remember you'll have god to answer to and it want be pretty.remember every knee shall bow before the lord jesus christ and thats a promise with the love of our lord jesus christ ty
TY MIMBS, 1314 hwy 80 e east dublin ga 31027----- 55 [11-27-2009]

S JIM RODRIGUEZ [11-27-2009]

Just think...our present society has penned a declaration of inter-dependence...God help us all!
Dave Robbins [11-25-2009] »»»

My ancestor: George Read :)....thanks for the information
rebecca, Ohio [11-25-2009] »»»

John Sharkey, San Francisco, Ca [11-25-2009]

i really enjoy this website it really helped on my class project on the declaration of independance delegates :) thanks
anonymous [11-25-2009] »»»

omg! i luv history so much i eat it for breakfast! this site is real cool keep it up!
bluberry [11-25-2009] »»»

Schmaus, vashon, Washington [11-25-2009] »»»

Evelynn Coleman [11-25-2009] »»»

I am related to sameul Chase
Chace Chase [11-25-2009] »»»

The Declaration of Independence was the first building block of our great nation, and now the president is trying to tear it down.
Allison, Texas [11-23-2009] »»»

i feel tht our ppl tht were represtn us helped us who we r 2day. i am thakful tht they stood against da british an did sumtin... an how we can hav rights as an individual
eren sanchez, sioux city, iowa, 17, west high school [11-23-2009]

Heath Whetstine [11-23-2009] »»»

Reina Sosa [11-23-2009] »»»

Lauren [11-23-2009] »»»

Robin E Mason [11-23-2009]

tamaraharris [11-23-2009] »»»

alyssa, 13 [11-20-2009]

ru [11-20-2009]

Karin Ware [11-20-2009]

i think this is a good website for kids and young adults to go two to learn more about the war............. i hope yall add more things yay me... soon yall will have things on mey cause imma goin to be in the history books
heather, 16 [11-20-2009] »»»

this was help helpful to find what I wanted to know about the Declaration of Independence. :)
anonymous [11-20-2009] »»»

This was a fantastic site that proved invaluable in researching my last paper! Thanks!
Michele, Online 3rd Year Criminal Justice Student [11-19-2009]

a great sight
jazmin, houston,texas [11-19-2009]

Heyy yoou should make more bullet points Likee summ Summarys
anonymous [11-19-2009] »»»

It isn't unusual to hear that someone is related to a person who signed the D.O.I and fought for our country to gain independence. But for me, I'm related to both Samuel Huntington & William Hooper - astonishing, isn't it?
Emily G. H., Papillion [11-19-2009] »»»

jamie doe [11-19-2009]

very good organization and very accurate information.
alyson, 11 [11-19-2009] »»»

i love historyy! i think john adams is hot!
grace white [11-19-2009] »»»

Great website! Thanks!
Elaine, 13 [11-19-2009] »»»

i have also bought the declaration of independence and just exploring the whole website was exsiting thing to do.
Jesi kidner, chesapeake va 17 years old [11-19-2009] »»»

i am a old man
anonymous [11-19-2009] »»»

My birthday is on the fourth of july. Cool, right?
Larresa, Topeka, Kansas [11-19-2009]

was helpful (:
Mary (: [11-19-2009]

I appreciate so much this site that allows citizens to learn about the beginning of freedom from tyranny established in America by wise men and the blood of courageous men and women who loved freedom. Thank you for sharing with the public these facts on the Birth of a Nation.
Millie Hobbs [11-19-2009]

I'm going to make it my business to read this Declaration on a regular basis, comparing what tyranny our Founding Fathers faced with the tyrannies we are facing today.
anonymous, Union KY [11-19-2009]

I though it was really really helpful for my paper thank you
NINJA kitty [11-17-2009] »»»

ok it's cool
Brayan Para, charlotte nc [11-17-2009]

Sidney Shaw [11-17-2009] »»»

Maybe she can rise to a non-secular America one day again, the flag I mean. We are endowed with these rights, so help us God
Jennifer Star, I am 31 I live in va a [11-16-2009] »»»

how and who presented the edited declaration to the congress? what did they say?
urfaceandurmom, 14 years [11-16-2009] »»»

thiss webstite gave me information but i wish it was a llittle more organized! it was kind of hard to read and to understand what i was looking at! :)
Raven [11-16-2009]

joe cervantes [11-16-2009] »»»

Kelly, 23, Milton [11-16-2009] »»»

this site has been very helpful for my history porject
raiann, Ca [11-16-2009] »»»

bill hancock [11-14-2009] »»»

YEAH MAN [11-14-2009]

sweet site for my essay
anonymous [11-14-2009]

Ahh...I remember before this was written. Good memories....
Carslile Cullen [11-14-2009]

Great web sites...I love it...Lots of great history..
chris.t.clemans [11-12-2009] »»»

I'v always liked history and to be able to read it online is so cool to me!
Brooke, 11 years old [11-12-2009]

Anthony [11-12-2009]

When did Common Sense die?????????
Fred Wells, Michigan [11-12-2009]

natalee, 9 [11-12-2009]

Good info for most of it but some of the things you had for the timeline you didnt have info for..
anonymous, 12 years [11-12-2009] »»»

The Declaration was written for us to be free. As a citizen of the United States I am proud to be an American,and proud of the freedom they gave us.
M Tollison, Waco [11-12-2009] »»»

good stuff
Jimmy Miller, 10 years old [11-12-2009]

This is the perfect site for one of my We the People questions! Thank you so much!
anonymous [11-12-2009] »»»

the declaration is made for little countries that no body thought had a chance. this is to protected their god given rights and its a damn good thing it was made.
Arraya [11-12-2009] »»»

Watched a tv show on American Heritage late Tuesday into am Wed 11-11 and was brought to my attention that Constitution, Declaration of Independence Northwest Ordinance and a 4th but can't remember document that United States does not call for separation of church and state-religion and state as we are now being told. And that our problems in school today stem from this fact.
anonymous, Ohio [11-12-2009]

anonymous [11-11-2009]

I used this sight for a reasearch project and i got a A. Thanks For helping me with the project and the information is wonderful thank u very much and this a nice sight!
Hope [11-11-2009]

Thank you for this site!
D, Cincinnati, OH. 16 [11-11-2009] »»»

I am a Cub Scout leader. I have 6 boys age 11 and I am trying to show and teach them the importance of the Constitution and the Amendments. So far we have covered 1 and 2 and they know what the words We the People is from.
Randy Brumfield, High Point NC [11-11-2009] »»»

lisa [11-11-2009]

I love this website so much!
mr schugsta [11-11-2009]

I love this website so much!
mr schugsta [11-10-2009]

I love you!
Hannah Carpenter, Ohio [11-10-2009]

I thought it sucked. This document is heretical and it goes against the great King George. Granted he has been dead for hundreds of years that man had some good ideas. But yeah this site is just stupid I almost threw up.
Joe Emanuels, Kansas City, KS Age: 17 Status: Looking For: Romance [11-10-2009]

mark Wayne Mohr [11-10-2009]

We will always be One Nation Under God as long as we stand
LeAnn Marlow, 57 years and a proud American Christian [11-10-2009]

kyler, lomgmont co 80501 [11-10-2009] »»»

good site, good info, love it! :D
moldy apple [11-09-2009]

All US Government Elected Officials should be required to commit the Preamble of the Declaration of Independence to memory prior to being seated in their respective offices, i.e. President, VP, Senator, CongressPerson,etc, ad infinitum......
William R Dolan [11-09-2009] »»»

The language in this masterfully crafted document clearly illustrates a purposeful acknowledgement and reverence for a divine Creator. Any Person, having read the Declaration, and then taking into account the apparent, prevailing legislative attitudes of our United States Congress in this new millennium, a thoughtful person must ask themselves; how have we, The United States of America, survived the last half century, while having put so much distance between ourselves and God?
Richard Lawyer, Northern Va [11-09-2009] »»»

Ty [11-09-2009]

Thanks a lot for making this site easy to find! It's hard to come by a good site when your trying to do homework!
anonymous [11-09-2009] »»»

You are providing a wonderful service. Thank You. NEIL
neil taft [11-09-2009]

That was the worst website i have ever read i did not learn anything about the Declaration. I am not wasting my time here anymore. Bye
anonymous, Boston, 23 [11-09-2009]

me glf me the book g mss
anonymous [11-07-2009] »»»

what house did jeffeson live in?
ayo, i am six [11-07-2009] »»»

go to school and become.....
Eve, chi town 4eva! [11-07-2009] »»»

this is the beat war story, not just that it is true
jessica, 15 [11-07-2009] »»»

Thank you for making this information available. I am doing a research paper. Lots of good info:)
Latham, Utah [11-07-2009] »»»

Great stuff peeps
Miles [11-07-2009]

This is a really good SiTe for Extra Credit or Homework Assingments!:D
JoSe, 13 [11-06-2009]

this is great!
marie [11-06-2009]

i think this website is awesome. it helped me a lot on my homework for civics class. dont worry, i cited this website :D
YangHo [11-06-2009] »»»

this is very god
vincent varela [11-05-2009] »»»

It's amazing we have a orginal copy of the decelartion of independence in hancock county.History repeating it self!
Tomeka McClendon, sparta GA [11-05-2009]

Thank you for all the information! =) i love you website!
Mikky [11-05-2009] »»»

Robert Morris is my 5th Great-Grandfather on my Father's side. I am interested in any club or any groups of ancestors of the Signers of the Declaration. Thank you for your site of our important Patriots!
Nancy Phillips- Farni [11-05-2009] »»»

I love the declaration of Independence! I will visit your site
Vanessa, 13 [11-04-2009]

luv it
BB [11-04-2009]

Joshua Adam Greis [11-04-2009]

milkdud [11-04-2009]

sarah [11-03-2009]

Meaghan [11-03-2009]

i would have signed this document. how knoble it was!
malissa, renton, wa [11-03-2009] »»»

such a powerful and wise document. if only more people would read and understand it; especially in times such as these.
kyle pratt, california- age 20 [11-02-2009]

I love the declaration of independence. Well written.
maiya robinson [11-02-2009]

All the other items you have shown are great but. I originated my signature from the signers. I am very sorry I could not see their penmanship or signatures that is. Penmanship is art! My grandaughter and I have been graded on it and on our report cards. So it seems that it should be viewed or else it is all loss.
Wm Hogan, I live in Bean town or Little Chicago [11-02-2009] »»»

Very interesting. I'm sure I will be back. Thank you.
Betty Palmer, Nebraska [11-02-2009]

Very brave men.
Suzanne Wilt [11-02-2009]

Hi, Mom! [11-02-2009]

Marsha Burley, Burleson TX [11-02-2009]

Formal tertiary eduction is indeed not the only way up to success and political leadership. President Benjamin Franklin's life is an interesting education itself.
Rev.Professor Disusu H.Elenoa Ligairi_Sikivou, President Benjamin Franklin's life history startles me. [11-02-2009] »»»

I was just browsing, I'm helping my son in his school project. This is a very informative page and well reseached, I like the pictures as well, it's not boring and very intereting. I would go back to this website if ever i am in need of research and information. thank you very much for your wonderful work.
Mary Lou Reagan [11-02-2009] »»»

I am proud to say thet your web page helps numerous people in their quest for knowledge of the Colonial Revolt. Please accept my congradulations on your fine work !
Martin, VP SJ Chapter sons of the American Revolution [11-02-2009] »»»

lily pevitt [11-02-2009]

declaration of indy is a bore
jazz, 13 [11-02-2009]

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