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2009 Declaration Guestbook Entries: October

it was good information...i would defintely use it again..
hassan sesay, inglewood, CA [10-30-2009]

This was very helpful in helping me memorize it for the biggest grade in my U.S. History class!
Samuel [10-30-2009]

i just learned about all of this, very cool
Angel, 13 [10-30-2009]

i love it
najaa [10-30-2009] »»»

This helped me a lot in my homework. Thanks. It was very intresting.
Ej, 10/ 29/09 [10-29-2009] »»»

I am doing a paper on the declaration of Independence and found your web site. Thanks for the information!
Crystal [10-29-2009]

In Soviet Russia, Independence Declare You
anonymous [10-29-2009]

I loved this website.
Elaine [10-29-2009] »»»

Diane Payne [10-28-2009]

i like the internetr!
devori [10-28-2009] »»»

Shelby Brown [10-28-2009]

You had something on this site for each one of my kids, thank you
Jennifer Greene, homeschool mom of 4: 10, 12, 14 and 3 [10-27-2009]

Kim [10-27-2009] »»»

Dear fore fathers can you please wake up and help us again, seems we need you to please write another "Decloration of Indepedance of taxes" That gov- you created lost sight of one the main reasons you guys wrote it in the first place.Please help us before it's to late, "O" I almost forgot! while your here maybe you can lend some insite on Health Reform. For some reason the American people today don't share the same leader ship as was when you unselfishly and utmost bravery elected to protect the un-differant citizens that roamed in the days of you.
Vic, Baltimore Maryland [10-27-2009] »»»

connor is 5 & loves anything that has to do with american history.
CONNOR JACKSON, minden, louisiana [10-27-2009] »»»

mia, 16 [10-27-2009] »»»

isabella smith, There might be something hidden on the back of the declaration; you never know. [10-27-2009]

It moves me to read this once more, and hope that the qualities stated in this document are both acknowledged and acted upon by future generations.
Jackson, usa, 15 [10-27-2009]

Bobby Lee, Spruce Pine, NC [10-27-2009] »»»

More people should read this and/or read it again. As they say... As we forget our past, we are boomed to repeat it.
Mimi, California [10-26-2009] »»»

Thanks for the help and information. It is great.
Barbara Bennett, Lawrenceville, Georgia 47 student [10-26-2009]

These sites are invaluable (unvaluable? hehehe!)aids for teachers!
John Paul Ried, Special Ed Teacher - 3 Grad degrees! Las Vegas [10-26-2009]


Emily, Lakeland, FL 10/23/09 [10-26-2009]

Very interesting,important,information.
Marcia Foga [10-26-2009] »»»

It's great to have the founding fathers to have the Declaration of Independence. It's great to be free and to hold these truths. I studied american history. It is great to studied our history. I've done a family history and I'm related to presidents, some of the signers of Declaration of Independence and Bilbical ancestors. I'm proud to be in this line and everyone is related and it goes back to God. It is a thrill to know God and his wonderous of the beauty of His creation.
Ruby, Pottstown [10-26-2009]

jack, jack [10-26-2009]

this site has great information and buying area i would like to get the declaration
kenneth, history rules [10-26-2009]

Hi im Joey McGarry and here to say that I would like to Know more about the Declaration of Independence because im doing this research project for my teacher and it was on the Declaration of Independence and this would really help me so im looking forward to hearing about your thoughts thank you so much. P.S. This project is due on the 10th of November of 2009.
Joey McGarry, Columbus Ohio. I'm 15yrs old. [10-26-2009]

I came to this site to learn and once I have complete looking at this site I will write again what I learned
Amy Dabbs, las vegas, 40, black, 4 kids,married [10-26-2009]

this a good website to find information on many history makers in our history
tiera, atlanta,Ga [10-26-2009] »»»

oscar camacho [10-26-2009] »»»

awesome for APUSH
Hector, houston tx 16 [10-22-2009] »»»

Mikayla [10-22-2009]

stalker, 13 yrs old [10-22-2009] »»»

hey dis page is cool
anonymous [10-22-2009] »»»

anonymous, Brentwood Middle School [10-22-2009] »»»

this is a good website for anyone who wants to know about american history.
Maria [10-22-2009] »»»

camille [10-22-2009]

everything i needed
Rachael Falcetta, social studies project :) [10-22-2009]

harry [10-22-2009] »»»

i like to learn about The Declaration of Independence
sally, Galena,13, [10-22-2009]

i like to learn about the declaration because it made a wonderful change in our country. it made a good place in history.
Natalie, Galena, 15, [10-22-2009]

I never realized how much our country had gone through to give us the Independence, freedom we have today. I am thankful for the men who declared independence for the United States! We would not know what equality and the pursuit of happiness for the United states would not of existed. Thanks to our forefathers.
Dylan Howes, Holt, Missouri Age 14 9th Grade [10-22-2009] »»»

this is an awesome site, all real facts thanks!
katie [10-22-2009] »»»

ashley, ny [10-22-2009] »»»

haily [10-22-2009]

i'm happy
antonio, ga or georgia [10-22-2009]

amanda kimbell, fenton im 15 [10-20-2009]

Excellent, thorough, objective information about the early days of this nation.
Bill Brown, President, Academic Hallmarks, Inc. [10-20-2009]

anonymous, 14 yrs old [10-20-2009]

heyy ppl
cam [10-20-2009] »»»

katie, hampstead north carolina [10-20-2009] »»»

Jen [10-20-2009] »»»

great place to look up all my history questions...really helped with all projects and reports! thanks for being such a great information supplier!
loveshistory [10-20-2009]

Atom Bell [10-20-2009] »»»

Some of this could stand to be applied to our Government now, though to speak of that would be considered treason. Go figure.
Max Barrett, Jr. [10-20-2009]

hhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyy! im doing a report on this ducument
v!rg [10-19-2009]

Singhi Soun [10-19-2009] »»»

This information really helped with my history paper, thanks!
Kandace T., Georgia [10-19-2009]

After reading David McCullough's magnificent biography of JOHN ADAMS, and watching the movie 1776 three times, I was inspired to search out more information on the internet about the men involved as well as the document & time lines. I printed those parts that intrigued me and am putting them into the JOHN ADAMS book for future research by my family. Hopefully THEY will be as thrilled with all this supplemental information as I have been to find it so easily!
LEILA HANDELMAN, chicago, il. [10-19-2009] »»»

I agree with most remarking Guests -- very informative site. Reminds me of the musical movie 1776 or 76.
James Cameron, High Education: Princeton and Columbia Universities [10-19-2009]

Thanks for every thing!
Hallie [10-19-2009]

As a fan of The Declaration of Independence, I appreciate the input of information about our history from this site; I think it's important for the American public to know about these things, especially in a place as chaotic as the Internet, where people are often unwillingly bombarded with the meaningless cyber-junk of this era. This site is a treasure - thank you for making it happen.
H.M. Hill, ca, usa [10-19-2009] »»»

if it was for the patriots we would not be who we are today..........UNITED STATE OF AMERICA
Rebecca, francklinton 10 years old [10-17-2009] »»»

I found this website and the information presented here to be very helpful for a school paper and interesting facts I hadn't yet learn. Thank you for keeping our history!
anonymous [10-17-2009] »»»

Great site!
Joshua Wrye, Ontario, CA [10-17-2009] »»»

Desire' [10-15-2009]

I am working on the American Revolution for a college project. This has been very informative.
Ann Weaver [10-15-2009] »»»

Edward Elrod [10-15-2009] »»»

I like your website keep up the good work.

i think the declaration is interetsing and I would continue reading on and on if i could.
Tahjae H., I live in America [10-15-2009] »»»

hello,i am desirae. i am doing a scocial studies proget on the proclimation of 1763!
Desirae [10-15-2009] »»»

i hate social studies
monique, hi [10-15-2009] »»»

Jonathon, chariton. Ia 50049 age 15 grade 9th [10-14-2009]

calvin, age [10-13-2009] »»»

i like you website it really helps find out the information i need !
anonymous [10-13-2009]

i heart the independence....a lot... woo.
Clairese, yeah... [10-13-2009]

i love the declaration of independence
zack urbancic [10-13-2009]

i love u
chad, im gay [10-13-2009] »»»

I newly learned that jefferson had to move to a specific house to write the declaration.
Garett Mote [10-13-2009] »»»

Haha. Houseflies..Yes, I'm sure they would get quite annoying after a while.
Maci O'Teter [10-13-2009] »»»

Just looking up an old relative Phillip Livingston
jim livingston [10-13-2009] »»»

I think that the declaration of independence is off the chain dog!
Edgar Mendoza, Everett, WA I am 14 [10-13-2009]

I really enjoy the site... I am interested in whether Big Brother needs us to sign a guest book to know who has visited.
Cory B., Mount Berry [10-13-2009]

Cory Brooks [10-13-2009]

dallas brown [10-13-2009]

this places stinks!
jobed, toto [10-13-2009] »»»

Kenesha Dickeroson, Alabama,15 [10-12-2009] »»»

Kenesha Dickerson [10-12-2009]

Lori Draheim, Michigan [10-12-2009]

Gloria Martinez, Eagle Pass, Texas; 48 yrs old [10-12-2009]

Great site. I hope everyone remembers our history and helps to keep it from repeating.
anonymous [10-11-2009]

This a great site, my wife and I stayed in Constitution village last February, we loved it, and plan to return again very soon. Thanks Steve.
Stephen Smagacz, Whiting Indiana [10-11-2009] »»»

If the Declaration deliated these rights (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) in 1776 how could we allow slavery to occur and why did it take the world until 1948 to pass the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Why even today (61 years later) are these rights not enjoyed by so many poor and starving people throughout the world. It is very sad to me....
Milexis J Rodriguez [10-11-2009]

What a blessing to be able to access these pages via the internet. Thank you.
anonymous, I live in The Woodlands, TX, 81 years old. [10-11-2009] »»»

i hate small print! but besides that fact it was pretty helpful.also is it that hard to keep a document of that value in good shape?!? Sheesh! what is America coming to? lol.:0)
Sperri, Georgia [10-11-2009] »»»

i believe people should not be allowed to go against our liberties and rights mainly freedom of speech and nothing in our laws to discount it without qualification
WILL K BYRD, 45 newjersey [10-11-2009]

Why does John Hancock's signature have to be bigger than everyone else's?
Amber [10-11-2009] »»»

My name a Borat [10-11-2009] »»»

I thought the website was interesting, I didn't know Benjamin Franklin was 70 years old when he signed the Declaration of Independence.
Brandi, U.S. History [10-11-2009] »»»

think ya'll for all your info because my dad told us he would pay us $50 if we could name all the signers so this site was really helpful!
Anna Bizzell, Tennessee, 15 [10-11-2009] »»»

this site was very interesting. i learned a lot of neat facts about the declaration of independence.
Cheyenne [10-11-2009] »»»

This sight was very insightful and informational. I found the background info. on all the signers of The Decleration to be very factual and entertaining as a young reader myself.
Zachary Williams, Hammons sixth AP U.S. History [10-11-2009] »»»

this is dumb
anonymous [10-11-2009]

candice horrocks [10-11-2009]

One thing I especially like about this site is that you can click on each of the signers and conveniently view their short biographies.
Ellen [10-11-2009] »»»

I never realized that there was such a wide range of ages in the Congress, like how the youngest person was only 26. That's not much older than I am.
Kristine Robinson [10-11-2009]

this website was very easy to use. it had good information.
chelsie [10-08-2009] »»»

This site was very interesting, and had a lot of good information. I had no idea there was such an age difference between the oldest and youngest man there!
Bentleigh Nesbit, Mr. Hammons Dual Credit [10-08-2009] »»»

From this site, I found out the huge age difference between the youngest person to sign, Edward Rutledge, age 26, to the oldest, benjamin Franklin, age 70!
Bentleigh Nesbit [10-08-2009]

i learned that the declaration had 3 "rough drafts" before it was complete and that John Hancock was more important in the writing of it then i thought. i also learned that Jefferson was the one who mostly wrote the document
Sarah Camille Conley, midlothian, Texas [10-08-2009] »»»

I learned a lot, like how old the Document House is and how many people signed the Declaration of Independence. It's a great site to use
Eli Roden [10-08-2009]

I learned that Thomas Jefferson did not write the Declaration of Independence in his own house.
Laura Beckwith [10-08-2009] »»»

Apple Pie, Biloxi, Mississippi [10-08-2009]

i like the website because its informtionl on the main sections of the signing, writing,nd inforcing th Declaration of Independence. i learned that the Graff Hose is 234 yrs old.
tayler simmons [10-08-2009] »»»

I learned that the Declaration had 56 people sign it. I thought it was less than that and I think it's insane that that many people were willing to blatantly tell the king they hate him- that would take a LOT of guts, which they apparently had.
Kate Nabinger [10-08-2009] »»»

I never knew that it took three weeks to write the declaration and it wasn't even the room where all the colonists had met
Erin Summerlin, Midlothian [10-08-2009] »»»

I loved your website and all the information on it. I especially liked learning about the Declaration house and its history. Awesome site! Extremely helpful! :)
Courtney Mentzel [10-08-2009] »»»

I'd like to say that this site has helped raise my awareness of all that this country's founding fathers have done for us and helped me to interpret the Declaration of Independence in a new light. John Hancock is my new hero!
Sandy Kamp, Midlothian High School [10-08-2009] »»»

I learned that The Declaration wasn't written in a huge,fancy,court like room, but in a small narrow home. Also that 56 people signed it. I always thought it was like 10.
Amanda Glasscock [10-08-2009] »»»

I did not know that Jefferson laid out such specific points against the king. I did not realize it was written out so organized and well done as it is.
Melanie Knott [10-08-2009] »»»

I never really knew exactly where the declaration was written, and this site was very interesting!
Amanda Seeley [10-08-2009] »»»

I learned that the declaration of Independence was signed by 56 people with Edward Rutledge being the youngest to sigh at 26 and with benjamin franklin being the oldest at 70.
cody rodriguez [10-08-2009] »»»

this is probably the first time I've actually sat down and admire the work put into the declaration of independence. it makes me proud to be part of a government with such a logical foundation that should endure many centuries.
Quay h. [10-08-2009]

i didn't know that Jefferson was not the only person to write the document
Philip B. [10-08-2009] »»»

I learned that Benjamin Franklin was the oldest signer of the Declaration.
Rachel Elsik [10-08-2009]

thanks this info is great and it was helpful for my report thanks
christopher lee cothren, 15, alabama [10-08-2009] »»»

I learned that John Hancock's signature is the most famous. He was the President of the Continental Congress.
Mackenzie, Midlothian High School [10-08-2009] »»»

I liked that it went into detail about each delegat. The background information is nice..
Jordan Sutphin [10-08-2009] »»»

i thought this site was really cool i learned who the oldest and the youngest signers were and that was really interesting to me.
Bre Wilson [10-08-2009] »»»

I didn't know Benjamin Franklin was the oldest signer!?
Tawni, mr. hammons class! [10-08-2009] »»»

it's a really nice site with tons of useful information. now I know who were the youngest and the oldest signers of the declaration
Monrroy [10-08-2009] »»»

This is arguably the best site about the Declaration of Independence ever.
Tyler Crandall, Midlothian Hight School AP US History 5th Period [10-08-2009]

I didnt know that the youngest signer was Edward Rutledge.
Taylor Leavitt, Midlothian [10-08-2009] »»»

I loved this site. Exquisitely organised, with a plethora of informational data and wonderful links. I learned stuff about the signers of the Declaration that I never knew. It's funny, somehow I knew about the horseflies already, but I didn't know about the two copies or Jefferson's hideaway or Ben Franklin's age whilst signing the document. Lovely website. :D
Lauren Brown, mhs [10-08-2009] »»»

I did not realize that the youngest signer of the Declaration was only 26 years old!
Kathryn Lane, Hammons, 5th period [10-08-2009] »»»

This site was full of very interesting facts about the Declaration of Independence.
Karissa Juhre [Midlothian] [10-08-2009] »»»

I learned how many injust things King George actually did to the colonists
Jenna Rose Edmister [10-08-2009] »»»

This website was very insightful. I think it is a great idea to put the Declaration of Independence online. I think more people will look at it and learn more about their country this way. I liked seeing all 56 signers clearly. They are difficult to read in their handwriting(except of coarse for John Hancock's) It makes you feel very proud that you are an American and of those men because they knew that staying with Britain was wrong for them and their country and they risked their lives to save their country.
Abbie Money [10-08-2009] »»»

This was an awesome site! I liked reading about the signers of the Declaration and about Thomas Jefferson
Tori Hendrix, Midlothian [10-08-2009] »»»

I learned about the interesting location that Jefferson took to writing in. I never knew that there was a history behind The Declaration House. Awesome website! :)
Becky Walker, mhs [10-08-2009] »»»

this sight was very helpful. i learned lots of new things. for instance... i had no idea that it only took three weeks to right the Declaration!
rhett schroers [10-08-2009] »»»

This was very interesting, I did not know there was more than one writer of the declaration. It was also fun to learn about the Declaration House.
Christian Velasquez [10-08-2009]

The site is really informative and the different links really help with learning the information easier. I never knew where the declaration was written or what that building looked like so I thought it was very interesting to see that.
Alissa Courson, Midlothian-Mr Hammons 5th period [10-08-2009] »»»

I thought the website was very organized and said a lot of useful information.
Robert Kirkpatrick, midlothian high school [10-08-2009] »»»

I really like the great historical information compiled on this site. Keep up the good work. I'm glad that we were brave enough to accuse the King of crimes that he committed against us.
Daniel Stanbery [10-08-2009] »»»

I learned that Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence in the Gaff House.
Andrew Beckman, mhs [10-08-2009] »»»

I didn't know that the Declaration of Independence blamed so many things directly on the king of England.
Andrew Peterson, Hammons [10-08-2009] »»»

Benjamin Franklin was the oldest signer of the Declaration of Independence
Tommy Wallner, Midlothian TX [10-08-2009] »»»

Interesting facts. I was unaware that they called King George III a tyrant.
Austin Floyd, tx [10-08-2009] »»»

i learned where it was written
Adam Horton, midlothian, tx [10-08-2009] »»»

I learned that the Declaration of Independence was written in another house.
Kyle Beckman [10-08-2009]

For dignity and freedom that why they fouht for, free men believed in equality of mankind, ready to sacrifice their life's, teaching the whole world the meaning to be a free man with the union of brave colonis headed by unique figurs made the revolution, planting the ruth of liberty and the pursuit of Happyness an example for all generations.
Hikmat bouhamdan, Kaplan high Scool [10-07-2009] »»»

im interested in the whole consempt of the declaration of independence and what it stands for
Aaris [10-07-2009]

i think that......
anonymous [10-07-2009] »»»

I liked this site. It has a great amount of information all compacted with links and sites on this one page. Not only is there a copy and picture of the original document, but there is also various information on the writers and events leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. I learned about the writers and I thought it was very interesting to actually read the document. :)
Jessica Dianne Price [10-07-2009]

i love carli fitzgerald.
HEY. [10-07-2009]

Timberly Brooks, Shawnee oklahoma 32 [10-07-2009]

joshu burns [10-07-2009]

I learned that Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration in another house that wasn't his.
Chris Schultz [10-07-2009] »»»

I love the site, it's very cool and informational. I learned about the Gaff House of which I did not know existed, much less an important step in Jefferson's compositions. The Declaration of Independence is an amazing peice of work.
Taylor Shelburn [10-07-2009] »»»

I love the orginization of this site! Very neat! I have learned that 56, yeah, 56 men signed this document! Also, that Thomas was really p.o.'d at those houseflies!
Casey Thibodaux, For Mr. Hammons! [10-07-2009] »»»

This is a really interesting website and I really enjoyed all of the information on Thomas Jefferson like his education and how he knew 5 languages and how he and John Adams became enimies.
Kenna L,, midlo, TX [10-07-2009] »»»

From this website i've learned more about the lives of the people who signed The Declaration of Independence and what positions they held in congress at the time.
Rachel Nelson, for Mr. Hammons AP history class (5th) [10-07-2009]

I think the information about the Gaff house was interesting, since you never really hear about where the declaration was written. Its funny how Jefferson could complain about a fly while writting all of their grievances about the king.
Jesse Cantu, Midlothian [10-07-2009] »»»

cool site and i learned that the decleration was written in the Gaff house
John Schoonover, midlothian,texas [10-07-2009] »»»

It's a ggod site. You learn a lot of things from it
Colton Daugherty [10-07-2009] »»»

Awesome sight. I had never read the Declaration of Independence completely and never knew where it was written. It would be amazing to go see the Gaff house.
Alexandra [10-07-2009] »»»

Very interesting, I didn't know were the Declaration of Independence was written. Now I know. Also I had never read it all the way through.
Alexis [10-07-2009] »»»

i never knew that there were two copies of the Declaration. i feel dumb for not assuming it, but it was cool to learn.
Kaitlyn Moehlman [10-07-2009] »»»

Benjamin Franklin was 70 when he signed the Declaration of Independence?! cool new fact learned.
Paigielicious Diaz, TEXASS, yall [10-07-2009] »»»

It is inspiring to read the thoughts and ideas of the founding fathers during this era in our history. It seems like many people forget where the U.S. came from and what it was built on. The ideas of the founding fathers are eternal have given us all of the luxuries that we possess today. It is all thanks to them. The site was very helpful and interesting.
Kyle Markwardt [10-07-2009] »»»

I enjoy the organization of the information this site has provided. I learned a lot about Jefferson's personal opinions for "Jefferson's Account" including that his account of the other delegates.
Megan H., Mr. Hammons class [10-07-2009] »»»

Benjamin Franklin was OLD when he help out with the revolution
Ben Larson, mhs [10-07-2009] »»»

Maddie Adolf, Huntersville, NC [10-07-2009]

the site was very interesting and I did not know that the youngest signer was only 26
Joe Marshall, mhs [10-07-2009] »»»

Hi Mr.Hammons! I learned that Jefferson, and the founding fathers as a whole, used idea which originated from the thinkers of the Afe of Enlightenment. I also learned that it took quite an effort to write the declaration- before i could only assume. Lindsey Wessa geaux tigers :)
Lindsey Wessa, Midlothian High School [10-07-2009] »»»

I learned that Jefferson left the city to write the Declaration, and that's pretty cool :)
Katelynn Kirby [10-07-2009] »»»

I did not realize that in the Declaration, the king was accused directly of his faults.
Austin MH, Midlothian High School, Mr. Hammons, 6th period [10-07-2009] »»»

I did not know that Jefferson hid away from the city for a while to write, and that there were horseflies bothering him, of all things.
Lexi Ball [10-07-2009] »»»

I did not know that Benjamin Franklin was the oldest signer of the Declaration of Independence.
Kalyn Minnix, Midlothian [10-07-2009] »»»

The Declaration is an amazing thing! it gives us all of these special rights that we dont have to have. There are places in this world that have so much less than what we have! i am proud to be an american!
Kaitlin Stevens, Midlothian [10-07-2009] »»»

Very cool sight. I have never gotten to read the Declaration og Independence before. I just always believed what others have told me. It was enlighting to be able to read it for myself.
Victoria Bass, Midlothian, TX [10-07-2009] »»»

This site was good. It communicated the information very well. Something I learned was that John Hancock wasnt the only one to write the declaration, others helped.
Kyle Rinehart [10-07-2009] »»»

I didn't know Jefferson had a special house to work in, neat.
Shannon A., Midlo, TX [10-07-2009] »»»

I never new that the declaration was written in the Gaff houes
Scott H. 6th [10-07-2009] »»»

Ananda Ward, that is cool [10-07-2009] »»»

This site was very detailed, as well as easy to understand. I learned that there was an entire community commited to writing the Declaration of Independence.
Kara, A.P. US History [10-07-2009] »»»

Hi! I am a homeschool teacher for my nephew who is 13. I had to homeschool my kids for a short time when they were out for a bit, and I wish that the online resources were so readily available back then. (15 years ago) I love this site. It has been a wealth of information for me as well as my nephew. Thank you for any updates you can send me, because I am sold. Thank you so much for being there. --Sincerely, Lisa
Lisa A. Brown, Cape Girardeau, MO [10-07-2009] »»»

i like samuel huntington the best cause he was from connecticut, and thats the greatest state
angel [10-07-2009] »»»

ggkk [10-07-2009]

Claude W Butler, North Charleston, SC Age: 59 [10-06-2009]

This is a nice site, I can't find a video documentary anywhere, if you had that it would be amazing.
Caleb, Came for school [10-06-2009]

i'm doing a report bout Samuel Huntington, and i was wondering if any of yu guys know why he didnt have kids?
midnight, a pure blooded connecticut yankee, stuck in Texas. [10-06-2009] »»»

As an American and willing to stand up for my country, it is time for men of conviction to speak of it boldly. We pray for our great nation to return to the God of our Fathers.
Moses Gingerich, Retired in NC [10-05-2009] »»»

We have ancestors in the Revolution, War of 1812, Civil War, World Wars I, II, Korean War. Descendent of Jonas Cattell, who warned American troops in National Park, N.J. that the Hessians were coming from Haddonfield, N.J.
Doris B. Kinsley, 81 yrs. of age, Wilmington, DE [10-05-2009]

Keirah, Lawrenceburg [10-05-2009]

History really lets you open your mind. You always think of what would of happened or what could have happened if any event went the other way. We would I be here today if......
Jim Evans, Brick NJ [10-03-2009] »»»

Thank you for creating and maintaining this valuabe resource. As our nation's history and heritage is threatened more each day, it becomes even more important to preserve our heritage and the historical accounts of our founding. Your work is sincerely appreciated.
Robert Butler, 59 years old, native Texan, residence Houston, TX [10-03-2009]

Any info regarding my ancster Josiah Bartlett would be very helpfull..! My mother is Shirlely Bartlett from NH. Acorrding too mom and grandma,he was the first person to sign the Dec. of Independence any help would be fantastic! Keith
Keith Gillespie/ Bartlett [10-03-2009] »»»

i am glad to be born and american. we have a great country.
RAY WALKER [10-03-2009] »»»

as the USofA fought and got thier independance so do we,and now today 03/10/09 the republic of Ireland is being asked to vote yea or nay to join with europe, I have always longed and asker for a united Ireland, not a united europe. that was HITLERS dream not mine, any respected Irishman would vote NO
coni reihill, Northern Irish (spitttt) [10-03-2009] »»»

Chuck Norris, 123 seasame street [10-03-2009]

Dan, colorado springs [10-03-2009] »»»

this is for a debate... tht i dnt wanna do!
Katie, 13 [10-03-2009]

this helped with my homework a lot! ------THANKS!
Heather [10-03-2009] »»»

i love the united states of america!
Madison, Kentucky! [10-03-2009]

my mother told me that a family member signed the declaration of independence...last name bartlett.
anonymous [10-03-2009] »»»

I think the declaration of independence was mainly helpful but it also created arguments and problems. It was overall a good thing.
Poodyger, I live in Florida [10-03-2009]

Anthony Pazana, 33134, 63 [10-03-2009]

Mandy Clignan [10-03-2009]

It was cool..........I (>^.^> <^.^<)
anonymous [10-01-2009]

kyle [10-01-2009] »»»

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