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2006 Declaration Guestbook Entries: October

I hate the USA because our country is screwwd up....
Stacey, 15 1/2 [10-31-2006]

I think this web site is very useful and I hate our from Germany.....
Ashley, 14 [10-31-2006]

I had to do this for a project
Aimee Hunsiker, Im 16, I live in Kansas. [10-31-2006]

the jollyrodger [10-31-2006]

i like th e story
Crystal, cool [10-31-2006]

hi! :)
anonymous [10-31-2006]

My daughter christina Marie Guzman-Terrones is doing a family tree for a school assignment. We are applying for the DAR. Our family goes all the way bach to Abraham Clark. I am Rosa Maria Guzman-Terrones, dauthter to Jeanne Yvonne Terrones-Seay My grandmother is Lois Margret Seay-Shelton. Her mother Margaret Evalyn Clark-Shelton, daughter to Jonathan L. Clark, son to John Clark,son to Jonathan L Clark, son to Capt. Thomas Clark, son to Abraham Clark. We are proud to be a part of this family
Rosa Maria Guzman-Terrones [10-31-2006]

It is a really good website to use for projets.
Taylr Thompson, Lewis Center Ohio [10-31-2006]

he was a great protester in the stamp act. he founded the sons of liberty. this will help you in this prject
Jay, Hatfield [10-31-2006]

great website for history packet on declaration!
casey p, 13 [10-31-2006]

Chris Box [10-30-2006]

I am study about when the Declaration of Independence in American History. I really enjoy it. Did you know that 25 copies were made. 20 of them in U.S. Musuems, 2 of them in England, and 3 of them in private homes.
Jimmy, Ohio [10-30-2006]

This is a perfect site and done very well.I reccomend it to anyone who wants yo learn about this wonderfull document.
David Mong, Sidney,Ohio 45365,age 36 [10-30-2006]

i love history my friends it but this is not a regular document this document represents health, education everything this shows liberty to enslaved people across the world that want to live MF a democracy government the government people decide.
Ian, mfemfemfemfe, 11 [10-30-2006]

lucia [10-30-2006]

Thank you for offering these beautiful words of hope and renewal to so many.
Rev. Sonja Contois [10-30-2006]

i think this is a cool website
Adrienne Curry-Zeigler [10-30-2006]

sidneywhiet [10-30-2006]

i love your site it is awesome!
allie [10-30-2006]

lucia wang [10-30-2006]

bill gates [10-30-2006]

A most excellent site for research and reflection.
JKTheabolt, Chelsea, Alabama [10-30-2006]

its great
bob, ----- [10-30-2006]

It Is OK.
christina, clifton Springs 11 [10-30-2006]

this is a great site thank you
lil nek [10-30-2006]

I like this website and it is good.
Mckenzie, Owensboro,KY [10-30-2006]

There still aren't equal rights for everyone and people should reread the document and realize what it means and remove stupid injustice laws......
anonymous [10-30-2006]

Your web site is a really good site but ya'll ain't got what I want & need on Samuel Adams?
anonymous [10-30-2006]

Thank you very much for this information. I really needed it!
Sunni [10-28-2006]

this is an awsome site. i am going to use it for school for the rest of my life!
Stephen, jupiter [10-28-2006]

Its could be better
John Nevarez, Allen, TX Ford Middle School [10-27-2006]

love the site helped me out a lot thanks!<333333
camille [10-27-2006]

This site is great for my Social Studies class.
Amy, Age:13 [10-27-2006]

I have been reading and studing american history since I was ten years old. We should embrace the ideas of the Declaration of Indpendence and keep the memory of those signers alive from generation to generation as long as the United States stands as a nation.
Leroy Morrow, Midland, TX 79705 age 39 [10-27-2006]

i would like you to know that i love you
Nemo, im gay [10-27-2006]

toni christensen [10-27-2006]

anonymous [10-27-2006]

this website is pinkin' you need more animated gifs though
kjetil III, 9034 [10-27-2006]

Great information. Really a good help for essays and research. Thanks!
Heidi [10-27-2006]

i love this website!
Mercedes [10-26-2006]

well it help this website when u realy need it for the declaration papers that u have to do and stuff.
arelys, el paso but i hate el paso more better HOUSTON [10-26-2006]

I thought this was a very great site.
Kylie Sturgis [10-26-2006]

i would get a good grade
teresa harms [10-26-2006]

Sweet sight great for school work...thank you very much
Devon [10-26-2006]

i am doing a book report on this man named robert morris and i would like more info on him
camille [10-26-2006]

I think the declaration of independence is the best thing that has happend to this country exsept the constitution. Thank you for letting me sign.
Mindy Kerns [10-26-2006]

Good website with lots of great information. Used it on an essay for my English class.
Jason Orr, Coppell, TX 15 years old [10-26-2006]

A Great Sight to Help With Homework! Thanks!
Cass-Shea [10-25-2006]

Your website is great! I found everything that I needed for my essay. I got an A... Thank you!
Tina, Florida, Miami, 14. [10-25-2006]

h3ck y3a man the declaration saved 0ur buts and im proud to say i love this country!
Khiaria Wilkerson [10-25-2006]

Khiaria Wilkerson [10-25-2006]

i have a tst on the Declaration
sarah, 13 [10-25-2006]

I home school my daughter and this really helped us thank you
Belinda, Louisville,Kentucky [10-25-2006]

kiki [10-25-2006]

Naomi [10-25-2006]

my eyes and ears can see and hear I have a gift from God, do not fear God but love him In God we trust hoooyaaa
Kurtis Jeffrey Lueth, Melbourne Fl [10-25-2006]

the declaration saved our butts n im proud to say im glad bout the declaration foo!
Twiggy, phoenix az. age:16 [10-25-2006]

brandon [10-25-2006]

matthew, brunswick [10-25-2006]

i like this site a lot!
melissa cammiusli [10-25-2006]

Its an alright Website i geuss if you want to learn about the declaration i geuss its the place to go but other than that its alright
cassandra, Hawiia [10-25-2006]

james coling [10-25-2006]

melissa xamiisuli [10-25-2006]

hay waz up later
trina, good thangs [10-25-2006]

i think that the declaration of independce was a very good thing in our history because we r learning aout that right now in skool
jordan osteen, 14 adkins tx [10-25-2006]

The history of the declaration is very interesting and I hope that all children in school read about the men that drafted our country through this document.
Mary J. Schemmer, Tucson, Arizona 58 [10-25-2006]

I Love everything about history! It is my favorite subject in school.
Alyssa J, Wheatland CA 13 [10-25-2006]

This site is great! It really helped me with my assignment! Thanks!
Kayla [10-25-2006]

I like this site
Annie, 12 [10-25-2006]

Frank Mitropoulos, #JM0645112 World History, Activity Lesson #28 The Declaration of Independence’s intent was to free the 13 colonies from the British rule, giving the 13 united colonies the freedom to pursue government rights for the people and by the people. The Declaration of Independence meant that the people of the 13 colonies now were able to voice their beliefs and put in place laws that would help them live a life free of injustices and rule from any other countries. The Declaration of Independence is very important to today’s legislature and the freedom of our country. The brave men that came forth to execute the Declaration of Independence are the forefathers that made the United States of America what it is today. Free to voice opinions and ideas of the people.
Frank Mitropoulos, Miami, 15, James Madison High School Student [10-25-2006]

Thanks to these brave men and their courage we live in a free world today. We are able to truly live our lives based on the pursuit of happiness without any constraints from other countries.
Frank Mitropoulos, Miami, 15 [10-24-2006]

Im the secretary of the united kingdom of scotland. bow down to me!
Lee Sotelo, I am a vegan and meat is murder! [10-24-2006]

JULIAN HESS [10-24-2006]

i think that we should make this world better for the children in du future
valerie, deer park 13 [10-24-2006]

i thnk it is totally awesome thid website
kim, camarillo [10-24-2006]

Well I think the Declartion of Indepention is cool.
Diamond [10-24-2006]

This site sucks it didnt do anything for my project and i hate it!
Michael [10-24-2006]

Jeannine M., Philadelphia, PA Age 25 [10-24-2006]

Bryce Rhoades [10-24-2006]

johnathan sager [10-24-2006]

I have visited Washington D.C. and Philidelphia as a child. What I saw was just amazing and what these great cities are portrayed to look like in the movies is sad comprared to the sense that you get when actually being there.
Ms. Buhler [10-24-2006]

katelyn coleman [10-23-2006]

does anybody out there know the size of the original declaration of independance or of the copies that were sent to the colonies? THAN YOU
angelo afanado, spring hill fl age 49 [10-23-2006]

its really interesting to know what happened during the years when the declaration of independence was form
karla jasmin, 14 [10-23-2006]

I am glad to be here, I have been trying to read American histrory and today I am going through this. Thanks to everyone who made this possible for us who does not know but would like to know.
Girish [10-23-2006]

John Adams was to good for being a president. lol
Jessica [10-23-2006]

caleb [10-23-2006]

i like this site
anonymous [10-23-2006]

i dind't find wath i want,but its really cool your page!
Alexandra Castellanos, san diego [10-23-2006]

this site is a really good site to learn about history and since it is my fav. subject i think i will be coming back for many times to come
Cherllyn [10-23-2006]

john adams [10-23-2006]

This web site was great and got me an A++ ON MY research paper.
Morgan [10-23-2006]

I think this is really cool! !
Victoria, Pompano Bch,13. [10-23-2006]

i love this site it is so dang cool
amanda [10-23-2006]

great site
tommy [10-23-2006]

anonymous [10-21-2006]

Sherry King, Arkansas [10-21-2006]

rainy [10-21-2006]

David Padilla-Peake [10-21-2006]

I am so very proud to be an American Citizen. Being an American afforded me the priviledge to travel abroad to Europe (England,Scotland,Ireland...) many times, & although I thoroughly enjoyed my visits & the people & friends that I made, there is NOTHING that compares with my home: The United States of America. This document helps me to remember that. Thank You!
Diane M. Hepner-Anderson, Russell, PA 42 yrs old [10-21-2006]

bella [10-20-2006]

The Declaration of Independence Rules!
Lizzie, Battle Creek, Michigan, 49014, 15 [10-20-2006]

Thanks for the help on Matthew Thorton. It is good knowing that people can found out about the other signers of the declaration of indepence. =)
Connor, nothing [10-20-2006]

im doing a report in class on samuel adams and your web is perfrect.
brandy [10-19-2006]

Great site! It helped a lot on my project!
anonymous [10-19-2006]

very good site, would like to see some more info about the declaration though.
G Jones, Wales, U.K [10-19-2006]

thiz iz tight
sarah, richmond [10-19-2006]

i think its cool the way they wrote the decleration of independance i like this web site
jordan [10-19-2006]

this site is kinda cunfusing. it needs more info on the signers of the dec of ind. it wuld help me with my homework more...
erin [10-19-2006]

declare our independencesss rockin
mindy [10-19-2006]

i love this site
brittany [10-19-2006]

Cody Tyler Richards [10-19-2006]

I AM A NEARD [10-19-2006]

kimberly suders, 12 yr./ old [10-19-2006]

i hate history but this makes it easy
anonymous [10-19-2006]

samuel huntington [10-19-2006]

Nice Site
Jon, Massachusettes [10-19-2006]

melissa [10-19-2006]

anonymous [10-19-2006]

MIKE [10-19-2006]

this is a totally helpful website koolio
Marie [10-19-2006]

matt [10-19-2006]

i have to write a report on your web site and so you should feel special
becca & Amanda, mr. ventura room [10-19-2006]

its cool but it needs more like i dont know but more details about it and less links cause there all over the place and like ya and were writing a report on your website on your website kudos for you haha
Amanda Kamradt, Draper Utah 15 in Mr. Venturas room [10-19-2006]

I am visting this website for an essay I am doing in my Goverment class.
carrie, Whitwell, 18 [10-18-2006]

love this site I know theres a website for John Hart but I dont have it on this pc ......
William S.Hart 2, I am related to John Hart [10-18-2006]

This website is cool.
alisa [10-18-2006]

i thaink this site is very useful to me as a student. my teacher said i needed to find out at least 20 facts about the declaration of independence and i didn't even need to go to any other website. it was very accurat too my teacher said soooo thanks -jenn
jenn, i live in the usa [10-18-2006]

thank you thomas jefferson
nicholas mcguirl, midlothian, va age 9 [10-18-2006]

i'm just on this website for a homework ? lol
katie [10-18-2006]

all men are created equal so are women
brittany warren [10-17-2006]

this is awsome! for kids to come and use this to help with us history homework.
anonymous [10-17-2006]

courtney [10-17-2006]

"All men are created equal" hmmmm....i guess there were no women in 1776...
G the canadian [10-17-2006]

thanks much.......for this website i feel very smart now.......THANKZ
La'Erieal [10-17-2006]

this websie helped me a made me pass my report on the declaration of independence....THANK YOU!
erie....... [10-17-2006]

I think the declaration ROCKED! lol!
anonymous [10-17-2006]

Dustin Malone, Katy, Texas [10-17-2006]

I like this info. It helped with my report for history.
Meggan, 14 [10-17-2006]

I think that this website is useful and my teacher lets us use this website.
Matthew, Lowell,13 [10-16-2006]

i think this is a good way 4 kids 2 learn about the old days andevery thing!
nakelia tatum, jacksonville [10-16-2006]

jaquel [10-16-2006]

I am so hyper, it's not even funny. I'm on this website for a project, where we got to chose what we wanted to work on, a few other choices being Boston Tea Party and Stamp Act. I chose this because it was the easiest to do research on out of all of them. Yeah, it helped... I guess. Erm, I can't think of anything else to put, so yeah. See Ya! ^.^, P.S., I'm a girl.
Hard Rocker, 14, TX, Cool, Awesome, You get the picture, don't you? [10-16-2006]

I think that this is a great website for the young learners of today . keep it up ok !
tyler little, 13 Palestine,tx history fan [10-16-2006]

tyler little, 12 palestine,tx history fan [10-16-2006]

Joshua [10-16-2006]

cool site!
kj [10-16-2006]

i think the declaration of independce made a big differnce in are state
jacob mcmillin, i am 15 years old and i live in harpper woods MI [10-16-2006]

This website helped me with history homework. Thanks a lot!
Mary, Illinios [10-16-2006]

William Shaw, Mississippi [10-16-2006]

I think you are doing a great job!
anonymous, 13 [10-16-2006]

aldo huerta [10-16-2006]

Oour Constitution and Bill of rights is the backbone of our country and they are right as I speak being compromised. I am 69 and still cry when they sing the National Anthem.
sharon d kerley, 1604 elmendorf pl, santa rosa ca 95401 [10-16-2006]

mark caraglin [10-16-2006]

I may not be done High School yet but this web site has everything you need to know about Native Studies! It will help you through the whole class! Thats cool!
Lari [10-16-2006]

Jillian Lighthall, hey yall [10-16-2006]

this place is coolio!luvin it beezys!
anonymous [10-16-2006]

very informative, it is really going to help me with a history project
Sammy, 13 [10-16-2006]

Sameer, GERMANTOWN,Age 13 [10-16-2006]

i love cheese
joe pigeonish, scotlans [10-16-2006]

at the bottom of the screen, it says the currency act article has been on the internet since July 4,1994. the declaration of independence was written on july 4 too! was this purposely put on the internet on july 4?
anonymous [10-16-2006]

yomammatikibarn [10-16-2006]

don't give a s**t bout the declaration c**p gotta do it 4 are british collage wrk dnt ask y like because we live in ENGLAND
Amy,Kat and Alex, 16-17 liverpool england britain etc [10-16-2006]

Great site you have going here.
anonymous [10-16-2006]

you rock
beth [10-16-2006]

yeah... it's pretty cool, i guess... i'd much rather learn about surfing(which i do every day because i'm a surfer girl!) than the hisory of my country... :-) but i'm thankful to live in this great country and not some where where i don't have any freedom at all. In other countries you probably can't even play the guitar (which i also play in a band:-) cause it would be against the law... thanx 4 the info -hottie gigi from malibu, cali!
Gizizzle Smith, i'm 13 years old and i live in malibu, california [10-15-2006]

michael kummerman [10-15-2006]

I thought that this site was exciting and entertaining! It should be veiwed by all people!
Kelly Clarkson [10-15-2006]

George became president in 1789!
anonymous [10-15-2006]

skyler mcanally [10-15-2006]

i thouht that it was a very good idea
jeff, akron ohio [10-15-2006]

this was a relaly goood website
anonymous [10-15-2006]

I am soooo getting an "A" in History!
Amanda Villasenor, age:13 [10-15-2006]

kaitlyn, i love history [10-15-2006]

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS WEB SITE! It is so helpfull! We are learning about the American Revolution in school right now and this web site is helping me soooooo much! THANKS!
Angela, 13 years old [10-15-2006]

used this website to help with my homework! Thanks keep up the great work and i LOVE this country
paige [10-15-2006]

this seems like a good website where very erudite people can visit to study the history that some peple are so clueless about.
reetu bala [10-15-2006]

is there any girls that signed the declaration of independence
katelyn, iam iam doing a project on this [10-15-2006]

Thanks for all the info. My daughter used it for her 4th grade report, about the 13 col. Thanks again. WP
Wendy Parris, Blacksburg, SC [10-15-2006]

I have a relative who signed the declaration of independence.
anonymous [10-15-2006]

This site is awesome. It really helped me with my research.
Raychell, Michigan [10-15-2006]

hay peps! howz it goening!
anonymous [10-15-2006]

hey yall independence lovers i love you guys this is the best website evershea love yall
ash a [10-15-2006]

ahetaherehrarer [10-15-2006]

This website was very helpful when I needed to create my own Student Declaration of Independence
Jessica Johnson, Miami FL, 16 [10-15-2006]

Francesca [10-15-2006]

i would like any sites or publishings about his life, work and family
Janet Hodge, i am a direct decendent of Charles Carroll [10-15-2006]

It was very informative
Steven, Colorado springs 80915 13 [10-15-2006]

GO APUSH! (that's Advanced Placement United States History- which is a high school class for those of you who don't know)
Abby, Minnesota [10-15-2006]

I am really intrested in the Declaration of Independence ever since I saw the movie " National Treasure". I am also on thi site because I am doing a project on the Dec. of Indep.
Karina, Oak Lawn, Ill [10-15-2006]

Pat Brown, Denton, MD [10-15-2006]

i have memorized the whole declaration
jessica, 14 years old [10-15-2006]

Thank you very much this site was very helpful. I had to do a report on 3-5 of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and I thought it would be very difficult to find the information I needed. But thanks to you I found everything I needed. Thanks again, Rachael
Rachael, Ocala, Fl 13 years old [10-15-2006]

I used this website as a reference for an English paper. The site was very useful. I'll definately keep it bookmarked so that I can use it again someday...
Rachel, age 17, Texas [10-15-2006]

Thanks this site really helped me with my homework project!
student, Florida [10-15-2006]

AJ DeMarco [10-15-2006]

Our family has been in a battle with the Judiciary and judges in courts since 1998 to get Washington State and the Federal Government to vacate a 1996 State void judgment that does not comply with any State of Federal laws, procured by and enforcing State Executive Branch fraud against us. The judgment on its face of record is so vague it can not, and has not operated, since it's 1996 inception, yet we, as a family were forced to let the State take our land where we lived and all of our saved up money and assetts to satsify the State's judgment for fear of the State forcing their judgment against us, that would cost us much more. The Judgement also cost us our right of free enterprise and established livelyhood. We the People have in place in all States and the Federal a law that requires all States and the Federal Government judges to provide relief from judges void judgments placed against "We the People". That law is State adopted and Federal Court "Rule 60 Relief From Judgment or Order", requiring any judge in any tribunal in the United States has a mandatory nondiscretionay duty to vacate any an all void judgments placed before them, affecting Citizens Rights. So far all 16 judges involved, including a Federal District Court Judge, Chief District Court Judge, and a Chief Court of Appeals Judge has refused to honor "We the People's" laws, putting themselves above the laws of our land making our Constitution and Laws as worthless as the paper they are written on. All lawyers we have contacted do not dispute what is happening to us, but shy away from offending the very Judicial Branch institution that gainfully employs them, leaving us as indegent Pro-se's to fight for our Rights, with only a pen. We are fusterated having to fight this David and Goliath battle alone. We see America not making history but repeating it.
Kirk Whitcombe, Anthem, AZ [10-15-2006]

I am doing a research paper over the DEclaration of Independence and I love it. It is so neat how everything happened in the earlier days. We had a choice and I chose this one. I am so glad I did!
Tosha Greenleaf, Wynona, OK 74084 age 13 [10-15-2006]

haley [10-15-2006]

The Declaration was a great idea. The AAmericans were smart to think of this.
Cody Dudley, Eufaula, Alabama 11 [10-15-2006]

ERB, philadelphia [10-15-2006]

how many people were a live
Natalie [10-15-2006]

hey homiess wats crackin lackin. wee doin a project HELP PA-LEEZ
JAY // CEE && TEE // ESS [10-10-2006]

ilove the declaration of independece
asha williams [10-10-2006]

carlos [10-10-2006]

love the picture of the declaration house shame the original was torn down.
charles carroll, new orleans,la. [10-10-2006]

psycho [10-09-2006]

Willie Fisterbottom [10-09-2006]

Mary, Hemet, CA, 13 yrs old [10-09-2006]

anonymous, 2nd youngest man [10-09-2006]

cool. Great reference for my assignmentand very interesting just for normal reading.
Ngee, Kaduna,Nigeria [10-09-2006]

the past is better than today!
jenna, seven [10-09-2006]

ariana mcgraw, chicago,12old [10-09-2006]

love to get any historical or any family roots info... any other info would be muchly appreciated. Thank you, Sherry
sherry westgate, my grandmothers mom is evelyn bartlett [10-09-2006]

A few days ago, a close friend of mine died. His name was Larry Lee. Only days before he died he alluded to some "Lee's" who were signers of the Declaration...I never had a chance to ask him if they were his relatives.Anyone know the answer?
Ran Dee R. Howard, Oden,Utah age 60 . I like American History [10-09-2006]

Thank you so much for making our Declaration of Independence so readily available! It is so good to read over it and hear the beliefs that our nation was founded on. It is also a great resource for class!
Michaela, college student [10-09-2006]

I think the American dream is a stupid idea, although it works for Americans it doesnt help people who aren't. I think the hole world should come together under the same dream. I do like the Declaration of Independence its pretty fair concerning the circumstances, but im not sure if its propurly up to syle. I say it should be rewriten to a more sutable reality. In all honisty this is just a thought, im not sure where its going but if i whent on i wond probuly start saying that its time for world peace, but i find that a bit too extream sence there is no such thing.
No one [10-09-2006]

I love horses, I ride my own every day! Regards from the netherlands! Check out my website on
Piet Paulusma [10-09-2006]

I am a decendent of Arthur Middleton, I use to have the exact relation from him to me, but i don't have it any more. but i am definetly blood related my grandmothers madien name is Jeanette Middleton.
Zachari Benaya [10-08-2006]

This site rocks! i got so much stuff here
Elcy, 13 [10-08-2006]

I swore to protect this document and everything it stands for and i will do so to the best of my ability.
Christina Rasch, Flagstaff, Az [10-08-2006]

I learned a lot from this website! I really enjoyed it and I know that I will now get an A on my report!
Anai Harley, Chas. SC,(but moving to...) Jacksonville FL [10-08-2006]

Becki Franchino [10-08-2006]

My family and I went to Washinton D.C. and saw the Declaration at the National Arcives. It's interresting to learn about our coutry's history.
Matt Davis, 20 years young livivg in small Odell,IL [10-08-2006]

I am extremely impacted by the passion all these amazing people had, ordinary men and women, yet so extraordinary in times of need... I wish we could all visit and read about their great sacrifices and tremendous accomplishments, so that we can be filled with that sense of patriotism and love for our country. We have been born to a great nation!
Sara, Los Angeles, CA, 32 [10-08-2006]

i think the declaration of independence is awsome.
shawn turley, eureka ks 67045 [10-08-2006]

Daqota Williams, Eureka 12 [10-08-2006]

i like this site
jessica vannuys, 17 [10-08-2006]

anonymous, Cincinnati [10-08-2006]

i think that there should be some information about what everyone's reactions were to the declaration of independence.
anonymous [10-05-2006]

courtney decoteau [10-05-2006]

Erin [10-05-2006]

Most of the story or document tells everthing but where.well i like it very much but it is a good thing like right now for me a young aldut to study far as histior
Edeshia, 13,Detrotit Michigan [10-05-2006]

I think that the dec. of. Ind. Is the most inpaortant thing on earth. I would have 2 say that w/o it we would problay be slaveing around right now. But instead we r liveing our lifes freely. That all I have 2 say. Well later ppl. Cat
Cat [10-05-2006]

Christy [10-05-2006]

it was a cool reference for my s.s. class :)
Morgan Friend, hatboro, pa. 14 yrs. old [10-05-2006]

this is an awesome website
anonymous, 14 [10-05-2006]

this is a great website
Ronald Raygun, 12 [10-05-2006]

When I was in school, history was boring. The period of pre-Revolution and through that era is now amazing to me. That these ordinary men and women believed so strongly and stood up for what they believed in. That these ordinary people were heroes. People like you and me! I hope to open awaken at least a little of this realization and amazement in children. Thanks for this site.
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Linda Barlan Kasper, Flagler Beach, FL [10-05-2006]

William Daniel Floyd is my ancestor. Check the list to see how great he was. New York signer of the 230 year old Document
Kelsey Floyd, Stillwater,PA 17878 14 [10-05-2006]

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Iam an English Brit and found reading the Declaration tough going. I had no idea that the then King had behaved that way, as we are not taught about it in our schools. Maybe we should be.
Sally, Great Britain. [10-05-2006]

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I like to re-read the Declarataion of Independence every few years. Just to reming myself what our forefathers were thinking when they wrote it. Too bad member of the ACLU to read it periodically, and remember the God has been a presence in this great country of our from the beginning.
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