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2006 Declaration Guestbook Entries: January-February

This webste has been so helpful in my project! Thank you!
anonymous [02-26-2006]

I like this website
anonymous [02-26-2006]

very cool! thanks for helping with my homework
anonymous [02-26-2006]

Genisse [02-26-2006]

I just love your site it has all the things I need 4 my report
LaCy [02-26-2006]

Samuel [02-26-2006]

I feel that if our forefathers had envisioned what the Federal Government would be doing to and how they would treat the constitution,and that the people allow it, they may have said - why bother. The Constitution is more then a guideline, it is the map created for a Magnificant Country. I appreciate your site and will return to it another day.
Sandra Johnson, Altamonte Springs, Florida 55 [02-26-2006]

Hello, I am George Washington. And I would like to tell you that you guys forgot about me! !
George Washington [02-26-2006]

This is a good site. you should include more pictures though (of the Dec. of indep). is there any way i can find out if i'm related to someone who signed it? Stephen Hopkins, Rhode island.
Chelsey, ct, 12 [02-26-2006]

Chace Holifield, Brent Al.age11 [02-26-2006]

I've been told that signer, Richard Stockton of New Jersey signed the Declaration...but then changed his mind. Is there a copy of the Declaration that shows a crossed signature of that man?
PMQ [02-26-2006]

I am enjoying your websight very much -- it has answered many of my questions
Marcella H. Pettis, Portland Oregon [02-26-2006]

I think this is a great web site is great! It gives great information, also it helped me with my report!
Megan, ohio [02-26-2006]

hi i think this site is very informational and it will help young kids learn more about there history
lionns, im 47 years old [02-26-2006]

This is a great site2. I am so happy to have a great website to visit whenever i want. TANKS
solarjim [02-26-2006]

The Declaration of Independence is a well written paper and all I want to say is thank- you all who wrote it and gave a lot of people freedom and what they really wanted.
Emily Davila, Dallas, 13 T.X., a girl [02-26-2006]

so there is no hidden map on the back
michael martin, i am 16 [02-26-2006]

forgot my e-mail
shelly hamm [02-26-2006]

Can you send a copy of it
Elisabeth Hall, I love the Declaraction of Indepence [02-26-2006]

taebonie dillard [02-26-2006]

Anna Traywick, alexander city,alabama [02-26-2006]

I want to know if you would put a timeline of Jefferson's President years on this website?
Amanda, Pascagoula,MS 16 [02-26-2006]

It gave me a lot of information and i love this site i will make sure to tell my friends about this site when we get our next Founding Father's Project!
Tityana [02-26-2006]

Helps me a lot with my accerlated reading assighnment
anonymous [02-25-2006]

ariel [02-25-2006]

The DeDycker Family [02-25-2006]

I find it outstanding that we could still find webpages that remind us of our true American spirit of willingness, and readiness, to work for, fight for, our existence, and that of those we love. This is a GREAT (and necessary) diversion from the usual "forcefeeding" we receive daily, of how we might sell tons of our ENEMIES "street drugs", and/or pimp our family for cash and prizes. When do we have the sequel to the "Boston Tea Party"? When do Americans decide to return to family, to unity, to work, to honor, to love, to faith, to hope, to mercy, to common sense, to VICTORY? It's OK, we are SUPPOSED to be # 1 on our own dirt!
ALBERT A. KAFFENBERGER, SR., San Francisco, California USA [02-25-2006]

This website is very helpful for if you have a project at school and can't seem to find a good website.
anonymous [02-25-2006]

Nathan Wing, Lewiston, Maine [02-25-2006]

Ashley [02-25-2006]

I think that this sight shows many things and it is very amazing!
anonymous, age 10 [02-25-2006]

Sam Huntington is my direct disendent, signer of the Declaration of Independence.
Jennifer Roalsen, Nyc, NY [02-25-2006]

Hey If you read this Email me at,where you
rocky essany, lake station, Indiana [02-25-2006]

I think you guys that wrote it are really speacile and to me your hearo's. ASIA
Asia, 10 [02-25-2006]

love this website. It helped me finish my report! This website rox my sox!
ellie, age:10 [02-25-2006]

The declaration was pretty much what really gave us our freedom and i am glad i can now go to this website to look at it. THANK YOU
Jordan Lee, Crescent Valley Nv [02-25-2006]

i was here!
jt was here [02-25-2006]

stephanie, hi i live in high point [02-25-2006]

good i have herd better
tommy pacheco, age 13 east carbon ut boy cool lovein but true guy [02-25-2006]

jessica campbell, mississippi [02-25-2006]

I just learned the American Revolution,so i wondered the declaration of independence .
sally, vancouver [02-25-2006]

Steven sichitano, biloxi mississippi [02-25-2006]

I am a person with my own thoughts and own feelings. America lets people do what they believe in.
Someone from somewhere [02-25-2006]

The Declaration of Independence info is great.
Someone from somewhere, An age, i live somewhere too. [02-25-2006]

i am homosexual and i find this site very helpful to my feelings and freedom as a u.s citizen
Alexa, California,17 [02-25-2006]

I looked up the site for info about the signing for an English essay. It really helped me a lot! Thanks a bunch Cassandra Dawn Proffitt
cassie [02-25-2006]

I'm doing a report on the Declaration of Indepednence.And I love this site.
Emily K., I'm 11 and I'm from Upper Arlington, Ohio. [02-25-2006]

What about Thomas Paine's contribution which most care to dismiss?? He practically wrote the Declaration for Independence then was kicked out?
m williams [02-25-2006]

This site cool and hot at the same time
georgia kelly, age 9 Wales United kingdom [02-25-2006]

it has great information.thank you.
anonymous [02-25-2006]

i need some info on the decloration of in. by fri.i have gone to every site i no. i can not find any good info for a school report.
anonymous [02-25-2006]

this website was most helpful in preparing a lecture on the historic documents.
Brenda Scott, Aurora, Colorado [02-25-2006]

Was Paca of Czech descent?
Joan L-Z bourret [02-25-2006]

i thought this website was very helpful. I finished my major project wiht all the research on this website! thanx!
chrissy, age14 [02-25-2006]

He's awsome!
keshaun [02-25-2006]

I think the Declaration of Independence has still a lot more to learn on the year 1776, and there is still a lot more to learn on this Independence.
Patrick Wenzel, Medford, Oregon 97504 [02-25-2006]

James Muncy [02-25-2006]

flora Copley [02-25-2006]

love the websight
anonymous, santa fe new mexico [02-25-2006]

Thank yoy for providing this site with excellent information Fay
Fay Pritzler, Queanbeyan NSw Australia [02-25-2006]

I thougth the declaration of indendence was a beautiful word of experiences
vanessa jones [02-25-2006]

Being 45 years old, it is a rather overwhelming honour and privelege to be part of a Nation whose bold ideas of freedom began a movement that would one day sweep the world to the hearts of ALL people everywhere. I only wish more of todays citizens would have the wisdom and commitment of responsibility that our founding fathers did.
Phoenix BlackHawk, San Francisco [02-25-2006]

nice site
johnny [02-25-2006]

cool. im doing this for a bouns and candy
cav, 10 [02-25-2006]

i loved the site my teacher gave me an A+ on my report about the Declaration of Independence! (:
Tiffany [02-25-2006]

Thank you for this site, it has helped me greatly with my research paper!
anonymous, Eighth grade student [02-25-2006]

When I become first girl President I will make sure that everyone is treated equl.
Faith, 7 years old [02-25-2006]

Hey hey hey! lol :)
Mindy Key, Lafayette, Tennessee [02-25-2006]

your web is hot
kaitlyn [02-25-2006]

now i hve ur attention. why did the colonists win?
free sex [02-25-2006]

My name is Patrick henry and i have a question abot this name? is it a famous name? Can i make money with this name?
Patrick henry, 72116 Mössingen-Talheim Germany [02-25-2006]

I need this is a project for my tacher miss manning so I can get a good grade and I in the class called LOW is very fun so that why u can teach me more. Thank You Saqundra .T. Williams We going to have fun teaching me. Bye!
Saqundra Williams, Durham, 14, N.C, 27707 [02-25-2006]

anonymous, piano,taxes [02-25-2006]

the website was very political i liked that by the way be sure ifur a democrat to vote for melody Justus for Mclean County board.
brittney, 12 female bloomington [02-25-2006]

I am looking for more information on Lyman Hall from Georgia. I am a direct descendant of John Hall (not the father of Lyman Hall), and John Hall fought in the American revolution and would have been around the same time Lyman Hall was. A rumor says that my ancestor John Hall is a relative of Lyman Hall, and since we are studying the Declaration in my social studies class, I think it would be very neat if I could find out if I am related to a signer of the Declaration of Independance. If you have any information at all that could assist me in my search, please email me.
Eric Davis, Michigan [02-25-2006]

Johanna, Explain what Patrick Henry meant in his famous qoute. [02-25-2006]

i am reelated to jhon hancock. iam his 9 grandaughter
maddy brunes [02-25-2006]

i think that i like this website its got great colors
Clara, california [02-25-2006]

it was a real good web site to find out information about john hancock and learned a lot bout him that i did not know before and im glad i found this web site* XoxX brittany jones
Brittany Jones [02-25-2006]

hurray for freedom! God rules and so does the declaration of independence!
aaron Tenorio, Miami, FL (8yrs. old) [02-25-2006]

I really like this site! I am reading about the history of the United States and Benjamin Franlin was the best!
alexander Tenorio, Miami, FL (9 yrs. old) [02-25-2006]

hunter [02-25-2006]

hey we memorized this shiat6tdrfsjklfjsdfkj brian says hey woopwoop for america !
Brian Beth Josh Sim, jc ow ow [02-25-2006]

this guestbook is sooooooooooooooo cool!
Amos, sd [02-25-2006]

i love independance day because it's my birthday and U.S day
Katherine Nagy [02-25-2006]

it's not a cool sight sort of yeah mabey defenetly
anonymous [02-25-2006]

Hi! Being a part of Pennsylvania is GREAT!
Moira [02-25-2006]

This weekend after reading about the declaration of independence i went to Philledelphia to see the Liberty Bell and it was Excuisite, THANK YOU
Charlie Walter Smith III, Ilive in Sandusky, Ohio [02-25-2006]

I am doing a project in S.S.( Social Studies)and really needed to find information on the Declaration of Independance. Your website helped me find that info. Although I think you should add quotes of the signers in thier own words to the bibliographies. Well I want to thank you again. THANK YOU!
Princess, I am 9 years old. [02-25-2006]

i used this site for my project. it really helps
Jennifer, renton, 11 [02-25-2006]

This site really helped us withv our history project!
Savannah & Olivia, New Orleans 12 years old [02-25-2006]

You should be able to give more information about Patrick Henry,and so thats what I want to say I think talk to you later.
Alysa, 10Atlanta,Georgia [02-25-2006]

tim [02-25-2006]

Very infomational to learn about this for my speech
anonymous [02-25-2006]

the sit was ok picture wise
charlie, essex [02-25-2006]

i think that they should have had thomas jefferson sign the declaration of independence first instead of john hancock because thomas jefferson is the one who signed it not john hancock. that is just my oppinion though i am not soo sure about what it is that you think i mean we can't change my thought now i just wanted some people to know my opinion that is all thank you!
harli kern [02-25-2006]

anonymous [02-25-2006]

these is very nice its cool to laern about the old times
meghan, 10 [02-25-2006]

I realy enjoyed veiwing this website!Other ten year olds would probably say that this website is boring before even looking at it!But once you realy understand how important this website is for young learners(And even old learners!)they would really love this site.This website can help sons,daughters,brothers,sisters,moms,dads, grandpas,grandmas,and even great grandparents learn about our great country!
Calli Morgan, 10 years old - Houston,Texas [02-25-2006]

Victoria Burnett, age13; [02-25-2006]

thanks this site was really helpfull :)
robin, 15 [02-25-2006]

Are you sure 56 people signed the declaration of independance?
anonymous [02-25-2006]

i think this site needs more about whales.
samara klafter [02-25-2006]

There needs to be more info when i look 4 info on a history person i need more than jus his dat of birth and date e died
Ur Moma, Um................ [02-25-2006]

history rocks, but this just makes it better
C.J., 13 [02-25-2006]

I think that this site is a great way to get information on the deslaration of independece. I am doing a school project and i am getting a lot of information. thax to whoever made this!
anonymous [02-25-2006]

The government is going corrupt.I think the government is making the most idiotic laws I have ever heard of!
Kanoe, Going to regional spelling bee [02-25-2006]

dillon, chandler,10 [02-25-2006]

I think that this is a very educational site. Thank you.
Aklia, 23 yrs [02-25-2006]

i think this site is very helpful and can help you with anything on the declaration of independence from a-z. thanks a lot
nyzherelle sanders, florence,sc age:14 [02-25-2006]

This site is the only page that really gave me the answers i needed. Thanks!
Amanda [02-25-2006]

gabriella, I live in Appleton Wisconsin [02-25-2006]

Thiz site is ASSOME >=] Muahaha! Lots og info x]
Grizzy, Heritage Middle Skwl 7th [02-25-2006]

should be more sites like this
Lithein Mince, Truly rare site and amazing info of america,63 and still kicken/kicked by my grumpy old wife [02-25-2006]

Nena [02-25-2006]

should be more sites like this
Lithein Mince, Truly rare site and amazing info of america [02-25-2006]

this gave me all of my information!<3
Jessie, FACTS for a history project [02-25-2006]

Kenneth Imm, South Carolina [02-25-2006]

Elizabeth Koltes [02-25-2006]

hi [02-25-2006]

Ifound6 copys in my grandmothers belongings the newspaper they were wraped in is dated wednesday june 1 1927 do you have any comments,
barbara [02-25-2006]

awesome sight
Me, ormond fl [02-25-2006]

I have to find out where the Declaration of Independence was signed and I need to find it .I have been searching the net all day and can not seem to find that info please if you have this info e-mail me at
jackie [02-25-2006]

Hi you could put like a so totally darn copy of the dec of independence.bye sweetie pie
sugar [02-25-2006]

Working on a school assignment with son. Great Site.Easy to work with.
Duane, wv [02-25-2006]

This web page is helpful and useful to the creative and learing mind..also very interesting facts.
Edward, 79 years old and from Cleveland, Ohio [02-25-2006]

omg this site has cool info but i am just doing cause i have to get facts for my stupid s.s. teacher!-i hate hw!
anonymous, 13 [02-25-2006]

The first official, libertarian, wholly American document. Our government has lost its way and we sit idly by---unbelievable in a republic of formerly free men.
Ronald L Burcham [02-25-2006]

hey, i think that this is a really neat sight...i am so interested in the declaration of independence, and i am interested in the people who signed it and everything....i think that it is really neat to have this sight because i can come here and learn almost everything about it...i didnt think that i would like it because it would be like geography at school...and i do not really like that and it isnt that interesting to i am glad that i can come here...and learn about it on my own with no one here to disturb me...oh and a little about myself...i am one hot bitch...i mean...dang...the ladys are all over me!...thanks again...fred alinhimer
Fred, Manhattan,New York [02-25-2006]

I was doing a project and short part of it had to do with this document and this site proved to be very helpful
amber ballard, hamburg, Ny 20years old [02-25-2006]

fred [02-25-2006]

this is cool
anonymous [02-25-2006]

Ohh it was a good resorse fer me ta use in my Social Studies 2 class! it was nice!
Cassie, 16 [02-25-2006]

This is a very useful site. I will recomend it to every person who needs this information.
Susan [02-25-2006]

i like to be a vet when i grow up
EricRomero, mission [02-25-2006]

This is an awesome sight and helped me find information on our American History. I would have to commend you on the detail of the foundig fathers.
Jeremy Welch, Springfield, MO, 20 yrs old from Oklahoma [02-25-2006]

Brianna King, Houma,La 8, [02-25-2006]

I just thought that I would share the thoughts that I have for the Decloration. I think that all the people that wrote should have been rewarded then for that. I know that they did it for or country and for our people, too. I just thought that I would share that to you all.
Kylie, Sioux Falls, South Dakota [02-25-2006]

Yeah, thank you for the information you had on John Hart. I recently found out I am a descendent of his so it was nice to find accurate information on his life.
brittany [02-25-2006]

Pat John Castle, Colorado, USA [02-25-2006]

just need to see list of signers
K A O'Haver, Waxahachie, TX [02-25-2006]

this is a kool site!
gabrielle, virginia beach,18 [02-09-2006]

anonymous [02-09-2006]

this site rocks my socks off
jarrod, this site rocks my world [02-09-2006]

can i sign it
kairat, fishkill age;14 [02-09-2006]

cathyjoel, 16,mobile al.36571 [02-09-2006]

Rachel McCormick [02-09-2006]

jeramey, york [02-09-2006]

I know John Hancock wrote big on the Declaration of Independence.
Brandon Radie, I am 9 [02-09-2006]

This is REALLY boring. My teacher is making me to do this. AAAH
Ths s werd, The Bermuda Triangle [02-09-2006]

Thomas Nelson, North Port Fl. age 52. [02-09-2006]

taebonie [02-09-2006]

Good Job keep up the Good work!
Amanda A., Immaculata PA [02-09-2006]

i really like the declaration, how can i get a large copy like in the movie national treasure i have a lawyer friend who has both, declaration and bill of rights please let me know
jeff [02-09-2006]

I think you did not list Goerge somthing that you did not list on who singed the declaration of indpendence
Brianna, Wyoming, Ohio age 8 [02-08-2006]

it's way boring
Jonny, 40 [02-08-2006]

Hunter [02-08-2006]

i really loved viewing the american documents and would love to have more information regarding the history of the greatest nation in the world. please send my a complete information of tyhe american since 1877. these should please include the portraits of the american presidents, the magna carta, the emancipation decree, e.t.c
edede, 32yrs, nigerian [02-08-2006]

i really like learning about benjamin franklin and am doing a project on him too
jas [02-08-2006]

hey can you give me more information about Edward Rutledge and the Triangular Trade!
Sarah, sup!~~~ [02-08-2006]

John C. Lawrence, Rabun Gap. Georgia age 74 [02-08-2006]

I thought this was a very important document but i don't think bush is following it.
flower, Grain Valley,MO [02-08-2006]

I thought this was weired! All 60 of these people
Candy!!!!!SEW, Grain Valley, MO [02-08-2006]

After watching the movie "National Treasure" the history of the Declaration of Independence has really become an interest for me. I want to learn as much information as ther eis for me to aquire.
Claudia, Long Beach California [02-07-2006]

I am doing a report on Thomas Jefferson and Monticello and I really need help. I think you were an emazing Prez. and inventor.
Haylee, I am 11 years old. [02-07-2006]

i really like the page on the decleration of independece
Diego Esparza, Macksville,Ks [02-07-2006]

this is an awsome website
Rachel, 13, Jax,Fl [02-07-2006]

Tori [02-07-2006]

anonymous [02-07-2006]

michelle [02-07-2006]

Thanks for helping me with my paper on the Delaration of Independence. This site is awsome.
Amanaka, McAllen Texas [02-07-2006]

michael lewis, houston age 19 [02-07-2006]

hey what up
\ [02-07-2006]

This website is very helpful for a historian-in-training and a HUGE Jefferson fan. Trust me!
Abby, age 9 Warrenton VA [02-07-2006]

Elizabeth yeado [02-07-2006]

The Declaraton is America, and what makes up all free Americans.
Robert Paul Young, Middletown, Ohio Senior Citizen [02-07-2006]

I find it sad that the language so common in the colonial era that was used in the Declaration has long since fallen out of use. Language is an art, and a masterpiece was created by Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. It is pitiful, the way people speak now; a glance at the brilliant words in this document will make anyone see it.
Julie Hart, teen histoy buff [02-07-2006]

where was the declaration of independence written
anonymous [02-06-2006]

allen chavez [02-06-2006]

very helpful for my class project
emily [02-06-2006]

Andre riley [02-06-2006]

i found this site from google searching for people who signed the DoC but when I clicked on the link on YOUR SITE that said that there were supposed to be pics and images of the DoC i didn't see any... kinda disappointing.
anonymous [02-06-2006]

andrea morgan, 10 [02-06-2006]

Leia DeNardo Manchanda, Aurora, IL; 33, Project Management [02-06-2006]

James Croft [02-06-2006]

gret site
deanna, age - 14 [02-06-2006]

This is a document that confirm us that we are all equals, and that to be american is not necessary to be a USA citizen. If you think and feel like the founding fathers thought and felt.... you are a god blessed person, and you are a good representative of human kind. Also you will see the ideas and believes that are principle of free masons and that made this nation a great one.
Andras, Bucharest, Romania [02-06-2006]

This was an awesome site and it gave us all of the answers that we needed. Thank you so much for providing this free information. It was a wonderful service to us. Talk to you later, now I'll be visiting here instead of other places...
Jacob and Angela [02-06-2006]

hey! if there really isn't anything on the back of the declaration of independence, then why is there in the movie national treasure? concerned citizen!
concerned citizen [02-06-2006]

This is an excellent site. I am related to Lyman Hall. Your description is excellent.
Mike Sapp, Shaver Lake, CA. [02-06-2006]

anonymous, stillwater [02-06-2006]

glenn moffett [02-06-2006]

I think it was good but when you tell about the signers you should tell if they singed it first second third so on.
Jordan [02-06-2006]

is John hancock related to me
Jack Hancock, ridgecrest,ca age10 [02-06-2006]

jesse spurgeon [02-06-2006]

I think this is a great document and tomas Jefferson was a great man
Rudi Ginther, Waterford,!3,Ohio [02-06-2006]

A tribute to the Declaration of Independence. A marvelous document.
Richard Nacamuli, New Jersey [02-06-2006]

Takia [02-06-2006]

Wilfredo Reyes [02-03-2006]

Shanti Reyes [02-03-2006]

I hope everyone is okay from the War
Daniel Reyes, Orlando 11 [02-03-2006]

Hey this is kasi and if you are wondering my name is pronounced kay-see. so how is it there? it's fine here i'm just doing a project on The Declaration of Independence and saw this while i was researching. well i guess i should get working on my project so i'll talk to you later (ttyl) yours truly, Kasi Barningham
Kasi Barningham, hello [02-03-2006]

Bethany Ganje, Age: 11, Towner North Dakota [02-03-2006]

I'm very glade that i found this web sight, I love History and I'm just glade that i found this sight .
Katie, Colorado [02-03-2006]

i did a project not to long ago. this website is great! All you need is some more picture and it will be great. Thank again
anonymous, 13 [02-03-2006]

m [02-03-2006]

devin d d [02-03-2006]

A great homework helper!1 Gives you so much easy to understand info!
Kaitilin [02-03-2006]

I would most really say the Declaration of Independence is the best yet. Last week in my Civics class we studied it and I really learned a lot.
Brittany, Tifton,GA,15,attend Northeast Campus TCHS,9th grade [02-03-2006]

Brittany, Tifton,GA,14, [02-03-2006]

I think that you should list view points about the Declaration of Independence. Otherwise, I think this is a very usefull website
Bob [02-03-2006]

i think that this information will help lear of our freedom
selena, that when the patrriots discighsed themselves so they wont reconized [02-03-2006]

I know that Thomas Jefferson was the first man to sign the Declaration of Independence.
carl, wooster,OH age 10 [02-03-2006]

I have this HUGE national history day project taht i am working on and this is my topic basically. This helped A LOT.
Theresa, im 13 [02-03-2006]

Donna Andrews [02-03-2006]

History is a topic that is necessary to apply yourself to.
Lacey Rollins, date of birth: 9/6/91 [02-03-2006]

the declk the declaration is awesome
lucas [02-03-2006]

Amy [02-03-2006]

Krystal L. Fylstra [02-03-2006]

I think John H was a good man
felicia, az phinxes [02-03-2006]

erca [02-02-2006]

I think this website is so cool. What year was it elstablished?
Nicole, 12 yrs of age [02-02-2006]

i read the declaration of independence and it is a great document.
Toya McDonald [02-02-2006]

I'm studying the Declaration of Independence in my american government class, so I'm here researching it.
Toya McDonald [02-02-2006]

I have just found out about this website on and I think it's awsome. this is an excellent website for Social Studies homework. Keep up the good work.
Terrence Williams, age: 13 [02-02-2006]

anonymous [02-01-2006]

Everybody who fought the war are very special to everybody in the world. From Angela Mikita,
Angela Mikita, Manville New Jersey 08835 Age:9 [02-01-2006]

Hey! Thanks, this page helped me with my school assignment!
Amanda Strain, age:16 [02-01-2006]

Paul Klein, Reno, NV [02-01-2006]

I hate this websit cuse i ws sent here to do homework
Someone from Mr.cornachio's clss [02-01-2006]

christina [02-01-2006]

meghan [02-01-2006]

pictures where are they i cant find any
tj, 14 [02-01-2006]

Its never to late to do the right thing...
James Bolin, Springfield illinois [02-01-2006]

History is the best reading. This site reminds us of what the men & women in the past did for us. It makes us want to learn more not just ofour past but think what we can further do for the future. If they could bring their dreams to life why can't we do it too.
chris foglietta, medford lakes,NJ [02-01-2006]

My great{1776} grandfather,Robert Land. received a pardon from George Washington and reverted to the colony of, what is now Canada.
james fletcher, Guelph,Ontario Canada [02-01-2006]

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myles, 14 years old, Jackman ME [01-31-2006]

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If they ask should there be inddependence, what would you say?
anonymous [01-30-2006]

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We need to know HOW the signers died. I need it for my report!
Tosha [01-30-2006]

i would like to know if i can trace my hertiage back to john hancock, and if so how? thank you
SHANNON Z HANCOCK, 255 e woodland rd new milford, nj 07646 [01-30-2006]

Thank god we have the declaration of independance
Benjamin Oppenheim, miami [01-30-2006]

i love this web site it is amsome
shelby, cottonwood,alabama [01-30-2006]

Anytime you can sit and read, in detail, what a man like Th. Jefferson thinks and can read into his mind and into the conscious of the time is a rare treat. One that should be experienced by all, esp. those in grade school, so as to understand what this country is founde upon.
Doug Murray, 37, avid historical enthusiast [01-30-2006]

I am so researching this!
Casey, Georgia [01-30-2006]

This site is very enlightening. There's so much information given that I was never aware of before. Excellent site. Thank you.
Susan Bohlinger, Center Line, MI [01-30-2006]

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Wow! Amazing I always thought I never would be able to see the Declaration of Independance. I now i am still young but I hoped to see it someday. I wish to become the first Women presidernts of the United States.
Brytanee, 10 yrs old. Rialto, Ca [01-30-2006]

It's cool. I didn't like social studies but now I do.
Nicholas Landry, 10 years old - Massachusetts [01-30-2006]

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Ezekiel Lueder, torrance, Ca, 22 years old [01-30-2006]

U should talk about more people of the Rev. war
pam [01-30-2006]

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Samantha, Pedro Bay, Alaska [01-30-2006]

Wonderful site! Great research tool for my 8th grade history classes.
LaShunya Sanders, Indianola,MS [01-30-2006]

I,ve always been very proud of the part played by Irishmen in this great country. Knowing that they were amongst the bravest fighters in both the independence and civil wars,I am also delighted to see that they were also amongst the signers of this great document.
Declan Houton, Boston [01-30-2006]

Aurthur Middleton is related to me!
anonymous [01-30-2006]

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susan [01-30-2006]

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Wonderful Site, Informative & Inspiring, A must for our youth in better understanding our role and purpose as citizens of this USA.
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i thought george washingtons signature was on the declaration of independence was it not??
anonymous [01-30-2006]

Great website, when you hear or learn things about the Declaration of Independence it can be hard to put into context, but this website does help make it more clear.
Deb [01-30-2006]

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To learn the my heart the Declaration of Independence and what it means to me as an Americian citizen.
MaryChristyJones, Indianapolis, IN; 52 yrs old [01-30-2006]

we need a better picture of the declaration of independence
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Nice Page of Info! However, on the signers there is no WASHINGTON! BUT OVER ALL 95%!
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Irene Cadena [01-30-2006]

i think that people can help other people in need it just makes me made that we have to be in a war with other nations because of the simple fact in the bible it says thy shall be kind to thy nabor so why do we have to be at war??????????
suzie beckwith, n/a [01-30-2006]

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This is a great site. But it needs somemore information you know more details and pictures. But over all it is great.
stephanie [01-30-2006]

Love your site! Perfect for homework! Please write more stuff like this! It would be great for US History class!
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Miranda [01-30-2006]

well i think you should add somethin to the site, for instance you should put who was the first person to sign the declaration of independence and clarify what the message means, thank you sincerly Uriel
Uriel Suarez, charlotte,nc [01-30-2006]

I love learning about the Declaration of Independence. It is fun and amazing. It is so interesting.
Sara Hoysak, Springfield Oh. 14 years old [01-30-2006]

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cheesey, Paso CA [01-30-2006]

this site was okay
someone, age 10 [01-30-2006]

Needs to seperate the parts like the Introduction and the Preamble.
anonymous [01-30-2006]

The history of our good country is to near to be forgotten so easily. Unfortunately many of those forgetting are in positions which were created in order to defend the very principles they ignore.
Jeremy, Indianapolis [01-30-2006]

The page needs more information on John Hancock.
Kelsey H. [01-30-2006]

wow thats cool that the Declaration Of Independance is on the back of the 2 doller bill
no [01-30-2006]

I think that the Declaration Of Independence is is a very important piece of history
Emma Hodson, Portsmouth [01-30-2006]

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Great website-educational
Jessica [01-30-2006]

I think the "Declaration of Independence" is one of the best documents that was ever written because it gave us our freedom from the control of England.
Josh Schellack, Fort Scott, KS 66701 [01-30-2006]

i think this is cool keep it up me and my mom love history big history buffs so i thought i would you this thanks bye
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What is the declartion of independence e.g summarised... why did it occur etc??
Anthony Bivens, United Kingdom [01-30-2006]

Nobody speaks like that any more
Victoria H., Jim Thorpe PA age (10) [01-30-2006]

great sight maybe more factual!
anonymous [01-30-2006]

Thank you for maintaining this site. I can only hope that the next generations of Americans will educate themselves in the meaning behind the Declaration, and the need to remember both how it came to be and the sacrifice made by so many since to keep alive its message.
Kevin Casey [01-30-2006]

Tjis website is one of the only ones that has stuff on Francis HHopkinson! it is so great! I love coming here when I need everyday information and mention it to my friends too!
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i am inpessed by this web site and i learned a lot from it
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I think you need to have whether the signers are formal or informal in their education.
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ANGELLE, im doing a social studies project on the declaration of independence. [01-30-2006]

Hi @ all I am writing about the declaration of Independence right now. LOL Regards, Alex
Alex, from stockholm [01-30-2006]

I'm so glad that they signed the "Declaration of Independence. If they didn't sign it,the place would be misrabale.
Robert W. Herring [01-30-2006]

i would love to learn more information about this era,,if only i had payed attenion in school.way back then
mary hardin, san antonio,texas [01-30-2006]

who was the one unidentified signer?
Sara Mohr, Malibu High School [01-30-2006]

thomas jeeferson is a great person because he is the leader of united states of america.
arthur [01-30-2006]

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M. Kaman [01-30-2006]

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ames alexandra PIMPkins [01-30-2006]

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Mariah Rutter, 11 years old [01-30-2006]

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Justin [01-30-2006]

as a progressive, intellectual, civilized society, we have lost all sense of history. our future as a nation is at jeopardy without reestablishing our sense of past.
suzanne, mt .kisco, ny [01-30-2006]

Very neat! I used it for a report on the declaration and it helped a lot.
anonymous [01-30-2006]

I just finished reading 1776 by David McCullough and now understand how close, in the beginning, this country was to defeat. Who knows what would have happened had the outcome been different, but it makes me long for a renewed emphasis on working together in this formerly great country for the COMMON good - not just the good of those who can afford it.
Tim Warriner, A patriot [01-30-2006]

Nils H. Wessell [01-30-2006]

i am a nerd that is why i am here. Thank you for having this website for me to learn more about bein a nerd in school. thank you for giving our teachers this opportunity to make us work! we love it so much!
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I think this is a great site and is a ton of help on homework! LOVE it
Will Cook, Aptos CA [01-30-2006]

Well i think you should put pictures of all the guys who signed the Declaration. And Aurther Middleton who signed for South Carolina is a relative of mine.
katharine, Jacksonville, 21 years old [01-30-2006]

Breanna [01-30-2006]

can someone tell me who the first person to sign the declaration was???
melissa [01-30-2006]

There is an oral history in my fathers side of the family that we are descended from George Clymer, sighner of the Declaration of Independence. The connection is supposedly through my paternal Grandmother, Roma Blanche Walls; her brother was named Clymer Walls, named for his ancestor. I would appreciate contact from anyone who might know details of the Clymer geneology.
John I. Smith, Retired engineer, 65, native of Pittsburgh PA, presently living in Bedford PA [01-30-2006]

Kayla [01-30-2006]

I think that is very inportant to tell us who and what are the son's names beause of certain things like what did they do in life If they where just given to them or why was Liberty died and why do they have them in they middel of no where and why does it simbolize America why can it stop! Can i be up there i am very cute i got what it takes!
Melinda, New York 14 years old [01-30-2006]

I purchased a copy of this document when I was in DC back in High School (1964). Periodically over the years I have tried to read it but just could not make out a lot of the words or understand what was being written. This site has helped a lot. I have also been looking at the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Those documents would be good on this website. Give an all round picture of our history and what it means to a lot of people especially the defenders of these documents, the military.
Richard, Denver, Military retired (22 yrs), [01-30-2006]

it doesnt give much info about every thing it needs more info...
Alisha, Urbana 14 [01-30-2006]

This stuff is very interesting i am doin a project about the American arevelutio and this has been helpful! thank you!
molly, Lexington, TN Molly Threadgill,14 [01-30-2006]

this site was great for information on my 8th grade history report on the declaration, but it doesnt say what it had to do w/ the revolutionary war...that would be a great help, for reports to come and to other ppl...thank you
anonymous [01-30-2006]

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Hey I would really like to see the Declaration of Independence & facts about it!
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You have a great site. It is very educational and helped me on my project on the signers of the Declaration
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mego-lego101, 13 [01-30-2006]

What a visionary. I hold his truths. I don't believe in the PATRIOT Act and I don't believe he would have. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Sheila Marlow, Australian [01-30-2006]

i would like to know how to make a feathered pen
brianna, boise [01-30-2006]

I think that most people don't believe in the declaration of independence because they don't think that it's used in every move the president makes! what they don't realize is that it is used in every move the president makes.
Crystal Riggs, Globe Arizona,, 17,, [01-30-2006]

I enjoy reading about The Declaration of Independence and the people who sighed it.
Lydia Goodman [01-30-2006]

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I think the Delaration of Independence is really cool!It's always great to just learn about historical things. I am always excited to learn about all kinds of historical things, but I was so excited to watch National Treasure because it is historical.Thanks for reading, oh and stay in school.Savannah
Savannah Regensburger, Milliken Colorado, I'm nine [01-30-2006]

this web site dosen't tell you what the declaration really did and kings reaction was to it
anonymous [01-30-2006]

this is a great site. it helped a lot when doing a school report on john hancock.
ryan norland, duluth, mn [01-30-2006]

a very good site for all richard henry lee attended wakefield accademy he must have been exposed to yorkshire grit and independence we are very proud of our yorkshire heritage yorkshire is the biggest county in england
REVD PAUL BARKER, wakefield west yorkshire england [01-30-2006]

I enjoyed reading what the declaration said. I never learned that in school.
Becky, Crellin, MD [01-30-2006]

thank you for your help
chy, age. 12 b-day. 11/26/93 [01-30-2006]

I am doing a history report and your website has helped me a lot! Thank you.
Chelcee Hays, Big Piney, Wyoming [01-30-2006]

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Kayla, 13, Nothern Lebanon middle school [01-30-2006]

I think that this site is ok but could use a little moreinformation on things all it really was is the words of the declaration.
Samantha [01-30-2006]

I am 42. This is my the first time reading this document. WOW This should be requierd reading for all graduationing students. It gives my PRIDE!
Allen L. Wisconsin [01-30-2006]

this is a awesome site!
annie kelemen, 13 [01-30-2006]

Rule Britannia, god save the Queen veteran Suez crisis 1954. Breathes there a man with soul so dead, who never to himself has said THIS IS MY OWN MY NATIVE LAND I Thank God I was born a Brit,
james john welsh, most othe signers were scotsmen or of scottish descent [01-30-2006]

Nicole, Westminster, MD [01-30-2006]

autumn [01-30-2006]

pearl, 16 years old [01-30-2006]

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Caroline [01-30-2006]

What I would like to say is that the constitution is a very important test that will make you like it.
Myriah [01-30-2006]

i dont need links or what the declaration said, or what it looked like, i need information about it. so please get that on there ( i need for project )
kevin, i live in kentucky, im 13 [01-30-2006]

This is the sweetest thing.
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im doin a project on the declaration of independence. this site is a good place for info.
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assisting 10 yearold daughter with us history project
roger lewis, easton,md 50 [01-30-2006]

Each article about the signers of the Declaration needs to have the date in which the person the article is refrianing signed the declaration
anonymous [01-30-2006]

i thought that this was a very helpful source to right a news article for American History, and thank you very much. Taylor
Taylor, I am an 8th grade student that is only 14. [01-30-2006]

I love this sight its so good for school.
Bob, 11 [01-30-2006]

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aprochitudu [01-30-2006]

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It's weird that A dutch men is more interrested than most americans in there History
anonymous, Holland [01-30-2006]

you need more info on the differnet congress
anonymous [01-30-2006]

I really appreciate this site as it allows me a quick way to access this info for my children. It is really important that everybody know about the declaration and the people who wrote it.
Gloria Jenkins, Charleston, SC [01-30-2006]

The Declaration was an important roll in the U.S.A. ...Yup...ok well, Those are my "thoughts"
Guff, to young to tell :) [01-30-2006]

boo100 [01-30-2006]

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I'v Never herd of it. It's cool IIIIIIIIIIIIII LLLLOOOOVVVVEEEE it! I saw national treasure.
Paige, hesston, ks, age 6, 1st grader [01-30-2006]

Well I think this site is great because I love learning about th Declaration of Independence and the wars it's so interresting to me. My dad likes history too. So I think you should never close down this site. It's a good resource for kids and adults. Great Job! And remember all men are created equal.
Teresa [01-30-2006]

why was the reason for signing the declaration of independence is it something hidden
Liam traynor, belfast,12,13/2/93 bt11 8nu [01-30-2006]

Super site. I am using the information with my 6th grade students.
Deborah DuMars [01-30-2006]

Not very interesting for ones enjoyment but it'll do for a report. Good job.
anonymous, Age-15 [01-30-2006]

this website gave me everything I needed for my book report
Robyn, Perris C.A 11 [01-30-2006]

I think it's high time that we, American Citizens, reread this amazing document that our ForeFathers created for us. Apparently, we have forgotten what they promised us, as we are now letting a handful of people change this before our own eyes, without even blinking.
bj valentin, Blanchard, Oklahoma [01-30-2006]

anonymous [01-30-2006]

i think this document helped america a lot.without it we would be hopeless.
anonymous [01-30-2006]

awesome site
nicole, needhaqm [01-30-2006]

nouf [01-30-2006]

i think u should have were it was taken place please have a pleasent day, a person
Caitlin Elicia [01-30-2006]

the men who signed the decleration were traitors to the british crown and were lucky not to be executed
anonymous [01-30-2006]

I think he was only 50 when he died - not 51.
Edward Rutledge [01-30-2006]

This was a very informative site. It is said that I am a decendant of Col. William Floyd, and also Charles Carroll. I am researching this as i speak. my great grand mother on my mothers side of the family was a Carroll and my fathers mother was a floyd. I am researching these two people. It finding this out makes me proud to be well "American"... Laminda Roberts
Laminda, Florence, Mississippi 35 [01-30-2006]

who was first to sign the draft declaration of indepenence. what 2 future U.S presidents signed the declartion of independence
chuck [01-30-2006]

well i am on here because i am doing a report on the declaration and i have found that this sight is really nice it has every thing i am looking for.
Caryn, Wenatchee WA 14 [01-30-2006]

I have enjoyed your site. My Great Great Grandfather was Alexander Mcneally Witherspoon, and I came across your site, trying to see if he was related to John Witherspoon. I had always been told he was but I have not found any proof yet. Any information would be helpful. Thank you.
Jason Wood [01-30-2006]

I wantyed to learn about the Declaration of Independence and this website stopped my search. Thanks a lot!
Khaneisha [01-30-2006]

I personally love this cite because it shares one of the most life changing documents ever written with everyone that is fasinated with our great America's great history!
Ashley Williams [01-30-2006]

Yolanda R. Saunders, Valdosta, GA 30 yrs old [01-30-2006]

history,...people shold be a lot more interesed in!
GABBY DAVIS, i'm 11 [01-30-2006]

Great site. It allowed me to read about one of my ancestors, Thomas Stone. So neat.
Savannah, Florida [01-30-2006]

i would like to know more about matthew thornton he was my several greats grandfather. is there more info i can find and if so where? i would really appreciate it. thanks, debby
DEBBY BEARD, new jersey [01-30-2006]

Ileana R., Laredo, Texas [01-30-2006]

I love this document.
Monica Falcone, Lima, Peru [01-30-2006]

thanks for helping with my homework. justin,orange city FL
justin [01-30-2006]

Harry T. Johnson, Peoria, IL [01-30-2006]

I think the Declaration of Independence is an amazing and brilliant document of the beginging of our country, and I just love the history behind it all.
Erin Lostraglio, I live in Florida and i'm 15 [01-30-2006]

STUART [01-30-2006]

I think that this site is awesome! I have been ecstatic about the time period of the Revolutionary War for a long time, and I just love this site!
anonymous [01-30-2006]

Jean-Marie, North Tonawanda New York age12 NTMS [01-30-2006]

This is one heck of a good web site.
Caleb Lipe, Anderson, Indiana Age:16 [01-30-2006]

I once saw a picture of the signing and it showed a Charles Burney in the foreground. Is there such a painting and who was in the room beyond those who signed it ?
Rich Burney, who was in the room when the Declaration was signed but did not actually sign it ? [01-30-2006]

Cassi [01-30-2006]

tylecia cincore, do they have and other girl name tylecia [01-30-2006]

Jan Toler [01-30-2006]

Hi mom!
anonymous [01-30-2006]

I think that this a great website. It has good information on it and it is well put togeather. Me being a history fanatic, I think this website is awesome!
anonymous [01-30-2006]

Sonia, El Paso, TX [01-24-2006]

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allison, ygu [01-24-2006]

I think thomasjefferson is cool.He is my favorite.
Hoyt, Hot Springs VA Im9 [01-24-2006]

Joey Land, Fairfax VA direct relitive of carter braxton [01-24-2006]

Michael Aeng [01-24-2006]

Gaylord N Horstman, Azle Texas - 61 [01-24-2006]

it is cool
nicholas [01-24-2006]

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