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2005 Declaration Guestbook Entries: October

You know how John Hancock signed his name the biggest so the king would read his name first? So if the declaration was given to Brittian, then how do we have it here in America? Did they make a copy? Did Brittian send it back? If somebody knows, write back. It is a question that me and my class has been wondering about for weeks!
tjones, texas [10-29-2005]

I thought this web site was cool . Ive never felt more interested in my history. I recomend it to lots of other young kids like myself . they love ti to.
heather, 14 grand rapids michigan 1038 widdicomb n.w. [10-28-2005]

I think that this website gives out a lot of great information to people that want to learn more about the Declaration.
Megan Twilley, age 12 from Alabama [10-28-2005]

Hi I think that history rocks if no one would have wrote this we wouldnot ever of new this cool stuff.
Sheena Hooper, Sand Rock [14] [10-28-2005]

i like this site
Candice Rothell, Sand Rock 12 [10-28-2005]

Lana Bell [10-28-2005]

Samuel Adams is a name of beer did they name it after the Samuel Adams that signed the Declaration of Independence.Oh yeah if any body says John Adams is hot then they are stupid believe me
Ashli McDaniel, Gadsden AL I am 13 yrs old [10-28-2005]

jacob [10-28-2005]

Ilove your website its great for Civics class.
Brooklyn Richardson, 14 years old from Alabama [10-28-2005]

I think the laws are fair
jacobtucker, 12 [10-28-2005]

I think your web site was alsome we had to look at it in class
Hanna Anthony, no [10-28-2005]

good site!
Jacob Blackwell, Collinsville,Al [10-28-2005]

Geoge, 13 [10-28-2005]

casey ballenger, leesburg,al 13 [10-28-2005]

I think it was really cool what they had done and i wish i could tell them that.
christa norberg, sand rock [10-28-2005]

I really the website useful. I copy and pasted everything of your website on John Adams and got an A on my paper. Thank you so much!
Jose, 16, Washington, Kentlake High School [10-28-2005]

I hope that one day, as a final act from the people who gave the world elected government and the warmth faith we, the British people will to have such a cherished document as the Declaration of Independence. Our own declaration of independence would be from a monarchy with a tyrannical past and European super state that holds the British nation prisoner from our American cousins who make much better friends and allies.
John Reynolds, British [10-28-2005]

I checked all the other sights,and they had the same dates as you,but they all said he died at age 62.(Richard Henry Lee)You put 63.1732-1794=62.
The Great E.A.R [10-28-2005]

ALICIA [10-28-2005]

This is a valuable site that benefits our country and children. Let's not forget how it started and why it started.
Kevin Renker, San Diego, CA Age 42 [10-28-2005]

well this website was VERY helpfull. i had a project due and this website answered all my ?'s. thank you! xoxo love ya. *moe*
morgan [10-28-2005]

this was not a bad website but i think it would be better if it had more of a brief summary of the declaration of independence as well...
Katarina, 17 [10-28-2005]

I'd like to know if anyone has any info about william hooper's decendants. I was recently informed that I was related my grandmother's side, Her name was Catherine Hooper born in around 1900. any help would be greatly appreciated.
kenneth rogers, virginia beach va. ang 49 decendant of william hooper, signer of the decleration of Indepdene [10-28-2005]

I really like the document.....................
David Piatt, or my e-mail address is [10-28-2005]

i had to recite the declaration in my history class. i lost my book but this site came in good use. i recieved 250/A+ as my grade i was the only one to fully recite it!
Tiffany Holmes [10-28-2005]

just wanted to say that this website roz my sox off and it is kind-of cool, ya know, if you think about it for a couple hours, like i did, but i fell asleep, but when i woke up, i still thought it was kinda cool, ya know? check ya dudes l8er. i read a book...
Fredrick VanHusenburg (laura m. brackeen), 13, 8th grade, new jersey, i like swiss cheese [10-28-2005]

Japonica, Toledo, 9, likes animals [10-28-2005]

An ancestor of mine. Would like to know more about this signer of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
Steve Hess, Phoenix. Arizona [10-28-2005]

yeh man this site is far out! :)
anonymous [10-28-2005]

hello cool webcite
sadie tenorio, xenia ohio [10-28-2005]

Cam [10-28-2005]

Lynette Henry [10-28-2005]

Brandon Phillips [10-28-2005]

Cassie Shipley [10-28-2005]

Tanner Wingert [10-28-2005]

I hope someone actually screens this entry. It appears that a "comma" is missing in one of the lines of the Declaraton, that being: "He has plundered our seas, ravaged our Coasts burnt our towns, and destroyed the lives of our people." In the original Declaration, does a comma exist between "Coasts" and "burnt"?
I. J. [10-28-2005]

There again is such tyrany. Dupage county & lake county IL are guilty of the same offenses in many cases. Against myself personally I count 24 instances of measurably same wrongs as written in our Declaration of Independence. It appears the only fair courts of these jurisdictions are found in Chicago where 9 million of Illinois 12 million people reside. I pray that my causes find their way there. Webmaster when screening this entry think carefully not to delete it as it is free speech a foundation of your entire site. I have as the document says humbly sought remedy of their perjury, pretend trials & false witnesses. It was also written that "every man shall stand against a false witness." Let that prevail!
anonymous [10-28-2005]

it great it will help me study for my test
esmeralda [10-28-2005]

Ifound the information gave vary useful
Joyce Opiny, Toronto [10-28-2005]

i think its a really cool site im doing a social studies porject of the declaration of independenc.... and i thinks really neat for us to know
Gabby, north bend 13 [10-28-2005]

This is site great, but u should put more information about thier connections to the declaration of independence.
anonymous [10-28-2005]

this site is really grate thax 4 having it.It helps a lot much luv
ashley, paso robles, CA age 13 SINGLE AND LOOKING [10-28-2005]

this was a great site for information through my History class. thanks for providing good information.
Krystan, Odessa, Texas (age:14) [10-28-2005]

gregory [10-28-2005]

I visited this web for a research report that I have to do. It is real fun. I realy liked this web.
Tara Davis [10-28-2005]

I am related to John Morton, wish y'all could get some more information about him!
meghan, Austin Texas, 20 years old [10-28-2005]

i think this is a great idea,having a website,for school age children! I am a teacher and i am teaching a class for college students
courtney [10-28-2005]

anonymous [10-28-2005]

this site was an awsom help with a world studies progject!thank again!
jessica [10-28-2005]

this website is very helpful
anyone but me, anywhere but home [10-28-2005]

i like to learn about the early life of famous people from a long time
deandrea, bloomington il, 61701 [10-28-2005]

hernerhrwe t a[h]a [10-28-2005]

gt, sup homey [10-28-2005]

I thought that the website was a very informative source of information not just for reports, but for people who are overall interested as well.
crystal, atl, [10-28-2005]

thank you so much for this! wow, i almost cried when i saw this page...its very handy!
danielle [10-28-2005]

anonymous, Jonesborough [10-28-2005]

coolio...need a thingy to write in questions
me, hottie [10-28-2005]

well organized and easy to read. Thanks for the great work.
Mrs Kornick, Lake Zurich, IL [10-28-2005]

I believe it is important to teach the history of this freedom we take for granted. I like the web page. It is nicely done, proves its point, and creates a spark of interest to flare up in some younger ones.
Hannah [10-28-2005]

I always use this site as a resource for my studies. I really appreciate it!
Ruby, nyc [10-28-2005]

Beth Nephew, Midland, Michigan [10-28-2005]

I stumbled upon this site looking for information about Delaware for my daughter. I find that all of this history is so awesome. To know that I am walking where our fonding fathers once walked is increadable. I wonder when they were meeting together if they really thought of us today and knew that they would pave the way to our freedom. May God bless those who thought of our freedom back then and who are fighting for it today.
Renee Meade, Newark, DE, age 41, ( born in Michigan) [10-27-2005]

The ideals of the founding fathers are being forgotten more and more. I am thankful for your site for sharing the truth about why America became a nation. Those men pledged their lives and fortunes to the cause of freedom. Should we do any less today?
Walt, Ohio [10-27-2005]

john bullard, alabama [10-27-2005]

corey [10-27-2005]

this helped with my project!
Alicia [10-27-2005]

I love this web site May the force be with y'all
anonymous, Dallas [10-27-2005]

I love you chrisy ellis
Jamey Vitts, San Diego, California, 99 [10-27-2005]

anonymous, San Dieago, 67, [10-27-2005]

Great website for research.
Josh Winter, Scales Mound School [10-27-2005]

This site is very good for research!
Danielle..... [10-27-2005]

Audrey, Nothing [10-27-2005]

Thankyou for making this site, it really helped me pass my history test.
Cody, o.o [10-27-2005]

Colby, Bedford [10-27-2005]

olivia, im 10 i live in mt. kisco [10-27-2005]

Cynthia Hartman, 7th grade American History teacher [10-27-2005]

im a swweet patriot alsoonverse sneakers rul
jonhy, im on jackass and i just finished another movie [10-27-2005]

i think it is really fun to learn about you well i got to go type me back
Herbert or number 1 fan, Victorville,10 [10-27-2005]

i just found my uncle in mass and he told me about some important people in our famiy. we are related to the late josiah bartlett. he was my great grandmothers father. It is so awesome all the history. thank you for this sight
Janet [10-27-2005]

the declaration fasinates me.i saw the movie natinol treasure and it was great!
anonymous, 10 years old, beautiful [10-27-2005]

It's a great and awesome feeling to see the declaration live in the National Archives.
Alex, Germany [10-27-2005]

Love it or leave it you better gain weight You better hit bull's eye the kid don't play If there was a problem yo I'll solve it Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it Ice Ice Baby Vanilla (X4)
Britny Woo Woo, alert! there is a map on the back of the declaration! [10-27-2005]

i love it
JOE, fresno 11 [10-27-2005]

this is a wonderful website for All americans to visit So much information gets olst over time . this NEEDs to be told more in the public schools.
Shirley seay, Ga. [10-27-2005]

Kristina smith, Somerville.mass 15 [10-27-2005]

nice site
Alex, hi ya [10-27-2005]

i am amazing the courage of mr samuel adams and other of declaration. site is super you work done well thanking you
balaji, india [10-27-2005]

Sorry, jsut thought I should say one more thing. It really helps to have a DIGITAL VERSION that I can just copy/paste instead of type out from the histoy book for my projects. I am so glad you exist!
thankful student, 8th grade [10-27-2005]

Thank you for making such an easy to understand site with the declaration, but you should really put what the declaration is all about for kids that don't have as high reading level as the declaration requires (i.e. What does "dissolve the political bands" really MEAN?) Thank you so much for your help with my projects and such!
thankful student, 8th grade [10-27-2005]

ok i'm working on a school project, and so far i found no luck, and i just spent how long reading all these "thoughts" and let me tell ya it took a long time. So i guess peaple are saying this is a great wibsit for projuct. It better be cause just spent like four hours tryin to get ingo on kelsey grammer! All i got was three pages and a half when i have to get six pages for this friday!.so, a, ya, i'll just go a try to get some info. bye.
alexis [10-27-2005]

Hello. I'm Maria Bahlinger, and I am a distant relative of Richard Stockton. I discovered this fact when I receivrd an assignment for history class in 4th grade. I had to create a family tree. Upon researching, I learned that I did in fact have a signer as my relative. Since iI have bee gripped by the cunning that is the Declaration. Recently, I developed a malignant form of breast cancer, soon leading to reproductive defficiency. I am not only carrying a deadly desease, but cannot complete my seemingly life long dream, to have a little girl. So, I decided to study another goal of mine, to learn more about my history and to discover the power of words by the Declaration. I now model my life by those country changing words, so hopefully, I will be able to make something of my shortened life. Thank you for making this site, oh and my husband says hello.
Maria Bahlinger, age:27 [10-27-2005]

Nicole [10-27-2005]

this site is so stupid u dont even have ur facts right i hope u burn and rot.
Johnny C. Corn [10-27-2005]

this website is very helpful with the information about the signers and about the actual document
ana gomez, high schooler [10-27-2005]

This is a very good website because im learning more because it's helping me get good grades on test, quiz,homework research papers,etc. Thanks a lot for your help and this will continue to help me in American Government 4th period Mr. Carter's class.
Marlin Vilius, Eustis,florida 32726 17yrs old [10-27-2005]

Would be nice to have a picture of the document
Robert Copes [10-27-2005]

Fascinating website. Fascinating history.
Graham Thomas, Lancashire, England [10-27-2005]

i love your site it saved me from failing the 8th grade you guys rock
rebecca, gwinett 13 [10-27-2005]

i love to learn about history, it is so much fun! so reading the the dec.of indp. and memorizing it, was a blast! Go bucs
Marie Smith, millersburg OH, 15 [10-27-2005]

I Am Related To Phillip Livingston And Robert Livingston...I Think That Is Pretty Cool!
Collene Hrivnak (Livingston) [10-27-2005]

jared hall [10-27-2005]

I think that you should have more pictures to look at and that you can expand them. thankyou bye
mi mi, miami [10-27-2005]

I think the site should have quote from people who wrote, singed, or had anything to do with the Decleration of Independence.
Sarah, Valdosta Ga. I am 17 [10-27-2005]

I had to do a paper on the Sons of Liberty and had to fill out a internet check list. Your site didn't help at all.
Caprice Slade, 13 yrs old,Columbia SC [10-27-2005]

Cori Pritchett [10-27-2005]

jaemin is werid [10-27-2005]

Matthew Pond [10-27-2005]

I consider it an honour indeed to be included in this guestbook as I believe that each single individual owes a debt of gratitude to all the "signee's" of this document, especially for me, Thomas Jefferson, a man I admire, a truly honourable man, and for the visions of all, and for the independence that was so produced. It became an example of a decent way of life. Your Founding Father's have indeed left their own declaration. May it long prevail. God Bless America.
The Patriot., Liverpool,United Kingdom [10-27-2005]

I am related to Stephen Hopkins, a signer of the Declaration of Independence under the state of Rhode Island.
Alyse Kirkwood, i am 15 years old and i love history [10-27-2005]

kayla and alijah best friends 4 ever [10-27-2005]

missy, julia,richelle,julia ball,jennifer,karla,kayla [10-27-2005]

hi ur wired
paulson [10-27-2005]

julia [10-27-2005]

tiff [10-27-2005]

karla [10-27-2005]

jennifer [10-27-2005]

richelle [10-27-2005]

stephaine [10-27-2005]

kayla [10-27-2005]

mike barton, troy michigan [10-27-2005]

i think i enjoy reading all of the things thatyou have written of your guess book
yesenia maldonado [10-27-2005]

I don't think that when the signers of the Declaration of Independence signed this document they really read it all the way through. Even after the declaration was published to all people,women and African-Americans still did'nt have the same rights as White Men who owned slaves or land.
Amber, 16 [10-27-2005]

I would like to see links to Alexander Hamilton and the connections he had with the Declaration.
anonymous, Columbus, Ohio USA [10-17-2005]

the declaration of independence is awesome! o, and i have learned about it
anonymous [10-17-2005]

thanx with the project
britnee [10-17-2005]

I have always been interested in the sighning of the declaration, founding fathers, civil war, and just how it all began really, if you have any interesting facts,documents,pics,anything, i would like to see them thank you
Tyler Olson, Calgary,Alberta; 22 yrs old [10-17-2005]

its a great site, but you need a short Declaration of Independence on here
anonymous [10-17-2005]

Thank you for having this website!
anonymous [10-17-2005]

i have to repots on history and civics all the time and i find this website a very reliable resorce for bibliogrphy reports on goverment and people from the colonial times dating back to 1775 and i will let my school know about you!
leslie fleming, im 13 [10-17-2005]

this is a great reference. i use it a lot. im sending a link so my friends can check it out...:)
Christy Ellis, Richardson, Texas [10-17-2005]

this wed site help a lot on my school work
Ariel Winnestorfer, Kennewick age 14 [10-17-2005]

im signing this from mr desantis's 4th hour american history AP class. GO DECLARATION!
ali, troy, MI [10-17-2005]

this site is pretty helpful
alyssa [10-17-2005]

You are providing a wonderful service to the citizens of this great country.
Harold, Fredericksburg, TX, Age 83 [10-17-2005]

Diane Witherspoon [10-17-2005]

WOW! its really exciting reading about the decleration of Independence and how much those men risked in the battle of independence YAY!
sarah [10-17-2005]

I have a report to do on the Declaration of Independence. I liked your information, but wished you had more pictures added as it helps to "picture" things back then. Please, keep adding to the information as you obtain it. Thanks! : )
anonymous, usa [10-17-2005]

this is an awesome sight it was so easy to do my s.s. report on a signer of the declaration.
emma smith, age 13 [10-17-2005]

natasha hawkins, coldwater 13 [10-17-2005]

This is a very interesting website!
Heather Benyo [10-17-2005]

Do you know how you found the third original copy of the Declaration of Independence? Is it true that a man found it on the back of a picture frame he bought at a garage sale?
Catherine Han, 10 [10-17-2005]

thank you for your history view on this document, it really helped my debate research. thank you so much
Victoria Lynn, jax,fl : 14 [10-17-2005]

I searched your website for the colonial city and colony that the Declaration of Independende refers to that suffer a loss of free systems but I could not find it! CAn you help me out.
myra [10-17-2005]

i think the declaration is awesome because they united 2 sign it.
TREY, 13age [10-17-2005]

The site is really helpfull. I needed this information for my washington d.c. trip
Jannie [10-17-2005]

This website is totally Awesome with a capital "A"
Barbera Matthews, Miami, 21, [10-17-2005]

well i have a 5 page report on it, so i better get started! bye,bye
kadie, Millbrook [10-17-2005]

What an informative site! I'm still trying to figure out exactly who's hand and pen wrote it, though? Great info & links, thanks!
Veronica, Mid-Tennessee [10-17-2005]

I loved the Disney movie, National Treasure- it made me want to learn so much more about our history.
anonymous, from Palm Springs, CA [10-17-2005]

Ivette Batres [10-17-2005]

thx! this helped me on my history project! :)
zoey [10-17-2005]

It is good because i love history and i hope to memorize the Declaration.
Rochelle Bonner [10-17-2005]

sindai patel, 15 1/2 [10-17-2005]

I have this HUGE project due for U.S. History. 1 thing about the Revolutionary War for each letter A-Z. You guys have been a real help to me and my friend Brigitte. THANKS!
Tori, depressed (emotionaly, not medically) [10-17-2005]

im doing a school project for comp tech on this
anonymous [10-17-2005]

i dont have very many thoughts. it takes too much to think.
heather and tiffany, high school students [10-17-2005]

good site sons of liberty were crucial dudes.
chris mc, 207 [10-17-2005]

this is soo cool
samantha santoro [10-17-2005]

dis site is chill man. its gon help me 4 when i become the first woman pres. u jus wait n c
alison, Cypress, CA........... 15 [10-17-2005]

it's awesome how there is a site so totally dedicated to the declaration of independence. i love it!
samantha aiyana galvan, housto, texas, 13. [10-17-2005]

I like it it has a lot of useful info
anonymos, 16 [10-17-2005]

i like the site
anonymous, im 16 [10-17-2005]

Who fright for independencre
Latoya, New york [10-17-2005]

Jason Bonetti, Student, 24, WILLISTON PARK, NEW YORK [10-17-2005]

Adam Brown, Age 14 [10-13-2005]

Riley Smith, 12 years old [10-13-2005]

I believe that john dickinson made the right choice to choose not to sign the declaration of independence. If that was me i wouldnt sign something that i felt was wrong to me.
Courtney Spear, i am 15 [10-13-2005]

I am an Texan/American living in Northern Ireland and I think FREEDOM ROCKS!
Liam, 12 years old Ballymena, Northern Ireland [10-13-2005]

this is to small of a
david chaisson, i would like to join the navy when im 18 [10-13-2005]

I have a question.....if the slavery vote dint get put in the declaration of independence then how did that get settled??
Casey, Connecticut, 15 years old [10-13-2005]

I rally liek the web site
anonymous, New Phila Ohio [10-13-2005]

this is a wanderful source for students who want to learn about declaration
ŞAHİN KARADAĞ, turkey [10-13-2005]

I love the American Revolution and hope that some day I can see the constitution and Declaration of Independence in person.
Brittney, Wisconsin, 16 yrs old [10-13-2005]

i like it
KatieMiller, minden,la iam 14 [10-12-2005]

i love u guys yippe i am 34 live with my parents and visit every day
bobby cashew, tennasee [10-12-2005]

I think the declaration of independence is an educational site because it teaches children like me about the things I never knew
Kiki Jenkins [10-12-2005]

jill, pleasanton, CA [10-12-2005]

Very helpful for info.
Chantelle [10-12-2005]

Alex T. Otto [10-12-2005]

I didn't think I would do good in history but I'm doing Better than I thought I would.
Mercedes, Seligman, Mo 14 years old And I'm researching for a history magazene [10-12-2005]

samantha, nb,15 [10-12-2005]

feseia [10-12-2005]

This a great website for school students if they are doing a project on the Declaration of Independence!
Katelyn, age 9/4th grade [10-12-2005]

you need to have a short version of the declearation of independence
Tessa [10-12-2005]

this sight has acornocopia of information thanks for all yor help dudes and dudettes
Jordan, houston [10-12-2005]

excellent source for school research
Ana, Moreno Valley, Ca [10-12-2005]

it is too bad that our great country which these men set up, is not run the way they intended to be ran.
anonymous [10-12-2005]

well i was just at this site because i am taking a test on the declaration of indapendence and in the book it says nothing about john hancock signing the declaration and i just wanted to make sure that i wasnt wrong because i had already knew that he was the first person to sign it but thats all that i have to say so thank and have a nice day this site was a lot of help to me really...
Deena [10-12-2005]

This is a really cool site, everything you need on a subject clear and simple.
Marshall [10-12-2005]

I like it. lots of info.
cody [10-11-2005]

It is a very good website
constance, mon.aia. [10-11-2005]

Awesome! I used this site for a school project!
Carissa, Lodi, Ca [10-11-2005]

Heather, 13 [10-11-2005]

this is web is ok i guess
brandon, 28 [10-11-2005]

it was good
xanadu, 16 [10-11-2005]

Hallo and great greeting and peace be with you and may the Lord help us and fill us again with the holy spirits power and fire that we can were to blessing for many others.Help and pray for holy revival.Thanks and bless.keijo sweden
keijo [10-11-2005]

i like this site it helped me out in my in my school work
GothicSugar, 15 female 11th grade [10-11-2005]

We are doing a history day project and we want to know who thomas kinding is? we actually found your site EXTREMELY helpful with all the stuff on it. Keep up the good work!
anonymous, 14,14,14 [10-11-2005]

Let Freedom Ring!
Andrea Ward, Linden,TX, 49age [10-11-2005]

Kendra D. McBride [10-11-2005]

you need better info
anonymous [10-11-2005]

This is a Great web site. It is very infromational about the Declaration of Independence.
Gina Berlien, Minnesota [10-11-2005]

Thanks for the very helpful resources. We are learning about the signers of the Declaration of Independence right now in our Special Education class at Calhoun Middle School. This site made it easy for me as a teacher to make modifications for my students.
Sonya Alford, Calhoun, Louisiana [10-11-2005]

mandy, ? [10-11-2005]

My thoughts are that this site should put more pictures of people because a lot of school children come on here looking for pictures of people and yall only have one. another thing is that you need to have more information on people rather then just one page.
Brook, im a person [10-11-2005]

Really... it seems that Jefferson, had 'very little to do with the creation' of the Declaration of Independence. Very little of Jefferson's "rough draught" was retained, after Ben Franklin and John Adams, were done with it. I can only speculate that Adams had a minor part in the re-write, and the whole document as we know it today, can be attributed to that of Ben Franklin. It would seem that Franklin, perhaps, busy with so many other endeavors, and perhaps with too much confidence in Jefferson, allowed him to start the document, knowing full-well, that he would be able to make "His" alterations later on, before full acceptance was given. So forget what you have been told about the document, and who created it. Look at the documents your-self and see the changes that were made. But "not"... by Jefferson.
Elwood R. Chaney [10-11-2005]

thank's for your work
MARIAH, 70 forney [10-11-2005]

our children do not know very much about our beginning, I want to make sure my grandchildren know our history.
anonymous, Indianapolis age68 [10-11-2005]

How long did it take Jefferson to write the Declaration?? Please answer as soon as possible!
Pam Sisler [10-11-2005]

This information has been excellent, interesting, and easy to access for use in my middle school classes. Thank you.
Lorraine Hall, ga [10-11-2005]

This website is great for extra information about Thomas Jefferson! Thanks!
Tom [10-11-2005]

it was a very good thing that chance the worl as we live know and it stand up for something and a very law,inportant,strong,and for ever document.
velssy, houston,11 [10-11-2005]

I have already used this website for two assignments and I can assure you it is very helpful.
Graeme, 14 Charleston, SC [10-11-2005]

I enjoyed the website the pictures were amazing especially the one with the declaration
The Guy Who Says Things [10-11-2005]

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anonymous, We are studying the Declaration of Independence at school [10-11-2005]

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The Declaration Of Independence and the Constitution are the two most important documents ever penned by the people who founded this nation. They have been viable documents for well over 200 years. They May Not be perfect but they're the best of the any country over the same period with the possible exception of Canada and Britan.
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SEPTEMBER 11th With dignity and respect for the ideal we have held true since our earliest years, we advance with unfamiliar caution, careful to hold close that now delicate vision of what we once thought was invincible, hoping that when we next examine that wonderful treasure it has not faded. by: Randall W. Leach
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