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2005 Declaration Guestbook Entries: September

yall totally saved me i had a report for school on part of it and i left my folder at school and i ur flippin awesome site
KD, 12 [09-30-2005]

anonymous [09-30-2005]

zach [09-30-2005]

Very interesting and informative.-Than You
Gabrielle Dail, Key West FL age 13 [09-30-2005]

Very interesting
Emily, Key west, FL age: [09-30-2005]

not much information on my person, Thomas Stone
bobbyjonespicklehead, bobbyjonespicklehead is cooler than you! [09-30-2005]

why wasa it invented
morgan white [09-30-2005]

great things
suheily, orlando [09-30-2005]

The declaration of independece is grateful
Teresa, farrell 27 [09-30-2005]

the materials on the signers of the declaration of independence are facinating.
Norman Constantine [09-30-2005]

this helped a lot with my US history homework... good job on the site
Katie [09-30-2005]

history is awesome????????
ghena, bocaraton,FL33428 age11 [09-30-2005]

your site is AwSeOmE
nicole, houston [09-30-2005]

This simple Document changed our lifes for good.I as a slave when little but now I am a civics teacher who cares a lot about her country and will do anything to help my country if in need!
anonymous [09-30-2005]

very easy to use and helpful!
Michelle Burks, 17 years old [09-29-2005]

i really am doing i projuect on tihs paper
joshua duquette [09-29-2005]

thank you for all that you have done
dice, albuquerque nm [09-29-2005]

Trisha, Marion,ND [09-29-2005]

I especially liked that I could find information about each signer or the Declaration of Independence.
jcs [09-29-2005]

i liked the website
Marcello [09-29-2005]

i love your web site
y.g. [09-29-2005]

Alejandra M. Nauman, Jacksonville, NC [09-29-2005]

What about the Seneca Falls Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions? That should at least be in the Related Info...
Matt Phillips, Sac CA, 20 years old [09-29-2005]

i think that this page is very cool, this page help me a lot in my history homework i really apreciate what you put in this page
Abigail, i'm 16 years old [09-29-2005]

Jamie [09-29-2005]

hey i love this site
anonymous [09-29-2005]

This is very interesting
anonymous [09-29-2005]

This site really hepl me
Dentina Williams, Tyler,Tx [09-29-2005]

the sight is cool
arlie, hi [09-29-2005]

nice website
anonymous [09-29-2005]

LIZETTE PORTILLO, fabens,tx ( 17years old) [09-29-2005]

your website is great
maree, 8 [09-29-2005]

i like this site plz maile me back!
Amanda [09-29-2005]

This is so cool
anonymous [09-29-2005]

This is a very helpful site. I recomend it to anyone
Travis Ohler, Somerset PA 15501 [09-29-2005]

Well there the founding fathers go again. Trying to sneak a reference to God into our society by using such words as "created" and "Creator". Maybe the ACLU ought to have this document declared un-constitutional.
Gene Hammon, Jonesboro, AR [09-29-2005]

Very nice website! Very educational... fun fun!
Caitlin, Lincoln, NE [09-29-2005]

i find it odd that we are so proud of our founders for taking over a country that wasn't ours, killing off the people (Native Americans), enslaving people from others countries, and then fighting for their own selfish desire for a country that wasn't even their's to begin with and creating a nation by focing other people to do their work for them. if we were to get technical, wouldn't the african americans be our founders? they're the reason America is so strong and successful today. i don't know. just a thought. i don't mean to just bash america, but it is the truth and i don't see why we have to hide behind it.
anonymous [09-29-2005]

I thaught that this website was very helpful to me i will be visiting again and I will tell the students in my ninth grade U.S History class about it i liked how the you had all the signatures and litle facts about the people
Deena, 13 [09-28-2005]

Investigating the ecomomic class of the signers.
JL Strickland [09-28-2005]

I like the Declaratio of Independence! It is an awesome document!
Kendra MacDonald [09-28-2005]

This website has a lot of useful information. I am definitely going to Bookmark this website. It would also be helpful if you guys could add a section about facts that were in National Treasure that are about the Declaration of Independence, which is sort of what I was looking for. It would just be neat to have that on your site.
Mike, Manchester, CT. Age 16 [09-28-2005]

this is a nice site
Connie, Claremont, North Carolina [09-28-2005]

clarissa kirker, 16 [09-28-2005]

i think that you should also make a kids webpage because my little brother loves american history & he's only 8 years old
tyffany herrera, 13 yeas old [09-28-2005]

I am seeking help for following signers of the Declaration that can be found in the portrait of the Signing of the Declarition, by John Trumbull that hangs in the Rotunda at the Capitol in Washington D.C. Would like to know if they were present when the painting was done, and where they are in the painting? They are the following John Penn; James Smith; Carter Braxton; Button Gwinnett; Lyman Hall; Francis Lightfoot Lee; Thomas Miffin; John Morton. Got history of the others and thier positions on the painting. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ed. Cowles, Va.
Ed Cowles [09-28-2005]

im sweet just like that
Ashlee, Hartville [09-28-2005]

I like this website it has a lot of good information on a different subjects
Caprice Slade, Columbia,South Carolina- 13 years old [09-28-2005]

*clap clap clap*
carlos [09-28-2005]

good website, good for research for school. Simple wording.
Caitlin Campbell, City of London, GB, 17 years old [09-28-2005]

i was hear
anonymous [09-28-2005]

your history is amazing so much intrige so much secrets the free maisance i would like to find out more about this organazation
charlotte ludick, south africa 22 years old [09-28-2005]

I believe the public schools have lacked in their efforts to truly educate the students on the importance of "The Declaration of Independence" and the "U.S. Constitution". Also, the public school system has failed to inform the students of their duty as an American Citizen to hold our elected and appointed officials to account.
Joe Myers, Age 43/ Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida [09-28-2005]

this site is okay but i need more info for a 5 page(typed) research paper
petrita, from Casa grande Az. [09-28-2005]

my dad has english blood,and relatives that came on the mayflower, and, somehow, i'm related to Richard Stockton.
claire, no thanx [09-28-2005]

Very Nicely done,But it should be. How Long did it take to put the Webpage up & how much did it cost the Taxpayers?
David Sims Medlock, Rome,Ga [09-28-2005]

This is a good site for kids that are looking for research and just want to know more facts about their country's history!
Kaela Chancey [09-28-2005]

Hunter C. Davis [09-28-2005]

cool and sweet
anonymous, lodi 24 [09-28-2005]

Danahlay [09-28-2005]

I have a thought about this site, duh. I think that you should have additional information and allow people to search for things. Like for example, in my history class, i have a h.w. assignment, and i needed the Sugar Act, but you guys didn't have it. But you did have the Proclamation of 1763. Thank you! ~Jaymie R.
Jaymie R., 13 [09-28-2005]

this is a very good website
anonymous [09-28-2005]

anonymous, Chicago [09-28-2005]

Jamie Bryan, Sioux Falls [09-28-2005]

Hey I am 12 and I dont understand about"salvary" can somebody help me.
anonymous [09-28-2005]

anonymous [09-28-2005]

I really enjoyed your website and learned a lot.
anonymous [09-28-2005]

this was an interesting website. i learned a lot.
anonymous [09-28-2005]

nice web site
JONATHON [09-28-2005]

anonymous [09-28-2005]

Malcolm G. Boyko, Collegedale, TN [09-28-2005]

God is Love,May God Bless Everyone! Amen!
Wolfgang Lin, male,Taipei-R.O.C [09-28-2005]

Kate Hopkins [09-28-2005]

you should make a nother one for 2005
john [09-28-2005]

thanks i got an "a" on my project thanks
eddie sanchez, miami [09-28-2005]

i would like to see real declaration images on this website
aaron rowand [09-28-2005]

This really helped with my term paper I had to write for AP US History
Stephanie Bledsoe, Hayward, CA age 16 [09-28-2005]

great site! thanks
lisa mallett, nitro, wv 43 [09-28-2005]

I watched the movie "National Treasure" and that got me into reading about my ancestor, James Smith, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. I learned a lot from this website. Thank you.
T. Dudley, Bracey, VA [09-28-2005]

as being a decendent john hart, as far as i know,still looking for country of origin.i.irland etc.can you help
jerry w. hart, 2445e 1150n wolcottville in.46795 [09-28-2005]

Thanks so much for the excellent primary resources on the Continental Congress.
Tyler Clark, Tucson, AZ [09-28-2005]

Katie, 10 [09-28-2005]

Hiram Brown [09-28-2005]

I am so glad to learn about the History of The US!
Santa Clause [09-28-2005]

Great website and it was very helpful to a student (which I am) thanks a billion!
anonymous, oh [09-28-2005]

Christen, Florida [09-28-2005]

thanx for the info, it helped
JEK, 15 [09-28-2005]

more people should speak as thomas jefferson did but thats just my oppion look up and research his lifte time achievements
howton [09-28-2005]

this is great!
princesse [09-28-2005]

Tanner Talley, Yukon,OK, 13, interested in history [09-28-2005]

allen chaney, moore [09-28-2005]

it is really interesting to learn a lot about the decleration paper since im from a latin place it is really cool to learn about things like this.
yeniffer baptista, pompano,15,sing [09-28-2005]

well i think this site is very educational to children at my school and i just wanted to tell the people on this site that because i've gotten a lot more smarter i should say but could you please let them know.
dominique, coconut creek,16,deerfield high school [09-28-2005]

I have just found out recently that I am a desendent of carter braxton. Id like to know about the man. I know where he was borned and about his death. what about his parents and brothers and sisters. My family tracked our family back to scotland. The family name is Galbraith. Could you give me anymore information on him please. Thank you betty_h2
anonymous [09-28-2005]

thanks, it helped me memorize the Declaration of Independence when i didn't have my history book!
anonymous [09-28-2005]

Hi, i'm a 7th grade student from Memphis,TN at Craigmont Middle School. I am doing a project on the declaration of independence. I find this website very helpful. Thanks.Bye!
Shakela, Memphis,TN [09-28-2005]

needs more info
jesusfreak*1, I love God [09-28-2005]

I hope all young people will learn to love and understand their history
Seth W, Richmond, Va [09-28-2005]

As a home schooled student, I found this website to be very helpful in study the Declaration of Independence.
Kayla [09-28-2005]

i think that this web site is very educational
Natasha Mitchell, Illinois [09-28-2005]

Disappointing to see the genocide of Native Americans, the participation of the slave trade and the exploitation of the poor ignored on this site. Knowing about your history doesn't make you unpatriotic.
ZinnReader [09-28-2005]

I read in the guest book that someone was related to Mathew Thornton. Mathew Thornton was also one of my great grandfathers. Amazing I have relatives in Texas I didn't know about.
Merl, Pennsylvania [09-28-2005]

Visited Philadelphia and got hooked on the history behind this important event. Thanks for the detailed information!
Kelly, Midland, Ontario [09-28-2005]

I think it is true and everyone should follow it
victoria, mt.dora [09-28-2005]

What happened America?
James Crader, Tennessee [09-28-2005]

Thanks for this site and i agree with it but it didn't help my with my school project thanks anyways
anonymous [09-28-2005]

I think that this site is truly amazing! My daughter always has so much trouble with history homework...and then one day I came across this web site and now it is much easier to do her research for school papers. I even got to learn more about the U.S. and the chaotic times that it has been through and how they all pitched in and it is very similar to the Hurricane katrina relief. Keep up the good work!
allison, cedar hill, 32 years old [09-28-2005]

I've been studyin really hard in hist class about the declaration of independence, my teacher miss shaapveld told me this would be a good site to go to so here i am,lol,thanx for our freedom and this awsome site!:)
Jeremy Swenson, Tama Ia,15yrs old, [09-28-2005]

I really like this site on The Declaration of Independence. I just had a suggestion... I think it would be pretty awesome if you had something else that explains the whole thing. I mean it is pretty easy to understand but just wrote it out in modern language.
Kara Howard, Im 16 years old and live in Augusta, Ks... [09-28-2005]

Christopher Odom [09-28-2005]

i love to learn about this stuff. . . how america was formed and things that happened way before it. the wars that started revolutions and worldwars that were really apart of! i am learning about other continents and cultures and countries,etc. I think that this website is pretty cool to show you what the real Declaration of Independence looked like. It amazes me to how we still have the original copy of it! its so astounding to me! when it comes to this stuff i am really good at world cultures....other stuff its hard to get . .. but i do my best! this website is cool!
Kelli Pease, im interested in this stuff. [09-28-2005]

This website helped me a lot with my research paper thanx!
Jennifer [09-28-2005]

i think it was rihgt to sign the declaration of independence.
lamar, danville,13 [09-28-2005]

this is the greatest site ever
sarh, Danville virgina [09-28-2005]

I'm really glad that you guys decided to make up the declaration of independence so I'm just so happy that you did it so just keep up the good work.
Cieara [09-28-2005]

William J. Tillinghast CEC AAC [09-28-2005]

Because I thought it was interesting!
Raul Torres, Mesa, A.Z 85201(Age 13) [09-28-2005]

hi my name is llelle and i have to study abut john
leelee [09-28-2005]

i have thoughts on lots of things i like cheese and have used your website for one of my reports. thank you!
anonymous [09-28-2005]

thank you so much for this helpful information. It helped me in my high school government class.
Pamela [09-28-2005]

Matias Falk, 27,Porvoo,Finland [09-28-2005]

Taylor [09-28-2005]

Certain points in US history allows us to make corrections, even today, along the direction the fore-fathers had proclaimed as well as sacrificed for freedom. This website reminds us of the individual's sacrifice with which we should never take for granted. Thank you so much!
Cruz, Miami, Florida [09-28-2005]

savanna [09-28-2005]

Danny Womack, Arkoma, Ok. 48yrs. old USPS [09-28-2005]

This is a good site
Adam Kearby [09-28-2005]

I'm writing about the Declaration of Independence
Jake Shedor, 10 years old [09-28-2005]

your website is very usefull. I am a 7th grader and we had a project and your website gave me all the facts i needed to know
anonymous [09-28-2005]

my class is diong interresting things abou this and mrs. seward really likes doing and learning thins about this!
Bree, i am learning about this in school [09-28-2005]

this was very good with my homework...btw..what groups of ppl were left unprotected by the declaration of Independence?? if you know, just write the answers in the guestbook...thanks!
Jenny [09-28-2005]

I think any information you can provide concerning historical events in obtainable accuracy in greatly appreciated by students of all levels!
Jessica, Texas 16yrs [09-28-2005]

hi everyone i like you pics!11
marshal [09-28-2005]

I just wanted to say that I wish there was more information on Robert Morris...i am his 6th great grand-daughter....the Morris Family Line
Elizabeth, Charlotte, NC [09-28-2005]

Use the site extensively for AP American Government class. Students' enjoyed the supporting information and Jefferson's account.
Donald Hapward, Kansas [09-28-2005]

What exactly is the Declaration of Independence???
Melissa, 11 6Grade [09-28-2005]

i need info on william hooper can u help me?
megan, live in danville va [09-28-2005]

Really helped with what I needed
James, E.F., Texas [09-28-2005]

Mario [09-28-2005]

Thank you, this site was informative and helped me to understand our government of yesteryear and today. It was a history project.
Ted Griffin, Terrebonne, Oregon [09-28-2005]

I'm not an American but my schooling is US-based and much as I love my own country, I have to say I admire and love the great American Founding Fathers, especially those who stood with the Bible.
Priscilla, Nation other than the USA [09-28-2005]

i need a copy of the orginal declaration
bruce [09-28-2005]

anonymous [09-28-2005]

anonymous, student [09-28-2005]

My 7th great grandfather signed the declaration of independence
stephanie floyd [09-28-2005]

I think that this website is so awsome
Christena Anderson, age is nine [09-28-2005]

this website has been so helpful with my homework and is straight to the point with enough details to help me out in my AP US History class my frineds and I have used this site a lot.
Rachel, California [09-28-2005]

Dominoque J McCray [09-28-2005]

hi m name llelle and i am studing john for historey
llelle, 14 [09-28-2005]

i love history!
Danielle Marsh [09-28-2005]

I'm doing a report on the Declaration of Independece
Jake Shedor, 10 years old [09-28-2005]

I am doing a National History Day Project. I wanted to do it on Benjamin Franklin because he stood up for freedom and a very important person.
Alex Cordova, Brownsville 11 [09-28-2005]

This page© of the D.O.I is pretty neat!
Steven, age:11 [09-28-2005]

hey every1 wats up?
Megan [09-28-2005]

great site
Brandon Brooks, I go to the school of george wythe named after him [09-28-2005]

L. Kimbrell [09-28-2005]

sophia, 10 [09-28-2005]

i want a cheese sandwitch
Walter Lapham, im 87 from caspertown and im the only one liveing here [09-28-2005]

this page is awesome it helped me find everything i need to know about the first continental congress.
benjamin [09-28-2005]

It is great that such a web site is available to refresh a persons memory and that we as citizens of the United States of America have such a document. Our forefathers were brilliant.
Steven R. Casto, Savannah, Ga., 50 [09-28-2005]

anonymous, charels carroll is my ancestor [09-28-2005]

roger [09-28-2005]

this is like the best sight ever! it help me sooooooooooooooooooo much with my college report! im soo happy... history is so fun...i luv just reading about this stuff! thats all... ~mary~
mary, Malibu! [09-28-2005]

I love this country.I love everything about it.I want to learn everything about it. God Bless America!
Jessica Bailey, 12 Forsyth,Ga. [09-28-2005]

anonymous, homwork helper [09-28-2005]

Thank you!
anonymous [09-28-2005]

Ergun Ar, Falls Church, VA [09-28-2005]

alex, 16 [09-28-2005]

This is so boring! It doesn't even let you read the decleration of independence document!
Amy, 13 years [09-28-2005]

carissa, no! [09-28-2005]

Hey You guys are awesome. Im 13 and i had to write a paper about the declaration thing and you guys really helped me. theres a lot of info that is very informational.
Chanise, Alabama [09-28-2005]

anonymous [09-28-2005]

I've passed on my middle name (Ellery) to my daughter and would love to have a direct link back to William Ellery or Newport Rhode Island - a signor or the original document. If anyone can point me in a direction, that would be one heck of a story to tell my kids when they get into history! THanks !
Erik F, Ellery Relative [09-28-2005]

I must say that I looked for this kind of information because I did watch the movie! (National Treasure) Although, it is not real, it's amazing. Especially, because the movie teases you to know more about history and past events, too. I really enjoyed it, because through it, I could come across a wonderful part of American history that I'd never imagined I could be delighted with it. Superb! Nice site...especially the part that refers to movie.
Amanda, Brazil [09-28-2005]

i like the decloration of independence
courtney cox, blythe califorinia [09-28-2005]

Amanda Jones, age 16 [09-28-2005]

this is interesting pages and website
TIFFANY DAVIS, Austin Tx USA 9 [09-28-2005]

the decloration is one of the most importen documents on the earth. all thow it could be boring at some times.
Aaron Bond, About the decloration of independence [09-28-2005]

This site is very useful in history projects and worksheets. Whatever I needed I found here.
Tina LeBrett, 16 yrs old [09-28-2005]

were is the document kept today
anonymous [09-28-2005]

i think this is sweet
dalton gray [09-28-2005]

I became a Citizen, via Visa Lottery, Love the People & Govt. MR.ABA OWERRI
MR.ABA OWERRI, Beverly, Massachuets, 55 [09-28-2005]

how did they come pu with this?
ALEXIA OLIVA, harlingen 10 [09-28-2005]

anonymous, 14 [09-28-2005]

Douglas Steven Mitchell [09-28-2005]

This is a great website but i would like to know more!
shametris hagans, Dublin Ga Age:16 [09-28-2005]

this is a...
iniffit zamarripa, pueblo 18 [09-28-2005]

stephanie [09-28-2005]

I think it is great we got the decleration written!
Topher [09-28-2005]

No thoughts to record, for now.
John Gavin Retired Military, Newark, NY,,Safety Professional working with OSHA training [09-28-2005]

I am a descendent of Stephen Hopkins. My grandfather, Noah Raymond Hopkins', penmanship is identical to Stephen Hopkins'. Isn't that interesting?
Dana Hopkins Brinson, Bellville, TX [09-28-2005]

this is a neat website. it teaches a lot. my family is said to be a descendant of the declaration of independence signer abraham clark.
hillary stange [09-28-2005]

this site helped me a lot with my american studies classes....its awesome!
Vanna Francis, Port Angeles, WA age 16 [09-28-2005]

Gabrielle [09-28-2005]

Travis, Jay maine Age 14 [09-28-2005]

i luv learning about this document and it was a great way to learn about my us history! Can someon email me and give me more info i luv this stuff!
Tametriss Smart, Tallahassee florida [09-28-2005]

Elena Condriuc [09-28-2005]

i love it its great and i love how johnhancock wrote his name the biggest he didnt care how big his name was on the declaration of independence.
tori, duncan,ok [09-28-2005]

kevin [09-28-2005]

This is a great site it is really helpfull tomarrow at my school we are going to read a little bit from the declaration and this really helped me read it and learn it better!
Corrii Star, 10 years old,Atlanta,Georgia,5th grade [09-28-2005]

I'm referring my students at the jail to look up and learn about the Declaration of Independence, so that they may make their own!
Virginia L Lee, tcso [09-28-2005]

chelsea carver [09-28-2005]

Carol Jones, Fallon, NV [09-28-2005]

it is a good site
wyatt, wenatchee 13 [09-28-2005]

You're never too old to learn anything, especially something that gives you pride in being American!
Wendy Scott, Detroit, Housewife, 44 years old [09-28-2005]

The Declaration of Independence rules!
Jillian Uzzell [09-28-2005]

i love it! hahaa
OMG!, no [09-28-2005]

GALADOR! i'm a knight/pirate! ARG!, lalaland! its ****ed up! [09-28-2005]

sweet site
anonymous [09-28-2005]

that is cool
gerald [09-28-2005]

gerald, jd [09-28-2005]

I'm black so there fore i dont like the declaration of independence
Jazzmin Porter, Tallahassee FL 11 [09-16-2005]

Ava Was Here
Ava Hildebrand [09-16-2005]

This site presents interesting information and awesome links that history textbooks don't even touch. Information like what is found on the site is what keeps students asking questions and sites like these make the answers easy to find.
Corey Crochet, 7th grade History Teacher [09-16-2005]

hei [09-16-2005]

this web is tight but it could use more info.
Javier [09-16-2005]

Thought that it has detailed information about these people. I would use it again to look up information for research on school projects.
Krista Metcalf, Hill Air Force Base, UT; 27 yrs old [09-16-2005]

Kirsten Becker [09-16-2005]

My prayer is that God will be patient with us we have let communism come into our land we have sinned and fell short, we have a just and true GOD, pray for his mercy rise up and let GOD know he is in control, pray for our leaders and move communisum out of this country. Socialism is just another lie from satan. he is alive and working to take over. We have to stay strong and vote with the understanding that we have a responsbility to help our leaders and call them when they do wrong. God Have MERCY ON THIS NATION.
Joyce A. Luna, Cookeville,TN 38506 [09-16-2005]

As a High School History Teacher in Massachusetts, i found this web page to be very informative as we study about the Declaration of Independence and the founding of our great country!
Gary W. Boisseau [09-14-2005]

Hey, i found a lot of interesting things that have to do with the declaration of independence, thnx a lot u guyz! Tanya ~
anonymous [09-14-2005]

cool site!
Keisha [09-14-2005]

My History Class are studying the Revolutionary War and the Decleration of Independence
Garret Denise, Canyon Country California Age 13 [09-14-2005]

Rochelle Fischer, Las Vegas, NV 51 years old [09-14-2005]

Sam [09-14-2005]

It is an incredible piece of work.
Florence L. Smith, Sparta, NJ [09-14-2005]

drake [09-14-2005]

slimthug [09-14-2005]

this is a good website. it helped me with my school work.
Amanda [09-14-2005]

this helped eith my scholl project.
arianna schmitt, i am awesom,e [09-14-2005]

ANNAH, florida,18 [09-14-2005]

my ancestor is George Read, one of the signers. i just think its way cool to have famous ancestors.
Teresa Trump, Portland, OR, age 18 [09-14-2005]

i like history back at my home town but its boring in texas.
andrea daily, lancaster texas [09-13-2005]

alissa huff [09-13-2005]

i thoguht that the indepence is all in uand all of u know if it is and if it aint
allison, plainfield,10 [09-13-2005]

john, i like to eat [09-13-2005]

i am doing a research for the declaration of independence and this website helped me a lot thanks
JC ARREDONDO, terrell,16,tx [09-13-2005]

i think that declaration of independence was so neat and wish i could get a copy of it to frame it
Corsica Smith, Gould Ark 13 [09-13-2005]

I like the idea that you have your own website where you can learn about the people who signed the Declaration of Independece. You are very helpful. Thank You!
Karanisha Murry, Gould, Ark age:13 [09-13-2005]

i found this very helpful and would like others to read it. this was part of a assignment for my goverment class.
savannah, 18 [09-13-2005]

beth, 13 [09-13-2005]

oliver wolcott
neiba, 18 [09-13-2005]

whit, columbia sc [09-13-2005]

When in the course of human events...I am a religious man and I believe in addition to the declaration of independence and the constituition, there is a great achievement that Jesus would be proud of and that's the American people's love for their own. Craig Shaber
Craig Shaber, Chicago [09-13-2005]

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kelly, awesome [09-12-2005]

i really like this website, some people may not know how important this website really is but i do and i find it very important to have something to remind us of how much thought and time and effoort was put into our freedom. THANK YOU!
Mary Stoica, Troy Mi. 18 years old [09-12-2005]

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Mindy Juarez [09-12-2005]

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crystal [09-12-2005]

My Great,great great great great great great Lord knows how many greats, grandpa was there when the declation was signed. My heritage is John Trossoni. That is not the one I am talking about, though. I am a home schooled kid, and I am really in to history. And the Declaration I am really into. I am also into the veitnam war. My Uncle was in the vietname war. I get flying colors on history.
Renee, wi [09-12-2005]

I love reading about Jefferson's life. I really enjoyed reading the Declaration. I really hope all of you who read the Declaration enjoy it as much as I did.
Randi Ren'ee Zielke, 121/2 La Crosse WI [09-12-2005]

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Jimmy ou [09-12-2005]

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Dakota, Norman ok 11 [09-12-2005]

Good website. Very interesting to learn about the declaration, the people that signed it and why it was written. I am traveling to Washington next year and am looking forward to seeing the original.
Nicola, Leeds, England [09-12-2005]

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TYREL BIRCH, lexington ky 11 40508 [09-12-2005]

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pookies [09-12-2005]

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meghan, 12 [09-12-2005]

It seems fitting that on a day like Sept 11th that Americans take stock in what our Fathers had to endure to set us on the road to Freedom. And that we defend those rights at all costs.
Denis Bailey, Scottsdale Arizona [09-12-2005]

My husbands grandmother was a Walton, and her great, great, great, great grandfather was George Walton. My husband just found out today, at his grandmothers 90th birthday party. This branch of Waltons ended up in Kentucky. Anyone out there have any more info on George Walton?
Cynthia Farthing, Ross, Ohio [09-12-2005]

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Ashley Booker, Watutu, Georgia [09-12-2005]

My family is related to Dr. Lyman Hall, Governor of Georgia. & Signer of the Declaration in 1776. This site was very informative and a GREAT help in my son's homework endeavors. Many THANKS to the webmasters for their hard work.
John A Snyder, Saint Peter, Minnesota [09-12-2005]

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anonymous [09-12-2005]

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I was doing a report about the signers. I am really glad that I found this place because it was very informitive. i got all that i needed,(which was a lot)and got an A+ on. thank you very much! :)
anonymous [09-12-2005]

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Today I am 39. Tomorrow 40. It hit me yesterday, I am only now coming of age. At age 40 it is said, an American born citizen is of age to run for the Presidency of The United States. There is so much we take for granted and we know it, and yet we don't. Pour over this website and any others you see related. Absorb all you read and take it to heart as I do now. My thirst for the history of our great country is renewed an perhaps, just perhaps, I will exercise my right to run for highest office. God bless America!
Mark Ashwell, CA. age 39 [09-12-2005]

it touched me how many people care about are declaration and trust in what we have thank u
Pamela, i love this [09-12-2005]

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The most important words ever penned by a group of men who wanted the future and world to know their reasons why, but it all to do with 3 simple words..."We the people."
Larry, Pennsylvania [09-12-2005]

I attend W.J Keenan High and i take U.S History and we have been talking about Declaration Of Independce and I enjoy it very much we have a newscast thet we are doing in my History class and I have been going to the web site to get pictures and I enjoy every picture that there is the picture show so much and and show so much feelings.
Eboni Wages, I live in Columbia South Carolina [09-12-2005]

Lora S., us [09-12-2005]

Has our administration read this document?
Raven Dorantes, New York [09-12-2005]

I had the priviledge to see the real declaration of independance at the national archives in Washington D.C. You stand in a long line till you feel as if it will be impossible for your feet to hurt any more, then you are up there and you can see it right infrount of you and all the wait seems to vanish and you feel this sence of reverence. Like somehow you know it was worth it just to be under the same rotonda. It enbodies what it means to be an american, what the forefathers risked their lives for and it is the most incredable document, even if you can't really read it, because you know what it says and you know what it means. You know that you will never forget seeing it for the first time. Feeling the most incredable surge of patriatism.
Katrina Hoff, 17 [09-12-2005]

thanks for your help
Shonterri [09-12-2005]

I have been recomending the site to some of the people I have met through work
Kolora [09-12-2005]

Samuel is one of our family ancestors
Donna Huntington, Ohio [09-12-2005]

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Anna Sappington, Missouri, 15 [09-12-2005]

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We have a tyrant in the oval office whose incompetence has relsulted in the loss of thousands of american lives at home and abroad. An entire united states city has virtually been destroyed due to his misapropriation of taxpayer dollars. his failure to act and perform the duties to which he was elected calls for his immediate removal, by force if neccessary.
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James L Rutledge III, Toledo, ohio age 33 [09-02-2005]

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David K. Wright, Collinsville, Illinois, aged 70 [09-01-2005]

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Amber, 13, arizona [09-01-2005]

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Lauren, Mt. Vernon N.Y 10552 11 yrs old [09-01-2005]

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Thomas Stone was the most interesting man to sign the declaration of independence.
Liz, 17 [09-01-2005]

Could you be more specific with what they wanted out of being independent?
Marie, 14 years old [09-01-2005]

well umm i'm doing a class project over the Signers of the Declaration of Independence and plus it gave me a chance to find some Info, out about my Ancestor,(George Clymer).
Dusty Ray O'Dell Baize, Bicknell,In. 19. [09-01-2005]

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Nick Blubaum, Oaktown [09-01-2005]

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Rachel [09-01-2005]

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I think Patrick Henry was a great dude and he should be remembered! :)
Terra Unruh [09-01-2005]

Thru Investigtion and hard study,I have found that I am Directly decended from the framers and signers of this Exqusit document. PA.Historical Soc. ref.x209 Christ Church Phillidelpha Enoch and Saraha's story. Pg.1 Book 1 inside front cover, Big Book glad to be at the front,Made for easy reference.
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