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2005 Declaration Guestbook Entries: July-August

...absolutely think that these brave men set forth to establish their own Nation...against all odds...unknowningly creating the most powerful Nation in the World today...simply incredible....
Kendall Lindquist, Kansas City, MO [08-30-2005]

History is so amazing! Never forget where we came from.
Angie, Honolulu [08-30-2005]

I really appreciated "The Stylistic Artistry of the Declaration of Independence." I teach English Composition to first year college students at Indiana University Kokomo, which is a partner with the American Democracy Project. As part of our "writing" activities, the students read and outline the Declaration. "Stylistic Artistry" adds vivid details to our discussion of the language and composition of this most beautiful historical prose.
anonymous, Kokomo, Indiana [08-30-2005]

Great layout and job well done.
Michael Glaze, Lake Mary, FL [08-30-2005]

I think the declaration of independence is so cool.
cody dally, I am 9 years old [08-30-2005]

anonymous [08-30-2005]

Long live patriots. Lonnie Rylant Jr.
Lonnie B. Rylant Jr. [08-30-2005]

I saw the real Declaration 2 weeks ago in Washington. It was marvelous, though faded out. I also bought a replica, but I couldn't understand it, so I came here. Thanks!
Danielle, North Carolina [08-30-2005]

I would like a Declaration of Independence
Dallas, Tremonton, 10 [08-30-2005]

Darren [08-30-2005]

Seven (I think) of The Signers signed later than the majority; who were they and how much later? Of course, four of the delegates refused to sign.
Louis Ingram, Alexandria, Va; 73 years old [08-30-2005]

Dean Stidman [08-30-2005]

I really love to learn about U.S. history. If they taught about it in school, I would surely get an A+.
anonymous, Manteca, 12, CA [08-30-2005]

I met a cousin of mine that I had never met before. He told me that Matthew Thornton is one of our ancestors, which I thought to be very interesting. I never new that I had a relative from long ago who signed the Declaration of Independence. How cool is that. I just had to see it for myself.
Amanda Thornton [08-30-2005]

It was an awesome and fun site to see!
Kelly Hall, FallsCity, Nebraska [08-30-2005]

ilove this stuff
shaquilla taylor, age 13 [08-30-2005]

I am a desendent of John Adams a signer of the Declaration of Independence and it is a really cool thing to know about my history
Athena, age 16 [08-30-2005]

my great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandpa signed the Declaration of Independence, his name was William Hooper, he is a big part of my life ever since the day my mom told me about him. i love this country
katherine, I'm 15 [08-30-2005]

Mark Wightman [08-30-2005]

Dustin [08-30-2005]

I've read... learned... now, inspired. To think that I knew so little about it before. America will truly bless the world.
Jonathan, Australia [08-30-2005]

Ashley Kinowrthy [08-30-2005]

I have read the Declaration of Independence and I think that all the Men that Signed it Were all fighting for the same thing....Freedom. and i say Good for them
Emma Hodson, 22 [08-30-2005]

John Witherspoon one of the signers of The Declaration of Independents was my sixth great grandfather. If anyone has more information on his family life please email me. I would be very greatful.
Shirley [08-30-2005]

I am scrapbooking a recent trip to the President's Wax Museum in Keystone, SD and wanted more information on the Declaration.
LaDon Buchholz, Lincoln, ND, age 40 [08-30-2005]

I love learning so i think this web-site is rilly cool! :-)
Taylor, age 10 [08-30-2005]

i thought the declaration of independance is inspiring and that i shall want to visit it someday
anonymous [08-30-2005]

why did john hancock sign the declaryion of independance?
anonymous [08-30-2005]

hey waz up your web site is whake na i'm just kidding if students from le conte is my name halor at me peace GO LE CONTE MIDDLE SCHOOL always & forever, isabel
Isabel hinestrosa, los angeles,california 90038 age:14 [08-30-2005]

I'm a 68 year old grandmother spreading the word to the generations around and behind me concerning the honor, uniqueness and responsibilities of being a good "American". The Declaration of Independence seems to me to be the starting and ending place for that.
Shirley Atherton, Tulsa, Okla. [08-30-2005]

Always enjoyed history. Half of my family are native indians, and the other half came from Scotland during the great potatoe famine
Enola Gay Wilkins, asheville,NC-40 y/o [08-30-2005]

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sophia, mandeville,9,mandeville elementry school. [08-30-2005]

it is cool. i like it. where was the decoloration signed???????
Rachel [08-30-2005]

i'm intrested in egypt and accient times.
sophia, mandeville,9 [08-30-2005]

Heyy totaly ko0l website! It rox! I really like the picture of the Declaration of Independence! Keep it up!
IDRMS:-) [08-30-2005]

Kc, Indian Ridge middle school [08-30-2005]

Great website I love it!
AAR, 10 Daive [08-30-2005]

awesome website! it's a great resource.
LRG, 11 [08-30-2005]

Your website is very informative. I enjoyed it, and it has many information I can use
MR, 11 [08-30-2005]

It's really cool, especially the picture copy of the document.
CBR, Indian Ridge Middle School [08-30-2005]

your website is the bomb!
J.Z, age 11 [08-30-2005]

I think this website is cool.
D.J.M. [08-30-2005]

I thikthe website isa fun place to learn about the declaation of independence :)
T.M [08-30-2005]

mb, 11 Indian ridge Middle School [08-30-2005]

i thinkt hat this website is good
Amanda, davie florida. indian ridge middle [08-30-2005]

It's awesome
Niko Tubach, Davie / age 11 [08-30-2005]

i think that this website is awsome!
J.Z, age 11 [08-30-2005]

cool site!
JNA, 11 [08-30-2005]

kc, 11 [08-30-2005]

this site is the best!
N.S. [08-30-2005]

bf [08-30-2005]

This site was very help full on my 6 page essay that i have to do on the DOI and its signers! i am glad i found it!
Ashley, Ks 18yrs [08-30-2005]

i thought it would be cool to sign this.....oh and im related to james k. polk the 11th president....<3
Summer [08-30-2005]

Excellent site! Very informative!
April Esposito, Mooresville, NC [08-30-2005]

i think that this website was a really good idea. it allows people to view history and it was vital to me because i might be related to one of the signers of the declaration of independence and having this information improves my research. thank you
Katrina Thornton [08-30-2005]

maddison, cool hot sexy [08-30-2005]

I received one of those foolish e-mail about important things we should know and one of them was that the declaration of independence was written on hemp paper ..Is this true ? I like to know the truth about everything
Simonne [08-30-2005]

I am in awe of our founding fathers and have a great sense of pride in being an American. I think all Americans should take the time to learn our history.
Barbara -Jean Freeswick, Wayne, NJ 43yrs. [08-30-2005]

i had to find out why, when and by whom the Declaration of Independence was signed for my history lesson and I found this site very helpful and well- structured.Thanks a lot!
Anna-Lena, Northern Germany, 17 [08-21-2005]

cbg [08-21-2005]

I think this is the coolest sight ever. I'm just 13 and am crazy about us history. John Hancock is my 7th great grandfather too.
ibooo [08-21-2005]

It is an additional inspiration for me to read these wonderful words in the 21st century and to think they have been wrotten hundreds of years ago.No wonder the US ticks.
Uzoh Egere, 35 yr old Nigerian paediatrician,longing for a nation where sanity reigns and the will of the people rules. [08-21-2005]

Visit our site at located: Charleston, SC
Laura LeGrand [08-21-2005]

hey, um, im no sure who is going to read this bu i'd just like o say, this is a very good website. I will be visiting Washington in a few days and it gave me a lot of information for things i want to see. hisory is so interesing.
Sydney Van.k, 13 Ontario Canada [08-19-2005]

What an amazing event in the history of our freedom! We, all too often take for granted the great gift given to us by the sacrifices of others. God bless Amreica, and may America bless the world!
Jennifer, Alleganey, NY [08-19-2005]

excellent site it has all the information that was needed, thanks
anonymous [08-19-2005]

Looking for info about John Jay.
Craig Jay, Santa Maria, CA age 42 [08-19-2005]

I was thinkin that it could be cool if i could buy a copi of The Declaration of Independence... Do you know a place were can can buy it?
Thomas [08-19-2005]

More should read and reread.
Edward Burger, Punxsutawney, PA [08-18-2005]

Just surfing through google I found your site. It's truly amazing, I was so glad to run upon it. Keep it up.
Himalyan [08-18-2005]

I would just like to say that i loved this site. It is by far the best one i have been to so far.
Katie [08-18-2005]

nice site
yosh [08-18-2005]

I'm doing a study on the declaration of Independence. I have found this site very helpful, thank you.
Kelly, I'm 18 [08-17-2005]

viewing this site has made me one to see the real one.
michaelangelo, birmingham, alabama [08-17-2005]

john doe, stoke-on-trent,20, [08-16-2005]

It is extraordinary the foresight that the founding fathers had when it came to the creation of not only this document, but for the start of this country.
Tom Junk, Colorado Springs, CO [08-16-2005]

This is a great sight
anonymous [08-16-2005]

well i have seen the movie 'national treasure' and i know full well that there is no such thing as an invisible map on the back of the declaration.i would love a job to do with something about the declaration, it would be a great honour. but i am only young and would have to study, anyway thank you for your time. jadelina.
Jade Lincoln., uk [08-16-2005]

steven [08-16-2005]

the Declaration of Independence is important to people all over the world. it should always be remembered.
Abbie Smith [08-16-2005]

Joyce Carney, Crowley, Texas [08-16-2005]

I love your website It is to helpful!
Abby S, young historian in training [08-16-2005]

Was James Smith born in "Northern Ireland" or in "Dublin" [which is in Ireland proper]?
anonymous [08-16-2005]

Good worK! You’ve a very nice site where is possible to find interesting information. This is a great site enjoy surfing into it. Thanks for all the information you provide.
Harry Carter, Miami,38 [08-16-2005]

I am still working on my family history, I am looking for any Whipples that live in Nebraska or was born there. I know my grandmother had a lot of siblings but I can't seem to locate them.
Lynn, Missouri [08-16-2005]

I think this web page is really good. Im filming a documentary about the declaration of independence next summer in the States. I already talked with the Gerry family and they are going to help me. I would love to know if is there any other family member of signers who want to participate into the documentary. Thank you very much.
David Simon, Pamplona, Spain [08-16-2005]

Jeff Brown [08-16-2005]

It is a great website, I just read our family history and wanted more information on Robert Morris, he is our relative according to our records. thanks!
anonymous [08-16-2005]

I know the text of the American Declaration. But it is a good thing that this document is made as widely known as possible, as it served as a model for many later national revolutions. The only question I have is this: was Thomas Jefferson aware of the Apology of Prince William of Orange in which he abjures the Spanish king Philips the second as the legal king over the Low Countries. You can perhaps guess I myself am a Dutchman and rather proud of the fact that the first modern revolution took place in the Netherlands when they fought a war of 80 years against the Habsburgers and the Spanish troops. The Dutch revolt began in 1568 and ended with the peace of Munster in 1648. Some researchers tell me that Thomas Jefferson knew the writings of William of Orange and used them in his draft of the Declaration of Independence. But whatever be the case, we should defend the values of the Declaration at all costs!
Victor van Bijlert, researcher on Indian independence movement [08-16-2005]

I found this site to be very helpful with my studies at school as I am studying the D.I. at this time.
foster, 13 phx az [08-11-2005]

Since I (a superhistorybuff) have finally decided to write a letter to the "President" voicing my declaration of independence from his ideas and manipulation, I've chosen to put it in the form of Jefferson's magnificent document. I can only hope that my small contribution to this country (so far) will have some effect on the workings of this world...
Madeline Whitman, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; age 15 [08-10-2005]

Nice website, very well organized, with valuable, updated information. Thanks.
Prof. Ariel Rodriguez-Lugo, University of PR-Carolina [08-10-2005]

i thought that there was a map on the back of the declaration of indepedence, but i did some reseach for school and found out that there wasn't a map on the back. i did this for fun and did not know that there wasn't a map. so thanks. for the information that you put on the site. and i have 3questions if you could make the words on the back clearer than they are.and if you can tell the people that signed it.and if you can tell me where they signed the declaration.
coolkat, 13 [08-10-2005]

i like your website it has a lot of information
rachel [08-09-2005]

I really liked this website. My grandma told me that Lewis Morris is my great, great, great, ect. grandfather any way i enjoyed it. thanks! :)
Ryan Kee, Oregon age 12 [08-09-2005]

DB Setzer, Conover NC [08-09-2005]

god bless america and the ideas our fore fathers set into motion
JOHNR BLACK, havertown, pa 60yrs old vietnam vet [08-09-2005]

As a child I have always been fascinated by this declaration of freedom and by one of the individual's that signed this declaration of defiance against the crown. Thanks for developing this site for all of those who want to know. Respectfully, Thomas Lynch Jr.
Thomas Lynch Jr., Raeford, North Carolina [08-09-2005]

I appreciate the way the material is so clearly presented. I am searching for the athors or signers of the Stamp Act and the Boston Tea Party, as I've read of my ancestor: John Bent's participation and need documentation to confirm this. Thanks for this reference tool!
Carol Hathaway [08-09-2005]

I love America and the red, white and blue!
Mikey Rodrguez, Whittier, CA age 7 [08-09-2005]

Jenny [08-05-2005]

why did you write words on the one dollar bill and why did the words mean????????
alex thorn [08-05-2005]

I wish that the documentatin of PFG and EA could be put on line also. Thanks. Alice
Alice Covey [08-05-2005]

Great service. I hope everyone understands this document and follows the spirit of it.
Aslam Mohammad Rana, Dothan, Alabama [08-05-2005]

i like history
holden, rockford,il [08-04-2005]

mars [08-04-2005]

My relatives may not have signed the Declaration of Independence, but my ancestors and I have felt the effects and blessings of that wonderful writ.
Christopher Trent Westover, Fallon, NV 21 years of age [08-04-2005]

Thank God for this declaration and the good men who brought it about. God Bless America.
Jim and Cheryl Mitchell, Leesburg, Florida [08-04-2005]

Just wondering if there are any other descendents of Edward Rutledge out there? My mother and father were 'only' children, and my nuclear family is getting pretty miniscule in my dotage. I have one older sister and a single 12-year old son. I don't have a law degree or any significant accomplishments in my lifetime, so I guess I'm on the short end of the gene pool from a lineage standpoint. And while my middle name was considered a bit odd as a child by my peers, I was informed we've kept it in the family due to our connection to good ol, Edward. Hello out there? We live close to the world famous flower fields if you're ever in the neighborhood. Send me some email, dear fourth cousin three times removed. Regards, Scott Rutledge Johnson
Scott Rutledge Johnson, Carlsbad, CA, 49-year-old [08-04-2005]

My mother and I visited your site because we are direct descendants of Abraham Clark. Thanks for your help.
anonymous [08-03-2005]

We are distant relatives of a co-signer of the Declaration of Independence,George Walton. My daughter is in high school, and is beginning to investigate colleges and universities. My question concerns scholarships and schools.Would she be eligible to apply for money or go to an ivy league school due to her relationship with this great man as long as her grades and SAT score warrent it? If you can give me a name or organization to contact for further information, I would greatly appreciated your assistance! Sincerely, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Till, South Carolina [08-03-2005]

It's good that you have this website, so we can look at all the great things from history.
Ivy Ortiz, marina, ca. 10yrs old [08-03-2005]

I'm distantly related to John Morton. I never knew that he was a judge. :) Cool!
Mandy, Michigan [08-03-2005]

Frederick Floyd IV, New Orleans LA [08-03-2005]

Siara Fleming, age 26 WV [08-03-2005]

Thanks for Information! Jesus Loves you!
Heather, Louisiana [08-03-2005]

i am trying to link up some missing ancesters.does anyone know if richard stocktons family originally came from england.i think this is a great site
anne stockton, lincolnshire england [08-03-2005]

I am a direct descendant of Roger Sherman and very proud of it. My parents were British; however, one of my grandmothers was an American. This is an excellent web site. Thanks.
anonymous, Garden Ridge, TX [08-03-2005]

I feel this website is great but I do feel that you should have a more direct search service. People visiting the website should be able to type exactly what they're looking for and this website can help them as much as they can. Other than these little flaws i feel that this website is absolutley great and it provides a lot of information.
Ireal Marquis Wilson [08-03-2005]

The words in the Declaration of Independence only become clear with age and you see how far we have drifted from the founding principles and how our government is doing exactly what we went to war with England about.
Ken Sawin, Corona, CA 92882 [08-03-2005]

These are people who guide my new life in this great country.Thank you for the information on this site.
MOMODOU LAMIN JAMMEH, atlanta,georgia [08-03-2005]

Dear Sir/Madam, I just want to say how much I love Americ I think I love it more than my own country you have a lot more love for your country as when I was in the USA every where you go you see that wonderful flag but here in our country you hardly see it at all as we still come under the Commonwealth run by the Queen When I was in Washington I went to Pensivalla and Philladifa sorry about the spelling all I can say is GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL YOU SERVE HER. Regards From an Australia by Birth but American by Love
Anne, I come from Melbourne Victoria Australia [08-03-2005]

Proud of USA's pioneer fighters and their spirit, and a pride to freedom, liberty and independence. Joy to the world today.
Kim-See Teo, Member of NAP, and AIP, USA and Singapore's Academy of Law [08-03-2005]

Bette Lee Wilson, Albuquerque,NM [08-03-2005]

Was researching family geneology and came across Benjamin Franklin and Robert Morris. Wish I would have paid more attention in History class. I may actually know more about them than I do.
Jennifer Hutchins-Jones, Winchester, CA 29 [08-03-2005]

Amazing history.As far as I am aware my family are descendants of John Hancock
John H Hancock, nz [08-03-2005]

I am facinated with Independence Day. My father left me a copy of the orginal signed document and i would loke to know its orthanticity
Edwin Wallace, Sydney Australia [08-03-2005]

This site is awesome. It has everything I need! Thanks!
anonymous [08-03-2005]

kurls [08-03-2005]

This is a great sight. It has really helped me with my report
Margaret Shaver, 10 years Colorado [08-03-2005]

My grandfathers name was Robert Brown, and his brother was Morris Brown, I was trying to find a related connection to Robert Morris, as I have been told that he would have been like my great, great, great, great grandfather
Kim Coppinger, Port Orchard, Wa [08-03-2005]

This is an absolutely wonderful website! It really helped me in my American History class, because it made the Sugar Act, Tea Act, Stamp Act, etc. really easy to understand! Thanks so much for creating this website. I know I'll use it often! Thanks! <3
Meghan [08-03-2005]

Wonderful and informative site. I have visited this site quite a few times and I leave feeling enlightened each time. Thank you.
Walter Williams, Westmoreland County, VA [08-03-2005]

james wilson [08-03-2005]

It's nice to know more about USA - great country with a great history, thanks for it!
Serg, Russia, Izhevsk [08-03-2005]

I enjoyed your web site. I am a trivia collector and you might find it interesting to know that the documents were written on hemp paper and that 50 of the 56 signors were freemasons.
JW, Oklahoma City [08-03-2005]

bryant [08-03-2005]

Charles Carol was a greAT GREAT GREAT ECT. UNCLE ON MY mOTHERS SIDE any info would be great, thanks sharlee deneweth of Bishop, Calif
sharlee deneweth [08-03-2005]

I am currently studiying U.S history.At University Of Secremento.Your web site has helped me a lot in my researches.Being on your website seems as if its so easy to learn.Without having a single idea of anything,I learned everything from your website.Today, any grade I get(which is always between an 80% to an 85%)is all because of ahat I learned from "".My accompishments in classes have proved that all the infomation shared is accurate. Thankyou so much!And keep up the fabulous work!Your hardwork is being appreciated from some corner of the world! LUV U,Gens.
Genevive, 20, Secremento [08-03-2005]

Thankyou for this web sight. God bless the U.S.A.
Robert W.Mason [08-03-2005]

Having taken a few minutes to read through the guestbook entries, I am struck by the variety and uniqueness of the many respondents. Our country was derived from so many different cultures. It seems so fitting that a site dedicated to the Declaration of Independence would demonstrate this so well. I am moved reading this document. I was especially struck by the relative young ages of the signers. A quick sampling shows that most were in their 30's or 40's when they signed. So few of us can now consider ourselves part of something great, I found it inspiring to reflect on the risks and determination these men set out with. Our freedom and our diversity have never been without cost. For those with desenting opinions, you should relish this fact the most . . . if it were not for these great sacrifices, your opinions not only would never be heard, but would be cause for your suffering. I am thankful to be a small, insignificant part of such a great nation.
Joel Stanley, 39, Louisville, KY [07-26-2005]

what is john hancock observatory
briana [07-26-2005]

The declaration is one of the best written things i have ever seen!
Maurice Pierre, I'm 6 1/2(six-and-a-half)years(yrs.)old [07-26-2005]

Was any of Charles Carroll family from County Cork, Ireland ?
Kathy Lujan, Martienz, california [07-26-2005]

Stupid America getting their indpendance. If they hadn't wheeler would have never been born.
Linka from captain planet, Eastern Europe [07-26-2005]

I would like more Infro... On the Decaration of Independence. Age 13
Joshua Sharp, St.Louis, MI 48880 [07-26-2005]

Melodie Crump [07-26-2005]

Great nation, great history, guiding light for all human beings. Liberty is a terminal target for us all, especially for people living in Mainland of China.
David Shen, Shanghai, China [07-26-2005]

Glad to see and learn about the 2 Italian Americans that signed the most important document this country ever came up with, as well as to learn the Italian that not only helped write it, as well as helping draft other documents that this country has lived by. Bennett
Bennett, Tabernacle, NJ [07-26-2005]

great website
anonymous [07-26-2005]

jerry maynard [07-26-2005]

I am a now 72 y/o Korean Veteran from 1952 - 54, and I served my time in Korea. I am a proud veteran and will always stand up for my countries flag and God. If ALL people in America would stand up and follow the writting of the Declaration of Independence which I feel is doughtful we then would be the strongest country on earth. May God Bless.
Donald Edward McKinnon, Havana, Florida [07-26-2005]

michael deyoe, schenectady ny 12303 32y/o [07-26-2005]

I really like this website. A lot of sites are hard to understand and you have to click on tons of links before you can even get to any information. This site states the facts in an understandable fasion and and leaves the reader with information a four-year-old can get. I use this website for school projects and i get an "A" everytime. This is a dependable website and I recommend this site to anyone one who needs information about the declaration or the people who signed it.
LoOpYnChRiStIaN, 15 [07-26-2005]

I'm related to john hancock so thats why i'm at this wonderful site.
Sam, spokane,WA [07-26-2005]

where can i find pictures of the signers of the declaration of indpendence?
Kasandra, age:16 city:spokane [07-26-2005]

Thanks for this site. My great-grandmother was a descendent of Phillip Livingston. I didn't know much about him.
Marc Lester [07-26-2005]

i like history about our country
Mackenzie Carter, sandy ut 11 [07-26-2005]

I am probally going to move to a different country this year and I think it will be great if I could share information with other people and maybe make a difference. They don't let woman drive which is descrimination and I might be able to change that. Also I am goin to use the information from y'all's page.
Taylor Boening, Baytown, 12 [07-26-2005]

this is a really good site
anonymous, Tucson, Arizona,16 [07-20-2005]

I am a direct descendant of Charles Carroll. Part of his family left the States for Canada as Loyalists. I have and will always be proud of my heritage from all over the world. I learned more about him from this site than most others. Thank-you, Trena
Trena, Victoria BC Canada [07-20-2005]

My paternal grandmother was a Hamilton and her husband was a Hall. We know we were related to Alexander Hamilton but not sure about Lyman Hall. Fun facts and and incredible links to the past!
Robert C. Hall, Jr., Royal Oak, Michigan, age 62 [07-20-2005]

This is a great website. the Declaration should be read and understood by everyone. If you don't like America, you are more than welcome to leave. Our forefathers are rolling in their graves because the way people have become. Keep up the spirit.
Proud Citizen, Great State of Texas [07-20-2005]

the time for revolution is now. liberty calls for action. we have been called into a false action... "see my right hand wages war while my other rips away your rights"per mien kamp. all true patriots should see this as a call to arms. the time has come to hold those who send our youth to die to answer to their choice. I WILL NOT GIVE MY SON SO WILLINGLY. my love, my life and my nation do not need the blood of my son to insure it's endevor to rule world. as a mater of fact, our country is based on the fact that discourse is incouraged and our rules are made to be remade and reset to suit the population. I find it hard to believe that any man would be willing to give up his son to the endeavor set forth by this pretender to the Reagan Throne. My son WILL NOT BE FODDER TO THE BUSH DYNASTY!My love for my country far outweighs their personal intrests.There comes a time in every man's life where he say's " No More!" There will be no "Bush Youth" My son knows honour and love of country. We know of "Total War" and will have no part of it. I would die to defend my country from all enemies both from within and without and I would urge my son to do the the same just as Benjamin Franklin...A man who saw the injustice of the system as it stood under the reign of GeorgeIII. Thomas Paine declared this as the time that tries men's soul's. Granted the "Common Man" has no nuclear weapons to back his cause but,... We have the power of our conviction. That and the fact that we are the power that drive those weapons. We are the of, by and for the people of which that great man spoke of. And taking it like a man doesn't mean not being a man. There comes a point in every man's life where he say's "ENOUGH".....I say"ENOUGH!" To my dying breath, I say ENOUGH! Give me my liberty or my death!God will grant me one or the other...Damn the man who denies me either! My forefathers are watching.....
anonymous [07-20-2005]

i am a desendant of william hooper. i am 26 and i am just getting interested in the past. america was founded on god and its time we get back to that or our country is in trouble. pray for the usa.
TODD, durham,nc [07-20-2005]

very good site but I´d like a picture of the declaration of independence
calle lundberg, sweden, 11 years [07-19-2005]

I love our country and want to learn more about the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Thank you for this opportunity to learn.
Martha Maddox [07-19-2005]

Evil lies within the great orb of doom and destruction. Those who choose to seek this orb will find nothing but there own destruction.
Mr. Kleen, yakima, WA [07-19-2005]

Jennifer Collins [07-19-2005]

The Declarection of Independence is a really interesting document that i would want to study carefully and, understand the meaning of it.
Chavely Ramos, West Palm Beach FL [07-19-2005]

I really liked to learn all of this about America. The United States emerged from humble beginings to become the world's most powerful country! I really appreciated the facts along with ths isde notes of commentary. This will all come in handy in my advanced placement junior class next year!
Jackie [07-19-2005]

Thank you for a chance to better understand our past
David Leedy [07-19-2005]

I thought I was a descendant of Joseph Hewes but since he had no children, I guess not.
Janet Whitman, Tallahassee, FL [07-19-2005]

I saw a movie about the declaration of Independence and I like it.
Ren [07-19-2005]

I am a descendent of George Washington, and my mother's name is Martha Washington! Isn't that just remarkable? I just found out o few days ago.....I was adopted when I was only a month old, so I dont remember much about my biological mother. I will not be around for much longer, unfortunately. An early death is my destiny, and I'm determined to fulfill it. I should take every Washington with me....
Angela Wahington, Gardiner, Maine, age 14, poet [07-19-2005]

hi' i'm tiffany i love this web site because it helps me learn about history. i would say more but i have to go.
tiffany, i'm 11 i lived in mexico for 8 years. [07-19-2005]

I was here. This website is pretty sweet if your looking for awesome facts.
Aaron Marks, Canton, Ohio - 17 years old [07-19-2005]

I am reading a book that has the story of the Declaration of Independence, So decided to check it out I found it very imformative thank you
Pam, Australia [07-19-2005]

Who were the free maisons and what did they accomplish.
Matthew Chott, Fenton MO [07-19-2005]

Recently, I took the time to read and study the Declaration of Independence. Very Powerful.
Kimberly Woodcock, Columbus, Georgia, 28 [07-19-2005]

terry waltman, richmond, va 23222 age 55 [07-19-2005]

frankie [07-19-2005]

This is a Great sight,it lets people see what these Documents were for and why,and thier importance. I believe I am kin to Geo.Read,and Ben Franklin's wife as a Read also,Peyton Randolph we think is our Relative as well,so we wish you well with the site. Go America!
Chas. L. McDowell, Nashville,Tn. [07-19-2005]

Great Site! Thank you so much for documenting this important piece of American history so well.
Bill Evans [07-19-2005]

I'd like to hear from Roy E. Purcell re: decendent of Charles Carroll. I am trying to find the direct link to my grandmother, Agnes Carroll.
Diana Zorn, North Carolina [07-12-2005]

I would like to get a copy of the Declaration of Independence on the old parchment like paper. Are they available for purchase? If so can you let me know who to contact. Thanks.
Joseph Hahn [07-12-2005]

i looked it over and it looks good. Cool
Natasha [07-12-2005]

This site needs more intresting facts, not just the boring ones!
Megan, 15 [07-12-2005]

I am related to John Hancock. I am trying to do a family history and trying to search it online. Anyone related to him as well please email me thanks. I am related to Zodie Hancock of PA
angela, ny [07-12-2005]

Very good work, nice webpage.
Seth Cordiero [07-12-2005]

Hi, I was just looking over the movie 'National Treasure'and me and my mom found out that the part where Ben says:" 55 in iron pen" the 55 isn't right 56 people really signed the Document not 55 so i guess its just so it souned good . But don't you think "56 in iron pen" sounds as good as 55 ?
Taylor, 13 [07-12-2005]

There has been a Robert Morris every generation since the Robert Morris that signed this document. I am proud to be an American and proud of my my families heritage. May our Creator who gave us these rights continue to bless america
Kimberly Peterson, Distant decesdant of Robert Morris [07-12-2005]

this is cool stuff
cm, iam11 [07-11-2005]

Buzz Sharpley, Coldwater,Mi [07-11-2005]

I found it very imformative. I enjoyed my many hours of reading.
janny molina, Pico rivera, California [07-11-2005]

i believe that there might just be a treasure do they actually let u look on the back of the decalaration of independance and y dont they just try it them selfes on the back of it anyway i really like history its very fun and intresting,learning what our four fathers left us to but i would like to see the declaration of independance 1 day it must be really kewland thank u for your info and letting me c the declaration thank u and bye
Faheem Ali, l.a 12 [07-11-2005]

I thought the declaration of independence was and still is the greatest document ever writen.I think I
patty, adak, 12 years of age [07-11-2005]

If anyone has any data about the desendents of the signer Robert Morris please tell me.
anonymous [07-10-2005]

What a blessing to be an American! I am so proud to be a descendant of one of the greatest, Robert Morris. Not only did he sign the Declaration of Independence, but also the Constitution. This true patriot funded the American Revolutionary War (causing him to die a pauper), started the first working bank in the United States, helped to start the Underground Railroad and was best friend to George Washington. It is unfortunate that he is not considered to be a more "important" individual in history by most and is rarely mentioned. I'm extremely proud of my heritage and admire these brave men who fought for our safety, security and independence. This not only applies to the American Revolutionary War, but also to present day accomplishments of our new heroes. It is an honor and privilege to be an American and that should be taken more seriously. God bless America, our president, the men and women serving our country and our people.
Maureen Littleton, 31, Wilkes-Barre, PA [07-10-2005]

Thank you for providing these drafts of the US Declaration of Independence so that the reader may analyze the revisions made through the successive drafts.
Matthew Hawkins, Pittsburgh, PA [07-10-2005]

This page is very useful. It's to bad people are not like that.
Ju Hyoung, carmarthen, llanelli, 11 [07-10-2005]

I'm a descendant of Lewis Morris, my granmother's father was a confederate solider that came from America,to Australia looking for gold around the Hunter Valley after they lost the war for slavery. It is good to know that Lewis Morris helped to win the war against the slavery of the American people to England
Noel Panton [07-10-2005]

i would like to sign the declaration of I. and be a president just like Thomas Jefferson
Kevin Garcia, hialiah,Fl [07-10-2005]

Thank God for the forward thinking of the founding fathers of our great land.
anonymous [07-10-2005]

I really enjoyed learning more about our founding fathers and thier plites
Johnnie Gautier, Dunn, NC [07-10-2005]

Somewhere on my family tree, we are related to Thomas Nelson,Jr.
Leah Bown, Eureka, ILL. [07-10-2005]

I am a decendant to Robert Morris. I am the 7th generation after him.
Angela B., Hamilton, Ohio [07-10-2005]

This web site should be required in every school.Most kids haven't read the Declaration and maybe many have never heard of it. You have a great site. I enjoy reading it again and again.
Joseph Moore, Greenville, SC [07-10-2005]

Very good work, nice webpage.
Hugh Cordiero [07-09-2005]

In the midst of all the claims of why this nation was formed, I wanted to reread the Declaration of Independence. I continue to mystified by the comments of others who also have supposedly read this site.
A. Okelo, Chico, CA [07-09-2005]

is it possbile that there is a map on the delceration of independence and is it invisble?
Brian, New York 14 and Depew,Ny [07-09-2005]

Wanted another read as has been awhile! Thank you for sharing!
Amy Metz, Hampstead, MD [07-08-2005]

hi! this website is really's summer and my dad gave us an essay to do on the declaration what it is, why it's important, adn what it means to me, I know almost torture, but not quite. thanks for the help!
Avery, 13 [07-08-2005]

william reed, newark ohio 14 [07-08-2005]

great website. good info.
taryn, newark, ohio [07-08-2005]

Thank you for this website and the wealth of information. I was inspired and will continue to believe this is the Greatest Nation, Under God, on Earth.
Anita Bales, Christian, Patriot, Wife, Mother of daughters, Youngest currently in the US Navy. [07-08-2005]

Hi i love this site. It helped me a lot!
Jessica [07-08-2005]

i am a big fan of america history and i love the whole declaration colinies revolutenarywar and all that so i love there being web sites for people like me thank you so much
nikki, 11 [07-08-2005]

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Thanks for a GREAT web site. I am a historic writer and find your site excellent.
Gary Enright, Weston, MO [07-08-2005]

i am doing a research paper on the declaration of independence
laci brasher [07-08-2005]

Is there an account with the actual dates each delegate signed the Declaration?
Neal [07-08-2005]

Ed Saldana [07-08-2005]

Hey can we read all of the silence dogood letters. If so, where
anonymous [07-07-2005]

Daniel Smith [07-07-2005]

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This was a wonderful site. Thanks you so much. I will make sure my grandchildren get a copy.It sure refreshed my menory. Thank You !
Mary Ann Campbell, From Pennsylvania the Pittsburgh area [07-07-2005]

great guy
steven, kansas city [07-07-2005]

I was inspired to re-read the Declaration because I because it appears to have lost its meaning. As a Gay American, my right to marry my partner of 26 years is covered in the first sentence..........All men are created equal and have the right to pursue happiness. I am embarrassed to hear our great country consider amending the consitution and legalizing discrimination by amending my rights. Other less powerful nations are leading the world in the spirit of embracing diversity.....we should be ashamed.
Sharon in Atlanta GA [07-07-2005]

And my feelings are; we are abusing our independance for what our fore/founding fathers planned/envisioned for for us to live by{abused by - U.S. Supreme Court & Congress}. The sighners of our D.of I. did it also to have "all" us Americans dependant on God/Jesus Christ, being interdependant on Him from United Kingdom/Great Britain/ or King Goerge I-VIII? July 4th should be called Interdependace Day !
Buddy Lee Graham, Palmdale ; I'm 42 ; Christian ; U.S. Air Force veteran; single;caucasian;prietty patriotic; CA native, so far; & enjoy exploring/investigating things for details, and the truth ! [07-07-2005]

i am a descendent of samuel huntington, my grandfather, being frederick elbridge gary huntinton, my mother's name is gertrude c. huntington she is written in the archives. i am proud of my heritage,and a proud american. i love god,and our country, i get very disturbed with how our supreme court is taking away our rights that our forefathers fought for and gave us. our religious rights were which our country was founded on are being slowly taken away, our forefathers would be saddened and shocked to what has been done to our country, since the dismissal of god in our country, you can see the results have been disasterous,their is much upheaveal in our great country since pray has been taken out of our schools, and now that the liberals like kennedy whose mother was a great christian woman, is doing, i say and use this word that has been forgotten, shame on them all. our country once had so many religious freedoms which are now trying to be stifled by the liberals. they don't even realize what the terrible effects this is having on our country. i could go on and on, it is a wonderful thing when other nations are praying and fasting for our country. shame on our congressman, senators, supreme court justices, they are making new laws for naught. no body will obey them, when the supreme being has not been saught. sincerely sally a hoffman a patriot of the great country
SALLY ANN HOFFMAN, buffalo,n.y.14216- 60yr. [07-07-2005]

I am the 11 generation of descendants of William Hooper. I have enjoyed the website
Wanda Wills [07-07-2005]

i wish that this document can remain as well as inspair all the generations to come,not only those in and born in the united states. yours truely timothy hoople.
timothy Hoople, 34-e.c. wis,-male [07-07-2005]

Sabrina E Greene-Kent [07-07-2005]

So interesting to see that the framers spent a day in fasting, humiliation & prayer to implore heaven for protection, inspiration and to turn the hearts of the opposition. If only we did the same now! America is the greatest country in the world - pray for God's continued blessings!
Susan Thomson, East Northport, NY [07-07-2005]

Working on information and wonder in what order Joseph signed....
Wanda Hughes Gard, first cousin, 6 times removed [07-07-2005]

For those who are unhappy with our government, the current state of our nation, and the international situation we find ourselves in: remember always, as these remarkable patriots showed us 229 years ago, YOU have the power to change things. Think and act. But do so responsibly.
anonymous [07-05-2005]

How many Americans have read this great document... It is the catalyst that guided poorly armed farmers & merchants to take on the world power of that time AND win! It was the blamket provided warmth at Valley Forge; It was the wind of change providing the breath of freedom and helped to push any fence sitters into the fray.The message is not hidden, but for all the world to see and stand by.
Alan D. Walsh [07-05-2005]

I am so proud to be a part of this great nation. If we as Americans fail to stand up for these principles, we, as a people, will experience a great desister. May the God of Heaven save us.
Clintom Tanner [07-05-2005]

this is the most informative site I have read. thank you.
kalfani.ture [07-05-2005]

07 05 05 After watching National Treasure.felt it was time to look at the declaration. My GGGGG GrandFather John Hart a Signer of the Declaration Bio. was very interestion. thanks for the oppertunity to check it out.
John Evans, Nashville Tn. age 65 [07-05-2005]

Elmer J Juelg, San Antonio Tx 78249 [07-05-2005]

thank you for all the information about the signers of the declaration of Independance. I have enjoyed reading all the information that you have.
Betty Lewis, Doing a paper on this [07-05-2005]

brad fraser [07-05-2005]

Where was the declaration of independence signed? I think it would be cool to know!
Garth Kirkham [07-05-2005]

A document we can all be proud of.
Elias D. Moreno, Houston Tx. [07-05-2005]

My 3rd great grandfather, Joel Hampton of Wilkes County, NC fought in the revoluntary war. What a brave soul he was and how we reap the benefits for his courage.
Gay Hampton Rusk, Stuttgart, AR [07-05-2005]

Your Declaration of Independence continues to inspire the world
Michael N Nyamute, Nairobi [07-05-2005]

I love your country
Sven NYSTROM [07-05-2005]

Great site for school information
Matthew, 16 years [07-05-2005]

Happy 4th...I am proud to be a Hall...Ancestor Lyman Hall signed and I have always loved my Freedom.God Bless America
shirley hall [07-05-2005]

Robert Miggins, Tucson, AZ [07-05-2005]

Lest we forget what sacrifices our forefathers made, let us each July 4th read and remember what this country is truly about. May God bless America.
Jerry Key, Albuquerque, NM age 60 [07-05-2005]

This has been a fun site to visit. I especially enjoyed the information about the signers.
Dee Keloly, Burton, Michigan, 39, retired [07-05-2005]

I feel sorry for the people who went to war and so the british couldn't get the treasure
joshua finlay, perth,10,australia [07-05-2005]

Descendent of the Carroll family. Enjoyed reading the article. Thank you. God Bless America!
Roy E. Purcell [07-05-2005]

I have read this, NO ONE can write like that. To really appreciate it, hear it read on the courthouse steps in Colonial Williamsburg by someone portraying Thomas Jefferson!
Debra A. Goodwin, Portsmouth, Virginia [07-05-2005]

This is a wonderful site Thank you so much. I'm making a copy of the Declaration & all the bios for my grandchildren
Lynda Sell, Missouri [07-05-2005]

David R. Mosher [07-05-2005]

People are dying, government prevents treatments
Julie, Original holy documents/cures [07-05-2005]

my husband and i saw national treasure at least 5 times we love it is there any truth to it///?/?????
IRENE MELADY, 7603 melvinwestland mi 48185 [07-05-2005]

Thank you for this information. Anne from Virginia
anonymous [07-05-2005]

Lisa Brucks, New Braunfels, Texas Age: 38 [07-05-2005]

Thanks for this website. I wanted to read the declaration on this 4th of July
steve owens [07-05-2005]

Real good website.I`ll be back. GOD BLESS
Jody Spanfellner, Fayette,AL [07-05-2005]

Mark Harris, New York [07-05-2005]

What a wonderful wealth of enjoyable and informative information. Thank you so much. God Bless America! Proud to be an American! -M
Mgon [07-05-2005]

From quill pen hand written documents to viewing them 230 years later. Enjoy your freedom and independance.
Marty Collins, indianapolis [07-05-2005]

As a descendent of Abraham Clark I found this to be a wonderful resource. Thank you for preparing it.
Linda Moats, Palisades Park, NJ [07-05-2005]

thank you for creating this website!
anonymous [07-05-2005]

A blessing to celebrate this day
marlena jones [07-05-2005]

I do beileve that the declaration of independence was written as a bench mark for all societits .Its principles holds true for ever great thruths we believe in and know to be right.God bless the founding fathers and their visions
g nassiah, canada [07-05-2005]

Kathy, Cassville, WI.......46 [07-05-2005]

This is a great way to spend a 4th of July afternoon. Preparing comments for an evening speech on this great event in our history, I found this wonderful source of information and history. I am inspired to learn more about the founders of this nation. God Bless the founders and all leaders of this great nation. Happy 4th of July.
Bill Jones, III, Temple, TX [07-05-2005]

This document should be read by all Americans once a year.We are fortunate to have had such brave and willing forefathers!
Anne, Anderson, SC [07-05-2005]

Very informative...Just in time for the $th of July...BUT..Please tell me who "DILLERY" is....
Tony B... [07-05-2005]

Cathy Harris, US Citizen [07-05-2005]

Thank you..
Michael Mabry, Clayton, NC [07-05-2005]

I am grateful for this elegant display of our formative American document. As a proud citizen of this great land of ours, I am reminded by the very words of our founders that Government derives its "just powers from the consent of the governed" and that "whenever any form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the People to alter or to abolish it..." We have the right--indeed the obligation--to hold our leaders accountable to our collective will as a People. Only then can we call ourselves a true Democracy and a proud example to the world. I salute my fellow Americans here and in harm's way, and I appeal to our collective courage to carry out the will of our founders--for us, for our children and for our good standing in the world community.
An American Patriot [07-05-2005]

Just re-reading the Declaration on this 4th of July. It is always interesting to look back at the beginning of our experiment with republican government.
David Jordan, Kenosha, WI [07-05-2005]

The most important and courgeous action of the American revolutionaries who were willing to risk their lives for the cause of liberty and justice for all.
Dave Blodgett, Laguna Woods, CA 92637 [07-05-2005]

I pray that our children today are given every opportunity to learn the TRUTH abouut our countries history and about our GOD that our founding fathers lived by and loved that they founded our country on absoulutre truths. Thanks for a wonderful sight...God Bless All.
D.K.C., Illinois [07-05-2005]

And crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea. GOD BLESS AMERICA! HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY EVERYBODY!
Julius P. Garrington III, Age 14, July 4th, 2005 [07-05-2005]

My fourth time to read the Declaration in its entirety.Unfortunately too few people have any clew what it really says, or the conditions that existed when it was written. Todays public education system seems more interested in political correctness than in the truth.
William E. Fox, Texas, Age 69, U.S. Army Vet.. [07-05-2005]

active interest in Colonial America and the History of the United States through to the Compromise of 1850
Joseph A. Katalak, age 61 living in Schaumburg Illinois [07-05-2005]

Kathleen, Mentor Ohio [07-05-2005]

Sherre Davidson [07-05-2005]

Great assembly of information on those who signed the Declaration of Independence.
Martin A. Martinez, Male, 73, New Orleans, (Metairie), LA [07-05-2005]

the older i get, the more i appreciate history
kathy kitchen, virginia [07-05-2005]

JB, Wichita, KS. USA [07-05-2005]

Thank you for the information. I would like to know more about Edward Rutledge from South Carolina. Where might I look? OJOhnson
O.Johnson, Nwe Jersey [07-04-2005]

I am one of Roger Sherman's great-great-great-great-great-great grandchildren and it brings tears to my eyes that I am blessed to be a member of his family line.
Julia Moore Kain, Holly Hill, FL [07-04-2005]

Lana Blanchard [07-04-2005]

May God bless the USA and our military men & women both past and present!
L. Kinney, Salem, OR [07-04-2005]

kellie [07-04-2005]

Thank you for this wonderful website. I pray that many will visit and learn. GOD BLESS AMERICA!
Betty Taylor, 75 [07-04-2005]

Just looking at this with my kids today. Happy 4th of July!
Bill Early, Kansas City [07-04-2005]

Happy 4th America. May Justice and Liberty prevail forevermore. Australia and America - our colours don't run.
Peter, Sydney Australia [07-04-2005]

you are now bookmarked as a "favorite" in our "Home School Stuff" folder...thanx
Nelson, Flat Rock, NC [07-04-2005]

Resources such as yours are beneficial to the preservation of the true history & heritage of our God-blessed land.
Christopher Johnson, Holley, NY; History teacher; patriot [07-04-2005]

Marc Kaplanes, Chicago [07-04-2005]

Great website. It is similar to a book I read a number of years ago "The Signers". The book had much more detail about the lives of each signer; although, I could not read throught the book in couple hours like I did the website. Fun to do on July 4th!
Greg, Chicago [07-04-2005]

Always interested in any and ALL information regarding the beginning of this country. Many moons ago I won a little competition in History Class. I had to take my little replica of Independence Hall to Pittsburgh to compete with others in the State of PA. That was the beginning of my love of history and non-stop research. I live in an area just outside of the Brandywine Battlefield and I won other awards for my paintings of the Lafayette House at the Battlefield. I was only 16 that time, but still when I walk or drive my car on a daily basis in that area, I am EVER thankful for the Heart and Soul of each and Every person who paid with their lives so that we could live the way we do now! Thank you!
JNS, Chadds Ford - Kennett Square Area, PA [07-04-2005]

Great site about the Declaration. Very informative. Happy 4th of July from Canada!
Michael Geldorp, Ontario, Canada [07-04-2005]

i would just like to say happy I.D. love all americans and have a lovely day x x x
Jenna, Somerset, England, 16 [07-04-2005]

Your websight was very interesting. My family is very patriotic and loves history. My daughter is in the Army Reserves. God Bless America!
Sue Forsythe, Prairie View, IL [07-04-2005]

Great site...thanks for the infomation; it helped me w/my homework!
Bedell Tamaalemalo Afoa-Lutu, Taputimu, American Samoa [07-04-2005]

have you ever meorized the declaration of Independance ? well, in 4th grade, i did. Congressmen came to my school and i recited it in front of them (as well as many other people) try it! it's a fun challenge!
shelbea [07-04-2005]

I'm Glad that all of our founding fathers along with countless other citizens were wise enough to know and act upon the idea that they simply "have a better way" and they were right.. I urge all fellow americans to hold dear all that is written in the declaration of independence, and never let any elected or especially any high court try to alter it's origanal intent.. louis lee
louis lee, love this country ! [07-04-2005]

Very good site. Thanks
Archie [07-04-2005]

fantastic info--thank tou
june cook, carlsbad, ca [07-04-2005]

great informational site.
dana h carthen, mobile, al [07-04-2005]

Can you tell me if Samuel Chase of Maryland is related to Samuel P. Chase, who signed the 10,000. bill ?
anonymous [07-04-2005]

thanks for the documentation of the past. it is good to have such so we can know more about what our founding fathers, had to go through for us to have what we have today.. god 's blessings on the good old u.s.a.
MERLIN L. BELLAMY [07-04-2005]

I found this site very interesting. so many great men. If only i was related to John Hancock
Wayne Hancock, Wales The UK [07-04-2005]

Fantastic site. Shows first draft to final. I wish our current gov't would read this. Maybe we can send them back to history class.
Joanne Longmire, Houston, TX Born 8/1963 [07-04-2005]

Dianne, Southaven, MS [07-04-2005]

Is the man with the last name Webster related to me?
Webster, Illinois [07-04-2005]

My g-g-g-grandmother was related to Oliver Wolcott, his father Roger Wolcott was her great-uncle. My g-g-g-grandmother was Caroline Starr Wolcott. My g-g-g Aunt was Maria Revere married to my g-g-g grandmothers brother-in-law Joseph Balestier. I thought it was wonderful when I found out that I was also related to one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.
Patricia, New York [07-04-2005]

Thank you for presenting worthy information all citizens should read and know. It would be interesting to learn what religion each signer was.
Tara Lindborg, member of the Libertarian Party [07-04-2005]

very educational You have shown a lot of research and made it available Thank You!
Tina Arnett, Bradford Ohio [07-04-2005]

Thank you for your committment to our nation as exemplified by your message
Jack Rotzien, Lake Worth Fl. [07-04-2005]

Since my son joined the US Army history seems to be a lot more important to me. Thanks for your information.
Ann Sprinkle, Salisbury, NC [07-04-2005]

Danny Borrell [07-04-2005]

Linda Joyner, South Florida, USA [07-04-2005]

Ceasar Rodney was involved in a very important ride on horse back.... folks from Deleware have more info than I do, but it goes something like this.... In an preliminary vote on independence, the colonies were split...six in favor and six opposed... Delware had three delegates, one in favor, one against, and Ceasar Rodney was sick at home. A rider was sent to get him back in Philadelphia to cast the deciding vote.... Therefore, without him there would have been no revolution....
Ken Ries [07-04-2005]

Thank God for our forefathers. Every student, of every age, should spend a week in each grade reading the Declaration of Independence and studying the history that brought it about. Thank God for our soldiers who are willing to put their lives on the line as did the signers of this Declaration.
Joe Rogers, Temple, TX [07-04-2005]

This is a great website with lots of terrific information. Kudos to the people responsible. In reading other people's comments though, it's kind of sad that it takes a movie filled with lots of fiction to get people interested in a document (along with the “Bill of Rights”) that is essentially the "operating instructions" for our country. This is something that everyone should know about and understand. But then again we have become a country of lazy people who can’t pay attention for more than a 30-second “sound bite” and need a movie to “explain” things to us rather than research the document on our own. When I think of how many young men and women gave their lives throughout our 229-year history so that we can live the way we do today, it makes me sad that everyone doesn't know this document better and has to rely on "Hollywood" to get interested in finding out more about our heritage. Oh well, I guess I should be happy to see that people are getting interested in the Declaration at all. Like the old saying goes, “It doesn't matter how people get interested in it, so long as they get interested. To all the young people out there who think history is boring, do yourself a favor and give it a chance. You'll be surprised at how interesting and fun it can be, even without Hollywood's fictionalized version of the events. These aren't just words on a piece of paper, they are the reason our country is so great and has survived for so long. And one last comment.....doesn't anyone know how to use the spell-check feature on the computer. I can hardly read and understand some of these comments due to the poor spelling and/or sentence structure. PAY ATTENTION IN ENGLISH CLASS, WOULD YOU PLEASE!
Rick Hetchler, 49 year-old male from Milwaukee, WI [07-04-2005]

Great site and lots of info...Thanks!
Curtis Prousalis [07-04-2005]

Juan [07-04-2005]

This chain letter with inaccuracies is making the rounds. Do you know the origin? Thanks - Bob Shelley THE 4th OF JULY Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence? Five signers were captured by the British as traitors, and tortured before they died. Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned. Two lost their sons serving in the Revolutionary Army; another had two sons captured. Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the Revolutionary War. They signed and they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. What kind of men were they? Twenty-four were lawyers and jurists. Eleven were merchants, Nine were farmers and large plantation owners; men of means, well educated, but they signed the Declaration of Independence knowing full well that the penalty would be death if they were captured. Carter Braxton of Virginia, a wealthy planter and trader, saw his ships swept from the seas by the British Navy. He sold his home and properties to pay his debts, and died in rags. Thomas McKeam was so hounded by the British that he was forced to move his family almost constantly. He served in the Congress without pay, and his family was kept in hiding. His possessions were taken from him, and poverty was his reward. Vandals or soldiers looted the properties of Dillery, Hall, Clymer, Walton, Gwinnett, Heyward, Ruttledge, and Middleton. At the battle of Yorktown, Thomas Nelson, Jr., noted that the British General Cornwallis had taken over the Nelson home for his headquarters. He quietly urged General George Washington to open fire. The home was destroyed, and Nelson died bankrupt. Francis Lewis had his home and properties destroyed. The enemy jailed his wife, and she died within a few months. John Hart was driven from his wife's bedside as she was dying. Their 13 children fled for their lives. His fields and his gristmill were laid to waste. For more than a year he lived in forests and caves, returning home to find his wife dead and his children vanished. Some of us take these liberties so much for granted, but we shouldn't. So, take a few minutes while enjoying your 4th of July holiday and silently thank these patriots. It's not much to ask for the price they paid. Remember: freedom is never free! I hope you will show your support by sending this to as many people as you can, please. It's time we get the word out that patriotism is NOT a sin, and the Fourth of July has more to it than beer, picnics, and baseball games.
Robert Shelley, Aging radical [07-04-2005]

Thank you for maintaining this site and providing access to the ideas and ideals that are the foundations of our Republic.
Bill Anderson, Rutland, North Dakota [07-04-2005]

There were things I didn't know about or the timeline involved. I'm greatful to be able to see these events a little more clearly
Steve Green, Cheyenne, Wy age 52 [07-04-2005]

Thomas McKean is my grandfather .. 8 generations back
Pastor Sandra Landi [07-04-2005]

Awsome website makes me proud to be an AMERICAN!
Walter R. Gordon [07-04-2005]

W. Springer, Sacramento, CA [07-04-2005]

Would like to find on the site the brief story of the signers of The Declaration Of Independence. The brief story of how they lived and died. It would be good for Independence Day as an ecard. The real meaning of July 4th. I have a copy. If I can find it I will send it to you. Thank you, Chuck
Chuck, Linden, NJ [07-04-2005]

I am a direct decendent of lyman hall, and was just curious how i might find out more information, thank you
jimmy phillips [07-04-2005]

Thank you for posting this valuable site.
Mark Sather, White Bear Lake, MN [07-04-2005]

I am a protector of our history as a nation. We are the greatest experiment in government ever attempted. It is my prayer as a nation we never forget the providence in God our founding fathers believed in. Also, that as a nation we will rediscover the true intent and purpose of our nation.
Matthew W. Smith, 32, father of two, Alliance, Ohio [07-04-2005]

Mike Vernon, Kansas [07-04-2005]

With this document, all good Americans should strive to understand it with their hearts and if need be, defend it with their lives. After all it was fought for and defended in our past. Happy Birthday, AMERICA! and yes, God Bless you!
Marian, Virginia Beach, VA [07-04-2005]

Grandson of J.Fred Thomas & Lloyd Woodward (on other side).Sons of American revolution, decendants here in America since the late 15th century. PROUD to be Americans. Thx.
M. E. Thomas, Denver/Manitou Springs Co. [07-04-2005]

History inspiers me because I think all that has happed and all the brelleint mind in history could be where I am standing and Idependence Hall,the Declaration of Independence.All these thing are just,WoW to me it is amazing.
Kelsey Hall [07-01-2005]

Patti Bailey, Irving, Texas Born in 1957 [07-01-2005]

Great Link- Thank you for the free Gift on Fourth of July - My son is a U.S. Marine
Jean McDonnell, Piscataway [07-01-2005]

valentin carril, Chilean [07-01-2005]

I find it very informative. It is well done. I will visit it again. Thanks
Jacqueline Mature [07-01-2005]

Great site! Key information that is timeless!
Mary, Brentwood,TN [07-01-2005]

i would like to read the silence dogood letters because i love history and i would like to see how people thought in the earl ages when America was first being born !
sara, 14 smiths station,AL [07-01-2005]

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