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2005 Declaration Guestbook Entries: April-June

nick karampatsos [06-30-2005]

Love the website, will be using this often as a resource.
anonymous, homeschool mom [06-30-2005]

I think that this site is very educational, I found all the information I needed, thank you for your hard work. I do not really need this info for school, but it is good to know all the same. Thank you again.
Abby [06-30-2005]

I am having a 4th of July party and having my guests assume the role of l of the signers. Also, trivia game about the declaration itself
sandra robben [06-30-2005]

I think history is nso intresting and it's fun to learn about.
Kelsey Hall, age:11 [06-30-2005]

I found this site to be very informative. I'm wanting the background information so I can put the general idea into bulletin board form. Thank you for providing the information. I think it would do every American good to refresh our minds of the importance of our Nation.
Beverly Theaker, Michigan [06-30-2005]

Jean Turney, Auburn, Alabama 57 [06-30-2005]

Great document it's just to bad that our Government has not stood by it's principles! I am a Christian citizen and it saddens me that we no longer look at this great nation as it was based on our Lord and His standards.
Justin Archer, 24 yrs old Seiling, Oklahoma [06-30-2005]

This is a great collection of documents in one location. Thank you for your excellent work!
George Hall [06-30-2005]

The 4th of July is my favorite hoilday. You heped my REALLY understand it. THANK YOU!
Meg Flannery, Long Lake, MN [06-30-2005]

Lampros "Greek" Vrinios, Houston, Tx - R.E. Broker [06-30-2005]

great site. I wish our fore fathers were here right now to advise us and get this nation back on the track and not worry about being politically correct but honest, fair, and back to our beginning roots.
cathy scanlon-still, Bloomington, Illinois [06-30-2005]

I like the sight very helpful
Cindy Mc, brunswick, md age 44 [06-30-2005]

Still a grand and awesome document. Still makes me proud.
Howard L. Stephens Jr. [06-30-2005]

I think those people, way back when were very, very smart to make the declaration. One of my favorite movies has the declaration it!
Shaya Ginsberg [06-28-2005]

I do the childrens' sermons on Sunday and this July 3 I will talk about our freedoms, and that our founding fathers had the wisdom to include the words "endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights". I wanted to show the children the original document, and was thrilled when I went to your site and printed not only the document, but the text and the Trumbull painting...thank you!
Linda Glick Vowles, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church at 50 N, Prospect Street, Akron, OH 44304 [06-28-2005]

Is there only one independence?
sarah, sussex WI [06-28-2005]

Joshua Potts, Jacksonville, FL [06-28-2005]

Clyde Johnson, Durango, Colorado, age 52 [06-28-2005]

My ansesters: -Lyman Hall and Josiah Bartlett, sined the declaration of independence.
Anna Kristina Jorgensen [06-28-2005]

My Mother, Helyn Bartlett Simonds was a Regent in the D.A.R. She was pleased to list as her ancestors, both Lyman Hall and Josiah Bartlett. She leaves a large extended Family, including Grandchildren, Greatgrandchildren.
Cordalayne Bartlett-Simonds Vandyke [06-28-2005]

this is a great piece of info,I'd like a brief definition of the declaration and if there is really a treasure, not that I want to search for it, but if the Knights really protected somthing so great .I personally think they protected the holy grail, this came to my concern when I watched the movie ''NATIONAL TREASURE'',as I always loved adventures movies this movie made me do research for a week I should have watched the movie earlier.please write back, please, please, please!,I'd like to know if there are secrets. Yours independently Chadwyne
Chadwyne Heynes, Port Elizabeth, 15 years of age, male, South African [06-28-2005]

Is it fact or fiction that the Declaration of Independance came close to not being signed because something happened to one of the signers on his way to the Declaration House?
Jaime Ruse, ok [06-28-2005]

i think this is a good website for kids because they get to lern more about the declaration of independence, the signers and who wrote it Also this is a great website for if they wer doing a book report,prodject,or reaserch on it thanks for your help, alisha
Alisha starr, capecartert, NC,13 [06-28-2005]

Nate, Age 13 [06-28-2005]

Mickie [06-28-2005]

I always thought learning about the declaration was cool.History is very fun to learn about
Colby, West Virginia [06-28-2005]

Thank you for your informative and well-designed site. I'm a descendant of Henry Wolcott, ggggrandfather of Oliver Wolcott, Connecticutt, and I appreciate the information you presented here for Oliver.
Barbara Koska Timm [06-28-2005]

did a black person sign the declaration of independences
eric, detroit age 34 [06-28-2005]

I love Achilles!
Briseis Achilles, Greece [06-28-2005]

I love to learn about American History. I find it very fasinating. My favorite movie is National Treasure.
Erika Lozano [06-28-2005]

I would like to see the real declaration of independence.
Tabitha [06-28-2005]

I like to print things off the compouter that is about the decleration of Independence. I like to find things out about the decleration of independence.
Jessica Thomason, I am 10 years old today [06-28-2005]

the greatest document ever
Kurt Johnson, springdale, Arkansas [06-28-2005]

This is my first time i ever sat down and did reserch on the declaration. i found it to be amazing to me. this is something i will remember for the rest of my life. Education is the key to success. Thank you
Jaquana Brown, 28 [06-28-2005]

Thanks to all our forefathers for their courage and foresight that allowed all future Americans to enjoy the greatest freedom ever known. We are all indebted to them. Let us not forget.
Rita, Chicago [06-28-2005]

I appreciate the ability to view the documents on line. Thanks.
Mike Troutman, Kennewick, Wa. 99338 [06-28-2005]

Ron Hooper [06-28-2005]

I'm related to John Hancock, and i'm glad someone took the time to write something good about him. (he was my great, great, great, great, great, great uncle)
anonymous [06-28-2005]

I watched 1776 on tv and was very curious to learn more about these individuals. This is a great resource. Thanks.
gerry mudge, modesto, ca. [06-28-2005]

A real fine document for real US History feaks I would like to see a sequence list of when the DOI signers, signed the document.LBR
Lester B Robertson, Colo. Springs, CO [06-28-2005]

De Jesus Rios, New York, 24, proud to be an American. [06-28-2005]

wonderful source of material for sunday school
boyce farrar jr, dallas tx age 84 [06-28-2005]

Nice site you have here. However, I am dismayed to see no mention of Timothy Matlack, the actual Penman of the Declaration. I am a descendant of Col. Matlack and hope that more information about him and his role in both the Revolution and the formation of this nation would be publicized.
Matthew Unger, age 35 [06-28-2005]

It is great information for History.
Lopes,Mario [06-28-2005]

Charles Carroll Parents were from Country Cork, Ireland ? My Great Grandfather was from County Cork, hs was also a Carroll. Came to the United State 1880. Where can I fine information about Charles Carroll parents ?? and his children??? Thanks you
kathy Lujan [06-28-2005]

Sue Sundin [06-28-2005]

By the way, I'm sending your site to friends and family for our Independence Day celebration. Every year for more than 30 years my husband has read the entire Declaration in the tradition of our founders to our guests. There are usually 50 or so people and you can hear a pin drop. In recent years, it has come to mean much more to people who had not paid much attention before.
Karen [06-28-2005]

GREAT WEBSITE! The movie National treasure is what drew my interest. Thank you for the information on the most important part of American history.
Melanie, Albuquerque, NM age:21 [06-28-2005]

I have been through enough in my life and think it is the right time for a few of us to come together to take control of our lives in the exact way that our fore-fathers intended us to live but even if I have to do it alone I will with the grace of God in heaven what I have been through will become known and I will no longer live my life as if I were beneath another human being we were all created equal and always will be. I need the help of the american public and the aclu and any of the other branches of human resource offices who claim to represent the needs of the american citizens living in this crude age today. I will make a stand alone or not with out any violence to show the rest of the world that some victories can be won by mere words and knowledge. My friends the pen is mightier than the sword and with the blueprints left behind by some great leaders I think most of the hard work has been done don't you? You may or may not ever know who I am for the time being but I intend to make a beautiful contribution to our way of living that will be historic in itself. By the power of the words in our Declaration and the Constitution of the United States it is due time to speak out stand up and battle these injustices that occur to every american citizen who has been treated unjustly in their life. Together in the pursuit of happiness. Thank you
david garcia, washington pa 26 years old [06-28-2005]

Keith Clay, Lebanon, TN [06-28-2005]

I found this list to be very enlightening. There is very little information elsewhere of the signers.
Terry Ganzer, Chiago [06-28-2005]

is there really a map on the declaration of independence
william, Newport,Oregon age 15 [06-28-2005]

Thomas Nelson, Jr. is one of my ancestors. My great grandmother was a Nelson.
Tina Smith Sisco, Asheboro, NC [06-28-2005]

Thank you for the info on this site. Got interested due to Nat'l Treasure, want to know more for my 9 year old. Very informative, esp the Fun Facts.
Jeannie, Mississippi [06-28-2005]

Please don't forget to share that the declaration of independence is made from HEMP
John., Canada [06-28-2005]

Just think how important this document is,how many lives have been given to defend the declaration.We all should thankful and respectful of our forfathers.This is truely a great web site.
James Rickett, Knoxville Tn. 35 yrs old [06-28-2005]

This is a very educational site... I have just finished watching "National Treasure" and I am very interested in History and I want to Make it a Career one day maybe Thanks for all the information Casey
Casey, 12 years old [06-28-2005]

i memorized the bill of rights
Alicia, 13 years old [06-28-2005]

I am very interested in learning more about the declaration of Independance! National Treasure inspired me!
Jenn [06-28-2005]

Love the Declaration of Indepedence website!
Nathaniel Cowling, Arvada, Colorado; age 7 [06-28-2005]

I believe my ancestor (Lt. Daniel Vaughan)was involved in the Gaspee burning for the rightous reason of dislocating Sovereign rule from the New World ..I would love info. to a picture of him??
Edward Vaughan, 44yr. PN NZ Media (orig. Manch. UK) [06-28-2005]

your site was thought provoking and very enjoyable to peruise through. you should visit my site if you would like to discuss topics.
Alexander, alabama [06-28-2005]

Am reading David McCullough's "John Adams", an excellent account of our third president.
jerry comeau, highland, michigan [06-21-2005]

we beleive my family line is linked to thomas stone. i would like to find out more information and prove it..
KARIN STONE, nj [06-20-2005]

i am related to paul revere i think your history of that time is really neat
Preston King, related [06-20-2005]

How many of the signers of the Declaration of Independance were free maisons?
Preston King, richmond b.c. canada [06-20-2005]

Thank you for your site. Recently I read a piece on Samuel P. Chase (of OH in the mid 1800's) and confused him with Samuel Chase who signed the Declaration (Maryland). Was there any relationship?
Haviva Horvitz, Cincinnati, OH [06-20-2005]

sharing information with my prison ministry today.
tim bolynn, gastonia, nc 28056 [06-20-2005]

My thoughts are study it until you under stand it because the way were going today we will probably will have to use it again.
Bob Hasbargen [06-20-2005]

I am persuing a career in History and I loved this piece on the Declaration of Independance.
Jessi, Louisiana [06-20-2005]

is there really a map or code on the declaration of independence
Ashley Craig, lytle tx 10 [06-20-2005]

crystal [06-20-2005]

I love history but history hates me =(
Chris, usa [06-20-2005]

History is fascinating!
Joy, Wilmongton,De [06-20-2005]

A truely phenominal piece...
Matthew A. Pearson, Gaylord, Michigan [06-17-2005]

I trying to find out if I am directly related to George Clymer, the signer.
David B. Clymer IV, age 77, living in Georgia (Waleska) [06-17-2005]

I am very interested in us history and I haven't been able to find a website so I'm going to put you on my fave. list!
Lindsey Mcomber, Afton, WY. Age 13 [06-17-2005]

I am using a copy of the Declaration of Independence as part of our July 4th display at our church. It is sad that so many of us, including me, do not fully understand what really took place when this was written so long ago. I studied it in high school many, many years ago and can say that I have forgotten all of the text until I found your very informative website today. THANK YOU!
Bonita Baker [06-17-2005]

Iam not a american but i love amercian history.
tyler, Iam from N.B canada [06-17-2005]

i just watched a movie about the declaration of Indepandance and i wanted to know who signed the it.
Ericka, kentucky,10 [06-17-2005]

i found a copy of the declaration of independance in old papers from my grandmother. how do i find out if it is important to national archives?
carla hernandez [06-17-2005]

Just found my Husbands ancester Button Gwinnett was one of the sighners,wonderful, thrilled to bits,I hope that you American's remember that some of us British were,and still are against injustice against the ordinary people and that at the same time in history as the Declaration was signed the poor workers in the UK where living in awful conditions, but like your country we over came them without having to destroy the good things. Avery good website
Patricia, Yorkshire England [06-17-2005]

it is cool
jeremie, Ma [06-17-2005]

I am amazed at just looking at the declaration of independence is amazing i am hoping that our world turns around back to it's principles.
DENISE HARKNESS [06-17-2005]

Great Site!
Nykki Holton, Panaca, NV [06-17-2005]

why isn't there any stuff that the younger generation can understand ie me
anonymous [06-17-2005]

History has its fascinations. The Revolutionary war and the signers of the Declaration are of particular interest.
Rutledge St. George, Metairie, Louisiana [06-17-2005]

This is a very useful, as well as a very neat site, which I will certainly recommend to my family. Keep up the good work!
Kevin Brown, Sunnyvale, CA [06-14-2005]

the declaration of independence gives us good example of what we need to know. i really thought it was great ideato write it and have 54 people to sign it.
anonymous [06-14-2005]

Thank you. It's a great thing to re-visit one of the great cornerstones of our beautiful Nation.
Eric J. Szemple, Reisterstown, MD.......43 y/o [06-14-2005]

it was very educational and it allowed me to help my daughter understand it's meaning.
ALexandrianne Richardson [06-14-2005]

I like the Declaration of Indenpendence! Hi from Vermont!
Nicole Gratton, W. Charleston, Vermont [06-13-2005]

taylor [06-13-2005]

Very informative
Melissa, beaumont, TX [06-13-2005]

Good ol Thomas Jefferson. I'd like to see the Silence Dogood letters that Ben Franklin wrote. This site's way awesome and I really wanna go to those places that these events took place.
Jesse Lynn Cleveland, North Ogden, UT-age 16 [06-13-2005]

this is a cool websiter. Josiah Bartlet is one of my ancestors that signed the declaration
anonymous [06-13-2005]

As above
Eric and Miriam, I am a retired school teacher from England and now living in Jerusalem Israel. My wife is American and I have been granted a Green Card. We celebrated this occassion by staying a night at the Parker and taking the trolly tour round the town. We are in Lexington and Concord for the day. We spent a day at Plymouth "with the Pilgrim Fathers". It has been a most wonderful and refreshing few days away from the conflicts in the Middle East. Miriam and I have so appreciated your Bosonian hospitality. God Bless America. [06-13-2005]

anonymous [06-13-2005]

I believe that there is a map behind the declaration of independance.
Sophie, age 20 September 11th [06-13-2005]

Inever knew exactly what the decloratoin of independece said now I knew everything written in it thanks to your web sit.
breanna beckmann, 11 years old [06-13-2005]

james l huntington, voluntown,ct [06-13-2005]

Our Ancester's where in the Colonies at the time of the Signing.
Bryan W. Crowding, Collingdale, Pa. [06-13-2005]

The Declaration of Independence signifies our strength as a nation during trying times. When we as citizens find ourselves to be troubled by the government we are entitled and obligated to ensure that our government is in our best interest. This system of government has worked for over two-hundred years and I am proud to say that I am an American. Anther obligation as citizens is to preserve our history for generations to come. Historical documents and sites are priceless. To preserve these things would mean ensuring our future success.
Nathaniel, Pleasant Plains, IL which is 15 miles west of Abraham Lincoln's hometown of Springfield, IL. [06-13-2005]

anonymous, College Park, MD [06-13-2005]

I think that the Declaration of Independence is a VERY VAULEABLE piece of history.
Claudia, Fort Washington,11, [06-13-2005]

i love this site i made an A+ on my project thx to this site!
allen [06-13-2005]

It is really cool to see the deciaration.
Conor Harris, SanataFe [06-13-2005]

Very applicable today
William G. Hitchens Jr., Williamsport, Pa. [06-13-2005]

Direct descendant of John Hart, daughter of James Hart Morgan, orginally of Ossining, studies at Columbia, minister at St John the Divine. Interested in my relatives, especially if your name is Christopher. I came after you.
Elizabeth Morgan [06-13-2005]

Benjamin Rush is my great great great great great great grandfather. I am very proud of his work all though he was a little shallow and ignerant. I hope that every one appreciates his work along with the other fifty-five men's work of being our fathers of our country. Long live the United States of America!
Matt Rush, Rushville, Rush County, IN [06-13-2005]

Very informative site...It's very exciting to think that my sisters and I are direct decendents (close to verifying)to Robert Morris (signer of he Declaration of Independence) and who alone nearly financed the entire war against Great Britain!....Thanks for the information!
Ronnie Morris [06-13-2005]

i thought it was a good story the ones i read
rachel [06-13-2005]

historic history on documents
wesley kagan, westcleffe co. 81252 age 6 [06-13-2005]

anonymous, hi [06-13-2005]

great document
James Ku [06-13-2005]

wesley [06-10-2005]

This website is all I can imagine!
BRIANNA GARCIA, 8 [06-10-2005]

this iws a good website
ben [06-09-2005]

i think dis is a good way to lern thins bout our history n how it took place, dis site has got lots of info. bout every single event my teacher discussed in class n we has to lern i think this site shud b rated 8 out of 10:)
tara [06-09-2005]

I would like to learn more about the Silence Dogood letters that Benjamin Franklin wrote pretending to be a young widow.
Victoria, age: 12 [06-09-2005]

nice history website,I am amzaed
herh, 11 [06-09-2005]

yay declaration
Verity [06-09-2005]

Emily [06-09-2005]

hey this was very educational i used this for my bi
anonymous [06-09-2005]

Ryan, 14 Years Old [06-09-2005]

I love history class it`s my fave class in school!
gretchen, 13 [06-09-2005]

I just found out that Charles Carroll was my ancestor, pretty cool! Looking for more info on my history if any one has any please send.
Amy Bruyere(Carroll), Kenora Ontario [06-09-2005]

Well, does the 2 dollar bill have a symbol on it? Well, if it does could you tell were the symbol is located on the 2 dollar bill?
Ariel, Alsip, 24,60803 [06-09-2005]

I am 32 years old and never read this inportant document until now. Thank you for all the interesting facts. I will have my children read this as soon as possible. It is important to know what this country has gone through, so that we don't repeat the same mistakes. ALL HUMANS ARE CREATED EQUAL.
anonymous [06-09-2005]

jeremey the 3, 101 [06-09-2005]

iwould like to know some of the history about the morris' who signed the declaration of independence
robert m morris [06-09-2005]

U r great the hole thing is great! thanxs Ryan
Ryan, 24 [06-09-2005]

i like it
nicole, pawtuket age:12 [06-09-2005]

wow this site really helped me understand what the declaration realy ment. thankyou for this site and for the information that has helped me.
jacinta, 14 [06-08-2005]

This website really helped me expand my horizon in an way that i can't thank you guys enough. I got an A plus for my geography exam thanks to
Esra Dede, Amsterdam, Holland age: 15 [06-08-2005]

Donte, 11 [06-08-2005]

the decoration of idependence is a very history of life it has passed on for citureys. I think you should let us see it in real life in the coputer.
stephanie, los angles 32 [06-08-2005]

The Declaration. People don't write like that any more....
Wyatt, California [06-08-2005]

I have always been under the impression that G. Washington had signed the Declaration of Independence now that I look at the document I see he did not. Why is that? Also The movie National Treasure was a good movie however they mention that 55 people signed the declaration but I have counted over that on the document. Anyone know why that is?
Paul [06-08-2005]

This is an awesome site to find information, it defintely helped me a lot doing papers for homeschool classes :) thanks.
Molly, Maine, 16 years old [06-08-2005]

June 7th (2005) was the anniversary of the day Richard Hentry Lee introduced a resolution at the Congress in Philadelphia calling for a declaration of independence from Great Britain. (See timeline on on Declaration of Independence.)
Bob Park, Arlington, VA. [06-08-2005]

I deeply appreciate the literary genius in Thomas Jefferson. More Americans should take note of him in this regard
clara barrigher [06-08-2005]

thanks I love the information
rudy, ok 9years [06-08-2005]

there are hidden messages on the back!......i have been searching for years and Im close to finding the truth!...government,society,washington d.c....they know where and they are decieving everyone!
joyce [06-08-2005]

Brenna Walsh, Tigard,11 [06-08-2005]

This is a awsome website it helps me a lot!
Tanner, Puyallup,WA age:11 [06-08-2005]

Charles Doss [06-08-2005]

Very helpful for my coursework at the university. Thanks
V Miller, New Mexico [06-06-2005]

i like how you have all the signers an dpic.s of them
amanda bradley, spokane washington i'm 11 years old [06-06-2005]

It's incredible.
anonymous [06-06-2005]

I just wanted to find information about the declaration of independance and this site has provided me this
Tameka [06-06-2005]

Good information. Thank you.
Pam Anderson, Greenfield, Ohio age 54 [06-06-2005]

I've watched the movie National Treasure and I think it's great because you acuttally learn something.
Stephanie Mettala, age12 Cedar Park,TX [06-06-2005]

i really likie this place because whenever i need information for history i can just come here and i have all the information i need.
celine, age:12 [06-06-2005]

PEGGY BADDERS MORGAN, i am a direct decendant of abraham clark. thank you for this information about him. [06-06-2005]

i love this web site because it helped me learn a lot more but i think it would be cool to get a job and work were the declaration is displade because i now a lot about are history i just need to get older and try to get a job there but i should not try because my dreams never come true not even one.good bye
Elizabeth Hatley, colfax,age11 [06-06-2005]

this is a very interesting web site it gave me all the right information on the declaration of independence!
Brittney Sparks, La holla CA [06-05-2005]

This is the first time i have read this document,this is a great site.
ALVARO RAMIREZ [06-05-2005]

i thought this is the best site, also you had a lot of info of the decleration. thanks i a lot and i think the declartion is amzing
anonymous [06-05-2005]

This is a great website. I find it educational and interested all at the same time. It is also a great way for children to learn about this nation's history.
Dr. Cynthia M. Brady [06-05-2005]

the movie National Treasure really brought light to me just how important the declaration really is.
Scott Saia [06-05-2005]

I searched looking for information on the signers, as one of them is in my family. I know some info about my family member, but your site has given me additional information. Thank you.
Just call me Hatfield, somewhere in Indiana [06-05-2005]

I need to know who the main signers were
Katelyn [06-05-2005]

National Treasure movie triggered my interest to learning new things about history of the United States that I might have never come across otherwise. The Declaration document itself is of intricate value, but good intentions and timely to the cause it served, which mattered most, made people’s revelation of their own understanding of living and life pursuits to freedom and happiness.
Vitaly Tomilov, Vitaly Tomilov, age 29, Russia [06-04-2005]

I have the movie NATIONAL TREASURE.WhatI liked about the movie was because I learned tons of our history,and the movie was really funny.
Elizabeth(Lizzie)Kimmel, shermans dale,age 11 [06-04-2005]

From time to time it is important to remember our country's history.
charles ahrens, pa [06-04-2005]

Its amazing.
Eileen Smith, Orlando, Fl. 54 [06-03-2005]

I Believe the Time has passed.We the people need to raise our forefathers SPIRIT and live it in our Hearts....
Mark A Murphy, Hayden ID 43 [06-03-2005]

Today at school my teacher was talking about the Declaration of Independence
Steven, Canyon Country,11 yrs.old [06-03-2005]

this topic is the shizant!
Rebecca L. Schmidt, Streator I.L 11 [06-03-2005]

mckenzie [06-03-2005]

i have watched the movie NATIONAL TREASURE and i liked it because it included a lot of history and i love learning new things about the declaration
Jordyn [06-03-2005]

Douglad H. Timm, age 68, Huntington VT. [06-03-2005]

I think this document is facinating.
Earl E McDonald, 47 years old, Black American [06-03-2005]

This is a wonderful site! I love history; especicially American history. I enjoy all of this information about our grand nation very much.
Kelsey, Michigan [06-03-2005]

i think ny history is cool im learning about this
josie, 9 ny [06-03-2005]

chad [06-03-2005]

this is the bestest sight ever! i finally got my exam test finished. it took me 46 years! i luv u! come on uhuhuhuh
BOB SMITH, i am 59 years old from pennsylvania [06-03-2005]

when i was in school and my teachers had us do reports and papers on the declaration of independence i thought this was dumb since i had never seen it and didn't really know what it was about. but now that i have grown up and actually sat down and read it and i understand it, it is fascinating and it means so much more.i have seen the movie national treasure and until then i never really knew what was invovled with it and who wrote it and signed it and just how much preparation went into making it.this is one of those times in history that i think i would have liked to have been present.what an exciting event and wonderful document!
Carrie Hebden, portsmouth va [06-03-2005]

I thank you guys for having The Declaration of Independence and it's notes because it helped me understand it a lot better and it helped me write my paper for my College English class so once again thank you!
Nancy Hernandez, 18 years old [06-03-2005]

write me k bye
Dom M., Atlanta Georgia 12 y. [06-03-2005]

Is the Declaration of Independence on display currently? If so, where? I would like to take my family on an historical journey this summer.
Jim Manis, Cambria, IL [06-03-2005]

Albert McGrath [06-03-2005]

my teacher made me do a report on the congress. this web site helped tons. i strongly support it.
sam, millville, pennsylvania [06-03-2005]

Catherine Zeta- Jones, California, 31years [06-03-2005]

I found this website very useful!
Brett, 12 years old and am writing a book on the Decleration Of Independence [06-03-2005]

the declaration is awsome!
amy walraven, i love the movie national teasure [06-03-2005]

Dick Robins, North Augusta, SC [06-03-2005]

This sight looks like it will work really well for my project. Thanks!
Ashley Carter, 12 [06-03-2005]

I love reading The Declaration of Independence. I started becoming interested in these kinds of documents after seeing the feature film,National Treasure,which is the best movie in the whole world!
Samantha, age 11;NJ [06-03-2005]

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hi! i got realy good info on this site. Its realy helpfuly!:):):):):):):)
Briana Gagnon [06-03-2005]

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jennifer [06-03-2005]

was looking for Button Gwinnetts signature
richard gwinnett [06-03-2005]

brittany [06-03-2005]

Great Website.. I hope to take my family to the National Archives this year..2005 summary time.. Thanks for serving!
John Gavin Retired Military, Newark, NY., Age 55, Safety Professional, [06-03-2005]

I think thar is a map on the back of the Declaration of Independence
layton [06-03-2005]

This is the greatest website ever on the Declaration of Independence and other cool facts!
E.D. [06-03-2005]

I love the declaration of Independence. It is so important to our freedom. Thank you for having it online.
Thomas Jones, Hilliard, Oh 9 yrs old [06-03-2005]

Jacob Hicks, Rochester, NY [06-03-2005]

anonymous [06-03-2005]

My thoughts were to the movie, National Treasure.... There are 56 signatures on the Declaration not 55 as stated in the movie....or am I wrong? Descendent of John Adams.
anonymous, Chester, CT [06-03-2005]

This was an awsome site, I learned everything I need to learn about Robbert Morris. I'd also like to say---- "give me liberty, or give me death" :)
Bek, 11 years old [06-03-2005]

James A. Faubion, Austin, Tx. 4/21/76 [06-03-2005]

kersten [06-03-2005]

This is cool! But u need 2 put somewhere where we can ask questions!
Mallory, Mech.,11, i luv monkeys! [06-03-2005]

how do I get their info.
ricky morris, morris is my last name-2 morriss' were signers [06-03-2005]

kasey, 8 [06-03-2005]

michael [06-03-2005]

very interesting and educational
yasmin [06-03-2005]

Very inspiring. Very grateful.
William M. Freudiger, Cincinnati, Ohio age 71 [06-03-2005]

I am a huge american history fan, currently majoring in history. This website was extremely helpful in all my studies on this topic. Thank you!
Lisa, pa [06-03-2005]

some of the brightest men in the world wrote and signed the declaration of independence and I hope that I can be at least half as smart as them so I can some day inprove on this wonderful place that they so bravily and boledly risked their lives and their familys lives to create and protected!
anonymous [06-03-2005]

We must not forget!
anonymous [06-03-2005]

Loved the site. Enjoy the history and freedom we have in this country. Let us never forget where we come from and what it took to get us there.
Norma Eschberger, Houston Texas [06-03-2005]

WoW :)
Laura, 19 [06-03-2005]

savanna [06-03-2005]

haley [06-03-2005]

Marvelous...I can learn more about history in my spare time than I could ever learn in a classroom setting. We need a website like this for minnesota.
steve law, st paul, 48, three children [06-03-2005]

how many people signed the declaration of independence
hi, crowley [06-03-2005]

I was watching National Treasure the movie. That is how i became intrested in history.
Meredith, age 12 years old [06-03-2005]

Thought it was amazing to think I could be a descendent of someone that founded our nation. Hope to find out for certain some day.
Lisa Summers (Carroll), Arkansas [05-28-2005]

i love american history!
Michelle Ray [05-28-2005]

I hate history with a passion and i thought i would fail my final. but i didnt cuzza this site, thanx
Shanna, California, 15 [05-27-2005]

i love it
MATTHEW KIMBALL, rockcastle [05-27-2005]

May the whole world find the joys and freedoms we in America have had- God Bless the men and women of the armed services that have given so much of themselves that others may reap the benefits.
David K. Geren, Union Mills Indiana [05-27-2005]

ashley jones [05-27-2005]

when i was in school and my teachers had us do reports and papers on the declaration of independence i thought this was dumb since i had never seen it and didn't really know what it was about. but now that i have grown up and actually sat down and read it and i understand it, it is fascinating and it means so much more.i have seen the movie national treasure and until then i never really knew what was invovled with it and who wrote it and signed it and just how much preparation went into making it.this is one of those times in history that i think i would have liked to have been present.what an exciting event and wonderful document!
Carrie Hebden, portsmouth va [05-27-2005]

This is something that I think everyone old and young should get the opportunity to read and then have thoroughly explained to them. This document is something that means more than just what it says. If everyone took the time to read and follow this things would be so much smoother than it is.
carrie ayala-lugo, cheasapeke VA 25 [05-27-2005]

my teacher has the copy of the Decleration of idempndens. How did they find the real Decleration.
francisco [05-27-2005]

i think on the back of the declreation of independence there is a hiden map which will show where the treasure is.
dharmesh parmar [05-27-2005]

I have found this site exciting for me, as my great-grandfather, about four back, was, William Ellery,one of the Founding Fathers. I have learned even more about him now. Stories had come down through the family, but nowhere near the information that I have found through these web sites.
Norman Radley, 62yrs., from Virginia [05-27-2005]

Recently learned there might be a scholarship available for the first 3 of my children. Have just begun my research; quite exciting. I myself am directly descended from Clan Logan in the Highlands on Dad's side and a Lord Willoughby de Buque who accompanied William I to conquer England in 1066 during reign of Harold I. Much more inane info for those interested - email me.
Graham Logan, 3 children directly descended from Robert Morris through wife's mother's grandmother named Morris (Great, great, great, great, grandfather?) [05-26-2005]

It was a very neat sight, and I found everything I wanted to know about The Declaration of Independence.
Morgan Martin, 10 years old [05-26-2005]

As a greatgrandson of Ethan Allen, I have been interested in the Declaration of Independence for many years. Once had it committed to memory, but, alas, age has taken its toll.
Larry L. Reams, Berea, Ohio 44017 [05-26-2005]

safiyyah Malik, Richmond <10 [05-26-2005]

this website is really good i did'ent think that the declaration was real after watching national treasure
aimee mcmillan, stratford-upon-avon [05-26-2005]

clarence gosch, desendent o [05-26-2005]

anonymous [05-26-2005]

anonymous, Yucaipa [05-26-2005]

history interests me! especially this piece of it!
anonymous [05-26-2005]

great website i gotta good grade on my progect thanks!
jakki, 14 [05-26-2005]

i don't know a thing about the declaraton of independence well know a little about it but a lot and i have a project due so can you hep me e-mail me about this thank you yuridia
yuridia proffitt, benton harbor,MI 14 years old [05-26-2005]

I am studying to be a history teacher, and I found this site to be very informative and user friendly. A+!
Melissa, Cranston, RI [05-26-2005]

Hi, does anyone know if there is a stain on the floor of Independence Hall from the signing of the Declaration of Independence? And where can i find info on it? Thanks!
Steve [05-26-2005]

-very amazing. -truly powerful. -the true independence is within.
james, spencer,wv [05-26-2005]

I visited because I was checking the dates of when John Adams and Thomas Jefferson had died and was shocked to find out that they both died on the same day ...which is July 4,1826. I thought it was very interesting having been that they sacraficed so much to get the Declaration of Independence written and signed.
anonymous [05-26-2005]

i would really like to be president someday there should be woman presidents other than men that is all i want to say.
ashley, i am 11 years old [05-26-2005]

I love the stamp and clonaial stuff!
Ieshia, brooklyn,ct,11years old [05-26-2005]

Is declaration, the real document on display if so what days.thinking of flying over to see it. email back thanks Grimes
Jake Grimes, toronto age 14 [05-26-2005]

very informative
anonymous, age:11 [05-26-2005]

Excellent site
Christopher [05-26-2005]

History rules supreme! Nice site. :)
Kate, age 16, Alaska [05-26-2005]

I love john handcock
mary weather, baltamore 21 [05-26-2005]

I love learning about our founding fathers. This website was great, but it needed some personal things or inside jokes that the founding fathers had. Example: John Hancock's signature was the largest b/c he didn't want the king to put his glasses on to read it... stuff like that.
Demi, 16 yrs. [05-26-2005]

this helped me to finish my book report of "Who was Thomas Jefferson".
Tommy Lee, I am 8 years old, grade 3 of YMSCS in Taipei, Taiwan [05-26-2005]

WOW! I don't know what to say! this website is awesome! I am using it to study for my EXTREMELY DIFFICULT History Class
Alex Howells, Plano, Texas, 14 years old [05-26-2005]

Emily, I am 11 years old [05-26-2005]

I think it is awesome to see the Declaration Of Independance on line i also think that it is cool to have all this other informatio online. Are you going to put any other information on this website? Please E-mail me back if you are!
Hannah, Gastonia [05-26-2005]

I wonder if there is amap on the back of the Decleration
James [05-26-2005]

i think that this is a very good sight if u want to learn about the document and i realy lik the fact that 55 of our people thought like this at the time.
jako [05-26-2005]

Thank God. It was up to Mr. Jefferson and the signers to make the declaration. It's up to us to declare what we are up to that forwards this conversation and to cause it! Thank you for this web site. History, now that it's readily accessible to all, is much more interesting than the "edited" history books.
Mike Ryan, Sarasota [05-26-2005]

I felt a rush come over me as i stood in the doorway knowing that it all started here, our founding fathers once wrote the most important document known to man kind only feet away from where i was standing.
cory, Indianapolis,Indiana [05-26-2005]

most of the things i know about the declaration of independence i learned just know from a movie called national treasure. i have a question. Do you think that there is a kind of code on the back of the declaration of independence like in the movie?
Ang, 13 years old [05-26-2005]

irma breen [05-26-2005]

I was born in Philadelphia probably the most historic city by some, and live in another historic area, Richmond Virginia. I feel honored knowing that my home town played a HUGE role shaping this country. More Americans should not take the history of our country for granted. Learn more about our beautiful country. History is everywhere.
Michael Cangelosi, 35 5th grade teacher in Henrico County, Richmond, Va. [05-26-2005]

I am seeking to learn about the Declaration as a help to me in my volunteer role as a docent at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in Simi Valley, California. At the museum, we have one of the 30 remaining copies in existence of the 200 Stone Declarations which were printed on Parchment in 1820. I am greatly enjoying telling visitors to President Reagan's wonderful museum about our nations birth, the Founding Fathers, the 40 Presidents and President Reagan's remarkable life! I urge all people of America and the world who visit southern California to come and visit Presidnt Reagan's museum. There is no other like it!
J. Devereaux Leahy, I am a 78 year-old American citizen, living in Ventura, California, having retired in 1984 from a 30 year final phase of my working career as a test & research engineer and Marketing Manager on the Apollo and Space Shuttle programs at the Rockwell Space Division in Downey, CA. [05-26-2005]

Tre, Brigeport [05-26-2005]

IThink the declaration of indpendence.I also thik that there should be a place on this webite where people can type the thing they want to know more about this document.
Molly Schmidt, 9 [05-26-2005]

I am so grateful for this document of freedom, as it allows my family and me to live freely in our country. I have researched Samuel Chase (signer for Maryland) and have connected him to our family, as my father's name is Samuel Hotene Tuatea CHASE - named after his forebears.
Marion Chase-Seymour, Hamilton, New Zealand [05-26-2005]

this was a cool website it helped a lot!
vicky,, sandpoint idaho, USA (age 14) [05-26-2005]

The "declaration" is arguably the most important document in the history of mankind. It unequivocally pronounces the right, which all human beings are born with, to seek freedom from oppresive governmental entities by altering it. To all who read this...I implore you...excercise your right to vote...this is how we keep our government from becoming what our founding fathers fought to free us from.
James Marshall Hannum, Age 50...Wyoming [05-26-2005]

No doubt that the Declaration of Independence is sacred to Americans !
Said Ait Baidouss, Rotterdam,Netherlands,24 years young [05-26-2005]

Keegan Jones [05-26-2005]

I would like to see a picture of the Declaration of Independence
ygttyftr, 18 years old [05-26-2005]

I just watched a movie about it and now I am very interested! Thank You
devon [05-26-2005]

we live in the most blessed country of this world. i think we would all be the better for it by requiring a class in u.s. history which studied all the material on this web site for grade, middle and high schoolers. three classes during 12 years of study would make a great difference in the social fabric of our contemporary culture.
LINDA DOWLING, fidalgo island, usa [05-26-2005]

this is a very hitoric site in wich we shold be proud.
abbie [05-26-2005]

yo thats tight
anonymous, i'm aboy [05-26-2005]

We are installing a marker at the grave site of Oliver Wolcott on July 4th, 2005 in Litchfield, CT. Any and all descendants are encouraged to contact me if you think you might want to do teh unveiling. Alice
Alice Ridgway, Litchfield, Ct [05-26-2005]

Great website! God Bless America!
anonymous, Seattle, WA; 36 yrs old [05-26-2005]

I found the site most interesting! As my grgrgrgrandfathers had the father of our country (George Washington) stay at his home in Haverstraw NY, also he and 3 of his brothers were in the revolution!....My Mothers Family also Fought in the Revolution!...I guess that makes me a daughter of the American revolution!
Janna Parker-VanAuken [05-26-2005]

I go to Thomas Paine .
Anonnymous [05-26-2005]

I think the Declaration of Independence is cool.
Nathan John Pobuda, Tucson,AZ 15 years old birthday 3/5/90 [05-26-2005]

I have decided to learn about the Declaration of Independence over my summer vacation after watching National Treasure.
Zachary Vicario, Orlando, FL age: 10 [05-26-2005]

i think history is very cool faleisha 13 la cali
faleisha reese [05-26-2005]

My class is currently studying the American Revolution, and we watch Liberty's Kids almost every day (taped). I honestly never knew that the Declaration of Independence had the words "IN CONGRESS" at the top. We also had to memorize: "We hold these Truths to be Self-Evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are Endowed be their Creator (God) with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness." Hahaha, I have a good memory. READ BOOKS ON THE REVOLUTION! I've read a lot of them- they are very good, and well written (at least that's a writer's opinion :])!
Meredith Bird, Dove Canyon, CA, 10 years old [05-26-2005]

I like yopur web site
cheyenne, or [05-25-2005]

Thanks, my class is studing the revolution.The reason why I looked this up is because we got thiss cool assiment where you declare your independence from your classmates. (For punishment)
Matt Tosino [05-25-2005]

Ryan Densley, Richmond,VA 10 years old [05-25-2005]

steven [05-25-2005]

i got an A+ on this project for class. I used this website and it had all the info i needed
allison burnish [05-25-2005]

Dave Wittenburg, Abingdon,MD. 21009 [05-25-2005]

I love the Declaration.I Would like to learn more about it.
Samantha, 10 [05-25-2005]

your website sure helps. i am doing a report in the 5th grade. thank you. you have shared useful info! i know i'll get an a+. well, good bye!
RANDI, i am 10. i am animal lover. [05-25-2005]

Heyy......Well in social studies my class and I are picking people form the social studies book and i got Patrick Henry!
anonymous [05-25-2005]

anonymous [05-25-2005]

i know that the founding fathers conspiracy is real because iv had some masons in my family. im never allowed to tell anybody though :\ which sucks becasue i want to tell my friends. i think its really cool.
anonymous [05-25-2005]

when did the rough draft get done
anonymous [05-25-2005]

Does any1 know the date of the Intolerable acts being issiued I know it was in 1774 but what day and month?
someone, no [05-25-2005]

thanks for the information about the declaration of independence.
andrew [05-25-2005]

Ever since i saw the movie national treasure i wanted to learn about the decleration of indapendence i think its intresting.
anonymous [05-25-2005]

I Like learning about HISTORY!
KYLIE, I am 5 years old [05-25-2005]

i want to be in it.
Abbey, 30114 [05-25-2005]

How was The Declortion OF Indepence.
anonymous [05-25-2005]

I want to know what you gues did in the Dec Of Independce. k... k tell me i need to know because if you do not tell me i well get a bad scor.
anonymous [05-25-2005]

My dad recently rented National Treasure and ever since I saw it I have been very interested in the Declaration and it's signers. I love researching the Liberty Bell and I hope I one day work at Independence Hall. My dad is taking my mom, me, and my siblings to Washington D.C. this summer and we will tour the White House, see the original Declaration of Independence, and of course meet the President and First Lady. Thanks so much for making a great website.
Madison Endleton [05-25-2005]

Charles Carroll of Carrollton was my ansester!i watched the movie National Treasurer and he is a big part in the story! ! i did reasearch on the internet and he Was a Singer of the Declaration of Independence!
Rebecca, hi! [05-25-2005]

america change the world
jannyunn [05-25-2005]

This site got me so interested in history now that I've watched National Treasure and learning{now ending} about The American Revolution and the Declaration of Indepence! Others are: the Continental army and Congress, the Liberty bell, our founding fathers, and the representatives of the 13 colonies who have signed the Declaration of Independence. Now I know what it actually stands for! I'll probably know more since I'm going to sixth grade! {I'm 11 years old.}
Nicole Rebosura, Sacramento, California [05-25-2005]

I really like this page
Jess, 11 Des Moines [05-25-2005]

I think it is cool to see the declaration of independence
Ean Miles, Higdon, Al 9 yrs [05-25-2005]

This site is a gay (happy) site to learn and is fun!
aubern [05-25-2005]

ok this is the best sight ever i love it to death, it has helped me through all my troubles and i love it! xox
nicole [05-25-2005]

Patricia [05-25-2005]

I personly think your web site is.......AWSOME!
Asia Hunter, 339-3881 south holland I. L. [05-25-2005]

what life was like for Patrick Henry. and what important things did Patrick Henry accomplished
Tanya Duque, Brigantine age ''11'' [05-25-2005]

silence Dogood
anonymous [05-25-2005]

I like this website a lot. It's awesome. I use this website for school history and other stuff. It's fun to just read the Declaration text.
Maddie Endleton [05-25-2005]

just wanted to say thanks for this website. its a great place to learn more of the declaration that was given to us and a great place to learn more of the history of it.
mark, duluth, ga. 29 [05-25-2005]

Henry McClendon, Belleville, NJ/Alexandria VA [05-25-2005]

roxy [05-25-2005]

J'ai beaucoup apprécié ce site, merci.
Seb [05-25-2005]

Great Site, full of our nations history.
Ryan Smith [05-25-2005]

hih [05-25-2005]

Joni [05-25-2005]

this is an awesome website. it sould be seen in all history classes. wish this was around when i was in school
jenn, 5times great grand daughter of John Hart [05-25-2005]

My interest occured after watching The National Treasure. I am shocked at how this document has been preserved and kept for 200 yrs. Where was it kept? The National Archives Buliding has not always existed. Whos had it all this time?
charity nichole taylor, holcomb,MS 38940 [05-25-2005]

This sight is very educational and helpful for school purposes! I learned a lot about the Declaration of Independance!
Haley, 13 [05-25-2005]

This really bores me...I just have to do it for school. I am only looking it up so I can get a horse...haha s boring.
Taylor [05-25-2005]

This is the best site ever it gives great detail
Jos [05-25-2005]

homedawg, gizz_niss [05-25-2005]

i pledge alleigance to the flag, and the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under canada and above mexico, very visible, with liberty and justice for all. AMEN!
Bree, the huge city of zillah washington [05-25-2005]

hello my name is raquel i want to say hi to you s0o0o0o0o..... hi now good bye see you later.....!1
Raquel Smith, i live in discovery bay [05-25-2005]

i think that u r a great man i am doin a report about u and i am 11 my brithday is may 27 i have a lot of nice friends like hope my best friend and so on and so on! well i got 2 rap this up so by! ur friend ashlee
ashlee rister, i live in discovery bay [05-25-2005]

Hey, this was pretty cool.I'v learned things i never even knew about.
Khaled, Mississauga, Ontario [05-25-2005]

I believe the deciaration of independence is the most important thing that is in america.
Lee Lytle, Walla Walla Washington, 14 years old [05-25-2005]

anonymous [05-25-2005]

Alex Wolhart, Sartell, Minnesota 11 years old 5th grade [05-25-2005]

alot of information
Ty, Indianapolis, 11 [05-25-2005]

i am studiing the declaration of independence and i think it is interesting i am wanting more info on john hancock sent to me at my email
Felicia Cole, age 14 live in alma georgia homeschooled [05-25-2005]

I was truly amazed by the movie "National Treasure." I came to your site to look up a name mentioned in the film. Charles Caroll of Carolton. Truly intereseting!
Travis, Saint Charles, MO [05-25-2005]

There is a map in the back i did research.
Sheena Voboril, Wahoo,Ne [05-25-2005]

Hannah [05-25-2005]

I think it was great you wrote the declaration of independence
chloe elane lopez, 8yrs TEXAS [05-25-2005]

i never liked history but once i had to do a book report about the declaration of independence and found this site now i am so intrested and want to see the real declaration of independence!
ashleey, 14, salt lake city [05-25-2005]

Exellant website shame about the king of great britain (in which i must apologise for)
Rob, England [05-25-2005]

Thomas M. Choate, Franklin, Ohio [05-25-2005]

anonymous [05-25-2005] was a great place for info. on history.
anonymous [05-25-2005]

Yanira Cornejo, Palmdale, ca [05-25-2005]

Ryan Hyde, 10 Morgoton NC [05-25-2005]

I just watched National Tresure and I was just seeing things about it
Josh Keys [05-25-2005]

when I walched National Treasure I became interested in this site.And probible no map on the you.
Annelies van Reijn [05-25-2005]

Tony Declaration, whre is the Declaration
Emily, 12 MN Bagley [05-25-2005]

I think that it the declaration of Independence is alsoum!
Maride cavez, 34;Los Lunas,New Mexico [05-25-2005]

i think John Hanncock has or should i say had the best signature in the whole entire world froever and always. And most of the people who sined the Declaration of independence were ugly!1 Please answer me Thankyou!1
Bria, 12years old [05-25-2005]

I had to do research on John Hancock. Is his REAL name Jonathan? What is his middle name? Tell me this and it would've helped! gosh!
just call me R, I love Monkeys [05-25-2005]

this is an informal website
anonymous [05-25-2005]

haley [05-25-2005]

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NOeLia, Spring [05-25-2005]

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yovani, coconut creek 13 [05-25-2005]

I feel that this website is very informative and insightful for the goals that the Declaration has been made for. Great job for this website!
Reyes Hernandez, La Junta, Colorado, [05-25-2005]

Julie [05-25-2005]

I think the declaration of indepindence was the best thing to be born because we should be all created equal in our world.
anonymous [05-25-2005]

Very good information for book reports.
Mark Staley, Chesapeake, Va [05-25-2005]

eleasia ball [05-25-2005]

Nour Rabah [05-25-2005]

This site is really cool. I love learning about our nations history. It';s really coola nd it makes you really think about what we have today. oh, I also started getting more and more interested into our past after watching National Treasure.
Ellyse, 13yrs. old [05-25-2005]

I feel, as an American citizen, that there may be more to the story of the Declaration of Independence, but to everyone...GET INVOLVED! Learn about our Founding Fathers, read the Declaration of Independence, learn more! There is SOO much history... everyone needs a piece.
Kelsey [05-14-2005]

Ever since I saw National Treasure(the new movie) I have learnd a lot about The Liberty Bell "very interesting stuff" I would enjoy learning a lot more about our past history, if there was lots' more info on it. This stuff is realy cool, but when I tell all my friends about what I have learned they all look at me wierd. My mom says that i'm a lot different than most of the kids my age, because I'm interested in that kind of stuff. But I have realized that I'm a lot different in a whole lot of ways. Not only the kind of stuff I love to learn about. But who I am. So far today I have learned that Thomas Jefferson wrote The Decloration of Independence. Thats the first time I knew exactly who wrote it; I thought it was some guy that diddent mean to write such an amazing document. Thank you so much for your help; heck you might just see me working at Independence Hall in the future. Thanks Again.
Katrina Nicole Shmidl [05-14-2005]

I find the Constitution and the Decleration of Independance interesting. So much information, pages and pages of literature, and pictures, This site is awsome. Thank you Sincerely, Marie Panuco
Marie, Fresno, California [05-14-2005]

i really want to see the actual declaration
mary, i am 10 years old [05-14-2005]

Cool to see a lot of informantion on our famous ancestor.
Roger Sherman's descendant, Illinois [05-14-2005]

Danielle, city:houston age:8 [05-13-2005]

I think this website is very cool
eli, 13 years old [05-13-2005]

I think that your site is a great place to learn
richard baas 11, milwaukee age 10 [05-13-2005]

This website is very good.
anonymous [05-13-2005]

Excellent resource! I saw the Declaration of Independence document up close.
Anna Persson [05-13-2005]

i believe this website is exciting because it really helped me on my project
darnisha guillory, 13years old [05-13-2005]

Sean Squires, 16 [05-13-2005]

anonymous, charlotte [05-13-2005]

cassey, greenwwod,IN [05-13-2005]

The declaration of Independence is big documet.Thank for make a wed site
Nicole Cash, 12 [05-13-2005]

i like this site! look at frances hopkinson for signing the declaraction! he's my 4 times great grandfather!(according to my dad of corse) lov ya'll!
dee dee [05-13-2005]

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lcp, w. bloomfield [05-13-2005]

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monny [05-13-2005]

why do we need the declarartion of independece? what did it do for us? how can it help us today? Who all signed the declaration of independence? can i have a list of who all signed? thank you for answing my questions
Misty [05-13-2005]

it is awesome i never knew this much about the declaration of independence thank you i love this site
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I am a history buff and this is a great resource for people like me. By the way, this definitely brings the movie "National Treasure" to my attention. Great movie by the way.
Chassie, Texas, 23 yrs. old [05-13-2005]

I am glad that America is now free because we are not under control under the British powers and we are free to do what we want to do and what we think is right to do.
Halli Rosin [05-11-2005]

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I mas wundering if in the moive NATIONAL TREASURE did realy lel them see the declaration.
Zachary Brickhouse, newportnews,VA,age 9 years old [05-11-2005]

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ROB WEST, denver,co 37yrs [05-11-2005]

I noted there was no Biography for William Williams, perhaps that information was being updated, if requested I would supply information recently received. Thankyou, Raaen McLean
Raaen Barclay McLean, Decendent of William Williams [05-11-2005]

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Sarah, Denver [05-11-2005]

Great site. I am proud to be a citizen of the United States of America!
Chris Wells, 37 South Carolina [05-09-2005]

I would like to know what number was Lewis Morris and Robert Morris in the signing. Like 20th 14th what number were they.
Darren Morris, city,manton age,14 [05-09-2005]

i think your website is neat.i love the declaration of independence.i will come back soon.
tyler trent [05-09-2005]

These are the times that try men's souls..... We should follow the thoughts of Thomas Paine in our fight against terrorism. Liberal-leftists do not agree with this thought.
Adam Betz, Tecumseh, MI US Marine [05-09-2005]

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I really enjoy the time of the Revolutionary War. One of my four-fathers signed the declaration and i'm just so amazed that men at that time fought the way that they did to give freedom to their country. i love the website. it provides so much information and is so thrilling to learn about.
Krista Witherspoon, I'm 16 yrs old and i live in IL, USA. [05-09-2005]

I watched the movie "National Treasure" I learned a lot about The Declaration of Independence. The movie was awesome. I liked all the things about the declaration.
Catie Kimes, Buffalo,Iowa 11 Years old [05-09-2005]

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Anna, Dallas N.C. [05-09-2005]

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government! Stop illegal aliens Stop activtist judges
Bruce Allen [05-05-2005]

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Luis Salazar, san diego [05-05-2005]

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William Floyd is my descendent. As well as Thomas Nelson Jr. who also signed the Decloration of Independence. Mr. Floyd can be traced directly to my 92 year old grandmother as her maiden name is Floyd. Her name is Margaret (Floyd) Collins. As for Thomas Nelson Jr. I am sorry to say his linage is more difficult to trace, but I have been told he is my descendent
Michael Gruber, Marysville, PA 49 [05-05-2005]

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who were the men in congress besides thomas jefferson chosen to write the declaration of independence?
eleena [05-05-2005]

Hello, I'm from Germany. It is right that George Washington not signed the Declaration?
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David Walter, Mönchengladbach / Germany [05-05-2005]

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Freeman Chan, Hong Kong [05-05-2005]

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I was always told we wre related to Richard Stockton, but I did not beleive it until I saw a picture of him. My Dad and Richard Stockton look so much alike it is scary.
Mary, My dad is related to Richard Stockton [04-28-2005]

What was Richard Henry Lee? Loyalist, Patroit, or Neutral
Tiffany, Alpena [04-28-2005]

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Allie [04-25-2005]

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pryscilla johnston, city:jax state:florida age:13 [04-25-2005]

The constitution is beautifully and bravely written. although it is of great historical significance, it is also timeless, charging each generation of americans with the duty to be ever vigilant to oppose any future tyrannical government that may rear its ugly head.
Cathy KIrby, age 44, augusta, GA [04-25-2005]

I have a 4 page copy of The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States Of America along with the Congrefs of the United States and the Virginia In Convention May the 15,1776. They are on a brown type paper. I have been trying to find out when this copy was made.If you have any information on them,please let me know. Thank You Grace.
Grace Lee Cooper [04-25-2005]

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This is a two-fold inquiry. 1)To finally read the entire text, 2) To make sure that a distant cousin did sign the Declaration. Benjamin Harrison, grand & great grandfather of the two presidents.
Tim Echternach, Columbia, MO [04-25-2005]

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Breanna H., Toledo OR 11 [04-25-2005]

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I really enjoy learning about the Declaration Of Independence and the people that started this wonderful country that I proudly call my home.
Jenny Ratvasky [04-25-2005]

Samuel Chase is one of my very very good friends ancestors and when she told me i was shocked and suprised.Also John Witherspoon was Reese itherspoon's ancestor
Cole [04-25-2005]

This website is tottally prepareing me for TCAPS!
Kinsey, 9 [04-25-2005]

as 6th generation grand-daughter of William Hooper--I find that you are missing some information that I have been told in the over 77 years of my life about his home--2 different burials and where.
Evelyn L. ambrogini [04-25-2005]

i was wondering-- what time of day was the declaration signed ???? thanks
melissa kirk [04-25-2005]

Awesome site. Loved it
anonymous [04-25-2005]

After the Bible, the most important document in history. Consequences to world history, since inception, are monumental.We pray that USA will live up to these ideals.
Ted Karwowski, Free-lance writer living in UK [04-25-2005]

I have always climed Richard Stockton as a distant relative.
Ellen Stockton [04-25-2005]

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Franziska, age 10 [04-12-2005]

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billy smith, Mansfield [04-11-2005]

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Mark John, Detroit, MI. 24 years of age. [04-11-2005]

i think the declairation of independance is very interesting to learn about
brittni [04-11-2005]

I am related to John Morton
Taylor Morton, my Dad was named after John Morton [04-11-2005]

I love this website because I am learning about The Declaration of Independence and it is good to know more of what i am learning.
patty, Essexville [04-11-2005]

I like this site and now I know the people who signed the Declaration of Independence and the timeline helps me do my prject. I hope that your site will stay so that I can write the whole Declaration of Indepencs myself in about a mothe or so. I also would that all of the people who made this site have more interesting facts about more stuff in the future.
Isaac, 11 [04-11-2005]

i think that it is great that i can hear from other people that r realted 2 charles carroll of carrollton if there is any relatives that want 2 contact me my email is!
Kelsey Taylor Brandt, 13 Albuquerque,New Mexico but moving to San Antonio, Tx [04-11-2005]

tamara [04-11-2005]

i need to know what lang.s he wrote in for my [report
Nat(alie) [04-11-2005]

glad to see this site. Benjamin Rush was one signer in my family tree... i think there are others. Rather amazing what they endured, and how we take it for granted.
Lydia, Atlanta, 45, mom [04-11-2005]

I am tracing geneology of my mother's family. Her great grandmother Mary witherspoon is related to John Witherspoon and I am reading everything that will link me with family information.
Lillian Ramona Spencer [04-11-2005]

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cassidy, penn state [04-08-2005]

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I am constructing copies of the Declaration of Independence, a copy accompanied by the printed version and Jefferson's story of the Declaration. In addition, I will include a copy of a speech given by Rush Linbaugh's father describing lives the signers of the signers of the Declaration, "Our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor". To be presented to each of my Grandchildren with the admonishment to always remember what our Founders gave for their belief in liberty for us all!
Frazier Allen, Leawood, Ks 66209 [04-08-2005]

im cool and this website rocks
kyle, 10 years old city AZ [04-08-2005]

i am doing a report for school on john hancock and the information i found on your web site was very helpful
gabe, orlando,fl [04-08-2005]

good site!
dairian [04-08-2005]

Im doing a science project on Samuel Chase and I cant find any information on him signing the Declaration of Independence
kayla, 13 [04-07-2005]

lyman hall was my relative!
anonymous [04-07-2005]

Doesnt have enough information
anonymous [04-07-2005]

Yazzy [04-07-2005]

you have a good website
chelsie, tulsa,ok [04-07-2005]

i am cool
joshua [04-07-2005]

Francis Lewis, who was a signer, is an ancestor of mine. Happy to see info on ALL the signers. Would like more.
Tara Smith [04-07-2005]

I just got back from a mission trip in India and now I realize how nice it is to live in a free country.
Brynn Handlon, I am an American, and I am 11 years old has of December 12, 2004. [04-07-2005]

kaylee [04-07-2005]

I am 8 years old and i thought that it was very cool.
Xavior [04-07-2005]

this reali helped me but i still cant find y thomas nelson jr signed the doi
kmac was here, im 13 and a half [04-07-2005]

Thank You
Latia [04-07-2005]

Really interessting site. I especially liked the chronology of events page. It helped me a lot with my school-project about the declaration. Thanks! :)
Halvor Sřrhus, Haugesund, Norway. 17 [04-07-2005]

Thank you so much for this program.
Brenton [04-07-2005]

thanks for your help. i learnd a lot!
Anna, I live in Atlanta, Georgia and im 12 years old. [04-07-2005]

you need more info about the civil war
Justin, 14 [04-05-2005]

Hi I thought that was Very good THANK YOU MAKING THIS WEB SITE
Bettina [04-05-2005]

Hi I think you should put that Jhon Hancock Wrote his Nanme the biggest because he did not want the king to have to put his glass on. And That Sometines we call Signertures Hancocks bedcause of that We Thank him .
Stephanie [04-05-2005]

9 out of 10 stars.
me, 10 years old [04-05-2005]

What is the Declaration of Independence
Bob Smith, Elgin [04-05-2005]

carla aman [04-05-2005]

christina, sjtykudtk [04-05-2005]

I noticed that on the original portrait on the left side there is a party of 5 men standing, however, on the two dollar bill someone has added another face after the first two.
Derrick Regnier, Rancho Cucamonga [04-04-2005]

the war was cool
anonymous [04-03-2005]

what if we dident make the declaration i mean would our courntry be as free as it is now?...and i think that the rules should be more stricter because a lot of people arent applying to them...but i guss thats there right to do...
amber [04-03-2005]

hey! this website helped me to get an A+ my "James Otis" project. But i do think that you coul dmake the context more kid frendly.
yoggeee bear [04-03-2005]

corinne [04-03-2005]

After watching the film, National Treasure, it got me interested in all of the history which is around us all. Normally, i would pass on learning about something that involves history, but being interested I went through sites and this one is the best. I really wanted to know more about the Declaration of Independance, and this site gave me everything i wanted. Thank you for the history. I'll visit angain soon.
Martin, Stockton, CA, age 14 [04-03-2005]

I am a descendant of William Henry Harrison.
Paul B. Hale, Kennewick. WA [04-03-2005]

this site is totally wicked cool
anonymous [04-03-2005]

Heard the Reids were related to one of the Virginia signers and attempting to verify. So far Not related!
Dwaine Reid, Albany, Oregon, 65, Retire teacher [04-02-2005]

They helped me with a project
Vanessa [04-02-2005]

luke [04-02-2005]

jk [04-01-2005]

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