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2004 Declaration Guestbook Entries: October-December

you're site rox, especially for school projects thanx 4 all the help
anonymous, 12 [12-29-2004]

this site helps me with my home work and it also educates me with my istory and about famous people who made america what it is today. this site is cool
Tatiana, Chicago [12-29-2004]

i think that the declaration of independance i a big part of our life because if it wasn't one, then me might not have a lot of rights
Tatiana, Chicago [12-29-2004]

I would like to find more pictures of my ancestors, but have had no luck with the online genaeological societies. This site has the only picture of Robert that I have ever found. thank you.
Ted Wesley Morris, 7nth Grandson Robert Morris' Brother Richard [12-29-2004]

Has it been confirmed if there really is a map on the back of the Declaration of Independence?
Samantha, Granite Falls [12-29-2004]

My son is studying The Declaration Of Independence. I agree with him on the fact we are taking God out of our schools and putting guns and violence in His place. I,m sure the signers of the Declaration did not have this intention.God Bless the U.S.A.and all who serve to make this a better world.
jacquie, Illinois [12-29-2004]

We thought that this site was awesome to work on for our project. It carries a lot of information.
Heather and Katie, grade 7 [12-29-2004]

i really wat to learn more about the Declaration
RJ Dilloway [12-29-2004]

Just one question. Is the movie "National Treasure" true.Did you lend the original copy of the Declaration of Independence to the them?
Elizabeth, Singapore, 11 [12-29-2004]

We are having a contest with another family to see which family can memorize it first. Anybody want to join us?
Ronda Wolf, Arizona [12-29-2004]

Sheila Davis, Midland, TX [12-29-2004]

Need some advice my wifes grandfather past away and left her some documents, I went threw them and it was old paper almost crumbled to the touch and what it looked like the same document on this web site of the Declaration of the thirteen state,and also what it looked like a call to arms from General Washington,any ideas on what to do and who to contact about this,any ideas would be very appreciated. Thank you chuck
Chuck Amerio, Maui, HI [12-28-2004]

First time ever reading complete document, and it sent chills through me, for I have the advantage of knowing what came after the signing, and the signers did not know, at the time of the signing.
Duane Metheny, Dallas, Tx. Old [12-28-2004]

i found a copy of the decleration and want to know how old it is.
duke [12-28-2004]

The American revolution was the light of humanity. We must realize the values that the Declaration of Indipendence asserts.
Carmine Calvosa, Arcore Italy 49 years old [12-28-2004]

Nina, Columbus Tx,13yearsold [12-28-2004]

I think that the decleration of independence was the gettest thing in George Read's time.
Tiffany [12-28-2004]

I have to admit finding this site was sparked be watching the movie "National Treasure". I do wish there had been more time spent in my years in school (15 total) on our history and less on PE and sports and clubs. I would have read the entire Declaration both my 43 birthday. It is not to late to teach our children to appriecate the freedoms that we take for granted. American History should be and should have always been more imporant to teach than any sport or club. Thanks for this site.
DeAnn Rimes [12-28-2004]

i would like emails regarding information on political issues. this is for my civics class.
Bolita, the OC [12-28-2004]

great website for research!
Erin Gollaher [12-28-2004]

just looking
Sarah [12-28-2004]

I think that your site is very helpfull, Thank you!
Hannah, Tukwila, WA [12-28-2004]

sweet site humans. Peace out
Jaclyn Ellis [12-28-2004]

Nadia [12-28-2004]

i think that we shouldnt have partys (democrats and republicans) because most of the people who vote republican are democrat. you should be voting on opinion not on party. so everyone just votes for the republican..and its not right.
whittney, 14 years old [12-28-2004]

my friends call me Harry. I enjoy looking up history. I find this site very intresting. Keep up the good work scout!
Harold Cox, (8 years old [12-28-2004]

WoW ThIs SiTe Is So HeLpFuL! I'M WoRkInG On ThE TeA Act And it is fun!
LiL AnGeL BeBe [12-28-2004]

i thought that this was a great way to lean about american history! keep it up!
greg, 44 [12-28-2004]

poly, salt lake city, utah [12-28-2004]

Your site is not helpfull I cant find any info the way this is set up I would change it if I was you
Hattie, Iowa 13 online test [12-28-2004]

i have no friends as all and i have no life thats why i am on this site
Killa K, im a looser and i have no friends [12-28-2004]

Branden DaLy, 13 living in Philla., PA [12-28-2004]

Like many of us out there we have been told that we are related to Charles Carroll of Carrollton, John Hancock, John Adams or Thomas Jefferson. However, I haven't found my proof yet and was wondering if Charles Carroll of Carrollton had a daughter by the name of Susan "Sally" Carroll who married a man by the name of Hardy Bloodworth in about 1809 in Alabama. Susan was born in 1789 in Georgia (who her mother was is beyond me) and she died in 1871 in Jefferson Co. Iowa. She is related to me through my Lockridge lineage and I would love to know more about her if anyone has any information that they would like to share with me. Thank you very much.
Melody Roswell [12-28-2004]

This site helped me out a lot on my project,I would recomend it to any of my frends.
Jonathan hernandez, 13,years old [12-28-2004]

I was curious about Arthur Middleton. I just purchased my home last year and discovered that it is on property that once was part of Arthur Middleton's plantation home, my street name is Middleton Drive. Also there is a mistake concenrning the year of his death, there are 2 different years listed, which one is correct. Thanks
Victoria Rivera, Goose Creek S.C> [12-28-2004]

Victoria Rivera, Goose Creek S.C. [12-22-2004]

My son is Christian Wilson 8 yrs. old. His comments are "I think it is very fascinating I would like to learn more about it."
Christian Wilson, San Jose, Ca. [12-22-2004]

James Smith [12-22-2004]

hattie Buikema [12-22-2004]

hey.. social studies ROCKS! hah.. sssssiiiiiikkkkkkkeeeeeeee!
anonymous [12-22-2004]

WOW! thank you so much! You helped me so much with my project! Thank you so much!
Froggyrl88, 13 yrs old [12-22-2004]

cool websiteeeeeeeeeeeee
Juliet, newark,10 [12-22-2004]

Linda E. Call, Abingdon, Va 24211 [12-22-2004]

the most interesting observation i have to make, is that all the signatures of the signers are legible.
alfred a. cimerol sr., lehighton, pennsylvania, 70 years old [12-20-2004]

I was trying to find information that was given by this cite and it did the job. Thanks for creating a history cite where you can find fascinating facts.
M. Scovens, Baltimore, Maryland [12-20-2004]

ashley, . [12-20-2004]

Oliver Wolcott, Signer from Connuticut, is an ancestor of mine and it was nice to find an biography about him when many other sites ignore the signers that are not well known.
Stephanie Wolcott [12-20-2004]

This is a great history werbsite! I will be sure to recomend this to my teacher. (I'm working on a report)
Dianwen Li [12-19-2004]

I am working on my Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge for the Boy Scouts Of America
Timothy Willard, New Orleans, 10, [12-19-2004]

this website realy rockks it helped me out on my massachusetts report!
anonymous [12-19-2004]

Pamela [12-19-2004]

I am realted to the only Catholic and only Prodostant signers of the Declaration of Independance. This site helped me learn their names.
Andrew Clark, Memphis TN [12-19-2004]

I thought this site was great. P.S I need help for Histoory Day. This site has a lot of info. If any ideas please help.
matt Dalthorp [12-19-2004]

Jeanette [12-19-2004]

ashley [12-19-2004]

hi ich bin charly und muss auf diese seite weil meine englisch lehrerin mich dazu zwang
hallo, ich bin 14 [12-19-2004]

God Bless the American People for sharing their country with me. It is a great priviledge to live in America. God Bless America.
Michael, South African Immigarnt [12-19-2004]

shannon, 11 pa [12-19-2004]

Great site! ~*Brittani Sue*~
Brittani Sue [12-19-2004]

I was doing a report on John Hsncock,you gave a-lot of information! Thanks John Hancock was cool! Again you gave a-lot of information!
devon, 11 years [12-19-2004]

Very well done! Bless you!
Pastor Herman [12-19-2004]

anonymous, White Castle [12-19-2004]

Hi, this you girl jantell just want to tell you that I like History I like Independence.
Jantell Young, White Castle [12-19-2004]

I thought this website was very helpful and it gave a lot of information that i really needed. i have this crazy teacher that is making us do charts about the battles and i never would have gotten any of the answers if i hadnt found this website! thank you you made my day!?!
Kensie Lindstrom [12-19-2004]

I'd Really like tolean about history and this site is the best.\
Asheligh George [12-19-2004]

I believe that I am a descendant of George Clymer of Pennsylvania. Does anyone know of a detailed genealogy of Mr. Clymer?
Allen McMurrey, San Antonio, TX [12-19-2004]

born in pennsylvania in 51 family from scotland
james wilson, sacramento, calif [12-19-2004]

Great site, so many helpful links for my Revolutionary project
James, Issaquah WA, 14 [12-19-2004]

this is cool!
Seth, 13 [12-19-2004]

the declaraation in my opinon is the greatest thing ever writen by man
james prater, erlanger ky 55 [12-19-2004]

i have seen that movie national treasure and i was wondering about how detailed that movie is to exact american history email me with any possible in fo on this thanx
Brandon Summers [12-19-2004]

Lindsay [12-19-2004]

anonymous, Hollywood [12-19-2004]

I`d like to answer cec,Little Rock,AR`s question.John Hancock signed his name so big because he wanted the king to see it.That`s how bad he wanted his freedom.
kimberlyn, eunice 9yrs la z.c.70535 [12-19-2004]

This is great!
anonymous, Las Angeles [12-19-2004]

cool site
anonymous, msla [12-19-2004]

Shelby [12-19-2004]

Chereece [12-19-2004]

we watched a movie in history class called 1776 and it was all about the was really a good guys should watch it sometime
anonymous [12-19-2004]

very helpful for my homework thank you
alexandra ortega, 14 [12-19-2004]

jarrett, st.charles [12-19-2004]

Lloyd Wheeler, Tallahassee, FL 53 living historian [12-19-2004]

This aa cool site to learn about thr revolution- The Declaration of Independence
Bob [12-19-2004]

homework is hard and this site is helpful
anonymous, i dont live in new york [12-15-2004]

i liked it but i think that it should have a search section. like a box.
anonymous [12-15-2004]

Patrick [12-15-2004]

We have been learning about the constitution and I find it absolutly amazing. "You can't conquer and idea with an army" is what is going on. The idea of liberty and freedom from the British was such a huge thing that many Americans were willing to die to gain it. I hope one day I will be able to see the orignal doceument. One day...
Stephanie [12-15-2004]

anonymous [12-15-2004]

Catherine Rose (Montavon) Powell [12-15-2004]

I am trying to find a copy of the Declaration of Independence in modern English if you know where i can get one please e-mail me thank-you
Hannah [12-15-2004]

my graet...... uncel was john hancock:)
hanah willes, I am 12 years old [12-15-2004]

i love this website it helped me with my essay on him
Christina, 14... female... MA [12-15-2004]

uhmm history paper?? yea sure y not??
Kalli Foulkrod, 14 yrs [12-15-2004]

Roxanne Gill, Cleaveland Ga [12-15-2004]

carrie, sjhs stillwater jounir high scool [12-15-2004]

I love this site!
Ivette [12-15-2004]

nice books
Darius Walters, louisville,ky 8 [12-15-2004]

Renee' Walters [12-15-2004]

I think that this site is a good sorce of information for high school students.
MS Jamie L Klein, age 42 years of age [12-15-2004]

blakemilliken, biddeford,me [12-15-2004]

who wrote the declaration
conni [12-15-2004]

It's ok
Frances Andrade, South Bend IN [12-15-2004]

I was looking at your website and i think that it is a wonderfulwebsite...but i found a mistake in the cadigory "signers" under the name Benjamin Rush. you said that he died when he was 86 years old.And i did the math taking 1745-1813 and i got the answer of -68. other than that the website i think is fantastic. So thanks again. Nikkie~
Nikkie Schmidt [12-15-2004]

the decloration of independence is so wonderful!
emily likens, lafayette,tn age:12 [12-15-2004]

Thanks 4 the help/w history tests! :-D
Carol, im a girl [12-15-2004]

Who was R. Tuckness, who signed the first printing of two dollar bills dated May 9, 1776 and printed by Kall and Sellers,Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
anonymous [12-15-2004]

ilove horses a lot there so cooollooking
larae dildine, waldport OR [12-15-2004]

This guy dose not have much info in school libaries
Snake Eyes, Burque, NM [12-15-2004]

sam [12-15-2004]

benjamin Harrison was a great guy
Shantel Antoine [12-15-2004]

Liz Patton, Oklahoma [12-15-2004]

This helped me with my extra credit project! Thank You!
Kristen Farnham, 12 years old [12-15-2004]

boring website
nolishya, newhaven, 13years old [12-15-2004]

Elbridge was my Great,Great,Great,Great Grandfather.this is a wonderful web site you have.
Timothy King, age 37,Ypsilanti Mich [12-15-2004]

it was sick
csacascasc, 10 [12-15-2004]

This is the coolest educational website about,The Decleration of Independence.Your so educational for kids.
Briana Walker, Age 10 [12-15-2004]

ASOM!I like It a lot
Haley Owens [12-15-2004]

Pam Owens [12-15-2004]

The birth of Roger Sherman is April 19, you have April 30th.
Spotter [12-15-2004]

I am very interested in seeing that I speak up for my belief in God and this nation to be brought back to its founding roots. I want to see the judicial system in Tom Green County shine forth with His glory and I am willing to lay down my life so that others may know that He is alone...God.
Ginger Norton McGregor, San Angelo, Texas [12-15-2004]

Great Website! Always interesting to find out historical information.
Nelson Tolson, Currently live in Tucson, AZ, but originally from Worcester, MA [12-15-2004]

I am doing a report for one of my classes at Norris Middle School, and think this is the most helpful, and easy to use website and was greatly helpful to me for the one page report that was due with the project, so thanks a lot!
Arielle Catherine V., Roca, Nebraska age 14 [12-15-2004]

casey [12-15-2004]

I Love S.S it Rocks! I've read a S.S text book front to back just for fun!
Cool Man [12-15-2004]

great site...
Owen [12-15-2004]

Christian Neumann, CuxCostCidy [12-15-2004]

im doing a project on william whipple and i need to know more about him
bob [12-15-2004]

if the decraltoin of independance is real and not a copy. but how can we be sure? so i ask you to take this seriously.ok . now i would wish to examine the decraltion of diffrence, as some might call. so do you hhave the resources to do this without sednding me a copy? P.S. THIS IS NOT MY REAL NAME
nini valone [12-15-2004]

I am 66 yrs. old and this is the first time I have read the entire document.It gave me chills as I thought of the onslaught being committed against our rights by the present regime.It's hard to control the seething anger I feel. Grrrrr !
E Kingsley Davis, Washington State [12-15-2004]

uh, cool sight
caitlin [12-15-2004]

what did roger sherman do to help U.S.A.?
anonymous [12-15-2004]

Its cool that one of the signers was a Wilson from scotland I too am a Wilson with scottish roots, we some how may be related.
Jasper Wilson, S.c., 24 [12-15-2004]

Brenda, New York, age 44 [12-15-2004]

Wazzup dude your awesome even though your dead your really cool thanks for helping me out on my social studies project.
anonymous [12-15-2004]

John Hancock signed big so that King George did not have to use his glasses to see who signed it
anonymous [12-15-2004]

i can't belive how much effort it would take
anonymous [12-15-2004]

How tjankful we all are for this document i just hope people still talked that way
Gokce Odabas, age 11 [12-15-2004]

I'm "cousin" many times removed of Robert Treat Paine.
Marty Broman, Alabama [12-15-2004]

i love it our history class we are stuying the indenpence i think your website is great!
paris [12-15-2004]

Justin M. Degraw, Horn Lake [12-15-2004]

i thank this site for giving me the inforemation to do my schoole speach about the decloration of independance.
crystina [12-15-2004]

Your website is a joke! You deny the great christian heritage of the signers of the declarations. Many of our founding fathers were licensed ministers. . . I don't see much mention of these facts at your site. That's what's wrong with american history today. Please stop removing God from our history.
brian [12-15-2004]

what is a newer version of the Decalaration of Independance that we would understand better today written how we would say it
jesse, 13 [12-15-2004]

it helped me with my homework and got me an a thanx!
Jersey, 14 [12-15-2004]

It helped me a little bit. I needed a picture of it. Maybe you could get a picture of the authentic version?
anonymous [12-15-2004]

its a good articil but you sould tell more about his family and most rememerable moments or nights.
clara [12-15-2004]

Michael A. Axiak, Copperopolis, CA [12-15-2004]

Victoria Erlemeier [12-15-2004]

this site is so BORING!
katlyn simms, 11 years old [12-15-2004]

I love my self
Victoria Bradley, 10years old [12-15-2004]

freedom rocks!
kim k [12-15-2004]

his site is good for doing reaserch.
Kyle Greaves, 12 [12-15-2004]

Michelle, Montebello [12-15-2004]

i think this web site was helpful but could use a little more info.
Sharon, [12-15-2004]

YOUR SITE IS s*! Why do you want kids to learn? i dropped out of school and thats better than learning cuz learnings for squares! PEACIE
Gretchen [12-15-2004]

sarah, jkjhj [12-09-2004]

Your site really help me on a paper I was writing. You have a very clear web site, and is not confusing! Thanks
Gizmo19, Knoxville [12-09-2004]

its fun to learn about.
clara, orlando,fl. [12-09-2004]

This web site is extremely, and utterly, boring.
Emiley and Dani, Little Rock [12-09-2004]

tiffany [12-09-2004]

you are missing info on george washington and james madison and other very imprtant figures
anonymous [12-09-2004]

Wonderful document.
cec, Little Rock, AR [12-09-2004]

anonymous, why hancock singd big [12-09-2004]

Alot of interesting facts can be found on this web site
Valerie, age 10 [12-09-2004]

This website really helped me on my quiz for the homework. we were learning all this stuff that you provided me. Im in US History 8TH grade and Robert E Lee Middle School!
Lauren, Florida Orlando [12-09-2004]

we are learning about the Declaration in class. I think it was mostly Ben Franklin who pulled Jefferson through the writting.
Nathan Adams, Lebanon, Ohio 13 years old [12-09-2004]

I think this is a good website.
anonymous [12-09-2004]

You should have a list of every person who signed the Declaration of Idependence.
Emily, Massachusetts [12-09-2004]

I was forced to come here!
grant [12-09-2004]

Very cool best day i think that happened
Shanell Estencion, Kailua Kona Hawaii [12-09-2004]

daniel, anson,ME.14,76, 04911 [12-09-2004]

Shannon Garside [12-09-2004]

Chase [12-09-2004]

i love socila studies and i hope u do too. this sight is awesome, what do you guys think?
Mary, Merry Lane [12-09-2004]

Did you see ben`s show on the histroy channle? it was good. Pray for our troops. And for all YOU tards out there that thingk its a bad idea being over therein the east FIGHTING FOR YOUR FREEDOM I`am sorry but you need to leave the USA right NOW! semper fidelis. U.S.M.C
Adam, Wichita-Kansas The air cap of the world [12-09-2004]

Very important
anonymous [12-09-2004]

I think that signing the Delaration of Independance is really cool!
steph, I'm 14 and go to Mountain View Middle School [12-09-2004]

I am related to Lyman Hall. I wish they had this type of information available when I was working on book reports in the 70's. Thank you for the opportunity to learn about our history.
Amanda Elliott [12-09-2004]

i luv this web site
megan, i dono [12-09-2004]

this is an important theme or kind of intresting
dalia, whittier city name [12-09-2004]

Chick Magnet [12-09-2004]

Thanks for making this website it let me get an A on my research paper on John Hancock!
Leila, Norman, Oklahoma I am 14 [12-09-2004]

Danyelle R [12-09-2004]

i like this site cuz i got infomation on what and who im tryin too look ^!
Anna [12-09-2004]

social studies was hard until i came to this site.( to bad u dont have where the document is today):)
Casey Simmons, 13 female [12-09-2004]

I wish for you to put more stuff about John Hancock. PLEASE!
Moriah, Sterlng, 9 [12-09-2004]

Ruby Paddock [12-09-2004]

Ann Freeman [12-09-2004]

somtimes history is boring but i really liked this part of history well gots to go byebyes
mikayla torgerson, struthers,ohio 14 [12-09-2004]

Sara [12-09-2004]

Great site
Valishia, Detriot, 14 years old [12-09-2004]

matthew glenn [12-09-2004]

Robert Howard, Kansas City, MO [12-09-2004]

nakelle nelson [12-07-2004]

Thankyou, this website has helped me with my History homework.
*****, England [12-07-2004]

this is going to help me with my history project.
anonymous [12-07-2004]

brian, 16 [12-07-2004]

josh [12-07-2004]

I've been here before for a book report and you have very usefull information on you website!
Jessica, Ashland,Ky, I'm 13 y.o. [12-07-2004]

I think that the Declaration is a beautiful piece of writing. It gives me the shivers when I read because it's so powerful. It gives a glimpse of what these men were actually doing. They were going agaist the "mother" country, an act punishable with death. They were brave and I feel also that people need to feel that way again.
Sarah, Hastings MN [12-07-2004]

Katie, 16 Fairfax [12-07-2004]

kyle wilson, levittown,11yrs. [12-07-2004]

cory wilson, levittown, 13yrs. [12-07-2004]

The declaration was probably the most important tyhing that has happened to us!
Jansan Clevenger, 12 [12-06-2004]

im hungry.....
owen [12-06-2004]

this site is great. keep up the good work.!
tanya [12-06-2004]

I like stuff lol
HiStOrYdUdE [12-06-2004]

lucy [12-06-2004]

i love history and this is the best site to find out info. on american history. my favorite!
Bianca W., Arcadia, CA [12-06-2004]

Julianna Jurasek, Pittsburgh,PA 15101 age12 [12-06-2004]

I love the declaration of independence
Jantell Young, 14 White Castle [12-06-2004]

ilove social studies but hate my student teacher thanks for having this website
heather, i am 17 [12-06-2004]

patrice [12-06-2004]

slayer [12-06-2004]

Shyklia Bacon, Glennville 14 [12-06-2004]

an OK website. :D
abigail [12-06-2004]

This is a great website it gives a lot of information and when they died and when they were born. Thank you for making this website it helped me get good grades in school!
anonymous, ohio [12-06-2004]

hi you guys must be very old
Aneesa Adam, 13 [12-06-2004]

this is a very good sit i think you might need to put more stuff on the web sit and a lot more pictures so you guys rock ilove joey
cassie, midland michigan 14 [12-06-2004]

i was just looking for information for a project and i say this and decided to sign your gustbook.
Nicole, Long Beach 14 [12-06-2004]

My 6th great grandfather was Col. John Ashley. The "Declaration of Independance", was taken from the "Sheffield (MA) Declartation", written in 1773 in the study room of my 6th greatgrand father's house.
John M. Wedeward, Historian - University of Wisconsin [12-06-2004]

Powerful word that we should be using today.
Kenneth Wahl [12-06-2004]

i love social studies
gabrielle, i am 14 years old [12-05-2004]

July 4th 1776 was a great day of american history
Duncan Bishop [12-05-2004]

[..]That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government..[...] Further: ... A Prince, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.... Where're the people they fight for these content??? Where are they? Today the world is governed by lies! Seeks the truth and lives for it again!
Mrs. G. [12-05-2004]

I think the Declaration Of Independence Is A really important part of history.I wish I was alive back then.I am really into history, i know the first stance of the American Constitution.
Tyler Foster [12-05-2004]

i wish i could touch the Declaration of Independence
smir [12-05-2004]

its cool
kayla, mesqute,nm 11 [12-04-2004]

Thank you for providing this source of information on such an important piece of the history of the United States of America
Gary Steinberg, Lisle, IL [12-04-2004]

this is very elpful site for school.
kay [12-04-2004]

I think Benjamin Franklin ws a good person.It`s also interesting that he was the oldest person to sign the declurtion of indipendince giving he was 70 when he did. i wish i knew him.from the atobiogrifes he sounds like a grate guy.I call him Benji` for some reson. and imaging having that many brotheers and sisters!the reson i`m on this sight is to find info for a school esay,but its turned into fun instead of work.Benji` was a hard worker, that`s cool.I`m going to look and find out more about Benjaman Franklin. Bye!
Ashley Rivera, ca. 11 f [12-04-2004]

dw [12-04-2004]

I think that the people who signed the Declaration of Independence is very iteresting people becouse i learned yhat there is more people who signed it not just the people from Massachesettes
Shatara, Fall River Mass [12-04-2004]

really cool...interested in the Declaration after seeing the movie "National Treasure".
Joseph Knain, 8 [12-04-2004]

This web page is so cool. I really wanted to read the Declaration of Independence.
Sharla Pruitt, 14 [12-04-2004]

i think that it is a wonderful website 4 s.s. project
shelly, 11 [12-04-2004]

This is the best site to do your homework on. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE
House [12-04-2004]

i think that it pretty cool that in some way i am related to this man of such a high standard in our history!
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victoria [12-04-2004]

Well, after seeing the movie National treasure it was very inspiring to learn more about the declaration of independence. Also after seeing the movie it helped me remember every thing I have learned about the document and made me wonder about all the people who were involved with it. This is also a very superb website!
SaRaH, Sugar Land [12-04-2004]

Your website is very helpful towards American history and kids learning about it!
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Thanks for putting this on the net. With our freedoms being eroded we need this more than ever!
Aron Boesl, Coos Bay, Oregon [12-04-2004]

It wasa great you should tell us what the declaration actually says
Annahryah [12-04-2004]

I am a DeMolay an know of the history of how this document came to be and how important it really is even today I enjoyed the Movie "National Treaure" it fits this document to a "t"
Robert, Indianapolis, Indiana [12-04-2004]

I found this site to be really a one of a kind experience since I have not been to a lot of places other than my native state I really learned a lot.
Cristina Garcia, Denver, 15 and Hispanic [12-04-2004]

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An amazing document. Very helpful for facts and school
Turtle, Florida [12-04-2004]

I heard today that a teacher in northern California can not use the Declaration of Independence in a 5th grade class, because of the religious nature of the document. I did not remember the entire Declaration from my school days. Thank you for making it available. Respectfully, Edgar D. Olson
Edgar D. Olson, Lancaster CA, 50 yrs. of age [12-04-2004]

Maya Anthony-Crosby, I am 10 aND LIVE IN eUGENE oREGON. [12-04-2004]

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Cecily, mi [12-04-2004]

I wish to learn more about our founding fathers and about the way our country became independent. Also about the behind the scenes of other interesting facts of our history.
Justin Reynolds, I'm 13 and I love History. I just saw the movie Nationl Treasure and I loved it. [12-04-2004]

Hope Troy (11.02.2004) voted on the 3rd of Nov.! Pretty clear who he "idolizes" Maybe we'll be lucky and have a "New American Revolution"!haha The First one sure was effective.. or cant i say that either with all of the "rights" we supposedly have being taken away... oh yea and isnt the declaration of independence just that a decreeing to all that we are independant of another government? I mean troy my brother... read the constitution.... THATS where the idea of the SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE are written!Not the declaration! Did the Bible teach you that too?
annonymous [12-04-2004]

First in regards to "troy 11-02-2004" Go back and and educate yourself again about the man who wrote this doctrine! He was NOT Christian! THOMAS JEFFERSON WAS AN ATHIEST! AN AGNOSTIC! You apparently missed parts of the Declaration that used such terms as Laws of Nature and Nature's God... or how about the big one "That they are endowed by their 'Creator'" I do not recall reading the name Jesus or any other God Name in this doctrine and if you want to read some real history... go to the section entitled the Congress Draft and read the draft with all of the omissions from Congress in this Doctrine! STOP POLLUTING OUR GOVERNMENT WITH YOUR RELIGIOUS BELIEFS! I CAN ASSURE YOU MY GOD IS NOT THE SAME AS YOURS! Nor is mine WRONG! THe real reason i came to this website was because after seeing the movie National Treasure i was so moved by the paragraph Nicolas Cage read in the movie that i cried... " - That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to ABOLISH it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form as to them szhall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence indeed will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes and suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which thery are accustomed.But when a long train of abuses and usurpations pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, IT IS THEIR DUTY, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security." The statement made there instilled a hope in me that once again this country can overcome such tyrrany as we are witness to just as our forefathers were "MANDATED" to make such changes as to institute a new Government! If this country actually took the time to check a dictionary to look up every word in the declaration there would not be such over zealous religious commentation! And if this country were to tell me that my religious beliefs cannot be valued then i apparently missed the class that tought the true reason for the foundation of our country! RELIGION NEVER GOT ME SPIRITUAL...I FOUND MY SPIRITUALITY IN FREEDOM OF CHOICE AND THE BELIEF OF A LOVING AND CARING CREATOR.~Toni Espy
Toni Espy, Rfkd,IL. age 37 [12-04-2004]

Very good with math, and in 4 grade
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is there really a map on hte declaration of independence? or is that just fake?
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Awesome site. I'm going to be taking an American history course in University on the American Revolution and its causes and the results, and this site is simply fantastic. Thanks a lot!
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This is a great site. I wanted to know more about the declaration after seeing the movie The National Treasure.
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my great,greatgreatgreat grampa sighed th declaration of independance.
Jason, hillside [12-04-2004]

I think it is amazing that you have a great piece of paper that is 228 years old.I can't wait until the movie National Treasure.I have one question "Is there really a map on the back of the Decleration of Independence?
David Wayne Ashford Jr., Camp Verde,Arizona I am 11 years old [12-04-2004]

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great website especially on john hancock
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I want to sign the Declaration of Indenpendance and I can!
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Using this site to work on My Citizenship in the Nation merit badge
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I would like to know who actually wrote the declaration of independence.
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I have deep respect for our Forefathers and the documents and system they created. I keep a copy of the U.S. "Constitution" and "Declaration of Independence" on my wall and would suggest all Americans read both along with the "Bill of rights".
Eugene Mathena, age 33/Virginia/USA [12-04-2004]

I cannot find any reference to the inspiration from the Indian tribes' form of reperesentative government.
Ragnar Otterstad, Telemark, Norway - 67 years [12-04-2004]

Janet Olin, Oregon [12-04-2004]

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Anarchy is the best form of government because there is no government. everyone in the world gpo with anarchy.
n/a, anarchy [12-04-2004]

John Hancock neede to learn to sign smaller and they all need to write neater. I personnally agree to go with the anarchy symbol myself.
rian Petrella, n/a [12-04-2004]

I love your web site. i think that the declaration of independence is an awesome piece of american history. i just wish that i could go back in time and experience the war. but i just find it fasinating!
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Brianna, 13, Kenny Lake, Alaska [12-04-2004]

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HI i just saw a movie about clues left behind from the founding fathers of America and i would like to know if there is a treasure hidden by the founding fathers?
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Would love to find out if related
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I really did like this web-site compared to the others I haev been o.
anonymous, I was Looking this up for history [12-04-2004]

With the movie NATIONAL TREASURE I wanted to get more info on the Declaration of Independence and Charles Carroll. Thank you for a great site!
Judy, Jacksonville, Fl [12-04-2004]

ryan, wahat grade are you in?
anna [12-04-2004]

It is impresive to be able to read such a powerful document. Although I am not an American citizen (yet) I do hope to be able to become one soon and this document really emphasized and reintegrates my desire to be part of this great nation. Thanks for the hisotry lesson! to know where you are heading, one must know where we came from. With that said, remember... History is not only our past but also our future!
Nancy Rodriguez, Texas [12-04-2004]

I am interested in the history of our country and wars.I am writed a report on the Declaration of Independence. And I'm looking forward to a grade. veronica b.
veronica boyce, My age is 11 I live in California [12-04-2004]

I love American history.
Turtle, fl [12-03-2004]

The Declaration is the most moving piece of literature that I have ever read. Maybe before Congress removed the important parts, about equal rights, and freedom for all. We will never know if that would have made history take a different course.
Tyler Barrientos, I'm 11 years old [12-03-2004]

mother gathering information on decl. of indep. I never new anything about it even in school. You have a very good website. Wish this information was here for us older generation.
nicole maddin, florence, ky age 11 [12-03-2004]

What up all! Good site chaps. Thank God we are a free. And thank the troops for keeping it free. U.S.M.C
adam, kansas! [12-03-2004]

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latazah adams, when was the declration singed [12-03-2004]

sarah chappelle, when was the declration singed [12-03-2004]

Thank you for providing this information so easily accessible. These signers risked everything for our country and are an inspiration, example and challenge for us today.
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We need to come home from IRAQ b-cuz we are getting killed
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I am looking for documents to use in homeschooling by children. Any ideas where I might find these resources would be appreciated. Thank you.
Judith Hill [12-02-2004]

why did samuel adams sing the declaration of independence?
randy [12-02-2004]

Great site, thanks but why did John Hancock give a public address to a large crown in Boston?? Very puzzling
Steve s [12-02-2004]

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I Wish The British Would Have Won!
Chelsea Baker, 11-18-04 [12-02-2004]

I Love American History
Sam Reeves, Texas [12-02-2004]

I thought it was neat that the most signers came from my home state! Give thanks to the Lord for he is good, his love endures forever.
anonymous, Age 15, Pennsylvania [12-02-2004]

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i hate all of the presidents, but i love george w. bush and his father
maegen ledbetter [12-02-2004]

I thank you for letting me on your website to do research on Robert Livingston the 18th century Signer of the Declaration of Independence. Thanks! John
John E. Krawczyk, Columbia,South Carolina Age:55 [12-02-2004]

I was researching the Declaration of Independence for a speech for my 14 year old daughter and found myself caught up in this very historic event in the battle for our country's independence.
PJ Burchfield, Volant, PA [12-02-2004]

i am very interested in what was written the declaration of independence. I do not remember reading it in school.
rosa mccoter, new haven, ct 06515 [12-02-2004]

"Amazing pictures", I had to draw a picture of Benjamni Franklin signing the Declaration of Indepence & and your pictures gave me the chance to get a 100. Thousand thanks!=)
Isabel Ubago, Paris T.X. 13 years [12-02-2004]

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Hi, I have been doing reserch on the signers of the declaration of independence and looked everywhere. This site is the only site that I have found a great list of the signers and a little bit about them. This is an awesome web site.
anonymous [12-02-2004]

My family and I really appreciate the info on this sight and the links. We are doing homeschool this year due to our odlest sons illness and are always interested in History. Especially the Declaration of Independence and the revolutionary war since we are decendents of John Hart of NJ. We are especially proud of the Christian heritage that our country was founded on and the risks and sacrifices that makes America a great nation under God.
Sherrie, il [12-02-2004]

I believe that the Declaration of Independence is so interesting.........
Sharayne Miller, Columbus [12-02-2004]

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The Declaration of Independence the guiding light of our freedom and our democracy. A document that has endured and insures the success of America. The wisdom of our founding fathers is seen first hand in this document.
roy brehm [12-02-2004]

This site has been very helpful
Teauna Stephney, Bothell,WA [12-02-2004]

kool web site! its is awesome that i can read this information and get ideas!
Seth Hayes, Moses Lake,Washington,Age 14, 8th grade,school project. [12-02-2004]

My Grandma once told me that I am a decendent of Charles Carroll of Carrollton. If there are any other relatives out there let me know!
Emily Goetz, Chicago [12-02-2004]

I love American History
Brittany, non [12-02-2004]

i have trouble with home work and it sucks! is anyone else here from buerkle middle school? fine, be that way! but our school is better! so ha!
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I acquired a copy of the "The Unanimous Declaration of the thirteen States of America" at a flea market. How do I determine if its authentic?
Sharon Kriha [12-02-2004]

boston tea party is cool
Crystal, 14 [12-02-2004]

more information on topics
Rome, 16 years old [12-02-2004]

I wish to create a personal Declaration of Independence using the original w/preamble, philosophical Found., List of grievances, explanation etc. to confirm Sovereignty.
Fred Davideit, Hillsborough, NH 74 yrs. [12-02-2004]

I need info for my project about the Declaration of Independance. So if you could please e-mail me some information i would appreciate if you would and if you could Thank You
anonymous [12-02-2004]

I thank you for this web-site. Ihope that everyone who reads the Declaration of Independence compares the state of our nation today and thereby they may realize that we are very much in the same state of oppression and tyranny again. It is our duty to know the Constitution and to question the acts of our government officials and hold them accountable to us that they obey their Oath of Office. James Madison said; "Study the Constitution, let it be taught in the homes, schools, churches, colleges and synagogues. let it be preached from the pulpit; let it become the Fundamental Principle on which all free governments are founded. It is our duty to keep government within the confines of our Constitution or we will lose all of our freedom!
Hagan Smith [12-02-2004]

You should have an area with facts in it, for me its really hard to find facts about The Sugar Act and I really need them for my paper for U.S. History. ~sabrina~
Sabrina [12-02-2004]

I thought benjamin fraklin sighed the declaration of independence and I thought the frist president sighed it to because he is the frist president and I think Licon sighed it to but I think he was dead at that time. the decalaration chanaged the world. I thank JOHN HANCOCK
Kana CardHaus, i'm 12 [12-02-2004]

Danielle, From northern V.A. [12-02-2004]

Very informative. The Declaration is the most moving piece of literature I have ever read. But of course I prefer Jefferson's unedited version, before Congress removed the best parts, about equal rights, and freedom for all. We will never know if that would have made history take a different course.
Karene, Florida [12-02-2004]

In doing the genealogy research, I am kin to the Signers of the Declaration of Independence, how many I do not know, as apparently, this was a "circle of influence" and they stayed somewhat in touch with each other.
Elaine Eure Henderson, Texas [12-02-2004]

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Mere and Kort, kansas [12-02-2004]

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Rebecca, 12\ i live in fort payne alabama [12-02-2004]

It is amazing how much the characteristics of the British king resembles todays G.W.BUSH Food for thought, I would think.
anonymous, 67 year old Norwegian [12-02-2004]

thanx for setting up this wesite! I was researching and your site gave me all the info that I needed! You guys really know how to f* up history!
rach, 13 yrs, West Linn,Or. [12-02-2004]

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This website is truly amazing! I love it! Although I believe that his occupation should be more outfront because I'm not smart enough to know another word for occupation.
Cheetah [12-02-2004]

i thought it was very interesting need a picture of him.
Ayofemi nelson, Memphis,13 [12-02-2004]

I thought it was cool just couldn't find a picture of Mr.Jefferson.
Ashleigh Tiffany, Memphis,13 [12-02-2004]

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Ritamaria Reier [12-02-2004]

This site was really inspirational! It made me want to learn more about the Declaration of Independence!
Hannah Miller, 11 [12-02-2004]

I like to know about so many things happen in decalaration
pooja patel, when&where was it writen [12-02-2004]

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Jonathan Witherspoon ROCKS! -love ya Scott
Cindy, Sterling Heirhts MI [12-02-2004]

I am very proud of U.S story. May God bless those who died for U.S independence?
Peter David [12-02-2004]

My God! What are today's children thinking? Nothing, it appears. What idiotic responses such as, "Why do we have to study about an old piece of paper?" Also, "i tried soundin smart buti..." But I am ashamed of our schools, ashamed of our young people and fearful of our future. The comment from the ten year old girl was about the most mature I came across. This is sad.
anonymous [12-02-2004]

cool website u r helping me
Haylee [12-02-2004]

The information I received was very helpful and very useful and I just want to thank you for creating this wedsite with this information, thank you.
Krystale A. Brown, City: Verona, NJ [12-02-2004]

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Jordan Glueck, Cape Girardeau, MO, age 12 [12-02-2004]

I like the format. Students will have to be given some vocabulary to help them to understand the true meaning,.
diana tjader, secondary special ed. teacher [12-02-2004]

Hi! I just wanted to say that George Ross, Pennslyvania signer of the Declaration, is one of my ancestors. My grandfather's mother's maiden name is Ross and it leads all the way to George Ross.
clarebear [12-02-2004]

this is an awesome website
haley feiler, 4724GrandmeadowsDr. [12-02-2004]

your web site is great I just think you should add a few more thinks on the Declaration of Independence thanks
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Hello, thank you for your help I am writing a paper and am already lost in the beginning! I hope that this sight will really help me get the fates straight! Did the DOI cause the Revoloutionary war?
Leah [12-02-2004]

I thought this site was awesome! It helped me with my essay I had to write about the declaration of independence. Thanks for the A!
Gavin [12-02-2004]

I just wanted to say that theres false information... James Smith was born in the year 1713. He died in 1806, and he was 93 years old. I saw his headstone in York, PA. Might want to change that....
Courtney, 15 [12-02-2004]

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nana hite [12-02-2004]

RobDawg, This website is awesome! [12-02-2004]

jordan gooding [12-02-2004]

I think it is great to have a declaration of independence bcause we wouldn't have the rights that we have now!
Kortney Opencar, campbell,OH. 12- i am a triplet [12-02-2004]

I think that the declaration of independence was a great way to bring people together. People shouldn't be apart, no matter waht the cause is. We were brought into this world to be there for eachother, not to be fighting wars. We should always stay in peace.
Francheska, 15 years old, Puerto Rican [12-02-2004]

I think the declaration made a change to everything and I think this website proves it!
Bonny, I am bogus! [12-02-2004]

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Turtle, fl [12-02-2004]

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Michael MArtin, Australia, Sydney, 49 [12-02-2004]

Our politicians today have forgotten the works of our founding fathers and books such as "Common Sense" by Thomas Payne. We must diligently remember that this country was formed by the people, of the people, and for the people. Political correctness has intruded on our leaders' common sense.
Daniel R. Hoffman, Saginaw, MI [12-02-2004]

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Veronica, Caribou,Maine 13 [12-02-2004]

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Mark A. Thomas, Pitsburgh, Pa. [12-01-2004]

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hunter Toole [11-07-2004]

Autumn, Houston [11-07-2004]

This website was very helpful but also very complicated for a 7th grader or any grade below that. This is a nice website for students to research Revolutionary War events, people, and other topics on.I hope to visit this website and/or a website much like this in the future.
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Roy = 13 yrs old, Matt = 14yrs old, we live in El Paso Texas [11-02-2004]

Hi i was watching a preacher on t.v. today and he said that in the Declaration of Independence it didn't say that there should be a seperation of church and state and i really couldn't tell if it said that when i read The Declaration of Independance cause it is to difficult to understand. But our country was founded on christian values just look at The Declaration of Independence i know for a fact that when they wrote it they took a lot of stuff from the bible and put it on there. And i know that in Congress they actually have the ten commandments on the wall and before they start a meeting they pray isnt this being a hipocrate telling us we cannot pray in schools but yet they pray and taking the ten commandments off of property but yet they have it in there court room. And people wonder why our schools are like they are today cause we took the bible out of it thats why i have proof that when we took the bible out of schools test scores dropped more people started getting pregnant and so on. Its sad people but we the people will changed that come tommorow on election day so go and vote.
troy [11-02-2004]

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Jerry kennelly, 14 years ol [11-02-2004]

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sarah matthews, 13 years old [11-02-2004]

I notice that a lot of the folks that visit this spot are "home schooled". Check out the Musical "1776". It is pretty much authentic to the story of the Declaration of Independence and will make the signers come alive.
Sheila, Anchorage, AK [11-01-2004]

ALe, rimini [10-31-2004]

I think that the declaration of independance was perhaps the one most important event in the history of the united states and that if you don't understand the concept of the progression of it then i would ask around!
jessica langsley, I love history! [10-31-2004]

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Kerri, Louisville,Ky 13 years old [10-31-2004]

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Felicia Martinez [10-31-2004]

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Ted Chappell, alpharetta, ga [10-29-2004]

This is my first year homeschooling. Since it is close to election time, I have been discussing with my children (7 & 4 yrs of age) the election process and some of our Presidents. I have obtained print outs of the Constitution and the Declaration so I can self-educate myself as to the original intent of our founding fathers. The original intent of our founding fathers always referred to our Creator. As it should be. It is a shame that our country wants to make amendments to the Constitution that are not consistent with the beliefs and intents of our Creator. God Bless Us and protect us from what the future holds!
Homeschool Mom, West Palm Beach [10-29-2004]

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stephanie R Hunter, heathsprings.Sc.29058.17 [10-29-2004]

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Edgar A. Harris, Oceanside CA [10-29-2004]

kali wilson [10-29-2004]

I was rifling thru some hand me down obits & discovered that I'm descended from the sister of Charles Carroll, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Thanks for the info on him.
John Borders, Atascadero CA [10-29-2004]

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Janale Jones, Springfield OH age:35 [10-29-2004]

This is one website thta all Americans, no matter what age should look at and read. This will give everyone a better understanding about out government and how it came to be. Great job
Orlando R, Rodriguez, Miami, Florida [10-29-2004]

i love this sight. It gave me many ideas for my social studies project.We have to make a flyer overwho, what, and why boycotting. Thanks
Tiffany Bradley, Waverly Tennessee, 14 yrs [10-29-2004]

I know that william hooper is related to me i think he is a great grandfather. I would like to know more about him and others related to him and I.
Christina Hooper, Spokane, 17 [10-29-2004]

maybe u can write who wrote the artice. it just may help kids not plagerize
yohan [10-29-2004]

i think this is a great sight. u totally saved my history paper.
anonymous [10-29-2004]

Charles Carroll is from my fathers side of the family.
Teresa Carroll, Brunswick ga [10-29-2004]

I really like how you have the whole document of the Declaration of independence, but maybe you could try telling people how the Continental Congress came to approve it and why they did. That would help some of us people doing essays (hint,hint).
Katie, on the planet earth [10-27-2004]

I LOVE this website! It helped with my homwork! It gave me dates and everything! But it didn't have was many pictures that I needed. But other than.... It was AWESOME! Thank you! I haven't been able to find stuff like this anywhere! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!
Trista, Michiagn [10-27-2004]

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Ashlee Jacobs, 17yrs Belton,Mo [10-27-2004]

Do you Know anything about how the Declaration chang America?
Shakeyla, America [10-27-2004]

i thought this was a cool web site because i could find out about my ancester George Taylor.
michelle, saint clair shores, 13 [10-27-2004]

We appreciate all of the information your site contains. It will be used in Sunday school to infor the people of our wonderful heritage to insure that they will make voting a priority. Thanks again and God Bless~~~ Rachel~~~~
Rachel Shockey, Falling Waters, WV [10-27-2004]

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Emma Swan, I'm a junior in high school [10-27-2004]

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Veronica A. Perez [10-27-2004]

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alanna [10-24-2004]

Liza Astrode, Boulder, Colorado [10-24-2004]

Elizabeth Lohr, 10 years old [10-24-2004]

I love this article it is so refreasing to everything i remember a lot more now i know that i remember all that stuff a gen i don't even know what i am talking about i seen something like this from something else hay but if u have any infomation about the proclation of 1763
Kayla, 13 years old [10-24-2004]

I was told that I am related to Benjamin Rush so I wanted to know more about him and how would I sign up as a member or The Sons of The Confederacy?
Rush, Jr, Gordon Terrell, Winston County,Alabama [10-24-2004]

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blank jessup, age 14 heir of John Hart [10-24-2004]

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Linda Tester, Homeschooler in Tennessee [10-22-2004]

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Brittany, 12 tallahasse fl [10-22-2004]

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this website is great and the number one request for my teacher when having to be sure that all one's sources are reliable
shanetae, middletown, CT [10-22-2004]

I am a descendent of Mr. Walton. My maternal grandmother's Walton side. Bessie Mary Walker Hendricks
JoAnn Best Baird, Anahuac, Tx. 77514 [10-22-2004]

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Jack Boyd [10-22-2004]

It helped me a lot on my Declaration of Independence project.
Gerald R. Powers, 8th Grade Big Horn Middle school, Big Horn, Wy [10-22-2004]

great web sites and good information but i think that you should add all the acts not just the ones about the inoteralbe acts!
hallie parker, red bluff california [10-22-2004]

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Michelle Huebner, Boulder, CO 36 [10-22-2004]

I felt compelled to look up the Declaration to reread the part that exhorts the people to rise up and fight a government that has become dangerous to the nation. Should Bush steal this upcoming election, I believe our forefathers would have wanted us to rebel.
Susan, Brooklyn NY 11215 [10-22-2004]

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Joseph Middleton, Meas,Az [10-22-2004]

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Nanhie [10-22-2004]

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Very entertaining, I read ALL the bios! Some of them allude to what the families of the signers suffered as a result of revolting against the Crown and that is something I find of particular interest. Not just the politicians but the people behind the scenes, like Paul Revere. Please email me if you have any idea if these stories exist and where they can be found. I will check out your links next! Thank you for putting this website together, it is very nicely done!
Ms. Stacie J. Miller, Santa Rosa, CA, 3rd gen. San Franciscian. [10-22-2004]

I am glad there were people like John Hancock, their courage has allowed my family to be americans and live in this great land.
rebecca torres, AGE10, Cocoa,Fl 5th grade [10-22-2004]

To all Charles Carroll anscesters I would like to talk to all of them have posted something on here, beacuse I want start a linking family tree, of family never knew existed out there..
Aaron, Carleton,MI [10-22-2004]

Doing research for a personal literary project.
LCDR Jack E. Hildum USNR, 3203 Shyleen St. Gig Harbor, WA 98335 [10-22-2004]

wonderful,inspirational,there are not enough great places like this to visit!
joe harding [10-22-2004]

I am the 8th grandson of William Hooper. I am proud to be blood of the birth of this country. 33-13. Any persons with any relation to my ancestral heritage, please contact.
Joshua Hooper, Colorado [10-22-2004]

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Zarbon, Columus, Ohio [10-22-2004]

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I was looking for infomation on one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. He was William Whipple. It just so happens that he is my Greattttttttt Grandfather.
Shannon Meek, 44 years old [10-22-2004]

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alana [10-22-2004]

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man, 17 [10-22-2004]

Man John Hancock was cool! he freed our counrty and saved peoples lives man.... If i could meet him now i would be extreamely happy adn i would thank him for what he's done.
Kara Rae, i live in COlumbus... and i am 16yrs old [10-22-2004]

It was great to read through your informative website and put historical events in chronological order, while finally understanding the events that led to our revolution.
Patty Jensen, Carlsbad, CA [10-22-2004]

I am writing to see if anyone could possible tell me where i could find out what the Delaration is worth. I have a friend that has a copy of it and it isnt a copy. Not sure where to go to find out the value of it. She took it to a collector and he said it was valuable and she would like to know where she could go to find out. If any could help it would be great.
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MaKayla, 13 [10-22-2004]

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Natasha, Appleton Wi, [10-22-2004]

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Avid study of George Wythe first Doctor of Law in U.S. (1779, William & Mary College, VA.
Robert Biss, Huntsville, AL, 73 years young [10-17-2004]

Please--why didn't George Washington sign the Declaration of Independence?
Walter J. Klein, Charlotte, NC [10-17-2004]

I enjoed reading this page, I think it is a maising. Good to know more about the U.S. and it's beutiful history. Thanks
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We LOVE Mr. Birtch!1
Kathryn and Briauna [10-17-2004]

I am related to George Walton through a great grandmother on my father's side of the family. I do have a copy of a document to prove this on a disc. Is there any sight that shows the family tree after George?
Nancy Mount Anderson, I live now in Fitzgerald Ga. [10-17-2004]

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Writing a critical essay on the Declaration of Independence for a college III english class.
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David M. McMahon, Centuria, Wisconsin 30 years old [10-06-2004]

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The taxation that goes to the military-corporate welfare system begs us today to resurrect the Son's again!
Andre Ryland, Milwaukee, WI [10-06-2004]

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Dick Armstrong, Philidelphia [10-06-2004]

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History buff, wa [10-06-2004]

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Kate Stuart, I am 13 yrs. old and am in 8 grade. We are learning about the declaration of independence and the revolutionary war right now but plan to go more into the history of our country. Also we have a constitution test coming up that we have to pass if we want to go to Highschool.! [10-06-2004]

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Your site is a very good source for information on the thirteen colonies and their development in the 18th century. Though you still need to work on your grammar and spelling. I suggest proof reading or revising.
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Woudlnt you Like to know..., I love Judd! [10-03-2004]

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Jennifer P., age: 15 Richmond, VA [10-02-2004]

Thank you for providing a site where the most important document in U.S. History can be studied. All the U.S. Constitution is a valuable document in establishment of our free and soveign country, it is the Declaration of Independence that provides the reasoning behind the Constitiution and is the true cornerstone of American democracy. I'm sure this has been stated before, but bears repeating.
Howard, Kissimmee, FL [10-02-2004]

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