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very educational side
Werner G. Bloszyk [12-27-2002]

John Witherspoon is a decendent of my family tree that I am trying to build. The site is of great interest but I was not able to download any pictures or paintings of John Witherspoon. Please keep up the good work. If by chance any Pictures or paintings are available could you your other Cybervisitors could contact me at Email
Keith McDonnell, Narromine N.S.W. 50. [12-27-2002]

Our family's oral history claims descent from George Taylor a signer of the Declaration of Indepence. Our great-great=grandparent, Col.Joseph Taylor(79th Militia)was also politically prominent, serving both in the State Assembly and Senate.He was also a elected to both the Phila. Common Council, and the Upper Council. among other things he was a leading member of the Phila Bible Society(Baptist). Ultimately their descendants spread to MO(St.Louis)and beyond. Willing to correspond with anyone having similar family roots. W.R.Taylor Cap-USAR(ret)
W.R.Taylor [12-25-2002]

I am a descendant of Oliver Wolcott (signer of Declaration of Independance) and would like to know of others who are also decendants of him
Patrick Quigley, Canandaigua, NY [12-24-2002]

Lately I have become fascinated with the development of this great nation of ours. How the documents have withstood the test of time is remarkable. I wonder if Adams really fully comprehended what he and the others did for this country. Amazing!
Pam Wozniak, San Antonio, TX [12-22-2002]

I am a history nerd
John Paul Jones [12-22-2002]

I was doing a research report over john hancock w/ 5pgs and i only had 3,i came here and 3 more pages .It helped so much.thanks
lindsey, age 13 [12-22-2002]

I am a direct decendent of Robert Morris and your site was wonderful with info. on him. good job
lilly, pa [12-18-2002]

Very useful website, thank you! John Harrison
John Harrison, London, UK [12-18-2002]

i love living in this country and not a thing can change that. i think god every day that i can grow up in the land of the free and home of the brave!
Ashley, nc [12-18-2002]

Jim Ransom, Canandaigua 12 [12-18-2002]

Thankyou for making this sight. Richard Stockton was a great grandfather of mine, and I know little of the Stockton line past my mother's grandfather, who was the ambassador of Holland. Your sight has inspired me to learn more about my family. If you have any additional information about Richard Stockton and his family, please Email it to me ( Thanks again.
angela jones [12-18-2002]

I needed this information for a project. It helped
Natasha Gardner [12-18-2002]

Great site! It has lots of good ingo and is very informative. I wish more sites were made like this! This is worth anyone's time even if they have any reason to learn about the Declaration of Independence! Thank You!
Fish4 [12-18-2002]

I think that this site is . . .it was very helpful to me and I am sure that it is very helpful to others and I guess I'm just trying to say that I appriciated it. Thanks.
Patricia [12-18-2002]

jennifer [12-18-2002]

ashley smyre, need help on finding things on william penn [12-18-2002]

this site was great! it gave me great info i needed for a huge report i had to do in history! thanks a lot!
Brittany, 13 Austin, TX [12-18-2002]

your web site was really helpful
Brittany Leahan, school [12-18-2002]

this website tells you a lot about the declaration you can really get info. THANKS keep up the good work!
felix [12-18-2002]

congratulation for your site very lovely
vivian koromah, i would like to enter your guest site for a business pertner [12-18-2002]

duwaine [12-18-2002]

this is a great site it helped me with my project. It was a last resort and it cleared up all my problems keep up the good work! :)
anonymous [12-15-2002]

i like being a free country
ashley, age11 [12-15-2002]

good place
Tania, 9 years old [12-15-2002]

great pics! i needed some for my history project (a website) and u had the perfect ones. thanks so much!
tori, 13 [12-15-2002]

looking up Charles Carroll, he was my great great grand father.
David Beckering [12-15-2002]

Helped me on my homework.
no name, 12-12-02 [12-15-2002]

joseph frison, 20 [12-15-2002]

This is a very educational and user friendly site.
Jill Davis, 24, Social Studies middle school teacher [12-14-2002]

Ja Car B. Price, 15 [12-14-2002]

Holly [12-14-2002]

Trina Cosby, 12 [12-14-2002]

this site has no pictures on the intolerable acts but everything else is great!
jen [12-14-2002]

I hope that you can give me what I want which is the signers of the decleration because no other website has given it to me.
Osvaldo, 12 [12-14-2002]

this site really helps me in reports.
mariana puche, hawthorne, 14 [12-14-2002]

corey schlichting [12-14-2002]

i think that us kids should be able to go online, and feel safe! because so many kids give away their address to some stranger online, that they have never heard of in their whole entire life. And then that person could be a pervert, or a maniac, and then that person could stalk them, or kill them. Now a days kids are not safe being alone online, and i think that they will never be safe, without their parents being online w/ them, and watching what they are doing. Thank you for hearing my concern sincerly Naomi Kearney
Naomi, McFarland [12-14-2002]

Sheltinah@yahool [12-14-2002]

Great Site!
Ralph, Youngstown [12-14-2002]

I need to know where to go for history so I can just go here for the declaration of Independence.
sheena wilson [12-14-2002]

Gravery, 91 [12-14-2002]

Hi, I couldn't find any other feedback link so this may not be the way to do this, but: on your Benjamin Rush page you have him as teacher at University of Pennsylvania 1791-1813 and starting as a teacher in 1769 at the College of Philadelphia. I think you are refering to the Medical College of Philadelphia, and perhaps that this is the case in both instances. When I was in Philadelphia in 1987 there was a building near Independance Hall that was called the Medical College of Philadelphia (I think it's on Walnut St.), and as near as I can figure it is still in existence as an institution. This is of some interest to me because I had an ancestor who made quite a bit out of the fact that he studied under Dr. Benjamin Rush at the Medical College of Philadelphia c. 1793, and if he had attended the University of Pennsylvania or if his alma mater had become the University of Pennsylvania he would have made some bit of that as well. My understanding is that UP was founded by Benjamin Franklin c 1740. Can anyone who knows better straighten this out for me? Russ
Russ Finley [12-14-2002]

My brother is named after oliver wolcott. It has been said he was my uncle seven generations ago.
Bartholomew Wolcott [12-14-2002]

adam perez [12-14-2002]

this site show me a lot i need to kow about the Declaration of independence
Whitney [12-14-2002]

iit was very helpful for my report
davie [12-14-2002]

I thought that this was a good experience to me. I had a great time looking at all the signatures and the information about each person that signed the Declaration of Independence. This is how I felt when I arrived there and after I saw everything I felt even better. Love ya Much Tammy....
Tammy Lee, Painesville 22years old [12-14-2002]

well thought that thomas jefferson did a great job on thr declaration of independance
harricka brown, freeport,texas /77541 /fe/14 years old [12-14-2002]

Sara [12-14-2002]

I loved to see this site because it helps me with book reports and other stuff I love histrey thats why I love this site Thank You, Ashley Carter
Ashley Carter, I live in Virgina like James Madison [12-14-2002]

I think the Declaration of Indepence is important in America so I think there should be much more site on American History it is also a goog thing young kids cause they can use the info for like a history project and get an on it so it should important that we use it in our lifes
Zufane Tadesse, phoenix,Az 12years old [12-14-2002]

awesome site=rock it!
Brynn [12-14-2002]

really helpful/great site! rock on
bridget [12-14-2002]

Mark Farling, Westfield, Massachusetts [12-14-2002]

Hi ~ this website is really great for lookin ^ stuff for reports but you need more info.....
Hannah, georgia [12-14-2002]

Is have anyone can tell me how Jefferson write about slavery in declaration of indenpendence?
lili, fremont [12-14-2002]

bob [12-14-2002]

this is the coolest site
duke, fmnbvjhdz [12-14-2002]

As a French descendant, I am glad to know my ancestors fought with you guys to overcome British monarchy. I just hope that when the day will come for my people to get its own independence, you will support our action the same way we did 226 years ago. You truly are the most powerful nation in the world. You owe it to your unfailing will to preserve freedom. Believe me, many people like me take your stand in political debates here in Canada, where the head of State is still Elizabeth the Second and where the English majority dominates the French minority. May we all follow your example. God bless America!
26 year old lawyer from the City of Montréal, Province of Québec, Canada [12-14-2002]

james smith [12-14-2002]

Skyler Martin, 13 Richwood,Louisiana [12-14-2002]

get a picture of the Declaration of Indapendence
Ashley, joliet,illnois [12-14-2002]

get a picture of the Declaration of Indapendence
Ashley, joliet,illnois [12-14-2002]

i am doing a reesurch paper on Patrick Henry and i am lerning a lot.
Teresa, hi i am 10 and i live in Va Beach [12-14-2002]

cool site
andy Denner, [12-08-2002]

Your website has helped a great deal with a huge project in my social studies class. Thank you for the valuble history.
Lily Bus [12-08-2002]

We talked about this in History and I choose this topic as an extra assignment.
Jess [12-07-2002]

US History Rocks
jorge [12-07-2002]

verry helpful ....... use this site.
Marsha [12-07-2002]

i just as much info on George Taylor as possible.
Heather, elkhorn iowa 15 [12-07-2002]

I found lots of info on the Dec. Cool site!
Kyle [12-07-2002]

Thank-you so much! This is a fantastic site. I was able to get all the info on John Jay that I needed for my History report!
Daylina, 8th grader [12-07-2002]

Chelsea, loveland co [12-07-2002]

Tammie Weber, Laurel, MS 25 [12-07-2002]

Great Site-working on history project...
anonymous, Richland, WA-8th Grader [12-07-2002]

this website is great for knowing information about your history class etc. i was searching on the yahoo engine for The Tea Act project and i couldn't find any useful information but once i clicked on this link to this website, i was surprised with all the good and interesting information. plus, i got an A in my history project!:)
jani [12-07-2002]

this site was very helpful in trying to get more knowledge on a certain project for my social studies class!
*$$$jeny$$$ [12-07-2002]

More pictures. I am a decsendant of Abigail Stockton Field, his daughter.
Vanessa Wagstaff, family history [12-07-2002]

I find the Dec. very carefully written, and written on Biblical principles.
Amanda Gibson, age:14 [12-07-2002]

Savannah, Jacksonville [12-07-2002]

I had to do research for Robert Morris in class. I had absolutely no idea who he was. You're site really helped. Thanks!
( it's a secret), ############################# [12-07-2002]

mELISSA [12-07-2002]

hey wud up?? Georege Clymer was a GREAT person!happy holidays!
I dont have a name [12-07-2002]

Omar Martin, Pheonix,AZ, 14 [12-07-2002]

I was delighted to come across this site. I have always wondered if anyone knew of the history (background)andcircumstances of the signers. This has been very enlightening. Thank you.
Terry Ganzer, Chicago, Il., 59 [12-07-2002]

hi everyone im doing a report on thomas jefferson
kaila, horse lover [12-07-2002]

Eric Hogan, Joliet 14 IL [12-07-2002]

Brad Daniels, Wisconsin [12-07-2002]

Ur web page rules!
Daniel, 101 years old [12-07-2002]

Katie, Debary Florida [12-07-2002]

Silvia Bricker, Sliver spring, 20, report [12-07-2002]

this site was very helpful to me. thanks a lot !
soodie pooh, new orleans, 17 [12-07-2002]

i like this website bye
anonymous, i live in a home [12-07-2002]

good web site great for history
michael, branson,mo 12 [12-07-2002]

shantaell park, miami 16 year old [12-07-2002]

My name is melanie and I m doing a report on th decloration of indepedence and I thought it would be good if I had a guest book to get information from. Thank You, Melanie Mays 13
Melanie Mays, East Cleveland 13 [12-07-2002]

I think it's agood web site
joneeka mitchell, 14 years old [12-07-2002]

Kyle [12-07-2002]

michele aupont, 11003 12years [12-07-2002]

i thought that your website had a lot of the info i was looking for. it was very helpful with me writing my paper.
anonymous, i live in jersey [12-05-2002]

I am doing a school report and this was very help full!
Cameron, 13,Lapel [12-05-2002]

Robert Morris is my Great Great Great or something like that grandfather!Cool huh?
anonymous [12-05-2002]

i believe that this website provides lots of information needed about the declaration of independence! thank you for such a great resource! #1 fan teka
anonymous [12-05-2002]

when was samuel adam born an what was his nickname
chavanese logan, when was he born [12-05-2002]

kel, 12 [12-05-2002]

Great site! I found everything i needed for my research paper. keep it up!
rolo, north carolina [12-01-2002]

this site . . .was very useful site for my 3 essays that I had to do. I had to do one of Samule Adams the cousin too John Adams. . . and John Hancock.
anonymous, 13 yrs old [12-01-2002]

I was told by my dad (Thomas) that a person bearing our name was a signatory of the Declaration of Independance. Upon visiting this site I was pleasantly surprised to see one of the signatories from Delaware was indeed Thomas McKean.
Robert McKain [12-01-2002]

Rebecca [12-01-2002]

Add info about the actual changes made to the document and what occurred during and before the signing. Other than that, it's great.
Fred Earl [12-01-2002]

I think that the Declaration of Independence was a great thing to do. I was just watching a TV show about it and I learned when it was first made, in June, but was approved by the government on July 4th.
Madeline Pesec, Concord,Ohio [12-01-2002]

I think that this sight is confusing from the other sights I've seen all day today. Sorry!
B.F., I live in Salisbury, M.D., I am 12 years old, very bright,very small, in middle school! [12-01-2002]

This site is very usefull. I really enjoyed the personal information about the signers.
Kevin Hooper, Henderson,Tn. [12-01-2002]

this site is cool ...simple
Crystal Monique Chavez [11-27-2002]

I'm looking for 8x10 pictures of Ben Franklin, Caesar Rodney, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, John Hart,John Hancock and Thomas Payne any ideas? I'm 52 years old and looking to teach my grandchildren and like to show them pictures.
Sandra Harral, Mesa, AZ [11-27-2002]

you need info about it not the text we can find that anywhere
Sadie, hershey 15 [11-27-2002]

Mackenzie, Waterloo Iowa [11-27-2002]

my 7th grate grandpa was John Hart
kelly, 14 [11-27-2002]

This is a very good website all of the information that I needed for my Founding Fathers project is on here. THANK GOD for the person that thought of this! much love!
Jessica [11-27-2002]

Tiffany, mississippi [11-27-2002]

Kris Stanford [11-27-2002]

cool site
anonymous, 13 years old [11-27-2002]

Brittanie Stephens, age 11 [11-27-2002]

i like it
bersabeh, housto tx. [11-27-2002]

it is all good
clarrisa [11-26-2002]

Ever wonder what the Fourth of July was REALLY about?? The America we live in is NOT the one our founding fathers envisioned for us.
Beel, Ever wonder what the Fourth of July was REALLY about?? [11-26-2002]

I really lllove you marty! dont leave me!
kitty, 13 [11-25-2002]

I love this website! It really helped me with my s.s. homework
kitty, 13 [11-25-2002]

This is the best website that I went to for the 1st Continental Congress. I got a lot of information that i needed for my project. Thanx
Brian, im 12. I live in Virginia [11-25-2002]

This websit is out of this world it rocks i love it i am a HISTORY FANTIC
anonymous [11-25-2002]

you need to summerize the facts a little more that way if someone needs to find out the effects about something, they can just click effects of whatever they are trying to research. such as the first and second continental congress. because when you have to write a paper and part of it is on the effects of your topic, people need some resources. thank you for listening, or in your case, reading:)
anonymous [11-25-2002]

this is a very good site and I would recomend this site for Kids like me who want to learn about this
anonymous [11-25-2002]

carl coger, 13 [11-24-2002]

Tiffany [11-24-2002]

Thanks for this teriffic web side. It helped me with my homework for university.
Axel [11-24-2002]

Vote Libertarian and win a free country!
Bryan Morton, [11-24-2002]

Wonderful and exact clear infomation. Nice info on the declartion for my project,will continue to see site if nessisary.Thanks again
Hayley Lammon, South Carolina,13 [11-24-2002]

love the website
desiree, 11yearsold [11-23-2002]

yo yo yo...u may know us. we have a breakdance championship on sat. root for the dawgs!
doug jones, i am 25 yo vivo en elkridge maryland [11-23-2002]

this was a good site for US History and info for class report!
matt [11-23-2002]

i really enjoy attending heald i think its a really great school.i would like to know more about the declaration.
brandy, i attend heald [11-23-2002]

A nice job of gathering the facts. I too may write a book on the signers with a different slant. About six years ago I wrote a closely held book for my family that went back to 1600 . John Morton from Pennsylvania is our lineal descent. God Bless you and God Bless the USA in these troubled times. Wally
Richard W. Langford, Grand Junction, CO 81504 [11-23-2002]

I love this site because of the fact that I like it due to the projects we have to do on certain subjects!
Cony, tHIS SITE IS GREAT [11-23-2002]

Hey this web site is kool it help me with me project!
Misty, Aynor, S.C. [11-23-2002]

I'm crazy and proud of it!
Phsyco Chick [11-21-2002]

One of the best sites I've seen with Robert Morris who is in my mom's side of the family. He is buried i think at Christ Chruch in Philadelphia.
B. Carlin, 12 Ewing, NJ [11-21-2002]

for school projects this is a great site. i had a paper due the next day and i got it finshed and i got a B+ on it
Ashten [11-21-2002]

this site is very helpful for my project and it makes history fun!
ashley saunders, toronto,13 [11-21-2002]

To whom this may concern. I have a question concerning George Washington's spy network. In SPIES and SECRET MISSIONS: A HISTORY of AMERICAN ESPIONAGE ( a special edition of Military History Magazine) the author of this article, Rod Paschall, says on page 20 that Washington knew Dr. Benjamin Rush was a spy for General Thomas Gage-then Commander in Chief of British Armies in North America. If this is true, why hasn't history tarnished Rush's character as it has Benedict Arnold's character. Isn't spying a traitorous act? If it is, then why didn't Washington have Rush tried and hanged as a spy? I find this allegation highly incredulous. If you would like to see this article for yourself, I would be happy to send you a copy. I'm writing to you because the writer, nor the magazine has responded to my phone call or e-mail message. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks
anonymous [11-21-2002]

YAY IM Single
Kayla, massachusetts [11-21-2002]

Hey guys your site is relly cool~! It's super interesting! I like it! I luv richard~!& shawn & all u other guyz u no who u r~!
Carolyn and Brittany, Kingswood [11-21-2002]

the only reason that i am on this site is to get info on john hancock for a two page double spaced report in font 12. when i am done with that i get to do a speech on the darn guy.
Katrina, michigan age 14 [11-21-2002]

Nothing i just think it was a real historical moment for many of the states.
Veronica Salazar, San Antiono,13 [11-21-2002]

I think the Declaration Of Independence was one of hte most historical event.
Jalynne .Renea .Tyrone, San Antonion, 13,` [11-21-2002]

This site is very useful...Thank you...
Grenadene [11-21-2002]

sannam, live in birmingham [11-21-2002]

I'm decended from Anne Wythe, George's sister. This site is interesting. Will keep looking for more about George Wythe and his family.
Karen E., wv [11-21-2002]

this is site is only on it cuz of a stupid social studies assignment
jessica, 13 [11-21-2002]

Hi, trace me back, my great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather is Josiah Bartlett. Chat with you soon!
gena, CT... 18 y.o. [11-21-2002]

i love this web site its great, it needs more pictures
Ashley, 13, la canada, ca [11-21-2002]

vache [11-21-2002]

This was very helpful. My family is related to Thomas Nelson Jr. My Grandmother is a Nelson. He is like 5 great grandfathers back.
Becky, Alexandria, Virginia [11-21-2002]

In my Social Studies class we are acting out delegates in the Continental Convention, and I am playing the role of Robert Sherman. I enjoyed the piece of Robert Sherman you have here!
anonymous, ohio [11-21-2002]

I am do a research paper on the Texas Indepedence and I find this real interesting. I am happy to sign the guest book. Thank for doing this!
Rosalind Castro, This is pretty kewl [11-20-2002]

Claudette [11-20-2002]

this website is cool
lawson [11-20-2002]

juanita a. [11-20-2002]

helping my kids doing researchfor school.
james, bluffton s.c. dad [11-19-2002]

needs to be kid friendly when looking up a subject.very good info.
james poole, renton,wa [11-19-2002]

Do you have any information about what happened to the sighners of The Declaration of Independebce. There was a email page that was going on a couple of years ago that had the accounts of them,I missed them. I'm a Jefferson, my 5th.great uncle is Peter Jefferson...Thomas Jefferson's father, I reside in Jefferson Parish and would like to find out more about this information.
Katheirne Farnsworth, Kenner, La [11-19-2002]

I'm glad this site is here its helping me in class
Matt O [11-18-2002]

I hate history, I am really sorry. I think it is so boring. I am only in this sight because I have to for social studies.
Kaylah, 13, Illinois [11-18-2002]

Very happy that this site exists to provide important background information!
Rev. James F. Novotny, Lindsay, NE // 64 yrs old [11-18-2002]

i love john hancock! he is sooo cool! i just love him!
anonymous [11-18-2002]

Christine Fetters, Milwaukie,OR-age 16 [11-18-2002]

nick [11-18-2002]

i like the website1
candace harris, w'boro,14 [11-18-2002]


devon, new york message: [11-17-2002]

G-Baby, message: [11-17-2002]

Nada, 12yearsold message: This is a great place to find information [11-16-2002]

Latisha, 13` message: The war was to free the world from all the evil that the people giving us. The war happening because somepeople was mad over land and natural resources. Somepeople fought in this war to stop the violence against the race of people.I believe the British didn't pretty like the American a lot because they though that they were better than the British.Thank you for the good information to my social studies project. This website is awesome.This site make the young reader think for a change. [11-16-2002]

, message: I used this website for a report and got a lot from it [11-15-2002]

lucia [11-15-2002]

I love to learn about anything that has to do with the Revolutionary war and the TERPS!
me, MARYLAND! Fear the turtle! [11-15-2002]

Does anyone notice that if this website wasn't a required site to go(if you're in school) that no one would be here? Nobody cares about U.S. History except for teachers and war veterans. I know if this wasn't required I would be on but you all will probably never read this because the nerds who put it together will delete it before it makes it onto the guestbook.
A bored student who shouldn't be here., Arlington,TX, 14, [11-15-2002]

If America is so great why are there hobo's standing on street corners begging for money when they defended our country 30 years earlier?!
A Student at Shackelford Juniour High, Arlington,TX,14 year-old [11-15-2002]

I wanna know about the boston tea party
Hope Pickard [11-15-2002]

I have to say that this website was one of the most inspiring things i have ever read in my entire existence as a human being. Looking at this web site was like lookin upon God's face and having him say you are my best creation.
Matt Harness, I was on a boat this one time and a guy was like come to the back of the boat! and im all like hey why? [11-15-2002]

I used this website to write a research report on the signers of the Declaration and another report on the Tea Act and Tea Crisis. It was extremely helpful and interesting. Thank you for creating
anonymous [11-15-2002]

My great great great grandpa is or was George Clymer. My mothers name is Dora Ruth Clymer Head
Thomas w. Head, oakdale,mn. age 43 [11-15-2002]

Kim [11-15-2002]

The Sons of Liberty helped me a lot to get an A in my class.Thanks a lot!
Alucard, ? [11-15-2002]

This website is realy good,but it could tell more on HISTORIC AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Will McMillan, I am 9 years old and in 5th grade [11-15-2002]

i simply just love your gives people looking for information a good sourc that provides what they realy has perfect information for reports and for a data base for person.this website just shows you the information so you won't have to go and search the web or books.once agaign i'm going to say it is very useful
Lauren Chanelle Ollie, age 11 [11-15-2002]

I needed info. on George Ross but i didn't find anything.
Christine [11-15-2002]

it was asome good fun
mark, bristole [11-15-2002]

I love eminem
shannon banks, no [11-15-2002]

mary heggie [11-15-2002]

hi i am doing a extra credit thing on the declaration of independence so if you have any info. will u please send it to me?
Josh Blackwood, 1811 Raa ave Tallahassee Fl 32303 [11-13-2002]

This site is really gerat and I am so thankful that there is a site that has info on America's history but this site needs to have battles and info on those things.
cyber geek [11-13-2002]

anonymous, Gaithersburg 8th grade at Gaithersburg Middle School [11-13-2002]

alicia [11-13-2002]

I hate History homwork! But this site makes it so easy!
Kyle M Holland [11-13-2002]

This site is Great!!! It has helped me a whole lot on my social studies project thank you!
Haley, 13, kcmo [11-13-2002]

this is a great web site for school work
Sweetie, 13 [11-13-2002]

i like the pictures
mariela, queens [11-13-2002]

Claire [11-13-2002]

thank u!!!can now start my essay!!
Anna [11-13-2002]

Do any of you guys have an idea where i can get more informatiion on *Currency Act* you know the one that dealed with the american revolution
anonymous [11-13-2002]

Cool website
anonomous, 12 years old [11-13-2002]

anonymous, 19 years old, I live in Tours, France [11-13-2002]

I love Michael, Noe, & Edward
Baby Gurl, 14 [11-13-2002]

This document sets fire to the mind of the reader. It is a constant reminder to all Americans that the United States of America is an ongoing experiment in "government of the people, by the people and for the people", and as such, is subject to revision and change. Long live the American Revolution!
Glen Garcia [11-13-2002]

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Gwen Glatz [10-30-2002]

Excellent site. For anyone doing in depth research on Thomas Lynch, jr., although he had no direct known descendants, his sister Sabina had two husbands and serveral offspring. Her first born son took changed his last name from Bowman to Lynch as per a request in the will of Thomas Lynch Jr. This descendant than had a couple legitimate and possibly illegit offspring.
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ashley [09-28-2002]

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Jim Klugh, Wylie, Tx Age:54 [09-28-2002]

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Anonymous [09-28-2002]

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Dr. Kerr, usa [09-28-2002]

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Curtis Spiker, Blountstown, FL [09-28-2002]

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June Dempsey, Choctawhatchee H.S. -- Ft. Walton Beach, Florida [09-28-2002]

I'm trying to lacate a source to purchase frameable copies of the Declaration of Independence.
Susan Fullerton, Descendant of signer Richard Stockton [09-28-2002]

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Driatn, 22 yrs old New York [09-28-2002]

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THANK YOU!!!! I was looking for the names of those who had signed the Declaration and I found it. I needed the info for a school report and now I can turn it in a month earlier. I would however like to see more pics with the pages of the Dec. Thank you again.
Karla, Batavia 13 [09-28-2002]

could you send me a real copy of the Declaration of Independence and that i could read it thanks
Larry Short, I love to read information about history [09-28-2002]

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West Riviera Elementary School, Ms. Price's 2nd Grade Class [09-28-2002]

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Charles Carroll of Carrollton is an ancestor of mine, Charles also has a cousin who in fact saved Benjamin Franklin's life.
Barbara Kelly [09-28-2002]

I love your photo of the orriginal declaration and cant beleive you can still see john hancocks signature!
anonymous [09-28-2002]

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miriam m, 13 pretty much [09-28-2002]

My great great great great Uncle signed the declaration of Independance. His name was Charles Cayral Of Caryalton. I like wut u've done with the web site!
Steph [09-28-2002]

Your site is one of the most felicitous celebrations of this sacred document. Thank you to all who have exerted great effort to make it so readable and accessible.
Francisco J. Cosio-Marron, Naples, Florida [09-28-2002]

Nele, 25 years old Hi [09-28-2002]

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Stephanie Lazarus, Plantation Florida [09-28-2002]

I am related to one of the signers. He is john morton and he is my grandfather's mother's greattimes like 5 grandfather./
c, Pennsylvania [09-28-2002]

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Alyse, Waynseville,MO 8 [09-28-2002]

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Casse [09-13-2002]

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Rick Farmer [09-13-2002]

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Jessica Wagar [09-13-2002]

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Mary Carter, P.o Box 633 Sanger Texas 76266 [09-13-2002]

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Mrs. Wing's 1st Grade Class, Ormond Beach, FL [09-13-2002]

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Meghan Wagner [09-13-2002]

I remember reading the Declaration when I was a student many years ago. Today, in light of the September 11th tragedy whose anniversary is almost upon us, I find it a much more meaningful document. May freedom, peace, and justice be with us always!
Gerard Vernot, Tallahassee, Florida [09-13-2002]

I think this whole site is very convienent.I have a tough Adv. Civics teacher and this really helped me a lot in the long run!Thanks for whoever made this site.
anonymous [09-13-2002]

Raleigh Tavern is in Williamsburg not Jamestown, by 1769 Jamestwon was a "ghost town".
anonymous [09-13-2002]

What influence did the Declaration of Arbroath have on Jefferson as he was writing the American Declaration?
Keir [09-13-2002]

I greatly appreciate your site. It has helped me immensly with my government class. We were told to do a biography of one of the signers of the declaration of independence. All information I required was included in your biography! Thanks
Stije Haoak, High School Student [09-13-2002]

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Herr Süßmut (from germany) [09-06-2002]

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Valerie Hamilton, Santa Clara, CA [09-06-2002]

I think that it is really good that students searching this subject can just come to this site and find out the information that they need. It has helped me a lot with just this little bit I looked at thanks again!
Sharise Bringhurst [09-05-2002]

Ithink that the declaration is a first rate document.
Sarah Elizabeth Witherspoon, I'm the great.... grandniece of John Witherspoon [09-05-2002]

Desiree, Georgia,17 [09-05-2002]

I think that everyone should be able to sign the Declaration of Independence too.
Chris Soubannarath, Live in Valdosta, 18 [09-05-2002]

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fredrick heard, clinton 16 [09-05-2002]

anonymous [09-05-2002]

ivan, i finish middle school [09-05-2002]

I have a copy of Jefferson's original document with all the corrections. At the top it says: Fac-simile of the original document by Jefferson. It has a picture at the top and a picture at the bottom of the signing taking place. The signatures are all in place also. This document is quite large, approx 24" x 31". It is yellowed from age and at one time had obviously been folded. I have a picture of my mother as a young girl (probably about 1915) and this document is hanging on the wall in their home at that time in the same frame as it is in today. Do you know when these facsimiles were made and were they for a special event? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Dora Brubaker
Dora Brubaker [09-05-2002]

this is cool egsepct there is NO pic of them singing the dec. of indipindence
david, age 12 [09-05-2002]

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ben, none [09-05-2002]

What kind of paper was the Declaration of Independence made out of?
Higgy [09-05-2002]

well, Ithink your site has some "off da hook info" . My high school class had to do a group assignment & i was late gettin' my info to my group so I just came here & it gave me all the info I needed. THANKS GOOGLE . COM =)
Stephanie Smith, San Diego, California [09-05-2002]

frances marian clear rossillo, Will be giving history during tour of broadside copy at old exchange bldg. charleston sc September 11, 2002, I can think of no better time to share the history " of America's Birth certificate. I am proud to be an american and a member of the Daughters Of The American Revolution. [09-05-2002]

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Michael hogan, put in the song [09-05-2002]

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kristin [08-27-2002]

Ben, age 8 [08-23-2002]

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Kaysie, dshok [08-23-2002]

Very nice website.
Webmaestro, Miami,Florida,USA [08-22-2002]

Nessie, Mountain View, AR [08-22-2002]

The Bureau of Engraving & Printing has printed the Declaration of Independence from an engraved steel plate and in the course of learning more history of the document I visited this site to gain insight.
Ron Armstrong, Baltimore, Maryland [08-22-2002]

There is just something wonderful, amazing about both the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution. No just the words, but the beauty of the text. The amazing artistry of the lettering, and how perfect the letters are. It is amazing how beautiful old documents like these are.
Paul David Bauer, San Diego, California. 23 years old, US Navy Veteran [08-22-2002]

I am Carter Braxton's i think great great great great great grandaughter! Me and my mom are daughters of american revulotion!
Brittany Newman [08-22-2002]

Very interesting site. It is fascinating to read the contemporary thoughts of these original thinkers.
rudi hoffman, port orange, fl [08-22-2002]

Proud to have a name associated with such great patriots who stood for right and not popular opinion. It was an honour to serve this country for 20 years in the US Air Force.
Cooper Y. Hancock, Wake Forest, NC [08-22-2002]

I would like to know how many copies of the Declaration there were, and where they are at the present time. We think we have a copy but are not sure .
anonymous, Muncie Ind [08-12-2002]

We have learned that one of our ancestors (Robert Shields) was the son-in-law of Richard Stockton, one of the signers. I hope to find more about them.
Winelda Shields Bishop, Banner Elk NC [08-09-2002]

I am reading book about John Adams by David McCullough. I understand, I am descendant Patrick Henry.
George E. Arnold, Sacramento, Ca. 73years [08-08-2002]

I bereave I have a Dunlop copy of the declaration. Who would I contact that might have an interest in this document?
Ray Bradshaw [08-08-2002]

William Ellery was my mother's (Evelyn Ellery) great great great grand father
Lorraine Brennan Young, Queen Creek, AZ [08-08-2002]

God Bless America and be with us through peace and war. We live in the greatest nation ever devised in this world and we the people should always bear this in mind and share this with our children and grandchildren.
Herbert C. Ford, Egg Harbor Twp., NJ [08-08-2002]

i am excited to find this site.looking for informatoin on James wilson signer of the declarition of independance I am a direct decendant is there scholarship money avaliablesome where for my daughters?
sharon [08-08-2002]

I will be appearing in the Bergen County Players presentation of 1776, as Dr. Lyman Hall. Your information was very helpful in doing my research.
John F. Biddle [07-24-2002]

Just to let you know that letters written by Thomas Stone do exist. The Maryland State Archives, the Library of Congress, the Maryland Historical Society have the greatest accumulations known to date.
Jennifer Pitts [07-24-2002]

Family lore has it that one of my ancestors was a Reed that signed the Declaration of Independence. I am not able to link George Reed with my Family. Ah well,so goes my claim to fame.
James W. Tate, Colorado Springs CO [07-24-2002]

I am required to write a review about one historical site for my History class and I chose to write a review on this site! :) It is a very interesting site :)
Tisha, East Lansing, Michigan [07-24-2002]

I may be a descendent of Benjamin Harrison and would like to verify this if possible. Also, as a teacher, I think this site will be an excellent resource.
Todd Schoedel, 168 Trofello Lane, Aliso Viejo, CA [07-24-2002]

Truth is My Compass. We live in the Greatest Country on this Planet and thankful we should be.
Lewis Edgar Ball, King, North Carolina, USA, age 53, Retired U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer [07-14-2002]

Useful sight
Sally Perstrope, Imperial, Missouri [07-12-2002]

I grew up in Washington, DC and was priviledged to have been given the ability to avail myself of the excellent facilities in the Nat'l. Archives, Lib. of Congress and Smithsonian during my pre-college years. I was able to view the Declaration of Independence and its' literary "colleagues" anmd developed a great admiration for its' writers who,in contrast to today's politions, were able to be independent thinkers and not self-serving reelection hacks (and I'm being entirely too complementary).
Lou Garner [07-12-2002]

nicole gales, durham,nc [07-11-2002]

I may be a descendent of Thomas Stone. I would like to hear from Lanette Hite who made a similar inquiry in March, 2002.
Russ Killip, Arizona Retired [07-10-2002]

I teach second grade. I would like to have a copy of the declaration of independence, the magna carta, the emancipitation proclamation, the bill of rights. Could you tell me where I might find a free copy to display in my classroom. Thanks.
rosalind pipes [07-10-2002]

Loved the info about Signers of the Declaration. A reminder that freedom is anything but free - there is a cost
ncsuecu mom [07-10-2002]

Your website is great and I am all for the Declaration of Independence. Let me get this straight, secession from England was ok, but for the South to secede from the General Govt. was wrong? The created can not be greater that the creator. The sovereign states created the general govt. and delegated only certain powers to it. WHAT HAPPENED WAS THE USURPATION THAT GEORGE WASHINGTON ALLUDED TO IN HIS FAREWELL ADDRESS.
William, Raleigh, N.C. [07-10-2002]

Excellent site. Will be helpful.
Sue, GA/ secondary high school teacher [07-10-2002]

Reading the Declaration of Independence clarifies the principles upon which this country was founded, recognizing that our Creator comes first, then man, and government last. We must not lose sight of these principles!
Susan Widerman, Maryland [07-10-2002]

Dionne, Honolulu, Hawaii - 24 [07-10-2002]

An incredible, visionary of a man.
David Marosi, Vancouver, WA- 55 years, retired detective-current corporate investigator [07-10-2002]

What a wealth of information--great site for teachers and students
anonymous, Michigan [07-10-2002]

This site is so informative I will continue to visit it Thanks ~Sinda~
Sinda T. Gonzales, Saipan MP 96950 [07-10-2002]

Jeanne [07-10-2002]

Never forget that Freedom isn't free!! Without the sacrifice of the brave, there will never be a home of the free!! In God we trust!!
Jerre B. Sadler, U. S. Army veteran(10/10/63-10/09/67) [07-10-2002]

Very informative WEB site.
Fred Gillis, Tacoma, WA [07-10-2002]

just found out a few years ago that Benjamin Rush was an ancestor of mine. Was glad to read your article about him.
CIndy Rush HAys [07-10-2002]

Thank's for the data
Jesse Gaither, S,D Ca. [07-10-2002]

Pat Gang, Knoxville, TN [07-10-2002]

When I was a child, this document was required reading in all the schools. Not any longer. Frighteningly, we now live in a world where many of our freedoms are being eaten away once more, by factions of cowardice, Godlessness, and poliical correctness. Americans are beginning to wake up again. It ois a shame that it took a terrorist attack from abroad and a blatant attack on God from our own shores to make our people once again realize how precious and fragile our hard-won liberties really are.
Victoria J., American [07-10-2002]

Excellent site. I will share it with my fifth graders as they study American History this fall!
Susan zohar, Arizona [07-10-2002]

Steve McClain [07-10-2002]

Thank you for the information provided in your web page. I have found it to be most helpful.
Gary Hurd, Director of Education, Orange County of Natural History [07-05-2002]

The United States of America is the greatest country in the world. It gets its strength from its diversity.
Ben Amador, Seattle, WA [07-05-2002]

Ben [07-05-2002]

Mr. Jefferson was--and still is the greatest American who ever lived!
Richard Boyd [07-05-2002]

Keep up the good work. You will assuredly have much information to share on, as time shall not surcease.
Frank C. Sulka, Euclid, Ohio [07-05-2002]

I wanted a copy of the Declaration. Very good site. I will refer to it often.
Andrew Leonard, Lebanon, VA [07-05-2002]

Excellent site. Thanks for the history of each signor. I found it interesting the number of Yale graduates amongst the signors.
Robert E. Dickson, Fife, WA, Age 43, Distant relative of Lyman Hall (signor of the declaration) [07-04-2002]

information for my grandkids on what each signer sacrificed for our freedom.
frank j. agnello, spring texas [07-04-2002]

Greetings: Have a great and memorable day one and all. "In God we Trust" Regards, Sid
anonymous, Germany [07-04-2002]

I sure hope that the current Democratic Party reads and understands OUR Declaration of INDEPENDENCE. Mr. President Bush, Thanks for keeping the truth. You had quite a mess to clean up when the last guy, (who I wont even call president,) left office. He even signed a plan to have us remove our power to give thanks to our Higher Power, knowen as God.
pat cochrane, mpls, mn. [07-04-2002]

i am a direct decendant of william williams.
Alvin Herrington [07-04-2002]

Thoroughly enjoyable website. Melon McCarthy
Mary Ellen McCarthy, Marshfield, MA [07-04-2002]

I am a direct descendent of Maj. Simon Willard. Robert Treat Paine was a descendent of his also..which makes me a 3rd cousin many times removed.
Arline Willard Schleicher [07-04-2002]

I would like a copy of the doucoment
Colin James, Age 16, Bellows Falls Vermont [07-04-2002]

In what newspaper were the words to the declaration of Independence first printed.
Cina [07-04-2002]

I think your sight rocks! I am from Mission Viejo, CA. I am a total American history freak!
Jared Hermelin [07-04-2002]

I would like to ask a question ..., why did George Washington not sign the Declaration of Independence.
anonymous [07-04-2002]

Thank you for this wonderful website. It's got so much information!
anonymous [07-04-2002]

Brian, Arlington 30 [07-04-2002]

This site is great for history
Justin Kennie, 12 years opld and failed social studies [07-04-2002]

This 4th of July will be one that makes all Americans reflect on the rights and freedoms of the Declaration of Independence. July 2002
Cindy Franks, Tampa, Florida [07-01-2002]

This Is a great with wonderful information in it
marty, age14 [07-01-2002]

Kathy Ethridge [07-01-2002]

It is conforting to know that our forefathers had a strong belief in God and His guidance. Wish that we had that same faith.
stephen brattain, brazil indiana and I am 48 years old [07-01-2002]

Great site. We came across it accidentally while searching for "Sovereigns". If you wish to visit our site, we would love to see you at or our gold sovereign site:-
Lawrence Chard [07-01-2002]

Who was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence and the last?
anonymous [07-01-2002]

I am proud of this country and the values for which this country stands!
Jason Love, Seattle, TX 33 [07-01-2002]

Wonderful site!
Virginia Davidson [07-01-2002]

According to my uncle, harvey thomas lynch, we are related to this thomas lynch. I wonder how, though, as it doesn't appear that he had any offspring. Did he have siblings?
anonymous [06-26-2002]

i wuz wondering if u have more information about leading events to the declaration of independance
zhorty [06-26-2002]

I would like to know how many of the original copies were made, because I think I have one of them. Can you tell me how I can check to see if it is real, and what type of value does it hold?
Kim, Arlington [06-26-2002]

My great-grandfather was Enoch Canada Morris (b. 15 May 1830, Browns Valley, IN; d. 11 Oct 1920, Windsor, IL). I have two documents that state that he was the great-grandson of Robert Morris, signer of the Declaration and Constitution. I am looking for the links between Robert Morris and Enoch Canada Morris and would appreciate hearing from anyone who can help with this.
J. Fred Schouten [06-26-2002]

I have a very simular copy and I was wanting to find out if it is one of the three originals that were hand wrighting.
michelle [06-26-2002]

michelle [06-26-2002]

The research I have done on the Declaration of Independence indicates that the Founding Fathers believed strongly in a firm reliance on God. Ex. "...firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence." I learned that many of the passages in this document were derived from the Bible. Scripture defines God as the source of private property and "the pursuit of happiness" as expressed in the Declaration of Independence. Ecclesiastes 5:19. There are abundant writings that attest to the fact that the Founding Fathers were in general, true believers in God, and not the deists and agnostics that contemporary historians would have us believe. To quote John Hancock," Let us humbly commit our righteous cause to the great Lord of the Universe." Samuel Adams - We have this day restored the Sovereign to Whom alone men ought to be obedient. John Adams - I submit all my hopes and tears to an overruling Providence. I could go on about How God had His Hand in the Founding of this country But it would take hours. It's very sad that contemporary historians, for the sake of being "politically correct," omit much if not all of this information. Chip Fetner
Chip Fetner [06-26-2002]

frank j. spinner, Whiting, NJ [06-26-2002]

What a great informative site. This brings me back to the 3rd grade when we studied the signers of the Declaration of Independence in depth. Keep up the good work! :-)
Robert Deutchman, Staten Island, NY 10312 [06-26-2002]

thank you so much for having this website up, Patrick Henry as many people around this country know was one of my many heros, He inspired me to become a revolutionary, well i arleady was but now i am more active, and i love knowing more about my role models, thank you so much,also anyone who is interested in my organization the website is come and debate sometime!! thank you
Jesus Peterson, Menomonie Wisconsin, 15 american revolutionary [06-26-2002]

Born in Allentown, Penna. North of Philadelphia. As a child remember the Liberty Bell or a replica in an Allentown church on Hamilton Street. Also there was a trolly called the Limited which went from Allentown to Philly. Retired to Florida in 1993 but have never forgotten Pennsylvania and the historic places, some of which I don't remember visiting but parents said we toured much history in Philly. Like the website. Still vacation in Allentown yearly to see the family.
Fay Parry, Leesburg, FL, age 66 [06-26-2002]

i would like to learn more and payatentioon while i read this.
nicole, 13 years old [06-15-2002]

My relative has a very old copy of the declaration passed down through the generations. How many original documents are there?
anonymous [06-13-2002]

Evelyn Joe [06-13-2002]

Timmie Casler, 2418 Cunningham Dr Augusta Ga 30906 [06-13-2002]

great website
carolina, age 11 [06-10-2002]

My Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather was John .H. Hancock whom signed the Decloration of independence of america. and i know this for a true know fact the he is my relative. as i am John Hancock the VI and my dads name is john hancock aswell as his dad and his and so on.
John Anthony Hancock, 15 going on 16 .i live in dunfermline now. [06-10-2002]

matrix11 [06-10-2002]

Thank you for your site. There are e-mails from a lot of kids in school who are researching this subject, which is excellent. Unfortunately, a large number of adult citizens of this country have no knowledge or interest in it's founding. Hopefully, in this information age and with sites such as this, that will change.
David Kirk, Washington, Ga. 50 y/o male [06-10-2002]

Thank you for all the information. My son's report on Benjamin Harrison has been greatly helped by this site.
anonymous [06-05-2002]

Great site. Love the information about the men who wrote and were signers of the document.
Kathy Howe, Honolulu, HI [06-05-2002]

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Dman [05-28-2002]

Please let me know if researching,George Walton.He is an ancestor of mine and I have lots of info. to share!
Kelly Koval, Relation to George Walton [05-28-2002]

carolyn, independence [05-24-2002]

I enjoyed reading the information that this great site had to offer!
anonymous, 13 [05-22-2002]

I am very please to know that some one really cares about us kids.and they had time to put this together for our needs.
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Thank You for helping me get information about the Declaration of Independence for my school project
Lindz, age 10 [05-22-2002]

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i feel real bad about what happend to us here in the united states. since i ca never stop thinking about what happend i thought that i should do a power point (a little video) about what happend!!!!!!!
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I'm so pleased that someone had the idea of putting this together for the rest of us.
Shaunna Zumwalt, age 24 - Phoenix, AZ [05-17-2002]

How can I get a frameable copy of the Declaration of Independance (old looking on parchment)? Any ideas?
Joanne Eytzen, Ferndale, Wa. [05-15-2002]

valentina., Robert.livingston. [05-15-2002]

Great site. Will USe this with my classes.
Al Poplawski [05-15-2002]

I have been attempting to ascertain the birth place and country of his families origin but to no avail. Can anyone help me.
George Taylor, Koronadal City [05-15-2002]

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Becky, Howell,Mi [05-15-2002]

I think this is a great way to learn more things and also I need a copy of the declartion of Indepence. Stacey
Stacey, Bronx ny [05-13-2002]

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This is a great site for students to learn about the declaration of independence.
Cailey [05-13-2002]

i need a copy of the Declaration of independence
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This site is great! It gives great info!
Kris Chuber, 12 [05-12-2002]

James A. Glidewell, Portage, Michigan [05-12-2002]

Great site. I am a member of the DAR and have number Revolutionary War ancestors. Keep up the good work, our children need to know their history
Mary Ellen Rogan [05-12-2002]

Billy [05-11-2002]

I am named after my ancestor Josiah Bartlett, delegate from New Hampshire the second signer.
Josiah Bartlett smith, 10 [05-11-2002]

thank you for a great help on my social studies project
lizzy, westview middle 7th grade [05-11-2002]

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Cornia A, York Town,35, [05-06-2002]

I found it interesting the Declaration of Independance and the writings of at the Graff House in 1776. I had no idea the location was 7th and Market and was originally built in 1775 and torn down in 1883.
Jodi Germano, Rhode Island [05-02-2002]

Teresa, Littleton [05-02-2002]

Lindsay, Littleton [05-02-2002]

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I think the Deceration of Independence is a lot of getting your fair share of things in my opinon.
Amanda Church, I am 16 [05-02-2002]

I think this website should have information about the importance of the "Declaration of Independence". And what changes were made, the good that came out of it, and the bad that came out it, and alos the impact it made on society.
Heidi [05-02-2002]

I am a direct descendent of Stephen Hopkins and would like to find out how to track the geneology from him to my father whose namesake is Stephen Hopkins. We were always told by our elders that we are a direct descendent to him and I have this need to find out all the details of the who, what, where and whens about it. Thank you.
Jennifer Ruth Hopkins [04-29-2002]

Any information you can find out on William Ellery (R.I.) please email me. This is really a nice site. Thank you!
Linda [04-27-2002]

do you think that the boston masacre was a masacre?
christine, wh [04-27-2002]

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d ammer [04-27-2002]

Rebecca Petrie [04-27-2002]

Macy, DROkkjnajkhdfdjkzsn md [04-27-2002]

I am a decendent of George Walton the Rep. from Georgia who signed the Declaration.
Samantha Stallard, Ringgold Ga [04-27-2002]

Hey...Like ur site....
Rish, Age 16, Female, From Guam [04-27-2002]

i was just told when my grandfather died that i was related to lyman hall from georgia my granfathers name was lyman hall tucker
melanie schnaars, ny [04-27-2002]

I love to learn about the past in school! my teacher makes it soooooo interesting!
Brittany Shope, I live in Middletown, Pennsylvania! [04-27-2002]

hi this websight is cool ithout it would be some ideotic one!:) :P
Brian, im 12 plainvew [04-27-2002]

Anybody have something on George Wythe's political philosophy?
Daniel Street, Keep up the Good Work [04-27-2002]

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Shelallasdkfe, alekkkkkja 11 years young [04-27-2002]

This is a very informational site.I got all the information I needed.
Meaghan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [04-27-2002]

Following up info on Thomas Stone Kindig rec'd in 1993 on Prodigy, family research
Charlotte Kindig Clarke, Florida [04-20-2002]

great site, im a slacker and this really helped me!
tifani smith, age 15 [04-18-2002]

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Mario, 6th Grade [04-18-2002]

To have such visionary people who were able to articulate such a visionary statement at such a critical time is just so perfect.
David Barron, New Zealand [04-18-2002]

United states history rocks!
Daniela [04-17-2002]

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george [04-13-2002]

I am doing a report on john hancock. I need all of the information i can get. Will you please send me what you can about what john hancock did, where he was born, a picture or two, and any other information you can?
Ryan [04-13-2002]

thanks. i just helped out my girlfriend with this stuff. :)
sladdi [04-13-2002]

i love what you did for us
kendra, hi samadams [04-13-2002]

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c.c., tyler tx. [04-13-2002]

My Grandson name is Richard Bassett he is sure he saw a Richard Bassett signature on the Declaration so please email us and let us know. I pulled the index of signers and did not see it there. Could there have been more. Thankyou.
Anntherese Starns [04-10-2002]

Hi, I'm a relitive of Stephen Hopkins, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and I think this sight has helped me to learn more about the Declaration of Independence. Thanks, Annie
Annie [04-10-2002]

peter drevitch, staten island 12 [04-10-2002]

im trying to complete my family treee my mother had been working on for many years, now shes not doing well and would really like to try and complete it before she leaves us. i have a great great (i dont know how many greats) grand father who had signed the Declaration of Independence; John Philip Livingston and if any way i could get a copy of it and maybe any iformation on him or his family from anyone it would really be highly appreciated. Thank you all very much.
luigi zomparelli, from ca. all my life recently moved to mo. age: 43 [04-10-2002]

hi people
Amber, age11 [04-06-2002]

my family and i live in the house of mr.robert morris, yes, the signing of the declaration of independence robert morris.
debra harrison deans, langhorne, pa 19047 [04-06-2002]

jackie nicholson, Rome Ga. 16 [04-06-2002]

Kristen Lewis, 13/f/bristol ri [04-06-2002]

This site gave excelent info, but I really needed a photo of the Declaration of Independence for a power point I was doing. Other than that your site was GREAT! Thank You!
Marissa [04-03-2002]

I have a huge report to do on thomas Jefferson. This link was on my teacher's website. So far it's helping. Thanks.
anonymous, New York,13 [04-03-2002]

I would like to have some informatio
steven, san elizariu/12/Tx/El Paso [03-27-2002]

Eric cobb [03-27-2002]

As a direct decendant to Benjamin Harrison, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, I heard that there may be college scholarships available to direct decendants. Does anyone have information on potential scholarships? Thanks for a great site and your help in this research- John Scott Harrison V
John Scott Harrison V, Kansas City [03-27-2002]

I'm doing a report on Thomas Jefferson.He wrote the Decloration of Independence so I want to know
Jeremy Preston Drake, Dayton,Ohio,11,lovejeeves [03-27-2002]

I found this web site on I was using it for a project I had to do in 4th grade. On the dicument on this page that is not how they sigend it.
Avery [03-27-2002]

I like this website it has a ton of intresting info.I hope I can fin something for my Social Studies class!
Kaitlyn McCarthy, 9 years old Mahanoy Plane [03-27-2002]

The Declaration is the foundation of the greatest nation to ever grace this earth. Thanks for your HELP!
angel, california [03-25-2002]

this site is really great. I found all of the basics on Patrick Henry that I needed for a prodject. I LOVE THIS SITE!
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I thought that this site was very informational. Thanks for providing the information that you have provided for me and others.
Bryan Cross, Deactur, Georgia,11 [03-23-2002]

I would like to know the order of those who signed the declaration of independance, especiallly who signed it last. If you could just e-mail me this information back I would be much obliged. Sincerely, Maria
Maria [03-23-2002]

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I would like more information on how to pruchase a copie of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Could you e-mail with this information? I like your website and links. Thank you Tom Jensen
Thomas A. Jensen, Friendship, WI. 53934 age: (50) [03-21-2002]

vicki todd [03-21-2002]

To my GGGG-grandfather John Hart: Thanks for the freedom that you gave to your descendents. May you walk on the clouds forever.
Floyd Kittle, Lawton, OK [03-14-2002]

Good web site, helpful. I would come back to get information.
Caitlyn [03-14-2002]

Teaching ESOL students means teaching them about our history and how it relates to them. I love to revisit the stirring times of the founding of our country.
Dr. Jeanne V. White, Alto, GA [03-14-2002]

WOW I have never been to such an informational site about our goverment and how it was formed. Great joB!
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I love this site. It helped me to study aboout the Declaration of Independence
Sarah Lange 2, 10 years old [03-13-2002]

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I think this web site is fantastic. Our family traced our history back and we found out that we are relatives of Edward Rutledge,one of the people to sign the Decloration of Independance, on my mom's side. I have found some wonderful information on him, and everyone that signed. This is a great place to informative. I have received the best information at this site.
Linda, Missouri [03-13-2002]

very interseting. good help on my school project back in the good old days.
Mary Huchi, 77 [03-13-2002]

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What happened to the signers of the Declaration of Independence
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i use my e-mail adress as a rememberance of the boston massacre because many showed bravery but were still murdered
Chris Nunez, mount vernon,11years old [03-06-2002]

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Alexandra Demichiel, bronxville,11years [03-06-2002]

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This is a great site. Since we have a big project in my history class, this helped me with researching the Intolerable Act.
Keith Paul, 13 [03-04-2002]

Outstanding and informative website for anyone (including us) who has interest in the Declaration of our freedom. Thank you for your research on this magnificent workpiece.
Tom/Carol Leppert, Erie, Michigan [03-04-2002]

The Declaration is kind of long. But I have the first part memorized... When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people
Alyssa Knighton, 11 (age) [03-03-2002]

This site is really well organized and well documented. I found what I was looking for almost immediatly. Keep up the good work!!!!!!
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I was visiting this website because I am a decendent of Thomas Stone. I wanted to see what information you had about him.
Lanette Hite [02-27-2002]

Im related to William Floyd he is my great great great ect grandfather.
de Lancey Moser, 17 years old [02-27-2002]

could you put some pictures
brittany, 10 [02-27-2002]

I think that it's really neat that you put on thing for kids to look up and to study becacse were would we be if we wouldn't have fought the American Revolution. We would probly still be under Englands rule. Other countrys wouldn't be what they are today because America was an example that countrys did have to under rule of another one!
Danielle Larson, I am 12 almost 13 [02-27-2002]

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Bridget and Lauren [02-27-2002]

i would just like to say good luck to the men and woman of the united state and i pray as time goes on that you will be with us.
amber nicole galbreath, walnut ridge ark, 15 [02-27-2002]

This is the best place I have found. Thank you!
Lori Weinkauf, Carson, Ca. Age 14 [02-27-2002]

Having recently purchased a Ohman Litorgraphic repro- duction of the Declaration of Incependence I can now proudly display it in my home. I am thrilled to own even a copy of this historic document.
Jean A. Kidwell [02-27-2002]

I find that I am a direct descendant
Ronald S. Purvis, Falls Church, VA, Age 73 [02-27-2002]

I am British, became a US citz. after living here for 44 yrs. Doing research on my husbands family biogs. Lyman Hall was one of those poeple so pleased to be able to find the info. I needed. I understand his only son 'John' never married or fathered child. So obviously his actual family line ended there! Now I have to find our connection to Lymans family vis Hosea Hall. Any calls on that?
Rose Nagle, Oh, 63 [02-27-2002]

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I'm 13 and I really like to study the Declaration Of Independence!!!!
Becca Dawson [02-15-2002]

This website helped me more than any other I found on the signers of the Declaration of Independence. The site was beautiful, fun & easy to read. Thank-you!:)
Alicia Holmes, age 11 [02-15-2002]

As an GED teacher of adults primarily persons of Hispanic origin) in a local school district, I think the documents relating to the birth of our country are outstanding, and would be very useful in teaching my students important the early history of this country. In addition to the historical facts themselves, I see potential for showing my students writing style, paragraph construction and other areas related to good essay writing.
Ralph L. Williams, San Antonio, TX., [02-14-2002]

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What were the dates of signings?
Don Horton [02-13-2002]

I love this site because every Reaserch History project that I get I come here and i get lots of help. Thanks for having this site.
Ali, Rhode Island [02-13-2002]

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email me at if u have any information on Patrick Henry for me so i can use it on a Social Studies project!! thanx
Megan, Staley 13/f [02-10-2002]

right now i have to do a project on the American Revolutionary War and i am looking up information on Patrick Henry this web site is really helpful but if anyone knows anymore websites i could use PLEASE send them to me at
Megan, i am in the 8th grade and i am 14 years oldand right now i have to do a project on the American Revolutionary War and i am looking up information on Patrick Henry [02-10-2002]

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Sarah Eick, 15/alpharetta [02-08-2002]

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in researching my family's geneaology, I was told that Thomas Stone was part of my family lineage. Thank you for your information.
Patricia Stone McManus [02-07-2002]

sarah [02-07-2002]

christopher beasley [02-07-2002]

devin [02-07-2002]

I am a professional actor and just had the priviledge of portraying John Adams in the musical, 1776. I have copied each of the actor's character's profile as a momento. Thanks so much for such detailed information. What very Normal, but Brave men these were!!
Jeff Evans, Athens, Georgia [02-07-2002]

I think this info is not useful cause they don't talk about his life when he was younger like his childhood.
Latessa Shomper, Brooklyn,NY, 14, 5'10 [02-07-2002]

I am proud to be free, and thank the men and women who die for me to have this freedom
nancy, tn [02-07-2002]

Like your web site. Will tell others about it. Wish the U.S.A. could be taken back to the united States of America as to what the Declaration of Independance stands for.
W.E. Brown, Griffin,Georgia [02-07-2002]

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Emur [02-07-2002]

Hey, I had to do a project and I couldn't find anything but then I came here and I got all my information! Thanks a Bunch!!! ~Meredith~
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i think it was the best thing ever written about our human right
Christine, 17 stuarts draft va [02-07-2002]

We are just starting to learn about the Declaratoin of Independence in Social Studies.
AsiaPruckler, I am 11 years old [02-07-2002]

This site has a lot of info but you might want to try and expand on your information on William Hooper.
Nick, 14, Sembach, Germany [02-07-2002]

This Site has to kick some serious a** Because it has my name on it and I thought I was the only one...
Krysta Skaife, Baraboo Wisconsin 16 Years old What else is there to say???? [02-07-2002]

thanks from a student a t east central.
denise millsap, e.c.c. [02-07-2002]

I am reseaching information for a school project. This sight has been very helpfull to both me and my mom.we thank you for allowing us this oppertunity to visit this sight.
Amanda Diaz, i'm from houston texas and i'm 11 years old [02-07-2002]

This website is great for information that you need for school things. And for doing prodjects like I'm doing in school right now!
Rebecca Blatt, 13 [02-07-2002]

i like knowing what the signers of the decloration of independance did during there privet life and in history.
patrick leyden [02-07-2002]

Im related to John Hart
Drew, wilmington 13 [01-30-2002]

I love being free, so I like the Declaration of Indepedence!
Samantha, 25 [01-30-2002]

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I am very happy to have found this site. I am extremely proud of this document and the men who assembled at Independence Hall in 1776, and in the preceding years, to discuss, compromise and discuss again; to finally vote to separate from Great Britain, citing their reasons; and, whether they agreed with each other or not: they voted, together; they stood, together; they put their lives (and that of their families) on the line, together; and they believed, together. They were not perfect - their Declaration was not perfect, but it was a beginning that required the courage of their hearts to push into existence. These were ordinary men for the most part (some with families, some without), living in a time which required nothing more of them than is required of us today. They, like us today, were forced by circumstances into a new thinking. They created a vision of governing themselves; of making their own laws; of deciding their own taxes; of protecting human rights and providing security for those rights for all citizens. They could not know that this was the time, maybe the only time, to take hold of the opportunity. They could not know if they would succeed or not. They put themselves (and their families) on the line, stood for what they believed in, and did then for their people, what we can and are doing today. Americans are now rising to this occasion; standing, together; believing, together; and, for many, putting their lives on the line, together (while their families can only wait at home). This is our time, our opportunity. Thank you.
Joyce W. Jablonski, 56 years old - a New Yorker living near Philadelphia [01-29-2002]

I am very glad that there are sites like this for me to read as i am a direct decendent of Button Gwinneet it has been very interesting reading all the information about him, i will keep reading and trying to find out as much as i can so i can put my family tree together, you will be glad to know that i have got a long way thorugh with all the information i have collected over the time thanks for the site.
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Re: John Witherspoon, on his summary you have his date of birth in 1723, He was actually born Feb. 5, 1722 in Yeslet Scotland. As decendents we would appreciate this correction and any information on scholarships available for decendents of the signers.
Marie Watson, wpb, fl [01-12-2002]

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