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Have been in the area years ago, thinking I need to come back again.
Kathy, Maine [01-13-2013]

checking out the site. i would like to come visit. . would like to see Gabriel Duvall mentioned
anonymous, descendent of Gabriel Duvall, who fought in the Brandywine battle [01-13-2013]

Nice site, next step is to visit next spring.
Larry, for BSA Troop 32, Springfield, MA [01-13-2013]

Gre [01-13-2013]

My husbands 9th great grandfather, Thomas Murray, fought in the Battle of Brandywine.
Missy Fullerton Murray, Ashland, KY [01-13-2013]

Todd Colicchio [01-13-2013]

Jason Simpson [01-13-2013]

We will be visiting the battle sites after Thanksgiving. We will take your driving tour. Thanks for the help!
Roger Vincent, High School History Teacher [11-29-2012]

Just read 1776 by David McCoullough and want to see the battlefield when I visit.
Cynthia Diederich, Seattle WA [11-29-2012]

Like this site
anonymous [11-29-2012]

love this website! very helpful with my Homework and projects!
Sophie, California [11-15-2012]

asghar, esfahan [11-08-2012]

thiz b da koolest
Heather, 25 [11-08-2012]

David McClintick [09-25-2012]

I will be visiting the area and found your information link on the Brandywine Hotels's website. Your site was very helpful and I am excited about visiting next month.
Leah Boyer, Plano, Texas [09-19-2012]


having fun
aver [09-07-2012]

We plan to visit the battle field Saturday 25th of August 2012. We look forward to the visit and gaining information about this great battle. I have enjoyed reading its history. Many of the locations are familiar to us as we have visited Longwood Gardens and have friends who live in the area. We often drive Route 1 trough Chads Ford ofeten.
Earl and Marion Pinckney, I am 89 and will be 90 in April. Marion is 85. We lve n the Quarryvlle Presbyterian Retirement Community, Quarryville PA [08-31-2012]

Great site! My friend and I have been walking here this Sandy Hollow, which as a walker, I have renamed the "Hell Trail"! (killing hills!) Today we visited the Birmingham Lafayette cemetary where an old dear friend is buried. Beautiful place.
Bev A, Retired teacher...38 years in Phila public schools teaching history [08-07-2012]

When I was a child, I was told that the Birmingham Meeting House had a cannonball embedded in its walls. No one at Birmingham meeting has ever heard this story. Is it one of those battlefield legends, or does it have some factual background.
James Johnson [08-07-2012]

Love your site and all the information! We live out West and are coming to visit.
Lynda McAndrew [08-01-2012]

Doing ageneology for adopted son 6th great grandson of John Downey,1755-1820,Served in this battle
Brenda Dooley, 63, Roanoke, Va [07-26-2012]

I have an ancestor that fought with General George Washington during the battle of Branywine,his name was Peter Nothstein. He was a private and later was promoted to Liutenant.
Vikki Pinnichia, Honolulu Hawaii [07-24-2012]

Were the non-violent Quakers one of the reasons we lost that battle?
Joseph Brendel, Retired United States Air Force. I will be visiting soon [07-24-2012]

Wish I had visited sooner. A good value for the money. Sad that the Gilpin House is closed, but can walk around it. Enjoyed the Ring House Tour and the Film in the Visitor Center. Combined it with a walk along the Brandywine,at the Brandywine River Museum. Could be combined with a visit there, or down the road the Newlin Grist Mill in Concord, also off of Route 1.
anonymous, 45, Drexel Hill, Pa. [07-24-2012]

Mathew F. Bunch [07-18-2012]

M Bradley [07-17-2012]

As a member of Friends of Brandywine and Sons of the American Revolution, I would like to commend you on your fine website. I especially enjoyed the driving tours and pix of the site. As my daughter and her family live nearbgy, I get to visit and walk parts of the battlefield every year. Just one thing, how did those guys handle the hills in their heavy wool uniforms in the heat of a SE Pennsylvania September? Thanks for a great website.
Charles Jackson, of Mishawaka, IN [07-17-2012]

Stephen [07-16-2012]

James T Charlton [07-11-2012]

My great, great grandfather fought in this battle. Very nice of you to preserve the history.
Lonnie Wells, age 62, Shawnee, KS [07-05-2012]

looking to do in house presentation on battle
Bruce Grant [07-01-2012]

From my recent genealogy research I found that my 8 times grandfather, Thomas Worth, Jr., was the owner of 500 acres at the forks of the Brandywine on whose land the Battle of Brandywine was fought. I hope to visit in the near future and learn more about the history of the battle and of my ancestor.
Carol Ann (McCue) Gray, Silverhill, Alabama [07-01-2012]

Debbra Jansen, Trinidad [07-01-2012]

anthony mullen [06-28-2012]

it looks like i'll be visiting sometime soon.i'm a bit of a history buff and being that this is close.i've always wanted to visit and it seems like the american revolutionary war battlefields never get much exposure.your website was very informative...thank you
barry lake, 47yrs old ringoes nj [06-20-2012]

Friends, My brother-in-law lives in Wilmington and told me of your location. I hope to visit the site end of summer of fall. I am a Revolutionary War Reenactor, Private Jones of the 13th Pennsylvania Regiment of Foot who shares your love of our country and its storied past. Living history rocks!
Bob Jones, Member Board of Trustees Historic Fort Wayne, Inc. [06-06-2012]

Was Alexander Hamilton born 1/2 Jewish?

very informative site. we are coming soon. from, paranormal interests . com group:)
Diane Briscoe-Nowell, chester,pa19013 [06-06-2012]

Bob Manolescu [05-22-2012]

Conrad Frederick Keck (Kegg/Keack), born ca. 1754 in PA was anccetor that fought at the Battle of Brandywine. He servid for three years and received pension. I am researching the entire Keck family. Comtact me at 214-330-1635 or email at if interested. Thanks
Monty Thomas Ousley Weddell, Family Genealogical History [05-22-2012]

Scout Troop 27 Staten Island has been to Valley Forge in February 2012 and we've been to Horseshoe Scout Res. on M-D Line for 20yrs. NY Scouts should visit Brandywine BF.
James Styles, 59yr. old, NYC Scout Leader [05-22-2012]

Very interesting. As the 8X great-granddaughter of William Harvey, I'd really like to know if General Howe actually used his house as his heaadquarters. Does anyone know>
Leslee, Minnesota [05-22-2012]

A very informative site and I will be visiting!
David Beckmann MD, Faribault, MN [04-30-2012]

My Great Grandfather was in the 4 Regiment, Pennsylvannia Cavalry. Just checking out some places he might have been.
Dennis Sides, 68 Omaha, NE [04-30-2012]

Looking forward to visiting this Historic Site this summer with our 9 year old grandson.
anonymous, Detroit, MI [04-19-2012]

Being born in Pennsylvania, I have a love of the history of my family and our Family Patriots of America. I have one grandfather that participated in the Battle of Brandywine and I am looking forward to visiting there this September. I am blessed to come from a family with so much history ranging back to the early 1700's, and have had the opportunity to visit many of the burial sites and homesteads of so many of my family in Pennsylvania over the past few years. This will be my first Revolutionary War Reenactment.I visited the homeland of my 5Greats Grandfather Daniel Breon, his church, his graveyard with the plaque that honors him at the gate. My history is rich in the patriots that served our country right up to my mother Gayle Lorraine Palmer 1922-2005 that served during WWII. She would be so excited to know all about the history of our family that I have discovered since the time of her passing. See you in September. Deborah Hoffmann
Deborah Hoffmann, Age 62, McHenry, Illinois [04-15-2012]

Patrica [04-15-2012]

Why is Lucky Hill Rd named? Thanks Larry.
Lawrence Cavanaugh Steall Sr [04-15-2012]

Patricia Canby Colhoun, I have the "Marriot" chair, dated 1786, handed down oldest male to oldest male. [04-07-2012]

amy [04-02-2012]

This really helpled me on my poject for school about the revolutionary war on war facts of the revolutionary war Brandywine Creek.
Margret Sunday, United States [03-26-2012]

I am a student and your site helps me
anonymous [03-21-2012]

Important battle
Emery Stephans, Stamford, CT [03-19-2012]

Very interesting-good site
Bruce Leak [03-03-2012]

hi i am brianna
brianna, 10 old new orleans [02-25-2012]

I would like to receive a copy of your brochure on the Battle ofthe Brandywine. Thanks.
marcia adams [02-17-2012]

Im doing a project for S.S and i am using your website!:)
Miranda Phillips:), rawr! [02-10-2012]

I am the the fifth generation decendent of James Trimble who owned the property now know as Trimbleville. I would appreciate any details available about that location and the British crossing there.
Thomas Trimble [01-28-2012]

The 235th is approaching fast. In honour of all those who served, Crown and Patriot. The Highland Company I re-enact was founded on 11 SEP 1777. God Save The King!
Drummer/ Highland Dancer Xavier Allen, Highland Co'y Queen's Rangers- Detroit, MI [01-25-2012]

I'm working on BREWER, WORTHINGTON, CROSS, HAGEMAN family tree if anyone would like to contact me that maybe searching the same families .
Joyce Worthington Brewer, 77, galesburg, IL [01-25-2012]

I am trying to locate evidence concerning a relative who fought with Lafayette at the battle of Brandywine where both were wounded as my relative and Lafayette were trying to link-up with Washington. I have an old geneology book from my great grandfather that lists the event. I am interested in joining the Sons of the American Revolution on behalf of my son and two daughters. I can email the entry from the geneology book which traces my relative to my present day family (and myself). Please advise.
Dennis C. Fisher, Donora, Pa 15033, 59 years old [01-24-2012]

is it possible that the single s Fergusons and the double s Fergusson were of the same ancestry?
Donald S Fergusson, Amelia Island, Fl [01-18-2012]

I'm a long time pa resident who knew little about the Battle of Brandywine until moving just off Birmingham Road. Much more attention needs to be paid to this site and this crucial time in history.
A. T. Palestini, West Chester, Pa. [01-09-2012]

anonymous [01-04-2012]

I am a member of the Board of Trustees Historic Fort Wayne, Inc. and a member of the 13th Pennsylvania Regiment a Revolutionary War reenactment unit in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I am planning to visit your area in the spring of this year as a part of my second Revolutionary War Battlefield tour.
Bob Jones, Fort Wayne, Indiana age 62 [01-04-2012]

Emily Moore, My gggggrandfather Jesse Galla Moore fought in this battle [12-30-2011]

I have not visit the valley forg.But I will be there.I hope learning more US hostorical konwledge.
xu zhou, china [12-26-2011]

Neal Jefferis, Virginia Beach, VA [12-21-2011]

I've not visited the battlefield but I have visited Valley Forge. My great great grandfather, John Ludwig Snyder fought throughout the Revolutionary War. He died in 1860, age 115.
Erma Krishnek [12-16-2011]

this website me a lot by giving me the information i need for my projects and homework. It is a great reference
jeovani, 13 [12-15-2011]

Awesome website! with lots of useful facts.
Leonardo Da Vinci 4th [12-06-2011]

Thank you so much for providing a priceless service!
Paul Choiseul [12-05-2011]

anonymous [11-28-2011]

I like this site.
Christina M. Gregory, Age 32, two children, currently live in Mobile, AL, signed in October 16, 2011 [10-18-2011]

kouki, I'm 15. [10-08-2011]

Charles Miller [10-06-2011]

Great site and hope to visit there some day. I am a Husband of a Genealogist and a big fan of war history.
Mr. Daniel Johnson, 42 Lancaster Pa [10-02-2011]

benjamin ring was my 8th grandfather.we visited about io years ago. we met aguide who was kin to the gilpins.she said there was a letter to bemjamin & she would send it to me.we left her money for stamps.never heard from her.
MARY ANNA JONES(MARTIN), kansas city mo [09-30-2011]

anonymous, 47,wilmington,delaware [09-29-2011]

WOnderful site. Thank you for the detailed information and inspiration as I further my study of the American Revolution. This gives new meaing to September 11th.
Rev. John Tucker, Salisbury, NC [09-14-2011]

Two of my G-G-G-G-grandfather's fought in this battle, they were Colonel William and Colonel Jacob Cooke,- I'm told that they fpought against there brother, Lt. Colonel Charles Cooke
charlie cooke [09-08-2011]

We LOVE the Battlefield and are very upset with the State of PA for the lack of funding. My husband and I have been coming to the battlefield since we were children and now bring our to grandsons ages 9 and 6 every fall for special events. They love it too!
Rita J Simpson [09-02-2011]

I remember picnicing with neighbors as a kid in the 60's. I was always afraid of the British soldier dummy in the ice house. Fond memories
KEN DWYER [09-01-2011]

We spend a day last summer just touring all around including Brandywine Battlefield-we loved it!
Theresa Mazur, Egg Harbor City, NJ [08-29-2011]

Was in Lancaster P.A.and took a trip to Brandywine. I am with the Regimental Pipes and Drums of the Queen's York Rangers 1st American in Toronto Canada. Unfortunately, the day we got there, it was closed. Bad timing I guess. However, what little bit we did see of it was filled with a great sense of history and you felt that you weren't alone. I did get some photos of the church graveyard,and the sites of Washington and LeFayette's headquarters though. If I'm back this way, I'll make sure to visit the site when it's open. By the way, do you know what kind of tree that beautiful old historic tree is?
William E. Cain, Mississauga, Ontario [08-13-2011]

Dean Rapp, Fort Wayne, IN [07-28-2011]

Donna hudson [07-16-2011]

Trevor Johnston [07-16-2011]

I like to read as much about the Revolutionary War as I can. I also like Military History.
Frederick J. Keller, Jr., I'm 60 years old, live in Media, Pa. & retired from the Army after serving 36 years. [07-15-2011]

My son was born on the 4th and we love sharing all American history with him. He's now 14 and we will be visiting this summer. We are in South Philly. So close but sooo far.
Tina Grassia [07-11-2011]

Doing research on I was looking at my family tree and discovered that Phoebe Thorpe my 5th great grandmother is the daughter of Ruben Thorpe who is my 6th great grandfather. Ruben lost two sons during the war.
P.Pastoret, My great grandfather (about 6 times removed) [07-11-2011]

Hugh Caldwell Jr., my 5th great grandfather, served during the Revolutionary War. Hugh was in the Battle of Brandywine, Germantown, and other engagements - see Pennsylvania Archives Series 5, Volume 7, pages 581, 618, 765, 1064 and 1078 and SAR and DAR applications. Thanks for commemorating our Patriots with this fine website.
Robert Caldwell, Midwesterners with primary ancestry in PA, NJ, NY [07-08-2011]

Superb website, excellent for kids.
Ciaran Dalzen, United Kingdom [06-24-2011]

I am a life long resident here near the Battlefield. I love the area and hold in very high regard those the died in the name of LIBERTY at the Battle of Brandywine. Rember this: From Painters Crossing (top of the hill on route #1 North and go South on route #1 (to Pennsbury Township Building) top of the alternate hill, 9,000 Continental Army Troops died defending LIBERTY and trying to Birth a new nation. I call this location hallowed ground and lovingly (but if not for those willing to die for FREEDOM) the Valley of Death. Only 2,000 British and Hession troops died during The Battle of Brandywine. What a test for a new nation loosing so many for us to be FREE. GOD PLEASE BLESS those men many burried on the spot they died on land here new where I live today.
Nick Mastrippolito, Jr. [06-20-2011]

Just droped by the site to say hello,I sure wish that I could get there this year.Lack of funds prevent that though.
John Ring, 56,Barberton,Ohio [06-20-2011]

I am a member of DAR whose ancestor lost his leg during the Battle of Brandywine. My husband and I along with two of our children, will be spending July 4th in Philadelphia, and plan to visit Brandywine Battlefield during our vacation. It will be my first visit and I can't wait! (History--love it!)
GAIL BLOSZ HIGHTREE, Greenville, Pennsylvania [06-17-2011]

gary cook, plymouth ma 02360 [06-05-2011]

My 4th great-grandfather, Francis Fergus, was a wagoneer in this battle, perhaps transporting the wounded and deceased or possibly carrying amunition or even food supplies. He served under Capt. James Bradley. He was 25 years old at the time. I wouldlike to find out the name of the company and the colonel under whom he served.
Cynthia Nichols Russell, Traverse City, Michigan USA [06-05-2011]

Very nice do they have slot machines there?
pat winter, bear,De. age 58 [05-24-2011]

There are no slot machines at this historic park.

anonymous, Bear,De. [05-24-2011]

Benjamin Ring was my 8 greats grandfather. My mother's maiden was Ring. She and I are planning a trip to the Ring farm in about 3 Weeks. We want to walk the same ground that our ancestors did. I am honored to be a descendant.
Joyce Smith, I am 58 years old from Independence, Mo. [05-20-2011]

kiki, will be in 9 gr next year [05-18-2011]

One of my great Grandfathers was at this site,he was in the Continental Army.
Darlene Silliman [05-18-2011]

Many of my descendants fought here. One,a Richard Buffington was a friend and surveyor of William Penn He also assisted in organizing a congregation at the Brandywine Baptist Church in 1715.
Dean Bixler [05-15-2011]

ALEXIS, 11 years old [05-12-2011]

I believe one of ancestors was in the forefront of the Battle near Pennsylvania USA. I have fujrther details butwill have to dig them up.
Walter Cecil Livingstone Badge, Tea Gardens, NSW, Australia [05-12-2011]

We are grateful for the opportunity to visit an historical site where we can walk where great men walked and learn about the hardships and grief and expense of war both in the materials and in lives. It brought the students a new understanding of the cost of war and what is worth that great price.
Cynthia Palmer, Class from Bethany Christian Academy [05-10-2011]

John R. Butler [05-06-2011]

I havent been to the battlefield yet, but i soon will be.
Jason P., 33 from maryland [05-05-2011]

liked it helped a lot with my project
nolan, williamsport [05-04-2011]

Deirdre Magarelli, Downingtown, PA [05-02-2011]

Save brandywine battlefield!
GENE PISASALE [04-26-2011]

5 Gr. grandfather in this war
Rose Thompson, St. Clairsville, Ohio [04-22-2011]

looking for info on the Wallace family that had something to do with the battles at brandywine..
d wallace [04-17-2011]

My great Grand Mother was a Ring and we are kin to Ben Ring
Donna Bottcher [04-14-2011]

I am a 5th generation decendant of Isaac Trimble who owned Trimbleville
Thomas Trimble [04-08-2011]

it was down glendale represent 104 all day
anonymous [04-08-2011]

I lalalove this website!
Renee Raynisha Punanikealoha o Ka Lani Ki'eki'e Twyla Jones Andre Charles Summers Madison Stacy Lane Bryant Amazing Matthews, Lahaina/Pukalani Maui, Hawaii [04-06-2011]

John Fletcher was my GGGGG Grandfather. Thanks for the info on this site.
Pam, California [04-03-2011]

What other information do you have about John Morton. I have found that his park and log cabin are in Ohio. Can there be two parks in his name?
Martha McMillen, My great (about 5x great) grandfather was also John Morton, signer of the Declaration [03-28-2011]

We will be touring PA in August and will take the opportunity to visit the site of the battle and pay respects to all who were there. The 49th Foot, who fought at the battle as part of Howe's army, became part of the Royal Berkshire regiment (see below). I was a soldier in C (Royal Berkshire company) 2nd Battalion the Wessex Regiment (V). C company wore an inverted red felt triangle behind our cap badge (a Chinese Dragon) to indicate that our old comrades in the 49th foot fought at the Battle of Brandywine Creek. (Notes: The Berkshire regiment was originally formed as The Princess Charlotte of Wales's (Berkshire Regiment), inheriting the honour from the 49th Foot (which became the 1st Battalion) and the Berkshire county affiliation from the 66th Foot (which became the 2nd Battalion). In 1885 it was granted the distinction of a royal title, and became The Princess Charlotte of Wales's (Royal Berkshire Regiment); in 1921 the titles switched to become The Royal Berkshire Regiment (Princess Charlotte of Wales's). ref wikipedia
Jeff Newbold, Binfield, Berkshire UK [03-23-2011]

Helen D. (Hoffecker) Martin, 65 [03-14-2011]

My roots go back to this fateful battle as my Great Grandmother was despoiled of her wealth by the British. My Great Grandfather John Morton the signer of the declaration and deciding vote towards independence was deceased, supposedly by consumption, but given the historical circumstances of the day and of how many people were not quite ready for such change one has to wonder.
Cheryl Zellers descendent of John Morton (the signer), John Morton and Anne Justis were my five Greats Grandparents [03-09-2011]

Interesting to see how this played out in overall history. I had a great-grand parent that fought in this battle.
Tom Haught [02-27-2011]

Caleb Furbee was my 6th great grandfather
David E Furbee, virginia beach,va [02-22-2011]

Tonda Corrothers [02-16-2011]

I used this website to find facts and information about the Brandywine Battlefield so that I could use it for my geography project.
anonymous [02-09-2011]

I think that this website is very useful and it helped me a lot when I was doing a project and I'm going to tell my teacher to tell other students about your website
Ben, 14 Lancaster Pa [02-06-2011]

Andrea Jumapao Huber [01-17-2011]

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J. Novotney jr. [01-15-2011]

ROBERT MINI [01-05-2011]

We studied this operation in USMC Infantry School. It's amazing how much more sense it makes when you are there.
David Phelps [12-25-2010]

I have a Pedigree that was hand written from a long time ago (maybe late 1800s) that states that a distant relative of my husband's was injured by saber in the battle of Brandwyine. His name could be one of the following: Obidiah Benedict, Asabel Benedict or Chandler Moon. The way the letter is written does not clearly define which He they are referring to. Do you know where I can find a list of the wounded from this battle to find out if any one of these gentleman are listed?
Kathy Hull [12-21-2010]

priceness johnson [12-14-2010]

my heart goes out to those that fought and lost their lives so that i can wake up every day in a free world thank you.
Clay Marlow, 29, Jellico Tn. [12-10-2010]

Teena L. de Grandpre [12-09-2010]

*Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat their mistakes. *Learn about the origins of America, her ideals, her leaders, and principles. Learn about the Constitution, our rights as free American citizens, and what we have to loose if we ever become complacent.
George Carlson [12-05-2010]

My family ancestorial home, The William Harvey House, was ransacked by the Redcoats and Hessians at the start of the battle. It was then shelled by Proctor's artillery and nearly took off William Jr.'s leg. According to a letter written in 1859 by Samuel Ring II (grandson of Benjamin) Washington asked Benjamin to lead the troops out of the Brandywine. Because of his size and weight Benjamin suggested William Harvey (who I think was of the third generation, not William Jr.) pilot the troops out. At one point Harvey's horse would not jump a fence so Washington had him take one of his officer's horses. Once the troops were on their way William Harvey rode back only to run into more of Washington's troops. Recognizing the horse as one of their own they took it from William who had to walk back at this point. I think this is when the Redcoats caught up with him and took him prisoner. He ended up in Dilworth Tavern basement along with other prisoners. However, they escaped through a window in the basement and took to the woods. On the way back William spied a fallen tree trunk with lace boots sticking out of it. Turned out to be the black servant girl who worked for the Harveys. She was seeking shelter from the battle which must have seemed like the end of the world to the residents of this sleepy farmland.
Steve Harvey, The Amazing Dr. Ellwood Harvey, Yahoogroups [12-05-2010]

Looking forward to visiting Brandywine Battlefield. The wife and I should be there June 1, 2011.
Douglas Wall, Age 69, Residence: Prescott Valley, Arizona [12-02-2010]

ILOVE socialstudies
brittany smith, im 15 lol n idk what else [12-02-2010]

Do you have store, place things to puchase on line so folks can see before hand what they might want to buy!
Maggie Scott, West Chester, PA [11-26-2010]

brandywine is important for a few was important to the british and i think if the british would've lost, we wouldnt be in america with our accent or language but with different ones.
karatt kid dawg!!! got a problem wit it???!!!, i like pie [11-23-2010]

Time well spent, like Philadelphia. How we came to be a special country. Blood and brains were required as well as the will.
john t fill, brighton [11-19-2010]

Benjamin ring was my Grandfather,about 7or 8 generations ago.Sure is nice to know my family had something to do with the founding of this great country.
John Ring, 55 - Barberton,Ohio [11-19-2010]

I am a DAR and my ancester Christopher Boyer fought in this battle He is my 5th great gransfather. I am most inerested in details of battle
Patricia B. Evans, Dana Point Ca. [11-17-2010]

What role do woman play with this battle?
Ashley [11-17-2010]

Margo Brown, Silverdale, Washington [11-10-2010]

Looking for a list of officers that fought at Brandywine
Bill Jackson, Cincinatti Society Member (Pennsylvania Regiment) [11-09-2010]

Great Place. Was there and it was totally col.
Steven Heasley [11-08-2010]

would like some info about Brandywine
anonymous, tn. [11-01-2010]

i love dis
jayla, girl [10-28-2010]

Brittany Baker [10-21-2010]

Laura Gilpin a cousin of my Grand Mother was a famous American Photographer who lived in Arizona she was born in 1891 and was first cousins to my Grand Mother Bertha Auer. There is a Casino in Arizon named after her. Also a book written about her life. An Enduring Grace By Martha A. Sandweise
Marie Wilson, My Great Grand Mother's name was Bertha Gilpin...came to America from Alsace Lorraine, Germany in 1885 [10-20-2010]

anonymous [10-07-2010]

i look this up for a project for school
ashanti taitt, 15 ct [10-07-2010]

amairani [10-05-2010]

Great website. Enjoyed my visit to the HQ of GEN Washington.
CW4 John Schwartz, NE Philly, PA. [09-26-2010]

Better keep those donations coming in to the Brandywine Battlefield association! As a British National I'd love to buy it.It's a beautiful piece of property, has a 300yr old sycamore I believe. I don't think anyone really wants it on the hands of the British again...Right?
anonymous [09-24-2010]

Wondering if a Thomas Wilkinson was a soldier woundeds (perhaps at the Brandywine) an article states he was buried at the monument in Pikeland?, then died from those wound
ritza hazen [09-16-2010]

Danielle Vanderbeck [09-14-2010]

I learned, just last week, that my 7th Great Grandfather, Captain John Steel, fought and was wounded at the Battle of Brandywine on September 11, 1777.
Freddie Steel, Chicago [09-13-2010]

Benjamin Ring is my grandfather seven generations back through my mother's family line. My ancestry is through Benjamin's son Nathanial.
Vicki Capel [08-28-2010]

My boyfriend proposed to me at Brandywine Battlefield by the 200-plus year old tree. Memories upon memories... Thank you for maintaining this site for the American community.
Betty, Washington, DC [08-24-2010]

Visiting DE. Will there be an actual 'battle' on weekend of 25/26 Sept? I cannot find this information visiting various sites. BB
BERYL BELL, morgantown, wv [08-23-2010]

I have travelled to the battlefield from Ohio in 2005, but the site was closed when I arrived. However, I did see the field and imagined how it might have been. I was also impressed by the old tree.
Ryan Dean Radabaugh [08-09-2010]

Anna Dunlap [08-09-2010]

Being a descendant of the United Empire Loyalists who originally settled in Pennsylvania, and were ousted after the revolution, to settle in Canada, my wife and I though it would be a nice holiday to come down and see where it all started. The pipe and drum band I belong to has formed a partnership with the Queens York Rangers 1st American Regiment in Toronto and teamed up with their flute band for certain functions (the next one being the Brandywine Ball at Fort York on Sept. 11/2010). Last year was the first time in 245 years that the QYR has had bagpipes in the Regiment. The information on your website is very informative and we look foreward to roaming the Pennsylvania landscape.
William Cain, Mississuaga, Ontario [07-28-2010]

Looking forward to coming across in September and fighting as representatives the 44th on the same ground that the 44th fought all those years ago. Then having a drink or two round the camp fire with those that represent the Continentals.... just as it should be. Can't wait. All the best
Andy Codd, UK Re-enactor - 44th (East Essex) Regiment of Foot [07-28-2010]

Joan Campion, Blogging at [07-26-2010]

I would really like to know if you have regular re enactments of the battle and if so, when is the next one scheduled?
Preston D. Pierce, Parkersburg, West Virginia [07-20-2010]

The boys know a tremendous amount of local history even though they are only 7. They have ancestors that fought in the Revolution and for the North 'and' the South in the Civil War.
Jean Swisher - grandsons age 7 Eric and Kevin Ford, I live in West Chester and I have never been to the site. [07-19-2010]

Visited the Brandywine battlefield and had a great time. Everyone I spoke to in the visitor center was very nice and helpful!
Bob, 51, Clifton Heights PA [07-16-2010]

My GGGGG grandfather was a private in Hartleys Additional Continental Regiment and in the battle as well as at Paoli and Germantown I'm in the SAR and really looking forward to a visit. It's been 20 years since I've been to the area.
john Opre [07-09-2010]

My Great, Great, Great,Great Grandfather was wounded at the Battle of Brandywine Timothy Reagan and was later given land entitlements in place of money at the time he lived in Maryland at the time of the war this july 4th I will visit his grave inside of the Smokey Mt. national Park near Gatlinburg Tn. Thanks for helping me learn of my families past history.
Dwight Reagan, Cleveland Tn 37312 [07-04-2010]

my thought are that i really want to see what the brandywine battlefields are all about. Get to know all about the brandywine battlefields and what it is like.
Jessica Cody Valyo-Mohn Ledford, I am 19 years old and I live in Phoenixville [07-01-2010]

I wish the Brandywine Battlefield would get more funding... The area in Chadds Ford is really pretty... Are there any events going on down in Chadds Ford? Jan
Jan, Re: History teacher. [06-18-2010]

Paul [06-14-2010]

I am researching Valentine Haupt who fought here.
Linda J Harmon, researcher genealogist [06-13-2010]

Try some more information that I can use!
Pablo [06-13-2010]

enjoyed the time i spent here with my grandson joe.
linda bingnear and joey greene, chadds ford, pa [06-07-2010]

Pleased with web page content and organization
anonymous, Your links page is informative and helpful. [06-04-2010]

Thank you so very much for this site it sure will help me out in seeking information on George Washington
Eddie Budnick [06-03-2010]

Enjoyed your site. First heard about it on thanks for giving people a chance to see the past.
Lora Yeager Goode (Ancestor of Benjamin Ring) [06-01-2010]

fanny [05-27-2010]

Michael Robert Jones, Glenside, PA [05-25-2010]

I can't believe it's not butter.
Gary Opdenaker, 56 [05-25-2010]

Watching TAPS and they were visiting a farm which was part of the Brandywine battlefield. So I am on the website to read all about it.
Sheridan Loster, Terrebonne, Oregon [05-20-2010]

i love you
anonymous [05-12-2010]

my grandson was so excited to see an important part of our history. Proud to be an American!
nancy [05-12-2010]

What a wonderful website! My McClintock forefathers, the only McClintock's in Delaware who removed from Philadelphia, lived in the Brandywine Hundred area when the Revolutionary War broke out; fighting against the British. This is a great sight showing what they incurred. Thank you!
Judy McClintock [05-03-2010]

anna kay arrington, 8 [04-30-2010]

We are planning a visit to Wilimington DE the first week of May and are planning on visting the battlefield. Good to know that we can drive the through the area.
Marjorie McDermott, Scranton, PA [04-27-2010]

john fletcher was my grandfather 5 times removed. he lived in elizabethton, tennessee. he died at the battle of brandywine.
DIXIE HOOPER, i am 66 and live in aiken,s.c. [04-26-2010]

richard w.ward [04-22-2010]

Jack Gendeloff, Looks good to me. [04-22-2010]

David G, Swarthmore, PA [04-14-2010]

i am doing a project on this and this website is a great help!
anonymous [04-08-2010]

Kaylie Mullins and Terra peacock [04-07-2010]

My G.G.G.G.Grandfather served at Brandywine Creek. John George Morr
John W Morr, Kokomo, Indiana [03-31-2010]

lived in Burlington Co, NJ and traveled to all the historical sites nearby in both states. Went to U of P. So full of history! Hope to be able to bring my granddaughter to see - we are now in Tn.
Virginia Carey, early colonial and revolution buff [03-11-2010]

i would like to know about y'all!
Lili Marroquin, 23, san salvador [03-03-2010]

madison, 92 [03-03-2010]

Good factual site
Susan Howard, Basildon, England [03-03-2010]

Its fascinating when you google your name and learn history you never knew existed
Benjamin Ring, Australia [03-01-2010]

Very interesting
anonymous, 54 yrs, Ellendale, DE [03-01-2010]

Mary B. Byron, Jacksonville, Florida and Edwardsville, Illinois are my two hometowns. [02-22-2010]

My ggggggrandfather, Reuben Thorpe fought in the rev war. He was from Fayette Co. Pa. I dont know what battles he was in.
David Hughes [02-22-2010]

when i was a chid i played baseball infact i still play because georgewashingtin taught me and when i saw those Brits a coming i knew that baseball came in handy because i ran like i was runnin those bases and guesswhat! i got a home run!
howy bensen, 29 [02-17-2010]

It is our duty as citizens of this great country to protect sites like brandywine battlefield .We can not walk a mile in our courageous ancestors shoes, but the least we can do is protect their memory of what they granted us. OUR FREEDOM
erorke [02-16-2010]

I am a direct descendant of benjamin Ring.Sure feels good to know that your own family had something to do with the beginning of this great country.
John Ring, 54,Barberton,ohio [02-12-2010]

i think that this is an exceptional site even if the facts are fake my mother lived in this time period and so did my father. He died before he met my mother. I had a cat once that told me that the battlefeild was a horrible place to be. but the food was very very scrumtiddlyuptious. so thank for having such a site that i can go to for wonderful memories.
Maggie Lenored, I am 100 years old [02-11-2010]

My 5th G Grandfather John Lock fought and was wounded at Brandywine. He had Joined July 1st 1776 and retired from the Continental Army in Sept 1811. He fought the entire war all the way to Yorktown. Thanks to so many who won and provide freedom for all of us.... may we never give it up without a fight!.... even as our present government encroaches upon it.
Kevin Locke, 13th generation American [02-03-2010]

Thank you for the homeschool program you put on last week! It was very well done and educational and the kids loved it!
Kristen Peace [02-01-2010]

We plan to visit the Brandywine Battle Field and near by historical points of interest during 2010. I have a distant relative...Major John Spangler of the Continental Army. Will contact: Chester County Conference & Vistitors B. for more information. Look forward to a visit. Grandmother was a D.A.R. on Dad's side of the family. Lane
Lane Elton Weiss, Retierd--Kentfield, California 94904 [02-01-2010]

keep up the good work
JOHN HOWELL [01-30-2010]

Kerry Forbes, Roxborough [01-28-2010]

i think that the war at brandywine was cool! i needed it for school.
Nana =)> [01-28-2010]

lalalalal i like cheese
Kim Wang, asdfas [01-26-2010]

I had a project due about the battle of Brandywine and am in seventh grade. This website was both wonderful and informative.
anonymous [01-25-2010]

this web site rocks!
drew, 10 ll [01-22-2010]

anonymous, berlin [01-16-2010]

JENNIFER L. FOSTER, bonjour la fayette! [01-15-2010]

is there anything going on at the Brandywine Battlefield for an 8 year old visiting grandson during spring break mid-March? Thanks, Jan Morton
Jan Morton, grandson 8 years old [01-13-2010]

colton coffman [01-07-2010]

ello mayte
SSSSSIDNEYYYYYY.!!!!!!!!!!!, age- fidy fyve [01-07-2010]

shane, nothing [01-07-2010]

our history is sacred and thank you for keeping t live =)
hi my name is...., unites states [01-07-2010]

Great site! My wife's ancestors, the Ferree's (Paradise, PA), built PA longrifles and gunpowder for General Washington's army during the revolution.
Tom Ignatz, Oxford, PA [01-07-2010]

i saw this and was very pleased
anonymous [01-04-2010]

Thanks for preserving and keeping our history alive. It is so dear and precious and so many have lost site of how important it is to remember where we have been in order to know where we are going. My 10th and 11th Great Grandfathers (Nicholas and Nathaniel Newlin) actually once owned property somewhere along the Brandywine. They came over with William Penn in 1683. Someday I hope to make a trip back there to see everything. Thanks again for everything. Happy New Year!
Kimberly, Young Age of 44, Everett, WA [01-04-2010]

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