Driving Tours of the Brandywine Battlefield Region

A great way to enjoy this tour is in a car filled with people: one to navigate, one to read the History of the Battle, and the others to look and listen!

You'll retrace the steps of Washington's and Howe's troops as they played out the Battle of Brandywine. You'll also visit local sites of interest.

The Brandywine Battle had three parts, represented by the three driving tours below.

Straight-Ahead: Washington expected an attack from Kennett Square straight across Chadds Ford. General Knyphausen's job was to convince Washington he was right. This tour takes you straight across today's Route 1 where the British made lots of noise and created lots of smoke — all to deceive! ALLOW 2 HOURS

Cornwallis' Tour: Meanwhile, the greater portion of the British army were traveling up and around to catch Washington off guard. You'll drive through beautiful countryside and marvel at how ambitious an early-morning march this one was! ALLOW 2 HOURS

Battle Driving Tour: Once Cornwallis' troops had completed their march, the battle began in earnest. This tour moves through the sequence of battle.

But remember that it was here that the American army first showed itself to be a formidible and capable force. It was also here where Lafayette and Pulaski first saw action. Some historians claim that the strong American showing contributed to Howe's decision not to attack Valley Forge later in 1777.

Happy touring!

Thanks to Nancy Webster for her invaluable scholarship and unequaled research on the Brandywine Battle.