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Stephanie, Gulf Shores,Alabama [08-21-2005]

hey i like besty ross shes really kool i like her shes nice.i go to college park thats the cool part well got to go bye!
sarah, mississippi [08-21-2005]

Hi. Nice website. I'm curious, how much is a Betsy Ross Doll? And can you order one? Thank you.
Vicki Piper, west palm beach, Fl [08-21-2005]

i realy like this site and that's why i have decided to long in.secondly i will like to have friend's from this 20year's old guy,still single
Michael, Nigerian [08-19-2005]

I have been told that I am a decendant of John Claypool. Can this be confirmed. My father was William V Claypool originally from Iowa.
Jon D Claypool, Sterling, Illinois; formerly La Mesa, California [08-19-2005]

Rik Pateel, decauter, Alabama [08-18-2005]

hey hey
Robert Peary [08-18-2005]

Adam Quinn [08-18-2005]

Wonderful! The web site was very informative. Very helpful for a student studying our American History. Thanks
Nancy B. Young, Spartanburg, SC 29302 [08-17-2005]

trudy hufman, estacada, oregon [08-16-2005]

Looking foward to trying the star cut.
DeLia, California [08-16-2005]

gracie waldrop, rock hill sc 29730 [08-09-2005]

Jo Regan, Tempe, AZ [08-09-2005]

I read about your website in the American legion magazine. It was in an article discussing cutting a perfect 5 point star in one snip. I thank God he gave me birth in this wonderful country. A land that produced such hero's as Betsy Ross.
Gary Todd, Thompsonville,Il. [08-09-2005]

what was the size of the original flag?
cathy cox, winter park fl [08-09-2005]

I've viewed many web sites over the years since I have had a computer. Yours is one of the best I've seem. Keep up the good work! My eleven year old grandson is a home learning student and I've sent him and his parents copies of information I viewed on your web site to help further his education. I told his parents about your web site also.
David Olson, Sun Lakes, AZ [08-05-2005]

great site!
whitney, north carolina [08-05-2005]

Thanks for the helpful information
Jes, Indy IN [08-04-2005]

Thank you for providing such very useful information.
Deneise Griffith, Anna, Texas [08-04-2005]

As Flag Chairman of the Governor Nelson Dewey Chapter, WSDAR, I found your wonderful site. The information will be shared at our meetings. Thank you.
Donna Kinderman, Des Plaines, IL [08-03-2005]

i love this page please keep on the good work
imo aba, asaba [08-03-2005]

I can't believe how easy it is to make the star. I have learned a bit of history in doing so and will share it all with others.
Bruce C Hedlund, Plainfield, Illinois [08-03-2005]

Bruce C Hedlund, Plainfield, Illinois [08-03-2005]

We read about the star and how it was cut in my Papaw's American Legion magazine. We tried it out and it works great! Wow, thank you!
Joy Cross, Navasota, TX [08-03-2005]

Hi, I think I am related to Betsy Ross.
David Ross, Newark,ohio [08-03-2005]

i have found this very interesting and informative. I will pass on information to children at the school where i am a substitute teacher. I will copy some pages for this purpose. Thank you kindly for the material.
Katherine Dressel, Jackson, MI 49201 [08-02-2005]

We enjoyed the pictures and information on your website. Thank you for providing the information.
Mrs. Evans Class, Fort Gaines, Georgia 39851 [08-02-2005]

The sight of the American Flag waving in the breeze is a beautiful site to behold.I thank God I live in America.
Betty Senter, The Villages, Florida [08-02-2005]

Now I know how to make a 5-pointed star. Cool.
Donald Andersen, Fargo, ND [08-02-2005]

A very interesting site. I found the address in the Military Magazine and had to see it. Thanks for a piece of history. Don
Donald A Jensen-PCLA, Cudahy, WI 53110 [08-02-2005]

I learned about this site through the American Legion Magazine and am very impressed. I am retired and volunteer at an elementary school with 5th graders. I shall use much of this info with these children. I served in the USAF during the Korean War, althought I did not go to Korea.
James L. Robinson, Redmond, WA [08-02-2005]

Fly the flag. Show the world that the RED WHITE AND BLUE still flies with pride. We won't give up.
LOIS G LOWDEN, Burlington, NJ USof A [07-26-2005]

we have a 1777 13 star original flag from a captain in the calvary can you tell us how we can find the value of this flag?
albert ferree [07-26-2005]

As a grandmother helping to homeschool four children, this is a good site. Thanks.
Dixie Schmittou, Pendleton, SC [07-26-2005]

excelent site I sent it to all my friends.
Pokey Gillespie Hall, Olathe, Ks. U>S>A> [07-26-2005]

James Moore, Greenville,MS [07-26-2005]

It's good to see a site that shows both the right and left shoulder patch... many sites don't include that. Keep up the good work.
Ron, Hampton, SC [07-26-2005]

kelly sparks, Huntsville, AL. [07-26-2005]

My great uncle, whom is a World War II veteran, recently gave his thoughts on what The American Flag means to him. It is absolutely beautiful what he wrote. I would like to frame it on paper that has a 'patriotic' border. Does this go against any of the flag rules? As I did research today, it just makes me more and more proud to be an American.
Ginger, Charlotte, NC [07-26-2005]

After watching the tour on my computer we are taking are grandchildren to Philadelphia to see the flag
Joan Baranowski, Swatara Pa. Dauphin County [07-26-2005]

The Star in One Snip is Great! My Grandchildren will love to see it when I teach them how to make it.
Tom Kliber, Springboro, PA [07-26-2005]

Refered to this site by the American Legion Magazine Aug 05 issue. Took a few tries as the address as shown didn't work. It was worth waiting for... very interesting and informative site thanks for your efforts.
Jesse Soper, Chicago IL [07-26-2005]

I used to visit historical Philadelphia as a child on school trips. I always remember the sense of being transported to a magical time and place during the birth of this great nation. I'd like to be able to purchase gifts online, is that something you are considering making available?
Skittles, Audubon, PA [07-26-2005]

Mercedes, Illionis [07-20-2005]

We visited Betsy at her house a few weeks ago. She gave a demonstration of cutting the star with only one snip. However, I could not remember the proper creases and folds. Thanks so much for putting it on the web site. I have made a perfect star and now I can show it to my grand- daughters.
Delores Phelan, Ruidoso Downs NM [07-20-2005]

In Henry County, in McDonough, GA, many friends who act have gathered to create Revolutionary War History in honour of celebrating July 4. This year was the first time at this park. Half way through, I asked to be Betsy Ross. It was approved. Betsy will be there every year and will promote the American FLag.
Donna Stewart, LaGrange, GA 30240 [07-19-2005]

This is a wonderful site. Those who do not want to accept the accounts of Betsy Ross' family seem to be professional doubters.
Peter M. Keltch, Oklahoma City, OK [07-19-2005]

As a member of the Sons of the American Revolution, I urge passage of the "Flag Desecration Amendment" now before the Congress. Burning "Old Glory" is no more freedom of speech (or expression, as the ACLU would have you believe) than is mooning the oncoming traffic.
Edward N. Casey, Fort Pierce, Florida [07-19-2005]

Excellent site. I especially enjoyed the flag-stamp observation. A few years ago I attempted to research the cost to the U.S. Government the legal process of exempting the "Flag Stamps" from the "temporary use and discard" section of the U.S. Flag Code. To my chagrin I learned the stamps were never officially exempted (a MAJOR embarassment to the U.S. Post Office). But then "Old Navy" and "Old Glory" seem to go hand-in-hand. Captain William Driver was in the "Old Navy" -- (i.e. The Doggett, his ship, sailed to the Pitcairn Islands). He did subsequently identify the flag as "Old Glory." Could a modern day descendent of his have a hand in the formation of the clothing store which interfaces the two? Hmmm-- I wonder.
Jerrell L. Driver, Ph.D., Cape Girardeau, MO [07-19-2005]

I have recently inherited custodianship of our family bible and many papers dating back 200 years. Among the papers I have found the bottom half of a certificate from your organization to an ancestor of mine. The certificate # is 50709 issued in 1899. At that time John Quincy Adams was apparently the secretary of your organization and his signature is on the paper. The certificate is made out to Sarah D. Lenardson of E. Providence, R.I. I am very interesdted in finding out more about your organization and what( if any) role my great great(?) aunt had to do with it.
toya Doran gabeler, 1875 S. Beverly Geln Blvd. #103, L.A.,Ca. 90025 [07-14-2005]

Love our American History and love this site!
Karen Tyler, Lou, Ky 40206 [07-14-2005]

I am looking at this site to help my grandson learn more about our country's history. The founding fathers are usually first on the list to be studied but I want him to know more about the women who contributed to the building of our early nation especially in light of the new government in Iraq.
Karen, Denver, Colorado [07-14-2005]

I was told by the condominium association were I live that I can not fly my american flag.
thomas palmwe, edison, n.j. usa [07-12-2005]

I think betsy has a beautifull Home
nicolas parker [07-12-2005]

Thank you for the illustrations on displaying the flag. I've been to another website and the directions for displaying the flag horizontally weren't very clear. A picture is indeed "worth a thousand words." Thanks.
Kathy, Chocowinity, NC [07-12-2005]

You're website looks very good, it was a pleasure to be on you're. Keep on the good work :-)
Tomas Karlsson, usa [07-11-2005]

We very much enjoyed your site. We love America. We were looking for the proper way to display our flag flatly.
Steven & Katie, Charleston, IL [07-10-2005]

Nancy Anderson, Stratham, NH [07-10-2005]

brittany mastroianni [07-08-2005]

A very exciting site to visit and one that is always needed. The U.S. Flag is one of our highest symbol's of freedom. I fly my flag all the time to show who I am. We are a free people. So many have paid the highest price for this very simple piece of cloth and just so I could sit here right now and say this very thing. Even the idea of making this most valuble symbol for our young nation in those early days, all the hardships that they went through and so, yes "These are the times that try men's souls" There are two things that we look up to the sky for, Our Lord and our United States Flag. Even today after the terrible bombings in London, England. So many have lost their lives for this piece of simple cloth. And that's because it means so much. When you hear the song that goes so very well with this simple piece of cloth, The Star Spangled Banner, if your a real American, you will tear up when it raises to the top of the flag pole and cry and become angry when you see it burning in the middle of some road oversea's somewhere. But it just lifts your spirit so when it appears and you can't help but to think what this simple piece of cloth has went through and what it has done for this great Nation from it's start. To lift up our hearts for who we are. We are FREE Americans. Thank you so very much for this simple piece of cloth! Keep up the good work and God Bless The USA
Sam, Union, Ohio [07-08-2005]

This site is GREAT!
Stephany [07-07-2005]

On July 4th a group of local home schooled children presented a short play based on Betsy Ross. During the play they cut the "perfect 5 point star" as suggested. The community-wide audience loved it! Your influence is deeply appreciated.
Carole, wichita falls, texas [07-07-2005]

I have a question. Our small city just lost a marine in Iraq. Everyone flew their flags at half staff. Obviously it wasn't ordered by the president. This was done out of respect for him and his family. Any problem with that?
Julie Lemke, Strongsville, Ohio [07-07-2005]

is there a formula to determine the hieght a flag should be flown on a vertical pole above the horizontal surface it is mounted to; ground level, roof of a building, etc. acording to flag size
greg frazee, bakersfield, ca. [07-07-2005]

I did a google search and spotted my grandmothers name on this website does anyone know where the idea that she might be related to Betsy Ross came from I would be interested to hear from you. Thank you
Kristi, mi [07-05-2005]

god bless the u.s.a.!
rachel, kaysville,UT [07-05-2005]

I think it was a great thing she did for our country and you mite think it is nothing big but i think it is awesome i think all people should know about Betsy she is GREAT GREAT
Jessica [07-05-2005]

I enjoy learning about our flag. Thanks for the information.
Dustin Summers, Winchester, Kentucky [07-05-2005]

thanks so much for all the enough
Alicia Lopez, los angeles county California, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA [07-05-2005]

I really like your pages on the American Flag and Betsy Ross.
Anika Petredis, lakebay wa [07-05-2005]

I am the program director at a Assisted Living facility outside of Seattle, Washington. I am looking up information on Betsy Ross to share at our weekly Monday reading group. Thank you!
Kim Kime-Parks, Normandy Park, WA [07-05-2005]

07-04-05 We have so very much to be Thankful for. We Pray that as we celebrate this Historic Event, we all will stop and realise just what our Freedom has Cost, and who has Paid for it. My Husband is one of the Ones that Served in the Air Force during the Korean War--I want to say "Thank You, R.C. for your service to help Keep Us Free." GOD has been so Good to allow us to Live in such a Wonderful World. There is so much to see, do and Enjoy. Please take Advantage of some of His Marvelious Blessings today--and every day. "KEEP YOUR EYES ON JESUS!"
FRANCES & R.C. CREWS, folkston, ga. [07-05-2005]

Thank you for your enlightening page. I wanted to hang my flag for the 4th of July and not only learned the correct way to display the flag, but then spent another 45 minutes enjoying the rest of the interesting info on this site. Again, thank you. KAG
Kathryn Graves, Green Bay WI [07-04-2005]

Jeff Mackay, west valley city, utah. [07-04-2005]

i give 100% 2 the usa
COURTNEY [07-04-2005]

I wish we had gone with a six sided star .
H.MAX MASTERSON, La Porte Indiana U.S.A. [07-04-2005]

We aquired a flag from the previous owners of our house. It is a bit dirty. My husband wants to wash it. I say you can't wash it. Which is the proper way to handle a dirty flag?
Donna, Brooklyn, NY [07-04-2005]

Keep on rockin in the free world!
Janine Crissman, Houston, Texas [07-04-2005]

Loved your site, very impressive,learned a few things I never knew before or that was talked about in school.
Nancy A. Brown, Renton, Washington [07-04-2005]

Visiting the site to learn more about who sewed the first flag. Great site and information, thank you.
Monica, Alaska [07-01-2005]

I wish I can see all the staff ilearned
Natalia [06-30-2005]

thank you for letting me know all this infomation.PS.send more
Anastasiya [06-30-2005]

Thank you for letting me look at Betsy Ross's house.
Rose [06-30-2005]

vanessa edwards, mount vernon new york [06-30-2005]

Thank you for so much good information. God Bless America.
R Miano, Ohio [06-30-2005]

lamonteriajohnson, gainesvilleflorida [06-30-2005]

I love the site! I not only learned about Betsy Ross but also some information about the American Flag and how it should be displayed. It was quite interesting. I did, however have a question. I read here that the reason a flag is depicted "backward" on planes an uniforms so that it looks like it is flying in the wind. Someone in my family who was a Marine once told me that the reason it was done was so that if during war time, an enemy shoots down a plane, attempts to kill an american soldier or tries to rip the patch off and destroy it, soldiers wont be so hurt by it because, technically, it wasnt the "true" flag. Is this true? Thank You
Shannon, St. Louis, Missouri [06-28-2005]

What do the colors mean?
Kimberley Potter, North Pole, Alaska [06-28-2005]

UmM..... Im GoInG tO B JuNiOuR MiSs lIbErtY oN MoNdAy
Josie [06-28-2005]

I read the comments by liberal judges and politicians with dismay. My father and our fathers, myself and now my two Marine sons have fought where we did not wish to be and when we did not wish to be there for the freedoms represented to us by this flag. The Menorah is not mine, but I would never disrespect it or hurt it. The symbols of Islam are not mine, but I respect them as I do my own symbols...chief of which is the Flag of my country. I will never agree that some coward who has no values possesses the right to desecrate the flag which I love and revere. Point out, if you please, the point where the freedom of one who has no values overshadows the rights of those who cherish symbols to have those symbols respected in their presence. Patriotism should not be enforced, as Governor Ventura said, but the symbols and articles of faith and values of others must be respected. If some of these fools were willing to put their vanities aside for the good of the country I would have more respect for their disrespect. Strangely enough, the loudest and brashest of the morons are usually those who will never put aside their comforts and safety to protect the Nation. They allow others of us that privilege and then make fun of us and our Flag.
Alan R. Yates, Concord,NH USA [06-28-2005]

Nicholas, Washington, PA [06-28-2005]

I did a play about miss.ross i wish i could know more about her
Christal Majestic, Etowah,TN [06-28-2005]

I found this site looking to set up a unit study on United States Symbols and it is awesome and one that will be revisited often.
anonymous, Detroit, MI [06-28-2005]

Stacey, Greene Ny [06-28-2005]

This is a great web site, very informative I have put this on my favorites.
Yvonne H. Parsons, Thompson Falls, Montana [06-28-2005]

kiana, chester,pa [06-28-2005]

I am not a direct descendent of Betsy Ross, but am a direct descendent of her first husband John Ross, the man who gave her the name of "Ross" that has become so famous in American history. This line of the Ross family and therefore descendents is very large, so, if your name is Ross originating from Philadelphia, Delaware, or Virginia, and perhaps other states in that area, you too may well be related to her first husband who served and died in the Revolutionary War. Likewise, you are also related as I am to George Ross who signed the Declaration of Independence.
Corie Campbell, Des Moines, Iowa [06-28-2005]

M Watson, Shreveport, LA [06-28-2005]

I visit the house many times with my children and now with my grandchildren. This is a wonderfull and beautiful city of American History
Joyce Christner, Phila. Pa. [06-28-2005]

I LOVE AMERICA May God Bless our Great Nation
Kimberly Peterson, ny, usa [06-28-2005]

great job
sharon murphy, sandy ridge nc [06-28-2005]

Enjoyed this web site.
Faye Enzman, Meadville, Mississippi [06-28-2005]

i stumbled on your site accidentally. great site from a very great mind. take care.............deck
ONYEORU OWERRI DECLAN, london, uk [06-28-2005]

taylor, hunting mass [06-28-2005]

I was wondering the measurements of the "blue" ares on the Betsy Ross flag. I would like to have the flag I'm making for a church display to be as accurate as possible.
Tammy Tannehill, Spooner WI [06-28-2005]

Being a ww-2 vet I have injoyed this site very much,I made a copy for the local Boy Scouts to study,Dont you just love our country, And our Freedom ?
James Roy Brummitt Jr., Big Stone Gap Va. [06-28-2005]

My father has a certificate that was issued 1913 Series K Certificate Number 111310. I believe it belonged to my grandfather.
Richard C Andes, Douglasville, Georgia [06-28-2005]

shirley ward, cincinnati ohio [06-28-2005]

to how are u?
anuj, india city bharuch in gujarat [06-28-2005]

I really enjoyed this sight and all of the information you have available.This will be great for the kids at church. Thank you so much!
Linda Scheer, Port Orchard, Washington [06-21-2005]

Paul Broadhurst, Sicklerville,NJ [06-20-2005]

I've visited Betsy's house twice. I wish more Americans could rediscover our nation's history by exploring these types of simple "monuments." It makes it all so much more real!
Cyndy Armstrong, Washougal, WA [06-20-2005]

My friend Claire is related to Betsy Ross
Hadley, Brookline, MA USA [06-20-2005]

I always thought that in a church, when the flags were behind the minister they should be reversed (the Christian flag on the right and the American flag on the left). And then when they are brought in front of the minister they are switched (American flag on the right and Christian flag on the left of the minister. Is this correct ?
Donna, Ashland, Ohio [06-20-2005]

Joe Grochowski, Redlands, CA [06-17-2005]

Thank you very much, I was looking for info to share with residents at the nursing home I work at..
Peggy, Danville, Iowa [06-17-2005]

cam [06-17-2005]

i need book Cyberthoughts thanh you
loc nguyen, 3978so Sunnyvale Dr Saltlake CITY UTAH 84120 [06-17-2005]

hi betsy
Renee [06-17-2005]

I belive that betsy ross made the U.S flag
Anthony Colon, E.Hartford CT [06-17-2005]

Nice site. Realy like the one snip star.. Have been having trouble cutting stars to make flags, may they wave on.
DeLos Biddle, West Bend, Ia USA [06-17-2005]

Troy R. Batson, Kansas City, MO [06-17-2005]

I found this site accidently while searching about the history of Flag Day. I was very pleased to take the tour. Thanks for having it here for me to view. June 14th 2005 was the 228th birthday of the flag, an interesting thought. Mrs. McHugh
Trudy McHugh, Spokane, Washington, USA [06-17-2005]

edisa skocic [06-17-2005]

As a member of Sons of the American Revolution, VFW, American Legion and other such organizations, I frequently put on flag programs and like to end it with a demonstration of how Betsy Ross made a 5 pointed star.
Walter Davis, Santa Ana, CA [06-17-2005]

Thank you for creating the American Flag.
Emily, New York [06-17-2005]

jjim Mcstine [06-14-2005]

anonymous [06-14-2005]

Hey i like the site and i like a game at !very fun i enjoy it all day and you can play for free!andyways im graduating today and hoping to go to highschool
Jose Sanchez, jose town [06-14-2005]

WOW this site rocks i wrote a report about betsy ross when i was in 5th grade and i got an A+ lol but it was awesome
SAM, your-faceville Maine [06-14-2005]

i love sha
Dan M [06-14-2005]

Krystal, Gonzales, TX [06-14-2005]

you are cool i like
anonymous [06-14-2005]

Kayla Walker [06-14-2005]

Excellent website.
Janaye Weldon, Plano, Texas [06-14-2005]

I used your page to educate residents within the senior housing community where I work, facts about our flag. Your site was very helpful.
Kim Dahlgren, Silverton, Idaho [06-14-2005]

America Vazquez [06-14-2005]

anomoys [06-14-2005]

the loveusa
austin pursell, ross [06-14-2005]

marishmatlcj [06-14-2005]

Kristen, Massachusetts, U.S.A [06-14-2005]

hi, dude
amanda, maryland [06-14-2005]

This was a perfect sight to find on June 14th. Thank you!
Jean Harter, Oceanside California [06-14-2005]

I wonder how many other Betsy Rosses are out there getting asked if they sew? ( I am actually an Elizabeth, Betsy is my nickname)
Betsy Ross, Amherst OH,USA [06-14-2005]

Thank you for all this information. It was very helpful and educational.
Yamilet, Tampa, Florida [06-13-2005]

This site provides a valuable service for my students. We love the USA and salute the flag daily before our classes begin.
Birdie Rice, Whittier, CA [06-13-2005]

My second graders at Pelham Elementary School will visit this website on Flag Day. We have been studying about the American flag, and this website will give them more information. Today at an assembly they will see a special flag that flew on a World War II ship in the D-Day invasion. How lucky they are!
Mrs. Patricia Zube, Pelham, New Hampshire [06-13-2005]

i enjoyed reading about betsy ross at this site. i visited betsy ross's house two summers ago and was very impressed with everything i saw. good job getting the info out!
Kate, Lynn,MA [06-13-2005]

Robert Heard, Merritt Island, Florida [06-13-2005]

laura murski, texas [06-13-2005]

Just visiting as I am looking for material for a lesson plan I must do for my graduate class.
Gerri, Yonkers, NY 10710 [06-13-2005]

Cool stuff here to share with grandkids as well as students - thanks.
Marina Heilman, United States [06-13-2005]

thans for evry web site
anonymous [06-10-2005]

nicole kats [06-10-2005]

Thank you for allowing my name in your book with one of our Country's greatest Patriots, Betsy Ross. Someday I hope to visit where all this took place.
Randall K. Honey, 64 Meadow Lane, Jamestown, NY 14701 [06-09-2005]

who is a vexillologist
anonymous [06-09-2005]

This is so cool! It helped me a lot on my report on the flag!
Keyla [06-09-2005]

Thank you, children need to know as I will print this for my grandchildren.
anonymous, Huntington Park, Ca. [06-09-2005]

Can I know more about you?
Evelin, South Gate CA [06-09-2005]

Thank you for the history lessons contain in this site. Thank you, too, for the quotes and songs, especially the school song of which the red and white have been running through my head for a long time and couldn't remember all of the blue lines.
Barbara, Atlanta, GA [06-09-2005]

Donald Kennedy, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma [06-09-2005]

I was betsy ross for a day it was very hard
amanda Lenfule [06-08-2005]

I'm enjoying your web site about Betsy Ross. One of the messages that was stated here was that Betsy Ross is black. I have never heard that before. Can you substantiate that statement? Thanks for a reply. PB
Peg Bogard, Huntington Beach, CA 92646 [06-08-2005]

janaye, garfoeld [06-08-2005]

The Avenue of the Flags presentation at the Visalia Public Cemetery is something I wish every Amecian could see. It;s beyond thrilling!
Phillip Rodriguez, Visalia, California U.S.A. [06-08-2005]

DONALD F. GWARTNEY, chowchilla,ca. [06-08-2005]

We are using this for a Lions Club meeting. We were obtaining information about the flag and 4th of July. Thank you, JP
Judith and James Poss, Lago Vista, Texas (near Austin) USA [06-08-2005]

I LOVE YOU ALL SOO MUCH! BETSY IS MY HERO! this website rocks my socks!
Abraham, Timbucktoo [06-08-2005]

Betsye Charles, North Miami Beach, FL [06-08-2005]

Nicholas Kloszewski [06-08-2005]


YO! Thank you for entering me. My name is bobby joe. I just moved into Montpelier 2 months ago. My e-mail just started working so i thought i would check out the betsy ross guestbook. Thanks so much. Later Homie
bobbyjoe, montpelier, Vermont [06-06-2005]

thanks for the fact confirmation!
Lorraine Wilde, Bellingham, WA [06-05-2005]

What a fabulous website! I love it and have shared it with my students and friends!
Heidi, Houston, Texas [06-04-2005]

I love to learn about the American Flag!
Sarah [06-03-2005]

i like this site. this guest book is cool if you live in the in mass send me and e-mail.
Courtney, Raynham, Massachusetts [06-03-2005]

i like this site. It is very educational and interesting. I really like the pictures of Betsy's house and bedroom.
Emily, raynham, Massachusetts [06-03-2005]

Konnichiwa! Thanks a lot for the history about your flag! I appreciate the help! -Jimmi
Jimmi, Japan [06-03-2005]

Great Site! Good Info for students and teacher alike!
Joseph Zywicki, Orefield, PA USA [06-03-2005]

Cool website!
Danielle, Raynham,Massachusetts,America [06-03-2005]

Hi am doing a paper about you and i won't to know more about you if that was ok a just won't to know won't to know what war was george washington.
Angelica capers, Fairfield,california [06-03-2005]

Is the way that Besty Ross displays the flag in the picture you provide a violation of the flag that should not be touching the ground or anything below it? I was a little shocked to see that. Or does she have special permission because she sewed the flag? Or was the rule made later after she sewed it? Thanks
Dan Holt, Northridge, Ca USA [06-03-2005]

Cara [06-03-2005]

Pam Cookesy, Mt. Carmel, IL. [06-03-2005]

I only went on this site for my homework. :-) :-( =8-O :-D
Phileepay, cda, id [06-03-2005]

ilove betsy ross!
taya, ny [06-03-2005]

Betsy was a pretty good lady, she taught me that men are better than women, and women can't do anything right. George Washington wanted six pointed stars and Betsy, being a woman, did it all wrong, she made five pointed stars
Will, Concord New Hampshire [06-03-2005]

I love Betsy Ross!
Emily, Concord, New Hampshire [06-03-2005]

I love this website
Firetruck, Ohio [06-03-2005]

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ANDREW M. NEVILLE, rOCHESTER, MN 55901 [06-03-2005]

I pray our flag will wave forever under God's blue skies. thank you
fran flynn, mesa az [06-03-2005]

Rochelle Vergari [06-03-2005]

Thank you for all the great information. I plan to use several items, including the 5 ponted staractivity, in my 5th grade Socail Studies Flag Day (s) lessons.
Vickie A. Noll, Montclair, NJ [06-03-2005]

My daughter and I visited Philadelphia in mid April to attend Drexel University’s accepted students day. We had a very brief opportunity to visit the historic area. We had no idea how many historically significant sites are present within such a small area. Unfortunately we arrived at about the time that everything was closing for the day. Hopefully we will have additional opportunities to see all of the sites including Betsy Ross House from the inside.
Don Malchow, Tega Cay, SC [06-03-2005]

I heard that Francis Bellemy, who wrote The Pledge of Allegiance,for the flag,went to high school in Rome,N.Y. Also Francis Scott Key attended Rome Free AcadamyHigh School,in Rome at some point.Is that true?
Mike Davis, Rome,N.Y. / Dallas,T.X. [06-03-2005]

randall ross, odessa tx [06-03-2005]

Betsy Ross is one of my ancestors.
sara griscom [06-03-2005]

I'm doing a project on Betsy in my history class. I was on your site for 30 minutes and have enough information to write a whole report!
no name please [06-03-2005]

hi I have one of the critificates for the american house and betsy ross memorial association issue 1904 signed by john quincy adams is the issue date the actual year date of issue?? if so were all the signatures of the actual people because i thought adams died in 1848.
craig [06-03-2005]

congratulations for this site, realy great
BUDANT, imbau -parana-brazil [06-03-2005]

Here's to the first step in adding several more stars to to the flag... Stay tuned, its coming soon!
anonymous [06-03-2005]

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Jim Peck, San Jose Costa Rica [06-03-2005]

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ZEYHHAH SOFIA, l.a., ca [05-27-2005]

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anonymous [05-27-2005]

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brittany, meadville,pa [05-27-2005]

Elizabeth, Downey,CA [05-27-2005]

victor jose cappas, springkfield ma [05-26-2005]

anonymous [05-26-2005]

We enjoyed visiting your house. Thank you
grade 3 social studies [05-26-2005]

What are the names of her siblings?I'm doing a report:(.
Erika, California [05-26-2005]

this was a very intresting website,we really enjoyed it! betsy ross is very intresting, thank you! always, alejandra and john
alejandra and john, victorville california [05-25-2005]

Looking for information for my Cub Scout Pack
Roslyn Maxwell, West Valley City, UT [05-25-2005]

I like this site. It is nice. I think Betsy Ross was an amazing women and this website is a nice tribute.
Lindsey S, Texas [05-25-2005]

I think this website is good because it tells you a lot of stuff about people that you need to know about.....
Joanna Alvarado, Bakersfield CA [05-25-2005]

Laura, Fishers, In. [05-25-2005]

I think this website is totally awesome and i can't wait for falg day in june 14th! I tottally LOVE this site! But you need more information on why the US picked Betsy Ross to do the falg.
anonymous [05-25-2005]

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dezirae [05-24-2005]

I had 2 do a chatanouga report on Betsy Ross and im presenting it on May 31, 2005 and dress like her....wish me luck!
Kelsi Wright, Las Vegas NV [05-24-2005]

allison, northampton [05-24-2005]

i am so sorry
kalllas, california [05-24-2005]

i love betsy!
Nicole, Rhode Island [05-24-2005]

A great country with wonderful people. Greets from Germany
Angie, Germany [05-24-2005]

My mother has a framed picture of Betsy Ross and a couple of gentleman are in the picture as she is sewing the flag. It is actually an honorable certificate to my grandfather's great great grandfather. It has a seal on it that you can feel with your fingers and is dated and signed. We are trying to figure out what it is worth.
carrie gordon [05-24-2005]

you are my favorite person in the world
kelsi, cristian county,ky [05-24-2005]

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It's good
anonymous [05-24-2005]

J Hayes, Dalton, Ga [05-24-2005]

I was looking for activities to do with the youth at a bi-monthly support group meeting and bumped into your site. The information was helpful and easy for the youth to read.
Libby, Wilkinsburg, Pa 15221 [05-24-2005]

What does a vexillologist major in?
KEKE, Hubbard,TX,America [05-24-2005]

Her midel name is emaly
anonymous [05-24-2005]

KARLIE COPERTINO, 733 n. olive street, media, pa 19063 [05-24-2005]

I have a question...have you ever seen or heard of a seventeen star flag? This one has a circle of twelve, one star in the center and one in each of the four corners. Oh and it is machine sewn. It was found in an old chest of my friend's great grandfather's and it is in almost perfect condition. thanks, karen
Karen Hendrickson, Hesperia, MI 49421 [05-24-2005]

nice web site
mark ross, scotland [05-24-2005]

larissa, North Fork CA. [05-24-2005]

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Have a Happy Flag Day! God Bless the USA
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Thanks for all this great info on yourself it really helps when you are at school!
Kathyryn [05-24-2005]

Betsy Ross is my hero because of all the great things shes done for our contry, like sew our first flag and all the other things shes done...God Bless Her.
Caitlin Bostwick, Pennsylvania [05-24-2005]

I am a fourth grader an was soo fasinated by all the cool things i saw in the web page. I did a report an float of Ms. Betsy Ross an our flag, because it made me feel sooo proud to know how our flag was born.
Autumn, Lower Burrell,Pa [05-24-2005]

i am doing a report on betsy ross for my village view school
NICOLE OATES, huntington beach california [05-24-2005]

Hey, when I was about 9 or 10 years old I went to Betsy Ross's house and I saw how small her house was. Im wondering if I signed in because Im doing a report on her. If I did that would be great for my grade! Thanks.
Christine D'Onghia [05-24-2005]

you so totally ROCK 1111111
anonymous [05-24-2005]

happy independence day.reminds me of nice memories in washington d.c.,1992.
ouldyahia, algiers.algeria [05-24-2005]

Thankyou for having this informative site I have enjoyed learning more about betsy ross.
Elaina gonzales, arlington tx [05-24-2005]

Great website. I got lots of great information to share with the rest of our troop.
Brownie Troop 47, Salem, OR [05-24-2005]

Betsy Ross has inspired me but there is some things you should add to this website like where she died or how her accomplishments benefited mankind.
Marianna, Sacramento,California [05-24-2005]

alyssa [05-24-2005]

Simone, Los Angeles, California [05-24-2005]

This is a great informational site! Keep up the good work!
Rex Watson, Crown City, Ohio [05-24-2005]

I'm an embroider, a family has asked me to embroider the deceasead father's name on the corner of his funeral flag. Is there any protacal for lettering color or size? I saw the rule against any writing on the flag, however I do not see the personalization of a funeral flag as disrespecful. I noticed Betsy did not keep the flag off the floor as she sewed it. Thanks for any info. Phil
Phil Farber, Lincon, NE [05-24-2005]

Phil [05-24-2005]

i had to do a report on betsy ross and this was very useful thanks
WILD CHILD [05-24-2005]

Brittany, Simi Valley Ca 93065 Ventura county [05-14-2005]

you need to add the death place and cause
taylor [05-14-2005]

hey yall, writing a report for school ! jordan
jordan hartshorn [05-13-2005]

I did a report on Betsy ross in my english class only becuse the Amarican flag stands for freedom and a woman was brave enough to make the flag when she wasent saposed to and that showes how brave people in our country can be. Ababoy.
Abaonye Eze, Lome Aba Congo [05-13-2005]

this is a really nice sight...thanks for letting me go on it... have a great to u soon... your friend always marla
marla [05-13-2005]

BEsty Ross is a amazing perso I did a history on her when i was in 4 grade. Almost every body did a report on her. she,s INCREDIBLE.
Tyjah eady, Nashaville,tn [05-13-2005]

Wanda [05-13-2005]

dear betsy thank you for making the amirican flag
christian dale maness, ashboro north carliona [05-13-2005]

I hope you were nice
Joshua, NC weantrode United states [05-13-2005]

We have the American Flag house and Betsy Ross Memorial Association Certificate No J. 834 Issue in 1903 Signed by Jhon Quincy Adams
Sue Meyer, Pa [05-13-2005]

I have just visited your section on flag rules. I have an encredable love and respect for the American flag. When I was 6 yrs old my older brother did a research on the rules of the flag. Since then I have been very verbal about flags that are flown incorrectly to the point that I will tell a manager of a store that it is not correct etc. I appreciate the sight and I will keep it in mind the next time I have a question about the rules of the flag. In fact I will also give this information to my boys cub scout den. Thank you for the good information.
Vivian, East TX [05-13-2005]

Betsy is so cool!
Meagan [05-13-2005]

we visited your house may 9th it was cool but i thought your gost was hidding some were.
travis wallace, 478 wasp marrietta,pa lancatser [05-13-2005]

betsy sewed the us yes flag!
Lucy, Marietta, PA [05-13-2005]

Today was Besty Ross day. Last monday we visited your house it was cool and i had a good time you sound like a important person! a visitor, Jessica Gonzalez
Jessica, Mount Joy PA [05-13-2005]

I went on a feild trip on Monday May 9 2005 i took a tour of betsy ross house it was really cool. I did a good report on betsy. I learned a lot about her. Bye!
caitlin nunemaker, Marietta, Pennsylvania [05-13-2005]

I was at the Betsy Ross house on Monday 9, 05. n Today we are celebrating Betsy Ross Day at Riverview Elementary School. I would of loved to live in a house like Betsy did. Her house was sooooooo beautiful. P.S Thank you for letting us visit the Betsy Ross house! I hope other people enjoy it like I did!
Ciara Stanley, Columbia, Pa [05-13-2005]

We visited your house on may 9th. It was very cool I thought your ghost was going to pop out if it would have I would have yelled and ran away.
Justin Umberger, Pennsylavania [05-13-2005]

Today in our class room it is betsy ross day. We were there on the 9th. One thing I want to known how old she was when she died.
Jonathan R. Grasser, Marietta,PA [05-13-2005]

today is besty ross day in our classroom (5/13/05) We also toured her house too! It was really cool
megan, Marietta [05-13-2005]

today is betsy ross day in our classroom
kim harnish, marietta [05-13-2005]

whats up? hi hello u are cool
griffin Ö [05-13-2005]

Betsy Ross u rock the nation
Ashley Shearer, Marietta P.A 17547 [05-13-2005]

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Bryan [05-11-2005]

cece, ky [05-11-2005]

I did a report on Betsy ross in my english class only becuse the Amarican flag stands for freedom and a woman was brave enough to make the flag when she wasent saposed to and that showes how brave people in our country can be..........GOD BLESS THE USA!
Desiree L, South China Maine [05-11-2005]

Where can I find the meaning of the 13 stripes, each strip meaning something different?
LTC Walter Sawyer, FL Guard [05-11-2005]

It was a visit I'll never forget!It was like a past in time!
Jessica Mendez, Phoeinex,AZ [05-11-2005]

i need to know who Betsy Ross`s mother is.
jazmine [05-11-2005]

Megan Tyson, Pocatello,Idaho [05-11-2005]

courtney, pena argyll pa [05-11-2005]

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anonymous [05-11-2005]

I love Betsy! I'm doing a report on her and her life is amazing!
iris, Wilmette [05-11-2005]

alyssa, Blakley,P.A [05-11-2005]

anonymous [05-11-2005]

Jasmine, killenTX [05-09-2005]

I am a descendant of Captian George Ross. does anyone know if the George Ross in the painting "The Birth of Our Nations Flag" is the same said Captain George Ross? If so please let me know! Thanks
Sue Barton, crockett, texas [05-09-2005]

Does your gift shop have any thimbles. Do you have a catalog? Would you send one. Thank you for your time and trouble. Freida
Freida Bensch, 5905 E. Grant Tucson, AZ 85712 [05-09-2005]

Where can I obtain souveneirs of Betsy Ross, besides other things? When I was about 13 years old I visited PA and purchased the Declaration of Independence on a parched like paper. Is there a place where I can purchase things like this? Thank you
Sophie, Aibonito, Puerto Rico [05-09-2005]

kk [05-09-2005]

u r my hero
Philip [05-09-2005]

Allison Schneider [05-09-2005]

Thanks for the flag and it's history
HB, Loysville, PA [05-09-2005]

brianna [05-09-2005]

I don't know much on Betsy Ross,but I'm a big fan of hers. I love history,especially the girls.Betsy is one of my heros,and one of my favorite people in history.I like her so much because I think it's special to be the frist person in history to make the flag.And I really think it's nice that you have this websit for her because shes a part of history!
Madeline Buyers, Buffalo NY [05-05-2005]

this page is so awesome
anonymous, troy ohio [05-05-2005]

talia [05-05-2005]

i think that this site is a good site it helped me a lot on my history fair project.
tiffany martinez, bedias tx [05-05-2005]

name three members of a secret committee.
anonymous [05-05-2005]

Betsy is a wonderful reminder of a Patriot woman. Thanx for making our "freedom flag". - Ashley,12 years old
Ashley Everett, Michigan [05-05-2005]

Erika, aurora Colorado [05-05-2005]

i respect you betsy and yo, cool flag
Nicolle Kenyon, West Warwick Rhode Island [05-05-2005]

Destiney Weber [05-05-2005]

i cant waiy to come and see your house when i come to philadelphia
Jessica [05-05-2005]

hey i'm doing a report of on betsy ross !
melissa, illinois [05-05-2005]

I love this!
anonymous [05-05-2005]

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i wish that i can be in a music vido with ciara
yolanda waite, newark new jersey [05-05-2005]

We liked the virtual tour, and would like to visit soon. Thank you,
Jake Frame, Glenmoore, PA [05-05-2005]

banana, bananas [05-05-2005]

I like this website it is very nice you guysor girls did a good job visit my web site a thanks im doing areport on betsy ross and this is helping me thanks again
Crystal [05-05-2005]

"One nation under god" isn't working anymore.
William T. McGlone, Clementon/ N.J./ United States/ Earth [05-05-2005]

I love betsy ross. She is so awesome. When I grow up I want to be just like her. From, Autumn Mass
autumn, N.J, clemeton, United States [05-05-2005]

thank you for making the first flag
Tony Thiry, North Branch MN Untited States [05-05-2005]

aloha o
anonymous [05-05-2005]

I'm a Vietnam era., vet. Being homebound/bedbound, I have never had the chance to see this. Thank You
AL Reed, Zephyrhillz,FL [05-05-2005]

Doing a report at school on her she rules! (I think she made the american flag) Thanx 4 all the info
alexa [05-05-2005]

Enjoyed the Betsy Ross tour very much. Wish the photo could be enlarged.
Don Lucas, Buffalo, New York [05-05-2005]

whay did you make the fiag taylor
taylor [05-05-2005]

I'm Bored
zach, chico, CA [05-05-2005]

I love you guess made for me. Thanks for remembering me and telling others of me.Thanks......~Betsy Ross
Betsy Ross, Indiana [05-05-2005]

this site is awsome
Burt Rassage, Georgia [05-05-2005]

Jessica [05-05-2005]

I love Derick!
Stephanie Johnson, Minnesota, Minneapolis,United States [05-05-2005]

Hi i am doing a report! :)
Peppermint Sweets [05-05-2005]

I had to do a report on Betsy Ross and this website was the best on EVER!
Gemini [05-05-2005]

kelly, springfield, ohio [05-05-2005]

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there is nothing on how betsy grew up or anything and i am doing a report on her too and now i know nothing about her
anonymous [04-28-2005]

I think this sight is cool!
DeAnna, My age is 11, I live in Falfurrias,Tx 4-27-05 [04-28-2005]

Patricia Galindo [04-28-2005]

Photo of Betsy Ross, at birth& making our flag!
Miss Kay Graham, Chicago, Illinois, 60612 [04-28-2005]

Hammer [04-28-2005]

cassi riley, riverdale out of town ca, riverdale [04-28-2005]

spencer phillips [04-28-2005]

I think BetsyRoss is very careing and helpful to others so I really look up to her.
desaray green, New Orleans,LA [04-28-2005]

I think Betsy Ross is a role model who helped america become a country
anonymous [04-28-2005]

Jake [04-28-2005]

Hey I am doing A report and I need Iformation about Betsy Ross. Like did she make the first flag.
Tiffany Smith, Bangor, Pa [04-28-2005]

Some of the history books state that Betsy Ross may have made the first flag, so I was interested in what your site had to offer.
Judith Tafoya, Tularosa, NM 88352 [04-28-2005]

betsy ross had a magical life
angel [04-28-2005]

Awsome website!
Tiffany Baker [04-28-2005]

betsy you rock!
da princess [04-28-2005]

Hey, this is rose! I'm Lucy's friend.We are cool. :) It's cool to be kind... to Betsy Ross. Hey, doesn't ROSS sound like ROSE???? Do I sound retarted... if you think i do... yer a big meany!
Rose, Bloomington, IN USA [04-28-2005]

YOOO! This is a cool sight homie!
Lucy, Bloomington, IN [04-28-2005]

I found your site very useful, thanks so much!
Robert, Richlands, Virginia [04-28-2005]

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Always enjoyed history, stumbled across your sight and really enjoyed it. Very informative!
Crystal Heimann, Berne, Indiana [04-28-2005]

I loved you'r website a lote!
Kaitlin Nicole Johnson, Andover Minnesota [04-28-2005]

I think that this site is so cool.It gives you a lot of information about Betsy Ross.
Ciara Nail,12, Ga [04-25-2005]

you rock
sydney, wetherford,texas,usa [04-25-2005]

sydney, wetherford,texas,usa [04-25-2005]

The Star Spangled Banner *** The Fourth Verse *** * Of The Star Spangled Banner * Oh thus be it ever when all men shall stand Between our loved homes and war's desolation Blessed with beauty and peace may our heavenly lands See the light up above and become more than nations But if struggle we must for the cause that is just May we choose as standards those that all men can trust Then the Star Spangled Banner in honor shall wave Among the lands of the free and the home of the brave Francis Scott Key and Howard Scott Pearlman Copyright 1989 Pearlman (©Pearlman 1989) Hear Doug Lewis Sing The 4th Verse
Howard Scott Pearlman, Cherry Hill, NJ, USA [04-25-2005]

i need to know where besty's birthplace and deathplace
beverly davy, morris run pennsyvania [04-25-2005]

why Elizabeth Griscom changed her name to Betsy Ross
Maria P, Orange, Ca [04-25-2005]

Nice site!
Alexa [04-25-2005]

Awesome website!
anonymous [04-25-2005]

I Was Doin A Paper For My **Reading Celebration** Play!. And we Were going Over Famous People During The Wars'!. And My Teacher picked this One For Me... Thnk's Guy's For The Wonderful site..
.»¤*Ashley Elizabeth Alexander*¤«., Barbourville Kentucky [04-25-2005]

its cool

This website helped me with a biography but, I think it would be helpful if you had A Betsy Ross timeline. I know you have a flag one but I needed a Betsy Ross one.
anonymous [04-25-2005]

VickiGood, Oxford, Pa. [04-25-2005]

I need info about her for my language project!
Keke Leonard, Cartersville,GA [04-25-2005]

Claire S Dessureau, Barre Vt . [04-25-2005]

This is my eighth birthday and I like to look up history stuff on my nannies computer
Trevor Greene, Forest City, NC 28043 USA [04-25-2005]

Vix Valeria [04-25-2005]

my cousin did a research on my great grandm'a phillps side of the family.and found betsy ross .is in are family some greatgrand ma was a phillips
jenni thomas, warsaw,in 46580 [04-25-2005]

I went to this house for a field trip today! It was incredible! But we didn't get to go in the gift shop! :( I definetely recommend a trip to Philadelphia! :)
Serena, usa [04-25-2005]

Hey great web site cause i have to write a report about betsy ross i went to philadelphia for a field trip
anonymous [04-25-2005]

i would like to Learn betsy's Quotes
billy Joe, Oregon Mcminville [04-25-2005]

who wanted to see you
otty, fhv gfiuy fksdbgya [04-25-2005]

Kenzi, Athens Ohio [04-25-2005]

Could you send a picture of the old American Flag?
Justin Windowmaker, Boiling Springs/ PA/ [04-25-2005]

gaby, california san diego [04-25-2005]

Sara Jo Patrick, tempe arizona [04-25-2005]

this was a great tour.
MARIA ISABEL JAUREGUI, long beach, california [04-25-2005]

This website has helped me so much with my report on Betsy Ross. My friend wishes their was a website like this for her report that she is doing on Jonas Salk. P.S. I Love Starwars102
Secret, Secret [04-25-2005]

Is it not fishy that she married the man who told her of her 2nd husbad's deathy? And he was also in prison with him
meagan aldridge, clay alabama [04-25-2005]

i love the research i have to do a report on Betsy Ross and your sit really helps!
ema tummers, usa [04-25-2005]

i need so stuff telling about Besty Ross thank you danielle.
Danielle Ciampi, east Boston Mass. 02128 [04-25-2005]

please make it easier to print flag folding directions.thank you
anonymous, marysville, ca [04-25-2005]

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Danielle [04-25-2005]

This really helpped me on my project! I want to thank the people who came up with this site.This site gave me things on her life. Thanks A Lot! Your Friend,Layken
Layken, Dover,Pa [04-25-2005]

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hi betsy i miss u a lot! hope toc u soon!
alexandra [04-25-2005]

Hi Betsey ! I wish I saw you in person Because you sound interesting! C u later
Stephanie [04-25-2005]

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Erin [04-25-2005]

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mckenzie, manfford [04-25-2005]

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mckenzie, manfford [04-25-2005]

hi! I need some info. on Betsy Ross? Why she died? How she wrote? What she influenced? What she believed in? goal and accomplishments? And how she dressed?
Christy, Weslaco,TX. [04-25-2005]

I'm doing a biography on Betsy Ross so that's why I came to this site to look up good and intresting things about her so I can tell my teacher about it.
Morgan [04-25-2005]

I need Informasion about John Ross
Hanna [04-25-2005]

hi besty
kelsy huff, omaha,NE. [04-25-2005]

sabrina ashabugh, archbold.ohio [04-25-2005]

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besty ross [04-25-2005]

Axl, butler in [04-25-2005]

how much does besty weigh is she fat
anonymous [04-25-2005]

macala, baltimore [04-18-2005]

tonya, west warwick, RI [04-18-2005]

Hey I need more info on her! PLEASE! LUV U LOTS!
Hilari [04-17-2005]

Thank you for this site. It helped me with a book report for school.
Meghan Rice, Vincent, OH [04-17-2005]

My son and I have enjoyed your website ! He is writing a report on Betsy Ross for school, and we have gleaned some pertinent information from this site. Thank You
Kelly Martin, Everett, WA [04-17-2005]

Patriotism is still in abundance, long may it be so.
Lilian Harris, Reading, United Kingdom [04-17-2005]

samantha [04-17-2005]

Did Betsy Ross make the American flag?
Lisa [04-17-2005]

hey i think it is cool you guys put this stuff online and it helps me with my work. thank you for this wonderfull site!
cindy, alabama [04-17-2005]

Dear Betsy: I am working on my historical event project that I can't finish. Can you help me learn about you? I read the vitural tour on the house and learned all about you. I am sorry that you died but I think you're alive in my heart. I will teach my class all about you. Thank you for making our flag. Love, Kelly
Kelly, Palm Beach Gardens, FL USA [04-17-2005]

A very informative website. Great preservation of history.
Jeffery Moody [04-17-2005]

Thank you for all the good facts on Betsy Ross.
Abigail Derrig [04-17-2005]

Alison Schmitt [04-15-2005]

Awesome site, but isnt there controversy over if she actually existed?
Karina, Poulsbo, Wa USA [04-15-2005]

I am doing a report on Betsy Ross, for a Walk through America program we do at school. Thanks for your website!
Melissa Lujan, Lompoc, CA [04-15-2005]

Jackie Brubaker, 1728 Conard Rd Lancaster PA 17602 [04-14-2005]

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Biunica "Kiara" English, Oglethorpe Ga, 31068 [04-14-2005]

Thank You so much, the information was/is very helpful.
Patricia Sgrignuoli, Hazelwood, Missouri [04-14-2005]

Hi it's me Jess! I really liked your museum I'm only 13 but I like old furnishure> Well thank you bye
Jessica, 13 [04-14-2005]

HI besty!are u haunting now cuz i feel somethin I've did a lot of research papers on u and ur so interesting to find.. i hope u are having a great time. The tour was great even though i live in illini luv ur pal missy
Missy, in the booner'world and im a little girl in my little world [04-14-2005]

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A. Kelly, Walled Lake Michigan [04-14-2005]

Kim, Arkansas [04-14-2005]

This website was a great help on my research project. I learned a lot about Betsy Ross
Alison Lanigan, Novi, Michigan [04-14-2005]

if the tour is virtuil then why do u all waye have to click next???????????????????????????????????????
binjisgirl94 [04-14-2005]

I think this website is excellent and gives very usefull information. I aslso enjoy the Betsy Ross 5 pointed star ( the directions are spectactular) This website is very good for "youngsters" who need information for school, projects ect.
anonymous [04-14-2005]

mimi, usa [04-14-2005]

Kelsey [04-14-2005]

hi my name is none of your buessnes but hi
anonymous [04-13-2005]

You are really lucky to have a person who means so much to your history
Sara, 17 years of age [04-13-2005]

marsha, London [04-13-2005]

This is an awesome site. It was perfect for my social studies project. I loved it!
Leah N., Maryland [04-13-2005]

I'm french but i'm gonna live in america in few months. Ijust wanna say that if Thomas jefferson or georges washington are founding fathers, Betsy Ross is a fonding mother.
Chris [04-13-2005]

I think Betsy Ross is a wonderful and brave person that is why I am doing a biography on her!
Teagan, United States [04-12-2005]

i love the flag
goo, goo [04-12-2005]

hi betsy ross is cool!
jessica, massachusetts [04-12-2005]

Ithink betsy ross is an iportant person in our history
Emily Anna, California [04-12-2005]

My brother told me about your website. Boy, was he right. He has always been excited about the US flag history and I can now understand. This has been very insightful to find the history behind our flag. Thank you.
Rachel Gliske, St. Paul, MN [04-12-2005]

it was great ilovedit
CASEY HEINBAUGH, pa [04-12-2005]

madison [04-12-2005]

I really enjoy the history of the flag. Your website helps me to enjoy the history more than I could normally enjoy.
Jonathan Gliske, St. Paul, MN [04-12-2005]

I really enjoy the website. Thanks for makeing it.
Elizabeth [04-12-2005]

rachel [04-12-2005]

I am a US Immigrant for the last 11 years and I have applied for my US Citizenship and the USCIS have scheduled me for my interview and test on May 2,2005. I am so excited and tried visiting all the possible websites including yours to gather some infos about the US History. I am looking forward and hoping that all I learned from your website so as the others will help me a lot on my interview and test for my citizenship. Again thanks for giving all the people the chance to learn more about our flag.
Celedonia J. Cruz, Fort Worth, TX. USA [04-12-2005]

Betsy Ross was an awesome lady! She worked hard as a young girl from the age of 12, was a faithful patriot as a young woman who made a contribution to her country in designing and making the first flag, and despite hardships in her life - outliving her parents, three husbands, sister, and some of her own daughters, she lived to be 84 after retiring from her work as a seamstress at 75. This happened in the days when women had very little rights, whose opinions were not often accepted or implemented and few women were able to keep sucessful businesses. Today young and old people can be inspired by Bety Ross' life. America offers much freedom still, most people see that and are thankful.
Karen, New Jersey [04-12-2005]

i love usa! ! ! ! ! !
anonymous [04-12-2005]

Elizabeth (Betsy) ROSS was born between 1782 and 1785
Cassie Lake, New Hampshire [04-12-2005]

Betsy Ross is soooooooooooooo interesting. Did you Know:Betsy Ross was born with a fully formed set of teeth. Betsy Ross's other contribution to the American Revolution, beside sewing the first American flag, was running a munitions factory in her basement. The only real person to be a Pez head was Betsy Ross
Starrybright16 (aka Emily), Southern California [04-12-2005]

malia berland, Oregon [04-12-2005]

I was doing a 3rd grade biography on Besty Ross, and this has been a great help. It was fun to read on her and look at all the pictures. Thank you
Kyra Jean Bowdish, Davenport, WA [04-12-2005]

I think betsy ross is a really important person in the history of USA
Emily [04-12-2005]

Kenzie [04-12-2005]

Used information from your site to lead a Brownie Girl Scout meeting. Thanks for your useful information.
C E Vaughan, San Mateo, CA [04-11-2005]

Hello please send me betsy ross's middle name.Thank you i would really appreciate it!
kady, a place in the united states [04-11-2005]

Sophia, Portland, Oregon [04-11-2005]

I want to learn about betsy ross
alexia, jeffersoncity, misouri [04-11-2005]

hey i had to finb home work on this site wat about u
aly [04-11-2005]

I believe I am a very Patriotic citizen I am and old Army Veteran of the Korean War and is a member of several Military Organizations....I visit our Elementary School often and now is lookiing for material on our Flag, looking uo Betsy Ross and will use this material, would like to find more information on the Stars and Stripes for my project....Years ago I have introduced the Pledge of Allegiance to our school and back every year to teach our young Americans our History from kinder-garden to sixth grade and I will continue as long asa I can....FJR.Jr
Frederick J Robling Jr, Westminster Vermont 05158 [04-11-2005]

im doing a research on her shes cool!
Liliana Almanza, Liberal, Kansas [04-08-2005]

Betsy Ross was an amazing woman,
Becky De La Torre, Rocky Mount Nc [04-08-2005]

aleitha, ohio [04-08-2005]

I have a question I am hoping you can answer. I was always taught (parents, boyscouts, etc.) that it was/is disrespectful to wear a hat in front of the flag indoors. Is there any protocol on that?
Lin St. Clair, Pittsburgh, Pa. [04-08-2005]

the tour is fun.i liked it a lot.
stormy, greenville, mississippi [04-07-2005]

this webstite rocks when you are wearing socks
justin [04-07-2005]

Was betsy ross married, or did she have kids? Also did she ever think that she would be desinhning a flag when she was little.
Addie, Allen, Texas [04-07-2005]

Emily [04-07-2005]

Sarah [04-07-2005]

taylor [04-07-2005]

It was great to virtually get out of the house and see the sites in the Betsy Ross House. It was a great tour with exact turns and photos. Hope to see it soon and in person. Thanks for having me.
liz nieves, brooklyn, n.y. [04-07-2005]

Laura San Roman [04-07-2005]

ashley [04-07-2005]

i love u
monique, california [04-07-2005]

thanks for sharing the inf withh me
jessicca, california [04-07-2005]

Jesse, dayton tx [04-07-2005]

hey what up?
Jenna Allen [04-07-2005]

Michael, Syracuse NY [04-07-2005]

Betsy Ross is a specal person so specal that i did my report called the wax musem on her
Haylie Scholting, Springfield NE US [04-06-2005]

red on the flag stands for
anonymous [04-05-2005]

Very useful information THANK YOU!
G.Brian Swyers, Cuyahoga Falls,Ohio USA [04-05-2005]

Great Site,used it ofr school project.
Rina, Jax,Fl,Usa [04-05-2005]

andrea, arlington [04-05-2005]

ashlee lusch, oklahoma city [04-05-2005]

I'm doing a report on Betsy Ross where i have to dress up like her i hope i win!
Ronni Yentzer, 2566 Compton Hill Rd. West Union Ohio 45693 [04-05-2005]

i want all information on betsy ross
popularity87, ny [04-05-2005]

hey im doing a report about you for social studies and i have to memorize everything about you! PEACE
peace [04-05-2005]

BILL WILSON, seneca falls ny [04-05-2005]

tyler [04-05-2005]

I really hated this web page 'cause it wasa useless. Give more imformation,
Krystina Kelly, Floral Park, NY [04-05-2005]

Brooke [04-04-2005]

i just wanted to say thank you for puting out information about betsy rosses house and giving people a tour of her house and also sharing that she was the one who made the first american flag
Brooke [04-04-2005]

Billy Bob Joe [04-03-2005]

brittany, alabama [04-03-2005]

hi thanks
Alexandra Vasko, Westervill,oh [04-03-2005]

Ilove this website more than anything!Thank you.
Alexandra Vasko, Westervill,Oh [04-03-2005]

Thank you so much!I had to do a report about Betsy Ross and the info really helped me.And i really liked the house part too.Thank's,got to go.
Alexandra Vasko, Westervill,Oh [04-03-2005]

naysia fils-aime [04-03-2005]

J miranda, Bayside, New York [04-01-2005]

Pamela Marcengill [04-01-2005]

Great site....keep up the great work. God Bless Betsy and all she and the others stood for.
Dennis, Exeter, Ca....USA [04-01-2005]


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